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Found 18 results

  1. I wrote into the call in show a while ago but I am sure Michael is busy. I need answers, life & business isn't going to wait for me to try to figure this out for years. Quick backstory - I am a immigrant to America from the former USSR, I have 3 brothers & 3 sisters. I am the youngest. All my family is super successful, surgeons, musicians, public speakers. (ACE Score questions is attached) Age - 22 ACE Score - 7 / Yes Answers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 S&D - Yes, Mostly whipped by a thin branch/stick by mom (but extremes is needle through tongue for cussing) - Live far from family now Question 1 - My mother was extremely totalitarian when i was a child. She was a helicopter mother, but with thermal cameras & motion sensors, very tyrannical. I am low on conscientiousness & I cannot for the life of me defer gratification, I have a very high addictive personality & super high in neuroticism. I was addicted to many things in my past & still am. (porn, drugs, booze, opioids, adderall) My question is, First - Is these two thing connected? & how do I start reversing that in a way that does not backfire on me & in a way that is not totalitarian so that I don't rebel from my own system that I put into place. Question 2 - I am the founder & CEO of a company. I recently met someone very successful & now we are great friends. This friend personally knows Martha Stewart, the owner of Bass Pro Shops, & many other people that are affluent & full of potential opportunities. My problem is I became inert, & dont finish my work. If I work hard enough I can become a millionaire, famous, or successful. Why am I all of the sudden inert? Am I scared of success or fame? If so, how can I overcome this, because I know people would kill to be where I am. BTW I'm getting booked all over USA to do what I do but I still work at the USPS 60hrs a week instead of fully going self employed. I am scared to quit because I know I need a running start but I am not running, I am sleeping. Question 3 - I've hurt animals as a child, I have killed animals while being indifferent as a child. I became an adult & someone gave me a kitten, Now Ive never hurt this cat physically but I did mentally. I would be petting the cat & with my other hand punch the wall. As soon these urges started happening everyday I called someone & they took the kitten out of my house. Now, I know why that is I do that (my mother had power over me & would hurt me, now I feel good when I have the power over something) What I do not know is, how can I stop these urges. Call In Show Survey.pdf
  2. Anuojat

