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  1. JDMTheGreat

    Those who rule over you... (be aware!)

    Pretty sure the boat has started sailing over the edge of the world already it's a bit too late to turn it around imo so it's best to do your self help stuff and build your family ties or ties to a group who will help you in these dark days to come. That sun in the horizon is setting now and there's not much we can do about it but survive the night.
  2. JDMTheGreat

    Sophistry; powerful tool or a step into the dark side?

    That's great to hear, but I don't find myself being to reasonable I think I may have the other problem where since I've started studying and recognising sophistry I find it very easy to use and even have caught myself unconsciously using it. It works and again I'm probably just around people who are open to the ideas I have about a free market society and a low to no government country. But I'm far more interested in wondering if it can be a tool for good people or will it lead to the dark side a slippery slope as mentioned before.
  3. JDMTheGreat

    Sophistry; powerful tool or a step into the dark side?

    I'm still in more theoretical realm right now but in every day conversation I find it very easy to use, and maybe it's just the people I'm around but there doesn't seem to be very many ill effects, but I also notice all sorts of people will use sophist tactics in every day conversation. It's whole point is to be as convincing as possible it doesn't care if that's emotional it logical or any other way really.
  4. JDMTheGreat

    Sophistry; powerful tool or a step into the dark side?

    So could sophistry be part of a tool set for a group of critics that are in service to the larger community by constantly looking for weaknesses in others arguments? People aware of the issue if a slippery slope and are vigilant about it should be able to stay upright so to say.
  5. As I've studied more and more philosophy I find myself drawn further into the inner workings of sophistry. I understand it's really just about winning an argument at any cost, it's thought that's where lawyers first started. So my question is can it be used for good? Like a weapon used in self defense because it could win arguments. Or is it in the same camp as waging war in that no matter how Noble the idea it's not a good thing to do because it will lead to further acts of evil, steps down the dark road so to say. I'm still not sure what I think on it feedback would be great.
  6. JDMTheGreat

    Sunset and the Stars call

    It is now clear that the sun sets, but with the bumps and thumps the night brings so does it bring the Stars. The very things humanity has looked up at for millennia and strived to understand and someday reach. Humanities future is beyond this single planet and maybe even this solar system. As the night grows dark we will once again be able to see the light of those ancient "God's" and once again we will have to strive for them until daylight is brought forth. I hope we all can make it through the night and will once again see the light of the day, but one can never know how long night is at its very beginning.
  7. JDMTheGreat

    Hello from the high plains

    I'm just starting out I'm building my first propane run forge right now. But I'm looking to do general metal work and blades.
  8. JDMTheGreat

    Hello from the high plains

    I'm a father of two, soon to be three, who just took into Stefan's speeches and podcasts only a few months ago and have dedicated myself to self knowledge and reason. Since listening to him I've become more AnCap and moved away from libritatrian thought processes. I hope to meet like minded people who are dedicated to reason and facts. I look forward to debating important topics and meeting new people. Thank you for accepting me into this community. Please I'll answer nearly any questions.
  9. JDMTheGreat

    Northern Colorado

    Looking for interest in a group from northern Colorado or possibly southern Wyoming. If this post generates any interest I'll set up a meeting time and place.

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