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  1. AnonLifeForm

    What Women Actually Want in a Man

    I think from a red pill science approach, the adjusted question would be : what does a woman want *from* a man?
  2. As far as logic alone. If a girl doesn't give you sexual gratification, she doesn't love you or has something reallly really important like saving the world that cannot wait. The logic is simple. Value given to you > Cost to her. Unless you're repugnant. If a women won't give me sex I wouldn't expect her to give me literally anything of lower cost/benefit ratio.
  3. > making your own food everyday, keeping your house clean, etc. did you actually try doing everything yourself? the efficiency gained from living with someone is only the sharing of capital, rent, internet, etc All the stuff you quoted is a piece of cake and only takes a minor part of the day.
  4. AnonLifeForm

    Instinct as evidence

    Well if they are evolutionary in origin, they would be based on information that has made them. With my knowledge of semantics, empiricism is simply data that is processed with a scientific standard or is fit to do so. So the question is is how scientific is the evolutionary process, and if its method of drawing conclusions from data inputs is empirical. I don't see how whatever you say is relevant though. It all boils down to how reliable your instincts are. I couldn't care less about what the semantics end up being.
  5. Atoms that have more than 1 electron also have more than 1 proton, unless they don't in which case the difference in force will manifest.
  6. And all electrons push away all electrons, thus canceling the effect. Given that they average the same force over distance... and if I'm correct they have the same electromagnetic force as protons.
  7. The truth is so much simpler to wrap up. You even mentioned your definition of free will so that is compatible the last few times. I hope you make it through. A whole made purely of deterministic parts is always purely deterministic. Also, determinism is the DESIRED truth, because only by someone's material state determining actions can you congratulate or shame him. If it was something else that caused actions, it was not him. All the things that make him unique, that differentiate him, that make him more or less valuable, are characteristics and they only exist because they determine his behavior. An attribute of anything that does not determine its behavior is by definition non-existent. Sure perhaps there is some randomness but I wouldn't feel bad if there weren't; I sure hope there isn't too much or it would be a mad universe.
  8. Yo ladies. Come Check-in to my bunker. You can stay for as long as I like you mwahahaha

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