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  1. Since Syria, we have been talking about how Trump is either being pressured or converted by ((( Jared Kushner ))) and his ((( Neo-Cuck ))) friends. Since North Korea, we have been completely perplexed as to why Trump is playing with fire. I (and many others, e.g. Bill Mitchell) have pointed out that Trump has a history of being cold and calculating, during his negotiations. During his campaign, he often did jaw-dropping things. Many reacted by calling him a mad-man, only to find out weeks later what the original plan was. I think that today, we may have some insight as to what the geo-political chess was about. By agitating North Korea, Trump has created a situation where South Korea really needs the US military. CNBC just announced that Trump is now threatening to terminate the free trade deal with South Korea if Seoul doesn't pay for US defense. BOOM. Art of The Deal, baby! So do you guys still think Trump is a mad-man? Or can we finally admit that Trump is a methodical strategic genius?
  2. I recently got finished watching the debate between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell. Bill's stance was trust Trump because he's smarter than all of us. Which he is. Stefan's stance was invading the middle east is and has always been a bad idea. Which is true. Speaking as an ancap/libertarian/voluntarist, I have never bothered with politics because there's no point fighting against that which we cannot change. Before Trump's election the world had a different view on politics than today. Politicians make a lot of promises, we "vote" and if we're really, really lucky maybe a tiny fraction of those promises will be kept. I used to laugh at people that got so involved into politics to the point they were genuinely shocked when a politician didn't keep their promise. I still do this to be fair, with this whole Marine Le Pen hype. She's a lawyer, a career politician, a woman, and a socialist. Who does she remind you of? Anyways, I got invested in Trump not because of his policies but because of the man himself. He fought against literally everyone and won. I genuinely believe that if there's anyone that could put a halt or slow down the machine of power known as the state it would be him. I can't think of anyone else who could do it. Well, maybe Batman but crime-fighting billionaire playboys don't exi-- So where I'm getting at is what if the the cogs of the warmachine with Syria were put into motion and Trump couldn't stop it? What if the "most powerful man on Earth" doesn't really have that much power? A lot of shady stuff has been going on in Trump's cabinet with Bannon being pushed further away, Trump loyalists getting kicked out and neocons brought in, the corrupt media suddenly doing an 180 literally over night, other globalists start praising him, and so on. How much of these events is Trump and how much is deep state? How could we possibly even know the difference at this point? I think this is the most important question. It used to be simple. Are the democrats, McCain, Merkel, MSM, etc upset? Then it's Trump. Now's I'm just confused who's doing what. There's no point in debating x decision was right or wrong when we don't even have a method of determining if he's the one that's making it. So what do you guys think? Are these high-ranking state officials just glorified poster boys (and girls) or does the office actually hold power?
  4. So apparently this happened at the Grammy's: And then this happened online: Sales EXPLODE 18,106,633% And the sky is filled with the sound of the entertainment industry' execs frantically making calls to get on this patriotic bandwagon as soon as possible because it's going straight to Yugeprofitsville. I know it's not a nice thing to say but I'm looking forward to seeing all these socialist screen monkeys like Madonna and Meryl Streep lose their careers and have their lives spiral out of control.
  5. I wanted it to be over. All the lies and manipulation. I really though after elections it will be different. I watched this and went on twitter (accountless) to check it myself ... clicked a few Twits and almost all coments are negative. Are we really being emotionally manipulated ? Am I the only one with emotional roller coaster? I know MSM is fake and lies, but I got a sense that certain forces are pushing and paying shills to go to non MSM sites to spread negativity and lies. I spent some time lurking on 4chan the last year ... and according to some people on 4chan. The board is under siege. Before election they claimed it was organization CTR (Correct the record) and now they are rebranded as CREW. Sometimes I feel that FDR forum is the last place with no paid shills lurking and spreading lies. Is it just me ? Can anyone of you guys have similar experiences on other social platforms ?
