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  1. FutureBankRobber

    Brazilian Listeners?

    Olá malandragem. Hello homie.
  2. FutureBankRobber

    Questions about Sex

    1. I remember the video too, I think you're about right on this point. 2. What do you mean by "does it matter?" I believe the statistic was for sexual partner regardless of how involved they were. 3. I have no idea how would you even begin to answer this question. How would we even measure? And if we could compare achievements of virgin vs non-virgin, how would be isolate that the only difference between the two groups is being a virgin and not some other factor? 4. I believe it's true. How would you know your partner won't cheat you? Well well. I have fond memories of my first inline skates, that doesn't mean it was the best or that I wish to go back to them. People are not objects and so your best bet is making the best decision the first time and trying to stick to it. Isn't the question two the same as the question one? I believe it was more specific for woman actually, that the more sexual encounters they had the least likely they would be to be happy in a marriage. And people can change their ways, yes. But like smoking, would you take the risk?
  3. I was typing a long response to your post, but the way you try to argue by fortune telling and making assumptions instead of questions pisses me off to no end. Please don't post on my thread again. I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly. I very much like driving her too work. It doesn't make any difference what time we leave. And, well, we can try and argue semantics on what do we mean by "choosing to be angry/lazy" but I don't think it's productive. Not like I disagree with you, I actually agree, but defining "need" as this kind of absolute compulsory force seems kinda futile. Yes, she chooses to be late and I choose to be angry, but only insofar as we are doing these things and may not be aware of the reasons. At the end of the day, this doesn't change anything nor does it helps my understanding of the topic hand. I am very glad that you remember me, it makes me happy. I certainly wouldn't mind a anecdote. But, I'll try and explain why I don't think she's using any of these "tactics". Every time I confront her about her being late to work, she genuinely apologies and maybe for five days she'll be up on time. This week, for example, we got 4/6 for now for being on time. It's just that eventually she'll be late again. It's the same job for the past two years. I've began working at home for the last 7 months and spent about 3 months formally unemployed prior (working side jobs). Been driving her since. The consequence part is what gets me confused. You see, she being late doesn't affect me in any way imaginable. It just pisses me off how she thinks nothing of it. But I don't know why it does! So, why should I impose some kind of consequence for something that has no real and rational based effect on me? You see, I try to be rational on everything that I do. And punishing her for something that affects me for no reason at all doesn't seem fair. I forgot to mention something, well I just remembered. We wake up late on most days (around noon). She usually rise a little earlier than me (maybe an hour or two at most). About two years ago I worked through the night. When I woke up she was gone, when she got home we had about an hour together before I left for work. But not always. Sometimes I would get up early for whatever reason and on those days she left late for work, and not uncommonly called her boss telling she was going to be late. When I asked why she always left late for work , she said that she was never late for work. It's just that she wanted to spend more time with me, and since me being up early was rare, she tried to squeeze more time. Well, just typing this last paragraph just got me a little sad.
  4. That is very interesting and I certainly will look into it. Do you have any specific book/author do indicate?
  5. And, somewhat yes. There is public transportation, but she would've to walk 1 km to get to it. The whole trajectory is 3km.
  6. I failed to mentioned, but I have expressed how angry or upset I was at certain behaviors and she is improving on some of them. Guys, please, no PUA here. From a rational stand point, please. She's my partner and I intend to live with her until death do us part. I don't believe they're shit test because she do everything that I tell her to, although she usually takes her time. I don't know if it's right to expect other people to do what you tell them when you tell them, maybe they like taking their time. I may be the one doing the driving, but we share our money and everything I have is half her's. Since I work at home, this doesn't affects my routine, this affect hers and her responsibility as a person. The effect on her income is zero, but I'm asking if it's fair to have her do things her own way instead of mine. Specially when it doesn't directly relates to me, but just annoys me for some reason I can't explain rationally.
  7. I'm a 24 yo man living with my girlfriend. We've been living together for the past 5 years or so and it's been the best time of my life. But I think I'm growing a little used to it, because things that wouldn't bother me some years ago now do. For example: my lady is very, very lazy. Not so lazy that the house is in complete chaos, but lazy to never leave for work on time. But here's the catch: I take her to work. I'm always prepared ahead of time and just waiting for her to say "let's go" and drive her there. For the past year or so she's been consistently late for work, about 95% of time. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but every time she says she's going to be on time, but on the next day she's lazily browsing her phone on the couch and doing things in the last possible moment. This drives me to the fucking wall. I was never a organized person, but now that I pay my own rent and everything in this house we bought together, I like keeping things more tidy than messy. I got a bad temper but great self control. I've never once yelled and we never, never had a shouting match or anything of sorts. We always talks things out, or if I'm too pissed to talk I'll minimize contact for a while (not talking a lot and not giving much attention) until I'm calm. The worst it got was when I got mad for two whole days. The laziness didn't used to bother me that much, but my reaction to it escalated when we were running our little Easter business. I made the chocolate, she would make the filling. I can do the filling, but doing the chocolate is hard enough and I got no touch for making it pretty. She left every single one of our orders to the last possible minute, which overall made their quality worse. I wasn't satisfied with a single one of them compared to the last year (we've been doing this for the past 3 years) and told her so. She apologized and promised to not to this again next year. Which is fair. What else can I do, right? It's not like showing how god damn angry I actually am would make any difference. Which now brings us to her consistently being late to work, despite me, the person who takes her there, being ready on time everyday. I don't understand why does this bothers me so much. It's her work, I got nothing to do with it. The payment still comes in full, because she makes up the hours, so for all intents and purposes it doesn't affect anyone. Her boss doesn't like it, but it's such a small deal that he won't fire her, specially because she's his best employee. Can someone relate to this? Why does this bother me?
  8. FutureBankRobber

