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  1. Religious experience

    This guy is studying telepathy using the scientific method: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81mayGa63QaJE1SjKIYp0w
  2. Brittany Pettibone --- UK.

    The irritating thing watching this outrageous debacle is that Brittany and co, and many others aren't "right-wing," they're thinking individuals with opinions. They aren't anti-Muslim, racist or anti anything else remotely detrimental to anyone. They want to understand the truth of matters. They're truth tellers, imperfect true, but that's life. Brittany & co, and most definitely Stefan Molyneux make brilliant observations about the human condition. Right and Left are largely irrelevant but the truth is not. Meanwhile, UK mainsteam-media panders, lies and patronizes. I've even noticed I'm often better informed than many Brit MPs who seem lost in the swamps of the BBC and Channel 4, which obviously reiterate CNN's and some other US networks mind-numbing bs. The argument for me is getting to the truth about what's actually going on. That's all I ask of news. Restricting and imprisoning of Brittany & co has equivalents to Soviet and Maoist oppression, for which even the Russians and Chinese have contempt. Always, always, those who imprison truth tellers of any kind are remembered by history with contempt. Shame on those in the British Government who instigated this outrage against good, honest people.
  3. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Yeah well, the sciences can't understand how we think and that's a solid fact.
  4. The Guardian is Gay

    To say they're gay is being kind, more accurate could be that they're suffering debilitating retardation. In the UK, The Guardian is nearly as full of fake news, obfuscation, lies and biased articles as The Independent. But yeah, your title's better, they are gay
  5. Appreciate it! It's unreal there's a countdown over your head, but at least you're aware of that. Info is so important which women have in cart loads. Reason with her, yeah agreed, it would be nice but sadly, risky. When I was in similar situations I got by personally by being hard nosed and cold; strictly business. Not nice for me either, but it worked. Good luck fellas.
  6. Friends

    I, and later my wife and I have been in a similar position, travelling, mostly to other countries. We've mainly befriended other travellers; people in flux; a diverse group of people because I guess they're at loose ends too. We've had close friends who were Jewish and once a Nazi and his wife, even besides them, local aborigines. Each has their good points but talk of politics and religion; wifey and I have avoided. Currently we're friendly with Gypsies. Some of the relatives won't have anything to do with us, something like relatives of the Jewish people, but those who are friendly with us, we can call friends more than acquaintances and for a variety of reasons. Colour, religion and philosophies have never been a problem for my wife or myself. Maybe that's why we seem to drop into a slot. We take an interest in people who interest us. You could always join a church, we were invited to stay at a Catholic convent and we went once for the weekend. It was hell because I'd been having a fascinating conversation with a lawyer guy, also at the weekend retreat and the nuns didn't like that. Talking was forbidden for the rest of that weekend. Muslims, np, we have a few Korans on the bookshelf, they're fabulous at barbecues - the stuff they cook I mean. I arrived at a conclusion about making friends and it's that everyone wants friends, and usually everyone believes they're good, so we go with the part of them that's good and like it too. Each has variations on what they consider right, Nazis, Jews and everyone else, and what they consider right is usually reasonably right even thought their perspectives are only segments of a larger picture known as human. Find their part in the picture and appreciate it, as they appreciate it. Generally I guess, it's what sales people do: be agreeable with whomsoever's perspective and value it as the customer values it.
  7. Going on the information you've given, you've already had two (in my opinion: unfair) warnings. Woman are networks of minds, and sure there are good ones among them. But if you have trouble with the others it's doubtful the good ones will ever defend you - they'll keep a low profile; it's none of their business. Even if they know every detail of your situation and it's highly likely they do, if trouble comes they'll stand aside and watch you go down, even if they could have helped you. When dealing with women I've found it useful to ask them - the better ones - what's going on around the place because they will know every detail. That's what women do, get details and as a network of minds they have a big picture. You are part of that picture. If they don't know every detail then they're hiding something, or they consider you a risk, so they'll keep to the safer, low profile. You're in a cage with creatures worse than wild beasts, because beasts you can see and fight, but the beasts we're discussing have strategies that can destroy your mind and your certainly your life, and then take pleasure in that destruction using some bs justification. So, you've had two warnings already, take care; be suspicious; watch your back and don't be lulled into false security. At the same time, if they pickup on your caution and suspicions you may exacerbate any simmering enmities they have against you and they may make you a definite target. As you say (and sadly it's true at the moment): there is wisdom in not speaking to work girls over anything non work related. Certainly in your case say nothing that even hints romance, to put it mildly, but there are other non threatening topics beyond work that can be discussed. (Tongue-in-cheek: discuss a rich uncle who's going to leave you millions and watch their attitudes to you change. But, if you were found out your life at that company would be over, so keep it unless you're leaving the company very, very soon.). I guess you've got to pretend they're men, but they're not, they're beasts, which as such enjoy destroying men and will justify each other that doing so was the right the thing.
  8. Religious experience