    Theraphy and Humility

    AAAAAND the topic didnt load prorperly! Using reply to psot my orignal post. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, i am here seeking therapy. I’ve been brought humbly down after making some seriously bad assumptions about my own mental clarity and also about how much i do need outside help from specifically therapist. Needless to say i was wrong and have paid the consequences as i struggle to gain employment and do what i finally love after procrastinating for so long. It’s very painful due to having not done such earlier, though i am 100% committed to accepting this pain. And fear too incidentally as I’ve found. This is me owning my inaction and inaction to acknowledge the painful truth of avoiding the humiliation and pain associated with getting job, earning your own money and success. [Currently working on and making 3d models public, studying CAD software, studying building (and construction) physics, researching copyright, contacting companies left right and center and networking]. What are your experiences with therapy and what are the best people/places to seek for? I don’t have lot of money atm, so can’t afford the highest askers, but i will not cheapshot this i can pay something and whatever i have that i can pay, i will. Thoughts? #IfyoudontlearnbyReason...
  3. My newest article about figuring out if your therapy is actually working for you or not. "Today’s question is extremely popular: I’m in therapy, and some people [my spouse, or parent, or friend, or coworker, or partner] say that it’s not working for me. I’m confused. Is it true?" Read it here: http://blog.selfarcheology.com/2016/04/q-is-therapy-working-for-me.html
  4. A very important message regarding a painfully common misconception about having psychoemotional struggles, feeling unsure, being "weak," and looking for help.
  5. I feel lost in my life, over the last 8 years I have mostly lost connection with my older kids who live with their crazy mother, lost my house and garden, ended a professional career. I've had some therapy, but probably not enough. I suffer from anxiety, some post traumatic symptoms from a violent and unloving childhood. I'm nearly 50 and don't have financial security or see what my future is. I'm intelligent and have worked in IT for nearly 25 years, but am fed up with the 9 to 5 - that's not a life well lived. I don't know what to do. I like trading but am struggling to get restarted on that path. My girlfriend of 7 years just broke up with me because of my moods and lack of direction in life. I feel lost. I'm getting some life coaching. I need to find something that supports me financially and that makes me feel really valuable. I live in Thailand where the cost of living is low, so low income is manageable. Of course, I would like to be a "success" in all areas of my life, but that seems like an impossibility. If I could find a business partner, entrepreneur, something that I could support and that supports me, that would be great. I've tried various other things over the years and trained in massage, reading stock charts and even (ironically) tried relationship coaching with no success. I need help.
  6. Hello, we are a young couple (23 years old), currently living in Greece and we would like to move to Singapore/Australia/New Zealand. We have no friends or relatives in any of those places. We chose those countries due to their economic freedom, opportunities and high quality of life. Regarding ourselves, my name is Dimitris Papadiotis and the last 2 years I started studying philosophy here, in freedomain radio which changed my life!! In february (2016) I will graduate from my bachelor's degree in mathematics, specialized in statistics, from the University of Ioannina and I am going to be approximately at the top 10%. IQ score of 128. I am willing to work hard, learn new things and develop new skills. I have almost no working experience. and I am Maria Mourkou, I graduated from the department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies from the University of Macedonia in November 2014 (top 12,79%) . I can communicate (write and speak) in greek, english, french (level C2) and also russian and bulgarian (level B1). IQ score of 123. You can check my working experience below: April 2015 - October 2015: Vernicol SA , Department: foreign affairs, public tenders October 2014 - January 2015: CTG Advertising, Independent partner, Door to Door Sales February 2014 - April 2014: Internship in 18-24 Travel Agency, Department: Social Marketing 2011 - 2014: Thessaloniki International Fair, Department: Promotion, Auxiliary Staff (10 days each year) We are searching for employment and social network. It would be very much appreciated if you can help us in any way, shape or form!
  7. Some of you may have read my previous topic where I have described my current career situation. https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/45179-im-a-police-officerhelp/?hl=%2Bpolice+%2Bofficer I have been thinking for a long time about this and I am now proud to announce that I have decided to liberate my consciousness from the moral implications of being a Police Officer. Yes - I am quitting. Undoubtedly, this will have a huge impact on my life. I have a degree in Criminology which I have chosen for the very purpose of being able to advance through the ranks quicker, which of course now becomes useless. Also, having to pay off around £30000 for that degree and not having a very clear idea where to go from here isn't very motivating to say the least . I need a new job, that's for sure. Any advice on possible career paths is highly appreciated! The bottom line is - whatever happens, I will not regret my decision .
  8. Sabras

    Online philosophy courses?

    Hey, I was wondering whether someone could recommend something along the lines of "online course in philosophy". I want to learn more about philosophy starting from the basics. Cheers!
  9. Hey all! So I've been having discussions about issues such as government and taxation. I often hear a claim that governments cannot steal and taxation is not a theft. However, when I apply the exactly same reasoning to a different scenario, for example a person or a different organisation doing exactly the same as the government (enforcing taxation through the initiation of use of force) suddenly the reasoning reverses and such a thing becomes theft in the eyes of the person I am debating. I attempt to reason through rules of non contradiction (something cannot be and not be at the same time) but I usually get the following responses: "government is different" - Therefore theft only applies to individuals or private organisations. "the extraction of money is voluntary" - You don't have to work if you don't want to. You actually want the government to spend the money on roads, education etc. "money are extracted at source and if you do not receive the money in the first place, then they cannot be taken away from you, therefore not theft" - (This is the case in the UK where you don't do your own taxes but rather the employer pays them from your salary before you get a chance to sniff them). So if you don't get the money in the first place it isn't theft. "There is no right and wrong" or "There is no truth, it depends" - Therefore taxation is morally good and not theft, whereas extraction of property without consent by something or someone else than a government is theft. Is there a way of combating such claims or have I entered a realm of sophistry from which there is no return? What is the best way to argue from here and point out the contradiction?
  10. Crallask

