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Found 2 results

  1. I found this book and it's absolutely mind-blowing. It's like someone took a chunk of Stefan and put him in a Dane. The book is about the psychological manipulation of collectivism that has Scandinavian countries in its tentacles. I think this is really important because one of Bernie Sanders's main talking points is "Ooooh look at Denmark they're the happiest country in the world! Socialism!" and this book pokes some serious holes in that commonly held belief from the eyes of a red-pilled Dane himself. The site where you can get the PDF or audiobook is http://manipulism.com/
  2. I've written a rather long, 62 page paper (.pdf) on Individualism vs. Collectivism. I wrote this for a newsletter I have been providing for friends and family since 2013 (I was motivated initially by the Snowden Revelations). I've noticed recently however that most of my friends are leftists/progressives/Marxists and basically either say nothing in response or even get offended and I get a lot of snarky comments even from family although I have a few supporters too. I'd like to have my work read, reviewed and commented/edited by someone a little more "Anarcho-Friendly". The writing is designed somewhat for a more liberal audience (i.e. my friends and family) so there are some things I can't go into and I try to keep it up to date with current events (a few of Molyneux's videos are linked). I do my best not to rant on the left but there's a lot of stuff that clearly bothers me about them in my writing. Lots of stuff about race/gender/identity in the Anarchist vs. Collectivist view, economics and centralized planning, a huge section on mass human migration and capping off with R vs. K topics and even a little section on the connections between Buddhism and Anarchy. I am happy to email or share with others for free. I have more documents from the past too and I am interested in having someone, who has a moderate amount of web traffic, potentially host my writing (anonymously) if they are OK with it (of course withing some reasonable editorial flexibility). Shoot me a line if this interests you - the file is too big to upload... Thanks! V.A.

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