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Found 2 results

  1. Siegfried von Walheim

    Merry Christmas FDR <3

    I just wanted to wish Stefpai and the FDR community a big and Merry Christmas and also make a thread for others to put in the same. So... ....Merry Christmas! <3 (To Stefpai, Mike, the team at Freedomain Radio, and all the regular forum goers!) (Note to moderators: Please wait till Christmas Day to pass this!)
  2. Siegfried von Walheim

    Freedomain Radio Christmas 2017!

    I think I've been on this forum for over a year now, though I don't remember this board openly celebrating Christmas. I think that deserves a change... ...Given Christmas is just a few weeks away, I figured tis was the season to do something special. Any ideas? Perhaps some kind of forum game or competition? At the very least I think it is worthwhile for anyone willing to change their avatars and banners to be more Christmas-y themed. Well, in any event, I wish you all a pre-emptive Christmas, a happy life, and good prospects for your futures! Merry Christmas Eve(times)21!

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