    Taking you at your word, I'd say your experience should be personal to yourself. For you it's proof of something - a presence, as you said, and according to your knowledge you named that presence, God. Personal to yourself because the majority of mankind only have a primitive idea of anything beyond their noses. By some you'll be mocked by others praised, and others won't give a rats. Those who've had similar experiences have thought themselves mad; doubted themselves and even said it was God, while some were mad and some were sent mad. Sure, there are people who'd love to advise you. People have made careers out of being advisors: church, science and others. But I think most are only useful at offering clues, often of their own naivety. True religious experience is the fringe, the edge, the unknown. Accept it and move on or look deeper, the choice is yours.
  9. Body language and peoples belief systems.

    "Real world interesting thinkers" for me actually are the 'fairer sex' a term which you say is an irony. Well yeah, intensive body care surely contributes to 'fairness,' although perhaps many Feminists could be considered an exception in that regard. I've found that women can be useful in self-diagnosis once the woman in question understands your objective, and you're not what she considers a threat, and you have no ulterior motives, and that you can convince her that the question you're posing is actually the question you're posing. Then of course there are her motives and whether she's preoccupied. Answering your questions, what repercussions could she suffer? Usually once she's determined you're not what she considers a threat; have no ulterior motives and she ain't busy, can be bothered, will suffer no repercussions, she will answer your questions. The next problem is she may not want to offend you with the truth as she sees it. First she may want to consult her associates and acquaintances, which she will do later anyway, and by several women's minds you will be dissected in great detail and conclusions drawn. Women, I have learned, are splendid receptacles of information, among other things, something like databases, and if you can find those with whom you can communicate, the parallax views they offer are often fascinating. The Dunning Krueger effect is a tempting delusion for those with low self-esteem and other impairments but if you know about it and realize it is an impairment to your intellectual life then I would suggest talking to people, even besides women and explain yourself -- again with the object of getting their opinion of you. Interaction is often like looking in a mirror and people will reflect you and often explain their opinions of you, if so persuaded. The Sciences are obviously inculcated with The Dunning Krueger effect if "The Big Bang Theory" TV program has any credence. The Scientist characters listen to themselves and create for themselves illusory worlds in which they deem themselves intelligent. And yet, intelligence they don't yet understand. If they did then the Sciences would make artificial intelligence. Otherwise, interesting thinkers as you say, are in my experience people who've done interesting thinking and have the ability to relay their thoughts verbally, or in writing.
  10. Is God competent or incompetent?

    You say, "God failed," then it follows that you know the purpose of God. It would be more correct if you said according to your knowledge God failed. Lacking that knowledge you have put forward false assumptions. Further, you're mixing Old Testament with New. The Old Testament is a long held province of religious Jews. Christians co-opted the concept of One God and even the Old Testament from the Jews. Therefore you should talk to a skilled Rabbi who may be more enlightening than Christians on the subject of Old Testament questions.

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