    Argumentative/Logical Feedback

    I, like I presume many people here, enjoy engaging in discourse in various communities around the net. I like to challenge myself in the pursuit of reason, knowledge, and evidence by trying to pit my wits against discourse. But often times I feel like maybe I'm missing something when it comes to being as precise as I desire. I know I'm not terrible by any means, but I often feel a little lacking in feedback. Like there's no experienced individual I could turn to for judging my discussions. It'd also be nice to have a second opinion for telling me when enough is enough. I don't want an echo chamber, just to meet people who can tell me when I've done an apt duty at defending reason, rationality, and evidence. I suppose I moreso worry that I'm picking fights which are too into the realm of being unreasonable and I'm not doing anything but wasting my time and making a foolish display for those who would like to do similar. Does anyone else feel similar?
  11. dokkou

    Please help my campaign

    Hey guys, I hope you could help me and my future Mrs. Suh with my campaign to raise money to get a wedding and reception. Any donation amount is appreciated and if you can't donate, please share. Thank you in advance for any help. Link is below. http://www.gofundme.com/hk2awg68
  12. kahvi

    How to help my niece

    My sister had my niece. Meggan, back in 1989, when she was only 19 years old. I was 15 at the time. I remember that at that age, I had very little empathy and very low emotional intelligence. When I heard stories of people being hurt, whether they be kids or adults, I tended to shrug it off and go about my day. I don't know if I was similar to most teenagers or if I had an issue that stemmed from my childhood upbringing, but that's not the topic for another day. I'll just say, that I'm a completely different person now. I feel deep, emotional stress when I hear about children being hurt. I wish I had been this way when Meggan was born, because I could have helped her to avoid the life she has made for herself up until now. Both of her parents, my sister and her husband, were authoritarians. My sister spanked her, but her husband used to make Meggan strip down naked before her beat her with a belt. At the time, I had no idea he did that, but I reasoned that spanking was necessary. I never hit Meggan, but I did used to manipulate her, shame her and terrorize her in sadistic ways. I would make promises to her in order to get her to do my bidding, but then would back out of my promises. I'd yell at her to make her cry and when she did, I'll run to hug her. It makes me sick to think of the things I did to her. Meggan now suffers from a whole range of issues. She's addicted to pain-killers, is on anti-depressants, has never held a job for more than a year or so, and has been trouble with the law many times. She is half-black, so my sister and her grandparents often accuse the police of being racist and unfairly targeting Meggan. But, she has been involved with selling prescription drugs for some time now and she was recently sent to prison. Many times before she left, I had apologized to her for how I had treated her. She's accepted my apology and I don't think she's even aware of how much my actions have had in a hand in her current predicament. She's going to be in prison for 3 years, and I've been sending her letters regularly, but I would like to do more, particularly when she gets out. I don't have enough money to pay for her therapy. She was on Medicaid and had been seeing a therapist, but that particular therapist's idea of therapy was pretty much just giving Meggan anti-depressants. She'd see Meggan for about 15 minutes out an hour long session, give her her script and send her on her way. I don't see medication as a means to help her at all! In fact, since she's been in prison and hasn't been allowed to take her meds, she says she feels much better and her mind is much clearer. Anyway, I want to do something to help her instead of just constantly apologizing. I'd like to maybe send her some books, give her some good advice without sounding preachy. I'd like to help her when she gets out. I can't afford therapy for her, but I can give her my time. Are there any things that you guys recommend? Any books you recommend I send to her? I have to use Amazon to send stuff, but the way. I tried to order one of Stefan's books for her, but realized it was only available in digital copies. Any advice would help. Thanks guys.
  13. Hello everyone, I am curious on anyone's thoughts on pursuing becoming an engineer, and more specifically an electrical engineer. Does anyone have any knowledge / experience, etc. on the different kinds of engineering, different skill sets for each, and so on. Also, on my last year of high school and is it worth it to pay to go to university / college? Another thought was to become an electrician. I am very interested in engineering though (though I have yet to take the courses in physics, gr 12 math -- I am in a semester school). All thoughts, criticisms, etc. are beyond appreciated ! Thanks
