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Found 4 results

  1. Homeschooling is virtually outlawed in Sweden (except if you have a disease or condition that prevents you from attending school) and I would rather abstain from having children than see them forced to attend school, robbing them of some 9-12 years of their formative years. Even if I would never have children of my own I would still like to be part of an as-voluntary-as-possible community. Because of this I've decided to relocate to another country that allows homeschooling (unschooling) and preferably a country that have a sizeable community of unschoolers (other factors of voluntaryism/freedom would be greatly appreciated as well). Where can I find such a community? Do you know of any websites or forums (besides this one) that might be helpful? I would like to travel to other countries, get to know people and find my new tribe and place to call home. What countries/regions/places would you recommend? I've been thinking about the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Also which regions/locations within the country in particular would you like to recommend? Other laws that I would like to avoid would be a military draft/conscription and curfew laws. As a side point or secondary factor I would like to move somewhere where sunlight is more evenly spread over the year. We might have x number of hours of sunlight in Sweden but they are very concentrated in the summers and we have very dark winters.
  2. For those of you who don't like the carrot and stick approach to motivation, read my new blog post on the issue: http://franklinmusicacademy.com/intrinsic-motivation-and-its-misappropriation
  3. Came across this guy (Jeff Till) on a School Sucks podcast... He has an amazingly concise and wonderful case for keeping children out of government school, in the form of 54 arguments. It is probably the best source I've found as an introductory offer to people unaware of the importance of keeping children out of these destructive institutions. The page below has links for streaming the 1 hour audio presentation, an audio download link, and a downloadable and printable PDF version: http://fivehundredyears.org/a-complete-case-for-home-education-54-arguments/ Spread the good word!
  4. Hi FDR, We, my partner and I, are expecting a tod (delivery date: Mars 2015) and we're thirsty for all kinds of knowledge: How the baby develops throughout the pregnancy and what to think about in different stages, how the environment and emotions/stress-levels of the mother affects the fetus, what to eat/avoid, exercise that prepares for delivery, facts about nursing, how to create a stimulating/safe environment for the baby's development to thrive, etc. etc. Basically anything that you found/could be helpful during pregnancy and the first year(s) with the baby. That is: What books, blogs, YouTube-videos/channels, studies, etc. would you recommend? FYI: Currently in week 10. We're in our mid twenties, have a cat, live in an apartment in the city, don't really exercise on a regular basis but try to live healthy, eat mostly vegetarian (some fish and occasionally meat from "happy" animals), we're going to unschool/radical unschool, mother's a psychologist (father's a passionate bum ). Oh, and we're living in the socialist Mecca, Sweden, where unschooling is illegal, so we have to emigrate (better sooner than later), do you know if we could get political asylum anywhere (U.S/NZ/AUS/Canada). Thanks in advance, lampan

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