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Found 3 results

  1. Siegfried von Walheim

    Socrates Jones: PRO-PHILOSOPHER

    For those looking for philosophical video games (or at least a free visual novel I discovered as a parody of another visual novel game I discovered called "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney") this is the one. It's both educational and amusing because it actually teaches the player how to make and disassemble arguments. I just started watching someone play it (can't be bothered to trouble myself with downloading it since others' have played it) and I have to say it's ironically educational because it three very basic tools to debate with: asking for clarification (about a given claim), asking for proof/evidence, and asking whether it's even relevant (as well as an option to use sophistry that never works). I doubt it'll (or has) sparked critical thinking among the general populace but it sure is a kindergartener's introduction to philosophy that's a bit more of a "demonstration" that shows how it actually works when applied similar to Stefpai's introductory videos on philosophy that ended with why the State's an immoral institution based on the creation of an artificial structure that demands obedience because sophistry.
  2. Siegfried von Walheim

    So Subtle You'd Think It Real

    Is this guy for real. "I Joined Antifa"
  3. Abstract: We invest massive amounts of time in relationships, careers, diet, and countless other areas of self-improvement. But how often do we think about and work on our bowel movements? This is a taboo topic and it's time someone stood up and revealed the top secrets to successful pooping. Your life will never be the same. http://www.podbean.com/media/player/5ja9s-589a8d?skin=104

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