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  1. When are values worth living?

    Yeah, I really think you have a point. I'll just buy the program this month and see if I can discover a new path for myself.
  2. When are values worth living?

    I have considered. It's weird, I don't mind spending 20usd on video game cosmetic items but I thought it was too expensive the same 20usd to buy Dr. Peterson's test.
  3. When are values worth living?

    No, not off base at all. I've entertained the thought of trying something higher or getting a career, but I really don't know what to do. I just know what I don't want to do.
  4. When are values worth living?

    A bad joke. Malice himself have said in multiple occasions that he's a anarchist (his mock debate against Stefan). But that's really besides the point of this topic.
  5. When are values worth living?

    Hello reason and evidence cultists, recently I've been questioning more and more if my values are worth living, because they're often in the way of facilitating my life. A little bit of background: I consider myself a anarchist much inline with the likes of Stefan Molyneux and Michael Malice, I agree with UPB and try to live my life according to it. In my country, a public job is the easiest ticket for a tranquil life - one which I'm in most dire need, and I'm at constant temptation at getting employed as a public server. I live with my girlfriend and she isn't much of a political person, she understands and supports me in everything that I do. I've never felt directly pressured on trying for a public job, but at the same time I want to give her a better life and this is the easiest legal way of improving both of our lives. It doesn't help that I get really depressed if I'm working at a dead-end job. I always thought I was a smart guy, or at the very least above average, but after catastrophically failing college I've began to despise formal education in such a way that I really, really don't want to go to college. On good days I'm sure I could pass the entrance exam on most courses, on bad days I don't even consider. It doesn't help that school was very easy for me and I never developed a studying habit. When I mentioned that a public job is the easiest legal way of facilitating my life, is because the easiest way is just robbing a goddamn bank. I don't lie to myself thinking I'll be a robbing hood because, before I started considering myself a anarchist I was a extreme individualist much like Ayn Rand, but without the talent. I know bad people who would be more than willing to do it with me and I know smarter people that could give insight on my heinous plan. My life is at stalemate. I work at a job that I like but it has very little security, but it's a dead-end. I've payed for courses which have only costed my money and if it were possible to be bankrupt in my country, I would probably had declared it twice. The only thing going right is my little Easter home made eggs which turns a little profit each year, but I have no idea how to expand these products year round. How do you find strength to keep your head held high and live your values even when they're counter productive to your life?

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