  14. Hello to my fellow board members. I'd first like to say I've been a long-time FDR fan and donater. I discovered Stefan's show through similar movements like those of Ayn Rand or Adam Kokesh, and have listened to - at least - one thousand of his podcasts by this point in time. This show has changed my life, and the relationships in it, for the best. So to Stefan, as well as all of you for your role in the show: thank you. I've learned recently, through the use of unrelenting curiosity and maturity in my conversations and reflections, that my parents are nihilists. I won't get into the details of the situation I experienced right now, nor the complexity of my childhood (which caused in me a severe anxiety disorder and teenage drug use). However, I would like to explain how, after applying RTR and philosophy to my life and relationships, the information learned from their use causes everything to slide and click into place. What I mean is that, after a particular conversation with my father, and through days of introspection and note-taking after the fact, I learned that my parents are somewhat sociopathic nihilists. What it was that "clicked into place," so-to-speak, was the devastating realization that my anxiety disorder takes the form of my nihilistic fathers voice, which eats and has eaten through my thoughts and motivations throughout everyday of my entire life. This leads me to the rather depressing issue at hand: for the past few weeks, occasionally, I've been experiencing severe depressive states generally followed by serious considerations of suicide. The problem: I DON'T WANT TO DIE... as of now my eyes have teared up and I feel pressure in my sinuses. I've promised myself that I would never take such an action, but I feel so afraid that my future self won't be able to handle the stresses of life and be driven to do this; and I feel nothing short of pure terror. So, from the folks on here, I ask simply for connection. For people who care about life, philosphy, and the future to have serious conversations with, to know that I'm not alone in the world; there are so few I can consider myself close to. I'd like to talk about my experience with anxiety, with life stresses, with my parents, as well as share some RTR success stories. I'm also new to the board as far as posting goes, and new to forums in general, so I ask for empathy in that regard. Glad to join the group, Mason
  15. I thought I had reached a good point in my life. I thought people were respecting my beliefs, and could see the evidence that I am improving my condition. I got married last year, and our first baby is on the way. But boy, howdy. Do the vultures start showing up as soon as a fresh baby brain is available for abuse. My wife and I are choosing to practice peaceful parenting. She is more or less an anarchist, after being kicked out of my home country two weeks after our wedding, due to a visa technicality. However, her parents are Jewish. My father is a kind of presbytarian. He is married to a muslim. My birth mother was brought up catholic, and has become a kind of mystic humanist. And my brother is a buddhist. And now the baby is on the way, her folks are very keen to instill jewish rituals, etc. I thought my wife dealt with it very bravely. But I told my father about it, and now he has revealed his true opinions. Please, somebody have a look at the following conversation. I am not sure whether I should even bother to reply or not. It's upsetting me now. But I'm so angry at the fact they've been flying under the radar for a couple of years. And now I'm having a baby, religion is suddenly a problem. First email, me to my father : Hows it going dad? The past three months have been very interesting for me. Last night was the first joyful fruit of my labour.When we moved house, I convinced (My wife) to try giving up television. It's been a great success. She's happier, and we have great conversations, more often. Last night her parents mentioned something about giving our daughter some Jewish trinkets. Prayer book to keep under her bed. A Talismen to nail outside the front door. Superstitious stuff.I was within earshot, cooking. (My wife) really amazed me with her response. She courageously told her parents we're against superstition. We are not going to tell our dauhter things are true, if we ourselves don't believe in them. She said, we feel it would violate the trust our daughter would have in us. It could harm our relationship. And we don't want to give her the paranoia associated with original sin, & an invisible man following her day and night. The response from her mother was an outburst of distress. Claiming 'tradition' was important, the Holocaust, etc. The father was saying, 'if you can do something harmless to keep us happy, why won't you just do it!?', etc. Quick as flash, (My wife) said, so what if (My father's wife) wants her to wear a Hijab? Should we follow her tradition, to keep her happy? Is it harmless? And, my personal favourite, 'tradition is not a reason'. The parents flipped out. On the other end of the computer, her brother happened to be walking by, and chimed in with 'oh yeah, did you know there isn't even any archaeological evidence that the Jews were ever in Egypt'. I was incredibly relieved. And proud of my wife last night. Rational and brave woman. She has changed a lot in the last 2 years, just through conversations with me. And so have I. And I got to thinking today, that I owe you one. You taught me conversation from early on. So thanks. It's making life a lot better. And we had a good chat after it about how all the 'people pleasers' in Germany, went along with the holocaust. My father's response: It is really tricky sometimes. When I was younger I used to be brutally direct in my opposition to some of my parent's Christian beliefs but as they got older and less capable of of grasping complexity I resorted to keep it more subdued. It becomes harder because you see how much it hurts them. It's also more complex for me because I do believe in an invisible guy following me around, albeit an invisible guy within me. I also believe in life after death, but not out of superstition but because of the evidence I have gleaned and reasoning. But following a religious tradition has to be a personal choice. If it