  6. I read over at the Ron Paul Liberty Report, that there is a bill active that will allow president Trump to attack Iran using the military to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, all without the approval of congress. I'm fine with the temporary immigration halt, but shouldn't this, along with Trump wanting to "rebuild" the military, be worrying at all? I'm pro-Trump, and am glad about all he's done since he was inaugurated, but does anyone have any logical reasons why Trump won't carry on like the previous administrations and invade? If so, please share. Source:
  7. Did Trump just fix gender relations? What's going on? I can't even keep up with all this winning.
  8. Interview with Adam Kokesh: shares his Solution for Freedom - #Freedom2020 campaign to Peacefully & Orderly dissolve the #US#Government. I'd love everyone's thoughts, feedback, & comments on the video, the interview, & my show in general- thanks!
  9. Now that he's been elected I thought I'd share something I wrote before the election about Trump's general stance on taxes and the deficit, and how it can have positive implications on economic growth and jobs in the US. "This stance, coupled with a commitment to massive tax cuts may be an indication that Trump’s fiscal stance is in line with supplying the public the private sector saving needed to allow for a return to stronger growth than what we’ve been seeing over the past decade. Only time will tell."
  10. With a hard data point confirming we are seeing reality, we are now in a position to reach out to our friends who never saw what was coming and show them the truth in unprecedented ways. That in mind, I was struggling with the question of what parents should say to children about Trump. I have no kids, but I've seen the question popping up among my muggle FB friends. All the attention is heading to the HuffPo article on how to talk to children. The article contains some truth, but is covered with virtue signaling and no understanding of what actually happened yesterday. Clearly the lies told by the media and a focus on Trump's past by the Clinton campaign are driving this narrative. Any honest message has to mention that, but the genius of the FDR boards might have some great insight to strengthen our message, especially for those just waking up.
  11. Next video up on Youtube. Stef finally gave me the proper kick in the ass last week to begin reaching out to my network. I made a fundamental realization that, because people do not change their minds on reason, they change their minds depending on what people with alpha status say--and alpha status is easy to acquire. Just act confidently and be ready to contend with whoever comes your way. You don't have to win every time, but the simple knowledge of knowing you bite back with confidence will keep haters at a distance and will bring others closer to you. I realized that the simple fact of me openly and unapologetically coming out saying that I support Donald Trump, as well as being ready to engage anyone that challenges me on it (emotionally and rationally), will cause others to follow in my wake, particularly of the "I'm not so sure" variety. If this seed can be sown if those down the line, they in turn can do the same thing and find unsure people in their networks looking for someone strong to stand with. My challenge for everyone, assuming they haven't done so already, is find a method of coming out strong in open support of Trump, back up your decision with reason and confidence, and be ready to entangle with the haters that emerge. Here's the video: And the text: Closet Trump Supporter? You'll Be Needing These Hi everyone, this is Dylan Moore here. This is a message for everyone out there who is just isn't quite sure about Trump, yet. You just don't know. You're on the fence. You like him, but you're worried about that one thing you just can't describe. Or you're already convinced. You know that Trump is the way to go, but you don't want to voice it to your friends, your family, your neighbors, and your Facebook entourage. “Friends”, I think they're referred to, there. That's okay. I'm here to describe that one thing for you. That inner tension you feel is probably coming from the fact that you're finding out more and more that everything that the media has been telling you about Donald Trump is an absolute lie. When you actually went back to look up the things he said, the things he wrote on Facebook, and the things he tweeted, you found out that he wasn't very racist at all. Or misogynist. Or xenophobic. Heck, he actually is a pretty damn good businessman and he doesn't actually want to blow anyone up. Even all the sexual assault charges turned out to be completely made up. There is not one shred of evidence supporting anything any of these women have said who have come out with claims against him. And deep down, you know, that his arguments about illegal immigration, border controls, and welfare really, really make sense. So despite the fact that you know all this stuff that the mainstream media is squawking about is a bunch of made up nonsense, and that as a rational, moral man who wants to see the dignity brought up from humankind, you're really getting that feeling in your gut telling you that this is the man to support for the presidency. But there's that tension inside. What's holding you back? You see, right now it's really cool to hate Donald Trump. Nothing will get you a round of applause and a pat on the back for calling him a racist or an idiot. It's just the hip thing to do. However, the uncool thing to do is to like him, isn't