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  1. Tony61R

    Freedom for Finland

    Greetings! I have been listening to FDR for about a year daily. I learned about Stefan through his interview with the Rubin Report. Then I listened to Stefan’s podcast #3903 International Men’s Day. I thought this podcast was spot on with what is going on in society today. I have been an avid listener since and feel and agree with him on about 90% of topics. Most importantly I like his commitment to the truth and facts. I still don’t understand how this concept is not mainstream thinking today. I grew up in the US and now live part-time in Finland. I really enjoy introducing Stefan’s arguments to socialist Finns. Finns are generally are mild mannered. It is fun to engage about these topics with them unlike American’s on the left who get very angry when you bring up arguments that they cannot counter effectively. Stefan’s podcast really helps me articulate ideas that I have held for a long time but did not know how to speak about intelligently. Does anybody want to meet up anywhere in Helsinki? It would be great to chat with a few Nordic free thinkers every now and then. I look forward to becoming more active on this blog and learning even more about Philisophy.
  2. Tony61R

    Hello from Finland

    Greetings! I’m new to this forum. I live in Finland part-time. I have been listening to FDR for almost a year. Do you guys ever meet up anywhere in Helsinki? It would be great to chat with a few Nordic Free Thinkers every now and then.

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