is imposed from the outside it becomes a tyranny in which structure becomes stricture. You and I know how religions have deviated from their original purpose because they have been co-opted by political entities, but that is esoteric knowledge. It is not for the average intellect. As James Corbett replied to a listener's question who seemed to be offended and outraged at James' suggestion that a particular musical genre had been co-opted to the purpose engineering public behaviour: "I am not suggesting the music isn't good, of course the music has to have intinsic merit, if it didn't it would not be effective as a devise of social control..." The true purpose of religion is to cultivate a rich inward life; anyone who thinks they can bully others into inward growth is a fool. If putting something under your bed achieves it, I want it. I somehow doubt it though. Bottom line , and take my word for this, this is only the beginning of your struggle but this will not be struggle you can walk away from. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Learn to have a chuckle for it will not end. Struggle is good for the soul. And never ever become dogmatic, leave that to them and Richard Dawkins, just remember dogma is to protect ourselves from the unknown. You will find it difficult at times but remember that your struggle is not a random accident, on some unconscious level you sought it, perverse as that might seem to you right now. His follow up email after I ignored that one: The reality is you are going to be away working a lot and after baby is born! (Your wife) is going to be too busy to constantly fight it. They will have little else in their lives to expend their energies on... ( I work offshore 6 months per year. 28 days on, 28 days off. I have to continue with this, whilst I await my US green card, which can take a long time.) I have written the following response, but not sent it yet. Any advice from some smart people on here? Don't accuse me of being dogmatic. To do so is dogmatic, and quite arrogant. I don't accept that.There is no such thing as brutal honesty. There is only honesty. Truth is that which can be verified. And truth can only be defined as that which is true for all people, in all places, for all time.Dogma comes from authority. Dogma is inconsistent. And I have read the bible. It is inconsistent, and violent. It serves Authoritarians. Religion has not deviated from it's purpose. It's purpose is to serve the priest class / witch doctors. The claim that religion is supposed to create moral behaviour in people, but the jury is in. 200 000 years of violence, and life expectancy of 20 years old, has only come to an end since the separation of church and state. They are beheading Christian children in Iraq and Syria now, whilst the Jews and Muslims are murdering each other daily in the middle east. The old testament condones violence. The ten commandment originally said 'thou shall not kill other Jews'. By the rules of the book, murder and the death penalty are OK. And transgressing the ten commandments were punishable by death. The definition of god as all powerful and all knowing is contradictory. Everything in the book is contradictory. It says you shall not kill, but god can kill. And he constantly does. Not to mention 'spare the rod, and spoil the child'. It's all in the handbook. It is entirely designed to make you servile to authority. I'm supposed to avoid hurting people's feelings? OK, Granny, I would never try to upset her. She is closer to death than I. And even you, (His wife), and my mother, and the in-Laws. Believe whatever you want. The point is not to convert other people. The point is to protect the clean and innocent brain of a newborn baby.I'm responsible for her. And the people she comes in contact with, can tell her damaging lies.But you don't get to say that I shouldn't hurt the feelings of others. Then expect me to stand by and let people scare my daughter into believing that she is always being watched and judged? Or that If she pisses off a man she can't see, then after death, she will be punished without end, for all eternity, a fate worse than death? Or that if people use certain words to her, they will cause physical changes in the world? It's entirely based on fear. I consider it an act of aggression towards a child. I've grown up scared, paranoid, and uncertain because of this stuff. And the idea that I should fear or obey authority has literally been the hardest thing to overcome in my career. It has put my life in real physical danger. And I have seen superstitious sailors narrowly avoid death, and sustain real injuries, because they failed to take responsibility for their own lives. I want my daughter to be able to know when she's being lied to. Or when her authority figures are failing her. that means understanding and respecting property rights, and Non-Aggression. For all people, in all places, for all time. Including priests, imams, rabbis, gurus, cops, robbers, politicians, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends and enemies. No exceptions. Religion is immoral, precisely because it allows for exceptions. It's not tricky. It's a case of being consistent. And children know that. They know the difference between fantasy and reality. They know about consistency, as soon as they learn that falling over hurts. They don't believe in things they can't see or feel or touch, unless they spend hundreds of hours being indoctrinated. And (My wife) knows it too. And the in laws are easy to argue with. They have a homosexual daughter. If they ever want to say that we should follow Judaism, then they have to turn around and stone their daughter to death. Check mate.
  16. bitcoin