it? While you know you're not a racist or a misogynist or a xenophobe or a warmonger, it just doesn't feel that great to have everyone call you that for suggesting you like Trump, does it? Actually, now that you think about it, what you're really worried about in announcing that you support Trump is that cute girl you've trying to get to know better. If she finds out you like Trump, you're totally not getting laid. And your friends? You would be a laughing stock! Oh man, they'll be making fun of you for the rest of eternity for even thinking about liking such a buffoon. Your family will just be shocked. Well, I mean, there's that crotchety uncle and that redneck cousin that you have who will give you high-fives and buy you a six pack of beer if you show you're support. But they're the crazies that everyone else is giving the smug shoulder to. Just imagine your next family dinner when all your level-headed kin realize you're in with the wrong crowd. But all your friends and your family aren't really what's grinding at you. Even if you can't get in that cute girl's pants—it would be a swift kick to your ego's ass, but you would get over it. There's that one person in your life who is going to judge you hard. You know who I'm talking about. That one who is looking down over the fence into the inner machinations of your mind right now as you're thinking about this. They're going to be shocked and disappointed, to say the least. They've have all the reasons why you've gone off the deep end, and they have perfected the skill of interrupting your well-thought out arguments and reasons to let you know. That person is one thing you can't describe, and he's backed up by your friends, family, your dating pool, half of your Facebook “friends”, and your co-workers. But it's okay, your one vote won't change anything. You'll just keep quiet and nod silently in appreciation for those voting, or unobtrusively make your way to the ballot box yourself. Man, I'm letting you know, you're wrong. And it's time for you to get some balls. It's time for you, after having realized what is right and what the proper course of action is, to take that course of action, and screw everyone in your life that you might offend. You know that Donald Trump is standing in the way of Hillary Clinton, who represents the death-nail of the United States, which will take Western Civilization down the drain with it. Let me give you some insight on how people work, and why you need to stop thinking about your single vote. There is at least one person in your life who is thinking the same as you are. In fact, a good chunk of your friends on your social media networks are thinking exactly what you are. They too are afraid of their friends, their families, and their sex lives. They've got cute girls they're working on, too. They're afraid that they're going to be the first nail that gets smacked with a hammer for putting it's head up. They're afraid they won't get any support. And they're watching you. They're watching to see if you're going to be the one they can feel safe next to. In this ribald intoxication of hypocrisy the mainstream media has proliferated, many of us have come to worry that no one else is thinking like us. It's not true. You see, human beings are not primarily driven by reason. They're primarily driven by tribal influences. Out of these tribal influences, the one thing that everyone looks out for, the one thing that everyone likes is confidence. You don't convince people with reason. Oh sure, sometimes people can be smart and they'll like the words you're saying. But what people judge about you by is your attitude and your actions. If you can find your spine, stand up tall, and not be deterred when you move forward, then you will generate a momentum that will fill people in your wake. Thinking about your individual vote isn't enough. It's time to think about how your attitude and choices will affect the votes of others. There are literally millions of people in this country right now unsure of Trump. Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, anarchists, libertarians, democratic socialists—they're all seeing the unfiltered evil of Hillary Clinton and they're turning to see Donald Trump making more and more sense. They're realizing that they may not have a country to vote in if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. They're looking for that one person in their social circle to stand up with. It's time for that person to be you. There is still time before this election is over to make a difference larger than your own decision. You need to stand up and let people know that you are no longer phased by stupid bullshit. Let them know you openly and unapologetically support Trump. Make sure you let them know why. Reason is very convincing when it arrives on a platter of confidence. How you do it is up to you. Write a note or a post on Facebook, write in a blog, make a Youtube video, send a text message announcement; WHATEVER. Be prepared to get flack. Haters gonna hate and you're going to get all sorts of emotional attacks disguised as rational arguments. Be strong, don't back down. Know your facts and be work to deliver them. And don't be afraid to strike out when someone refuses to engage you rationally and can do nothing but call you names and twist what you say. Everyone is watching you. If you fold under the pressure, then your cause must not have been worth it. If you shake everyone off and move forward with confidence— you must be possessed with strong ideas. Be prepared to lose friends, lose dates, and anger family. In the end