    When are values worth living?

    Yeah, I really think you have a point. I'll just buy the program this month and see if I can discover a new path for myself.
  9. FutureBankRobber

    When are values worth living?

    I have considered. It's weird, I don't mind spending 20usd on video game cosmetic items but I thought it was too expensive the same 20usd to buy Dr. Peterson's test.
  10. FutureBankRobber

    When are values worth living?

    No, not off base at all. I've entertained the thought of trying something higher or getting a career, but I really don't know what to do. I just know what I don't want to do.
  11. FutureBankRobber

    When are values worth living?

    A bad joke. Malice himself have said in multiple occasions that he's a anarchist (his mock debate against Stefan). But that's really besides the point of this topic.
  12. FutureBankRobber

    When are values worth living?

    Hello reason and evidence cultists, recently I've been questioning more and more if my values are worth living, because they're often in the way of facilitating my life. A little bit of background: I consider myself a anarchist much inline with the likes of Stefan Molyneux and Michael Malice, I agree with UPB and try to live my life according to it. In my country, a public job is the easiest ticket for a tranquil life - one which I'm in most dire need, and I'm at constant temptation at getting employed as a public server. I live with my girlfriend and she isn't much of a political person, she understands and supports me in everything that I do. I've never felt directly pressured on trying for a public job, but at the same time I want to give her a better life and this is the easiest legal way of improving both of our lives. It doesn't help that I get really depressed if I'm working at a dead-end job. I always thought I was a smart guy, or at the very least above average, but after catastrophically failing college I've began to despise formal education in such a way that I really, really don't want to go to college. On good days I'm sure I could pass the entrance exam on most courses, on bad days I don't even consider. It doesn't help that school was very easy for me and I never developed a studying habit. When I mentioned that a public job is the easiest legal way of facilitating my life, is because the easiest way is just robbing a goddamn bank. I don't lie to myself thinking I'll be a robbing hood because, before I started considering myself a anarchist I was a extreme individualist much like Ayn Rand, but without the talent. I know bad people who would be more than willing to do it with me and I know smarter people that could give insight on my heinous plan. My life is at stalemate. I work at a job that I like but it has very little security, but it's a dead-end. I've payed for courses which have only costed my money and if it were possible to be bankrupt in my country, I would probably had declared it twice. The only thing going right is my little Easter home made eggs which turns a little profit each year, but I have no idea how to expand these products year round. How do you find strength to keep your head held high and live your values even when they're counter productive to your life?

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