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Found 4 results

  1. Crallask

    FDR Discord

    https://discord.gg/CqGqEEK A little over a year ago there was a group of regulars who met up on Skype and had many a successful and productive conversations. It was great fun overall and I felt a nice connection with other members who frequented there. So I've undertaken the process of setting up a discord server for FDR, a voice chat client originally made for gaming enthusiasts which has become a very respectable piece of software in its own right. What advantages would this setup have over a Skype/Google group? Multiple Text and Voice Channels: This lets us organize our thoughts into sub-categories so if we want to focus on issues such a interpersonal or daily occurrences, we can do so without flooding other conversations people might want to have such as parenting. (Which would be less frequent and require more thought) Easily Accessible: You don't even have to install a client to your computer if you don't want to, it can run through a browser same as the FDR chat (Though you will need your own account) A tiered permission system which allows for more troll-pruning (Typically not an issue but as FDR grows it might come to be so.) And personally I find it preferable to Skype due to a lack of ads as well as less memory bloat. The downsides I'd note are that it's unfamiliar to the majority of people as well as a slightly lower quality than something like Skype. The Channels I think of being useful for the start as are follows. General Chat - Where daily ordeals will be discussed Introductions, Timezone, age, main life ventures Philosophical Discussion: For those who want to dissect and disprove UPB! Peaceful Parenting: Parenting can be tough, so lets make it easier as a community Note that this doesn't seek to replace the FDR forums even if it borrows some inspiration from its setup. Instead I hope it can compliment the community by allowing us to connect through an easy to understand application which also has smartphone integration for those who are so inclined.
  2. Hey guys, if you are hungry for a good conversation and for connection come join us at The Oasis - a place where FDR listeners and anarchists from all corners of the world come together once a week to hang out together and exchange ideas. Here are a few highlights from one of our weekly meetings where we got together to chat about Trump. You can find the link for joining the group in the description of the video. I hope you'll enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed producing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3EhfTpWAsw
  3. Hello, I have watched Stefan's videos for a few months. I have not seen them all, I have watched a few of them more than once, and I donate every time I believe that I could not live without having seen other people agree with me on the issues discussed. I also like the comments on the youTube pages. I joined the members group recently and started to chat this morning. I was very happy to talk with a guy from Australia sharing similar views on immigration, the nature of academia diluting the national spirit etc. Then another member comes into counter balance these nationalistic preservation views, and a discussion comes up, and the views I saw as being either Liberal or passive. Eg Liberal in that he saw the frame of humanity as a global ethno mixing group, and passive in that he wanted to convince me that any effort in voting is in vain, and makes no difference. Later on, other members assisted in degrading the value of voting and supporting the activity of abstaining from voting. They presented videos to stress that Stefan does not vote or even support it. I thought in spirit, that he would support voting and activism. My question is this: >>> Does the community here, discourage voting? (yes/no) Does the community here have a nihilistic approach to not taking actions and placing value on actions to assist change? <<< At first I accused this member of being a professional agitator/troll because I considered it unbelievable that someone who is concerned with change from many issues Stefan discusses, would be anti-voting and anti-activism. The large number in the chat room convinced me that this was their line. Is this so?
  4. Yeravos

    A warning

    There is something I'd like to make the people of FDR aware of... A few months ago, I made contact with a person from FDR through a skype group conversation I am currently hosting, the Philosophy Europe Call. He lives in Sweden, like me. His name is Henrik Eriksson. We started talking to eachother on a daily basis through skype. He was in a very emotionally rough position, so I thought that I'd try to help him out a bit by listening to him and talking to him. From the first time I came into contact with him though, and all our conversations ever since, there was something ''off'' for me in the interaction. I felt uncomfortable. But instead of bringing this up, I pretended like it wasn't there, that it was some fault on my end. However, one night when we talked, I told him that I felt uncomfortable talking to him. I told him that I had been in the wrong fro not bringing it up sooner, that I hadn't been honest with him. It went really bad from here on. Henrik was very upset with this, asking me why I felt uncomfortable. I told him I didn't know why, but he wouldn't settle with that, asking me ''What do you mean you don't know?'' in a very aggressive tone. The next day, I hosted the weekly Philosophy Europe Call. Henrik called in. There were 3 of us in the call at that time. At first he pretended like everything was alright, he came into the call laughing. However, he was very passive-aggressive with the third caller, asking him when he was going to start ignoring Henrik (apperantly Henrik has been ignored by other FDR users before). Also, Henrik started to question caller number 3 about his exercise program, telling him that it was stupid. It was a very, very tense conversation. A few days later, he started to write to me on Facebook, telling me I had no principles, and that I should leave FDR, that he was much ''higher up'' than me, whatever that means. I asked him a few times if we could try to sort things out, but he said he didn't want to have anything to do with me, even though he kept writing to me on Facebook telling me how horrible I was. Then came the call that was the final straw that broke the camel's back for me. It was 10 minutes before I was going to host the Philosophy Europe Call. Henrik called me on skype. I asked what he wanted to talk about (I was quite mad at him at this point because of all the things he had written to me on Facebook). Henrik told me he didn't want to talk about anything with me, yet he still wanted for us to be on that call! I told him I was hanging up on him to host the Philosophy Europe Call, and so I did. He joined that call, and that third caller I mentioned before was in this call aswell, so it was me, Henrik and number 3. Henrik came into the call, pretending once again that everything was all good and joyous, even though he 10 minutes before had said he was very upset and mad. I told him that I didn't want to brush past this tension that was between him and I. But he simply said ''I don't want to talk with you''. I then asked him why he was in the call then. ''I want to talk!'' he than said.Number 3, after telling Henrik that he was annoyed with him saying he wanted to talk, and at the same time he didn't want to talk, dropped from the call after approximatly 10 minutes. I then decided that I couldn't let this shitty interaction with Henrik ruin the call experience for the rest of the coming callers, since there was no reasoning with him. So, I blocked him on skype and on Facebook. However, a week ago, he started calling my cellphone on a private number (meaning I can't block it). The first time he rang, his first words were ''You blocked me from the euro call''. I hung up on him, not wanting anything to do with him. He has called me several days now, 4-6 times a day. Most of the time, I just shut my phone off because he would keep calling even though I kept rejecting them. I wanted to tell you guys this, to give you a heads up about Henrik. I thought I could help him out, but I couldn't. Instead, it turned out really ugly. It fucking sucks to write something like this, but I believe that I am doing a service for other people who might come into contact with Henrik in the future. I don't want anyone else to get into this situation that I am in now. I have experienced it, and I will serve as a warning.

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