you will have better friends and better dates (trust me, confidence will multiply your hotness level). And most importantly: challenge others to do the same thing! Every person watching you has other people watching them. I don't think I need to explain the concept of exponential growth. I've included a link in the show notes below to my original Facebook Note of doing the same thing. Feel free to use it as inspiration, copy parts of it, or even the whole thing. Send it to me after you do it, and especially send me the interplays you have with others who respond to it. The country and the entire history of freedom emboldened in the traditions of Western Civilization hangs on the thread of this election, and there is still time to do your part to help save it. Remember, posture is everything. Find your balls and act with precision and confidence.
  12. Here is an excerpt from my latest post analyzing what the market's reaction to Trump's victory tells us about investor expectations: So in summary, it looks like investor expectations of inflation remain low, while their expectations of corporate profits have jumped significantly, prompting them to sell gold and long bonds, while adding to their stock positions. You can read more on the components contributing to aggregate corporate profits in this post about the Kalecki equation, which basically reveals that mathematically corporate profits can only be derived via the following spending/saving decisions made by different entities: Corporate Profit = Investment + Dividends – Household Saving - Government Surplus + Export Surplus There are several reasons why investors expect boosts to corporate profits, just to name a few: Donald Trump has promised a significant corporate tax cut, which, all else being equal, will boost corporate profits noticeably. (In the equation above it would manifest itself in the form of a smaller budget surplus or a larger deficit). Furthermore, the elimination of arbitrary and scientifically unwarranted CO2 emission restrictions will likely boost domestic investment in oil, coal, and natural gas, which again, all else being equal, constitutes a net positive for corporate profits. (In the equation above this would affect the "Investment" component.) It remains to be seen where household saving is headed, and also what happens to the trade balance, and other government spending programs which, if unmatched by tax hikes, could provide a further boost to corporate profits.
  13. There's a link to his questionnaire from the page below:
  14. This post has been created to continue the discourse from this thread in order for the title to more accurately reflect the content that developed.
  15. I keep one foot in the Marxist-orientated (London) Guardian website, as in between all the non-arguments, there are some things worth knowing that I otherwise wouldn't see. And it is reassuring to know, from weighing opinion in the comments sections, that things such as white privilege, 3rd wave feminism, Islamophobia and other grievance culture spurs are widely rejected. Since Brexit, the appearance of Trump and other similar themes in Europe, there has been a further move away from coherent philosophy, arguments - rational or irrational and decorum; and towards violently melting down, running around spitting bile, fainting and hallucination. A new bubble of madness was inflated last week when a high court ruled that Parliament must green-lighted Brexit. This spurred a number of critical stories in newspapers, saying in affect: "How dare three judges block Brexit". On seeing the articles, no angle from which they might be criticised registered with me, but The Guardian and the regressives have begun howling like they have never howled before. They are saying this is the end of democracy, the rule of law is about to be overturned and we are about to descend into fascism with Rupert Murdoch setting the drum-beat as the torries dance us malevolently into the end times. I had observed, in the above-mentioned time period, that The Guardian had become more trigger-happy with censorship. My account was put on pre-moderation (general policy is to allow comments, which are moderated after a few minutes) for posting a comment citing (with source) that there is a greater correlation between single-motherhood and crime than poverty and crime. Today my account was banned and they deleted about 1/3 of the comments on a volatile post by one of their favourite sons, Trotskyite - Paul Mason. And the comments were not abusive, they mainly consisted of criticism like: "I used to think Paul was a bit weird when he was on the Beeb - but I now realise he's totally lost it. How much do you get paid to write this stuff?" "Paul Mason couldn't breathe his way out of an iron lung, never mind string together such a disparate group of people." But also moderate criticism of his points. Comments were prematurely shut down after two hours. They used to let this stuff go through, but it seems that has come to an end. The comments are officially a safe-space. Does anyone else have insights into increase in censorship on regressive sites? I heard that a number of them had recently removed comments sections, but I don't know which sites were being referred to. Full backspace:
  16. There's a petition to "pardon" Julian Assange: The petition is directed at Donald Trump, so it covers the presumed threat of Julian's extradition to the USA, not Julian's prosecution in Sweden for alleged rape, which would presumably go ahead if the US extradition threat was lifted. Sign and/or share if you think it's a good cause.