    Starting my own business

    Hi everyone. I am asking anyone for their advice / opinion, and seeing as you all, on some level, support this kind of thing, I would love to get all your thoughts. First of all, what I am trying to do is start my own business, juicing raw, local organic vegetables and fruits and the farmers market. Of course, looking more into running a food business (or any business) , the many government regulations are a complete obstacle serving very little to no purpose. Anyways, a rant also serves no purpose, especially as I feel drawn to run this business anyways. Having worked at many markets, I see there is no stand that offers this, and think it could be a wonderful way to serve people, support local farmers, and make some money as people wake up to living and eating healthy. Anyways, I have come up with a few names for my business which is what I am mainly asking anyone to share their thoughts on the name I could use which is attractive, what is appealing to you (and you think would be to others), etc. Any advice, time and thoughts are welcome and greatly appreciated. Here is my long list, put down to the ones I think are the best. -Rise & Shine -Sweet Inspiration -Triumph -Swift -Harmony -Harmonize -Integrated -Unified -Balance -Poise -Stability -Blend -Blends of Harmony -Its Environmental -Nurturing Health -Sprouting Change -Sprouting Immunity - Local Haven - Rawganic -Revitalize - Revive the System - Kickin Blues -Juicing Change I really appreciate all your time in reading this and trying to help and appreciate everyone possibly being interested in organics and trying to serve a more sustainable, efficient and positive future. For anyone who is interested, I am planning to start by setting up and paying commission to a different vendor, at their stand, while attracting customers to them as well. Starting with buying very little produce, and always purchasing more during the market. If anyone has any background in graphic design or anything, I am really doing this and would be more than happy to pay someone to help me make a logo, sign, or any that if my business really does thrive. I would love any criticism, thoughts, feedback, etc. especially before I go out and spend money on an expensive juicer. Thanks again. Jake
  17. Hello everyone! I have been writing on what will be my first book on self-knowledge (my first book in anything for that matter). I will publish it through amazon as a kindle-book. The book will focus on the concept of Self, or true self as Stef usually calls it, and how to utilize it in self-therapy through journaling. It's a pretty short book (around 6k words), but when I wrote it and before I wrote it, I felt that I wanted it to be short, concise and to the point, so that it will be exposed to more people. Also, I think it will encourage readers to try it out quicker since it wont take up so much time as perhaps other books on self-therapy. What I am asking for now, is for a few awesome FDR people to read my draft and give feedback on it. No requirements of any kind, I'd like to get as much perspectives as possible so it will be a book that will appeal to as many types of people as possible. The feedback I want is: -Is something not explained well enough? -Is something missing? -Have I made some philosophical errors? Stuff like that. Spelling as such will be taken care of later. Want to help out? Throw a PM my way! If you give feedback, I'd be happy to include you in the acknowledgements part of my book, in whatever way you fancy Have a great day everyone!
  18. Tomas van de Wiel

    Any GOOD therapists in The Netherlands?

    Hey there, this is for the people who've had experience with great therapists in The Netherlands. I myself are not in need of one at the moment but i know someone who does and she has had a lot of bad experience with psychologists/therapists here. They are not curious, they recommend her to just obey her parents because they are her parents and they think she needs serious help because she does not want to do that etc.She(and me also later perhaps) needs someone who has experience with handling traumas and talking about childhood, preferably in a way like Stefan does because i know its really effective for a lot of people. But any good therapist recommendation is welcome!

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