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  1. lithtin

    NYC Area?

    Are there any rational people in the NYC Area? It'd be nice to have a meet and greet.
  2. Out of curiosity, is there any hard data to support your statement? I'd presume you're probably right, but I like to back up my arguments with data.
  3. I was listening to a podcast by Dr. Jordan Peterson interviewing Dr. Martin Daly (podcast #17). I was introduced to Dr. Peterson by FDR’s several podcasts. I find him to be an immense thinker. However, this interview kind of put a chink in the armor. The topic is how economic inequality encourages violence in young men because of status competition. Usually his interviews are mostly trenchant with fairly nuanced discussions but this discussion did not strike me as any attempt out of the echo chamber. Admittedly as a layman, I still found the arguments to be underdeveloped. One comment that Dr. Peterson made that stood out for me was that because of a “sufficient” social safety net (welfare), Canada’s entrepreneurship is growing faster than in America because Canadians have a bit of financial breathing room to quit a job and open a new business. Is there any evidence of this? Also, how trustworthy/valid is the GINI coefficient? Any Canadians out there willing to chime in ? I am a big proponent of Facts over Feelings - if anyone has any data for, or against, such a statement it would be greatly appreciated. To the surprise of no one, I am not a fan of social safety nets of any kind, but I am curious as to the validity of Dr. Peterson’s claim. Any comments/facts/data would be appreciated.
  4. lithtin


    I came across Stefan and FDR a few years ago. His philosophy of rational and logical thinking has been very helpful in my life. Rather than query Mr. Molyneux on small questions, I hope to engage the community here to find, create and support rational arguments and discussions. “Facts, not feelings.”

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