  17. Anyone else noticing that Trump's language is already softening? His posture is now changed to defensive, with his shoulders hunched and forward, eyes wide and slightly down, voice subdued. And his biggest supporters like Giuliani are now saying that a Presidential Pardon for Hillary would be permanent and irreversible. I don't know, what do you all think?
  18. Congratulations everyone, It's been emotionally exhausting for most of us and I'm soooooooo glad; I have had a giant grin on my face all day. I wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts (especially Stefan's) regarding a possible big reunion of FDR listeners in D.C. on Trump's inauguration day and maybe have a meal/event together afterwards? What do you guys think?
  19. How awesome would it be if we could organize a big FreeDomainRadio get-together in Washington D.C on inauguration day? Attend the speech and then maybe grab lunch/dinner somewhere after? Inauguration day is on January 20th. It will be a Friday. It is the perfect opportunity for many of us to see president Trump and Stefan from up close and celebrate our great victory. In my case, it will be my first ever visit to the United States and I really cannot think of a better day to do it. What do you guys think? Can we convince Stefan?
  20. CNN cuts off interview-e after mentioning Wikileaks. The host doesn't even attempt to hide it, his "reaction" is great though. Guy just became a living meme. But anyway. Time to get HYPED: Live feed of the debate:
  21. Am I allowed to marry people in another country? Say yes for free trade and no for protectionism.
  22. Currently my Facebook feed is circulating the upper portion of this meme. According to leftist media, people are outraged that Trump would exploit the Louisiana flood victims by redirecting first responders and other precious resources for a photo op and gratuitous play-dough donation. Clearly the "play dough" spin is a very superficial report on Trump's actual relief efforts, which involved an 18 wheeler truck filled with essential supplies such as drinking water, food, socks, diapers, etc. Trump pointed out Obama's absence in the relief effort, which was rebutted by Governor John Bel. Edwards who said, "I asked them to let us get out of the response mode where we were still conducting searches of houses, and we were still making rescues. I didn’t want to divert these police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president while they were needed in this region to undergo those — or to undertake those response activities. And I asked that if he could wait until the response was over and we got into the recovery phase, which I predicted we would do over the weekend and certainly next week would be a better time for us to visit. But the president is welcome to come to our state anytime that he wants to." ​As far as Trump's relief efforts are concerned, he's getting mixed reviews. Some of the victims are clearly grateful for his pro-active efforts, while others suggest that his presence was more burdensome than helpful. Any thoughts? ​​
  23. Sweet thread on reddit mapping best findings so far: Pastebin backup:
  24. So our votes worth the same?? (just couple minutes vid don't worry)
  25. The US presidential race has been amazing so far. It's the most entertaining thing on television right now and I can't help but wonder what future campaigns will look like after Trump. What will the next guy have to bring to the table in order to top this one?