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  1. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    This is the unknown which is being discussed by the scientists which support this theory. And, it's not just the scientists. If you listen to the audio in the link I provided in my second post in this thread, one of the primary people who started this discussion back in the early '90's was a structural engineer. I'm not an academic, I'm a layman in the field research of animals and their environments. But I somehow felt that dinos in today's gravity, just didn't make sense. A lot of questions come to mind based on some of what we already accept (yet sometimes still challenge): 1. If the entire universe is expanding, why would our solar system itself be static and not part of this expansion? 2. If heat expands, why would the earth not expand if it had a molten core, even though it's surface has cooled over time? 3. If the sun is itself expanding, could it be possible that our planet is gradually moving away from the sun as an adjustment and/or part of the expansion? 4. If our moon is moving slightly away from the earth at a constant rate. Isn't this a possible adjustment relative to the earth's expansion? I do see a conflict if you accept the Big Bang Theory, but see our solar system as static within it's bounds.
  2. Zefrank1's Nature Corner

    Ladies, sometimes you can be a -10 and still attract and suck the life out of a guy.
  3. Zefrank1's Nature Corner

    Hahahahaha...hahaha...hehehe...Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I watched this. In all probability, I would have experienced a nasal deployment of such magnitude, it would have covered my monitor and shorted out my keyboard. That's awesome! I have seen the video about arachnids on LSD. But this take on it is great. Question? Re: The spiders on marijuana, how did they deal with the munchies while laying in their sticky hammocks? Good one, Barn.
  4. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    Earth's gravity is relative to it's mass. In studying dinos and speculating that gravity must have been less at the time of their existence, there needs to be an explanation that something has changed from the past to present time. The Expanding Earth Theory, gives gives us one possible explanation for the earth's increase in mass over time. This gradual increase in mass would affect the weight of the animals living on the earth over time. So, the answer to your original question: The change in gravity is tied to the Expanding Earth Theory. The ongoing question: Is this theory correct and how can it be proven?
  5. Greetings from Brazil!

    Late in my greeting, as I only just joined. A similar path brought me here as well. Welcome.
  6. Religious experience

    I find myself having a sudden urge to explore Quantum Entanglement in regards to this topic.
  7. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    Here's another one of my reference sites: http://www.dinox.org/index.html
  8. Goodbye Professor Stephen Hawking

    You will be missed.
  9. Zefrank1's Nature Corner

    Crabby Clowns Of The Sea:
  10. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    The possible answer to this question lies within this thread. Start with the title of this thread, read all data and arguments carefully. It's a fascinating journey which I will not deprive you of by answering this question directly. Wink.
  11. Insurance as a Volitional Technology

    Re: Insuring the driver instead of the car. I should have clarified. This is about the required liability end of things and not car replacement or repair. Let's say you have five cars. You are required by law to have liability insurance. The car doesn't go out and injure other people all by itself. So, why are we required to buy insurance for each car instead of the driver/owner of the cars? If that's the case, and they aren't tied into Big Pharma, why will they not cover Cold Laser treatments for pain relief instead of prescribing drugs which only manage the disease? I have a little personal experience with this. My best friend is a Naturopathic MD and uses a PhaseIV Cold Laser to treat pain and help tissue healing. This thing is amazing and she used it on my carpel tunnel. It took my hands from burning so bad at night I couldn't sleep and had to get up iceing my hands all night, down to the numb stage in one treatment. After three treatments, there was enough healing that I was able to use my hands again. I use my hands a lot as an artist and gardener, so this was a big deal for me. Now, I was a skeptic on some of this alternative treatment jazz. But, the relief of my pain and regaining the use of my hands has convinced me otherwise. ETA: Have you ever watched the documentary "Forks Over Knives"? I highly recommend it.
  12. Insurance as a Volitional Technology

    Okay, I posted this personal observation before watching the video. Interesting that you used Italians as an example. Mafia protection money, anyone? Racketeering comes to mind again when you mention not having enough choices when buying insurance across state lines. Even if you could, there can still be price fixing between the companies so that there isn't a way to get a better deal, just the lesser of two evils, so to speak. A lot of this comes down to making money. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not helping people. The game is rigged so that you have to pay more any time they can rig it. An example would be that cars don't drive themselves, so why do you have to pay to insure the cars instead of the person driving them? More money for the insurance companies. Health insurance is tied into the Big Pharma, the medical profession, hospitals, staff, and medical equipment overhead. There's no money in healthy or dead people. The money is in managed care. It's one reason doctors don't instruct their patients on nutrition. It's one reason insurance companies don't cover naturopathic alternatives such as Phase 4 Cold Laser treatments for pain and healing instead of pain meds or salt room treatments to improve lung health. It's all about money. It's a racket.
  13. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    Oh, at least ten years. I did find Ramin Mardfar's old discussion group on Yahoo. I was member DinoGiger3000. Don't remember my password and it may not even be active anymore. There were only 30 members total in 2015 and less when I was a member around 2008. When I joined I remember posting that I had first wondered about a lesser gravity at the time of the large dinosaurs for five years. So, some of my first thoughts on this could go as far back as 15 years. Again, this only came to mind because I study animals and how they move. Nature is thrifty, and dinos in today's gravity just didn't add up. Strictly a gut feeling.
  14. Thanks for pointing this guy out to me. I watched a little of one of his clips regarding women. Rang a few bells. This is another of my favorite areas of research. I've been currently following some of the "Aspien Women" writings and list of traits as I study my own brain and behavior. I do tick a lot of boxes here also. Looking forward to watching his clips and will let you know what I think.
  15. Insurance as a Volitional Technology

    These days, it strikes me more like racketeering.

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