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  1. JamesP

    Sources link not working

    Well, it returns a 404 now, which I know isn't what you're hoping for, but it's no longer a blank page.
  2. JamesP

    Sources link not working

    Thanks, I'm looking into this.
  3. JamesP

    What happened to the chatroom?!

    There is absolutely no need to speculate.
  4. JamesP

    What happened to the chatroom?!

  5. Mm. If that's the case, then it's saying "Display Name" but it really shouldn't be. And yeah, it's set to only accept email addresses, I just checked. Probably a template issue. On the list it goes!
  6. Regarding reputation, yep, been there, done that. Not sure what "not an argument" has to do with anything there, but it's not a new feature.
  7. Oops, thought I fixed the guildelines link. I don't think we had a privacy policy before, so I know it looks dumb, but I'm just going to leave it as-is for now, unless we get our hands on one. edit - fixed the guidelines link
  8. It does say "display name or email address" but only if it's not already populated. There was an option during the upgrade to either use people's usernames or Display Names, and I figured that it didn't make sense for people's usernames to suddenly appear where their display names were... but then logging in would be weird, so I changed that to email address.
  9. JamesP

    What happened to the chatroom?!

    The chat room has been discontinued and it will not be coming back. In all the kerfuffle yesterday, I forgot to make an announcement regarding this. First, they're shutting off the service at the end of April. It did not make a lot of sense to install the chat app to only have to uninstall it after two weeks. (Plus, having it installed was causing some weird issues, and they went away as soon as it was removed.) Second, I get that some people really like the chat, but it's not used by a large proportion of the user base. There are also so many other alternatives out there that maintaining an official FDR chat doesn't really seem necessary.
  10. Thanks for letting us know. Any other information you can give? If you've saved your passwords to the site, try removing them for the board and see if that was somehow causing your troubles. We did switch from using a username to emails for logins, maybe that's confusing somebody somewhere.
  11. If my memory serves me correctly, DNS servers still need to know where to go to find authoritative answers to queries. Google, for example, doesn't necessarily know how to find www.freedomainradio.com's numerical address. ICANN provides, among other things, the facility for DNS servers to find out that "freedomainradio.com" is a valid domain, and the numerical addresses for the various hostnames. Google's systems may retain the information for freedomainradio.com for a short while, but it doesn't store that information indefinitely. Another way of thinking about it is like this: the name for this website is "board.freedomainradio.com." We could create any number of names, called "subdomains," if we wanted to ("stefans.makeup.and.lingerie.guide.freedomainradio.com"). ICANN tells DNS where to start looking for the "com" in "freedomainradio.com".
  12. Trump coming down to provide disaster relief took some of the burden off of emergency services. Obama visiting the disaster area would increase the burden on emergency services. It tells you quite a lot about the difference between these two men.
  13. JamesP

    Images broken on the mobile site

    Ahhhh nice catch. I'll dig into it. Thanks! Update: That seemed pretty easy! Give it another look.
  14. JamesP

    Suggestion: Audio format

    Ogg is not natively compatible with iTunes or iOS players. I'm pretty sure that requiring people to install custom audio players to listen to the podcast is a non-starter. Ogg is also not universally compatible across popular browsers, so the fdrpodcasts.com site would suffer as well.
  15. JamesP

    More Donald Trump stupidity from the left

    There's the impotent attempt at "Drumpf," by John Oliver. Not sure if that's worth even mentioning. There's also the people calling for the NY Times to release an "off the record" portion of an editorial board interview. Even a NY Times editor says, "There's not a story here." It's a literal non-story story. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/editor-ny-times-not-sitting-on-a-news-story-with-trump-tapes/article/2584720 http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/03/02/trumps-off-the-record-remarks-new-york-times-went-public/?_r=1

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