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Found 3 results

  1. lalala

    How to read?

    Usually the reason I pick up a book this days is to learn about subjects I'm personally interested in. My issue is that lots of times I finish a book and don't remember a lot about it. I have an idea of its basic structure and remember specific passages but even then if I go back and read the paragraphs I'll probably discover I missed some important aspect of the text. Unlike many, to me, reading in itself is not a pleasurable experience. I enjoy and love specific books, I like learning, but not the action itself. I'm trying to figure out if I can change some of my reading habits to improve my understanding. This are some ideas and the potential problems: Book Club: I think probably this one would work best for me. Read the book and then discuss it with people, the downside is I would have to read stuff others selected. Make a blog post about it?: This looks like a lot of work and I'm a terrible writer. Read about subjects that are on the news: I think this would help me relate the stuff people talk about with the things I read but that would limit a lot the books I can select. Reread specific chapters: I'm doing this and I think it helps, I try to go back and read chapters that for some reason pop in my mind, but I don't like rereading a lot. Do you have some advise? What do you do?
  2. Anuojat

    Theraphy and Humility

    AAAAAND the topic didnt load prorperly! Using reply to psot my orignal post. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, i am here seeking therapy. I’ve been brought humbly down after making some seriously bad assumptions about my own mental clarity and also about how much i do need outside help from specifically therapist. Needless to say i was wrong and have paid the consequences as i struggle to gain employment and do what i finally love after procrastinating for so long. It’s very painful due to having not done such earlier, though i am 100% committed to accepting this pain. And fear too incidentally as I’ve found. This is me owning my inaction and inaction to acknowledge the painful truth of avoiding the humiliation and pain associated with getting job, earning your own money and success. [Currently working on and making 3d models public, studying CAD software, studying building (and construction) physics, researching copyright, contacting companies left right and center and networking]. What are your experiences with therapy and what are the best people/places to seek for? I don’t have lot of money atm, so can’t afford the highest askers, but i will not cheapshot this i can pay something and whatever i have that i can pay, i will. Thoughts? #IfyoudontlearnbyReason...
  3. My newest video. In it, James Hetfield from "Metallica" talks about his painful childhood, his relationship with his abusive parents, and how it influenced his music. I included my comments and observations in a form of hard-burned closed captions. Apologies for poor audio quality. These were the best clips I could find, and sound filters didn't help improve it, either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6XD1MPzF_A

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