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  1. marias


    As for me, you definitely should choose Double Bachelor economics and law, self-study the biology things (neurology/genetics/evolution)! If you have doubts, read some essays about these thrusts of the learning program, ask students how is already study it or ask professionals for help. I've found an article on wiki about Liberal and Arts study, what's written here is true, so, it's really good choice. This is a wiki article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_arts_education and this website also should be useful. I live and study in Canada... and I've never been to the Netherlands but I have a friend, who is studying Media and Communication at the University of Groningen.
  2. marias


    6 years ago I finished school, but not at school. I'd rather say, entirely out of the school, I studied at home. Many will find it strange, but I liked it, homeschooling, when no one forces you to do tasks that you do not want to do. When mum is always beside, and the atmosphere at home disposes to positive thoughts. Willingness to learn new things only increases! Now I'm 23 years old, studying at university and working as a writer. I'm helping kids with their homework, essays, and other tasks. So, to start, I recommend you to check https://www.parents.com/kids/education/home-schooling/the-best-homeschooling-resources-online/ , there you can find best homeschooling resources online. But don't forget about lots of excellent books, like this https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Homeschooling-Book-curriculum-environment/dp/1605501352. If you want, you can check out my blog, it's also about studying but for adult children. Good luck!
  3. marias

    Female leg hair

    As for me, I think a woman had to do things, which are primarily comfortable for her. If she likes hairy legs, why not? It's our life and we must live how we want. No matter who we are.

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