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  1. Foolmetwice.

    My 2 pence

    Oh, in relation to your idea I think you are brainwashed by Stefan?, no, I was referring to myself in that, around 2 months ago I experienced a real fundamental shift in what I think and it was a better way and I found it by reading Stefans PDF's, I dont think I am brainwashed, but I went through a sort of hell for around a month, and as a side note, all the people who were ok with me, flayed me alive over and over again during this period, I had a real problem to overcome and they just tried to push me off the edge, When the chips are down you will find how many friends we have I think. So I meant me, again confusion I wont make anymore comment here.
  2. Foolmetwice.


    Thank's Loz, I will say that I cannot now think in the same way about God as such,I haven't gone to the dark side no matter what anyone may claim, it's just I have found that to ask the God for a way out , I did, just didn't do it for me, But I think a lot of people have been given wrong directions by the political assault the left has been enjoying for many a year, I will do as I can, and just become better?, objectively better, at least now I can step back and have a great framework and something that I knew must exist but always denied, it was there, UPB?,,Stefan's PDF's are excellent, I must strip off all of this crap I was led to believe?, and become much more of a real item , I must stand still when in joust, in a war, in a debate.and in peace, that is what I have learned from Stefan and many others, I have at last found a real spring where great flower's and tree's grow, a bit late but better than never, I love God, but if I am here?, and God is there?, I must accept I am on my own, and must choose only the best directions?,So I am steering my ship at last, if I can know that within, it's my way, I simply could never translate this into another's path, it would maybe always be wrong?, , create's division and that is the last thing theplanet need's right now, To conclude, Any friend of God is a friend of mine, beyond that? is a space that belongs to anyone who want's it, I am happy to take one day at a time. Thank you for the video.
  3. Foolmetwice.

    My 2 pence

    I am suffering from a bad education and a siege mentality neeeel, I'm not complaining, it's simply the way the cards were given to me, I have had to learn to play by simply watching those who looked like they had it going on, I won't complain though and maybe choose better where I comment , I am a refugee from facebook, But thank's for you comment I was saying that as they, your parent's, mine and everyone's who have fallen in our eye's,they may have had it bad also?, you survived and so did I, maybe for different reason's but my comment meant that we were at some point really wanted, this was a different time when I was born and all was well, sort of, , and life fuked them over also?, To blame a person for the coercion of a society controlled by people that just wanted to corrupt and destroy all that was good and true, which we all see now as some rabid political destruction, Is for me a bit easy?, ad since I made that comment my illusions, were destroyed in an event that was the perfect storm, I did it alone and I am glad, but I can see your point also, personal experience's have so many variables and there fore it was a maybe naive comment considering, if you feel that way I cannot have any influence on what you know? , only give my idea's and comment with only my life as a guide. I wasn't giving any thing other than my personal idea's based on my non Molyneux-ed mind, that mind was my folly, I just hasn't met anyone honest to the point of, " I must say this and break this illusion you have" type of correction. The male's in the west are either cucked or brutal, I think so. I don't have much to do with the world . I hope I am a bit more understandable, I am a bit strange in my construction of sentence's I admit, But I can see you point and have explained I think in some way that you might get my reasons. i
  4. Foolmetwice.


    I can see what you mean but , there is no perfect person, no one can be exactly that one, a jigsaw of our minds that one night or day solidifies into that ideal,that one we all want but after a while must concede they don't exist, although to hope is maybe in this case is not the 'jam tomorrow' hope, is close as we can get, and that I don't think is unreasonable , the planet and the genders have been dragged around, pulled by their hair, in pubic,,by the hidden voice, the marxist voice, they have never shown their face unless forced to, and if that happen's?,, the whole world can see just how ugly the monster is driving the machine that knows no other way, seek and destroy anything that may be in the way. Have we all not suffered this in some way?, I think so, some have grown cold and become an island, others decide upon attack and are ground into dust and scattered to the four winds. I couldn't hide and a person who was involved in my plight contacted me ,sent an image of them,,, but, it had an 50% percent extra bonus most females don't have extra item, I may need new glasses, these rose tinted ones are so last chance saloon,,, enough said. And also to seek beauty only?, I am not really guilty of, I wouldn't think so anyways. So, what to do?, well for me, I think it's actually pointless to try find love and any of that with the planet poised to maybe become a war of idea's, what is the next move as the left is finished, they know it, and have in history always liked a scorched earth policy, they can't have it so no one gets it, it sucks big time As regard's my grammar?, I was expelled from school for wearing a badge, having fought with adults who had no answers and I had no idea the size and ferocity the monster I was poking in the eye, I do now though, it has the power to make mediocre people able to enact their socialist fantasies, to have a victim to abuse and no comeback's, to invent, their idea of the perfect person to tie to the political whipping post, and I admit I was actually given no education, that I can write in a legible way I think is an achievement. As to great, unbelievable?,,,I see your point, when without something, water, heat, food,,,anything vital, when finally close to any oasis,,, people become delirious, and of course this is not the natural state, I would love it another way but that's how it is with me. Thanks for the input however Elizabeth.
  5. Foolmetwice.


    Right maybe, but in a personal life?, that is in regards to just ourselves, and the crap smeared all over us by some path we ended up on in life , a journey of only bad feeling, I do think to avoid any more torture, a person may prefer the illusion , the truth may indeed be the truth of a thing, but to simply apply that scythe to every problem in a life which has so may limitations, is maybe overusing it??, bring me the person who claims they have told and used the Truth their entire life, might be a start, I have found one person connected with my honesty before people who would like to dismember anyone by their words, has suffered a great deal because of this post. I think I was stupid and a bit naive, but this person has maybe forced me into realising I cant continue, I used to care a great deal about this world and I always would try to do the right thing, dont do the wrong thing, But now the world can go and do as it wishes, I wont stop it from the course it is taking now, I can see where this is going, and I would be bothered usually, right now after hearing what I wrote has caused in another persons life?, and the benefit of this?,, Also all will claim, "ah, but you wrote them here?, so, it's your fault",,OK, well maybe, but,does anyone really belive that was my original intention here? To see the way this went?, from a question about advice into the maybe destruction of a persons life?, wow, thats far too much power for any medium to have over a person or group , or anything, I also realise I cannot function with my levels of honesty on the medium of social media, I find with certain subjects , nearly everyone, nearly all of those commenting, , all are only looking for the most base levels only, therefore the broad issue gets forgotten on the glow of the torches, the silent screams, I want nothing more to do with it.
  6. Foolmetwice.


    Thanks Barn, I think that my ability to be misunderstood by bad grammar has been totally shown to me in great detail here. Sometimes I think everyone I have ever known were all just playing games with me. sad I am But cheers for the comment.
  7. Foolmetwice.


    Thanks Graf von Walheim, You too are a great man, forgive my sensitivity about my mother , that is not white knighting I dont think, I just have this thing within me that makes me very protective of people who have suffered a bully or similar, I know you meant well and I actually wish my way was more like yours, I think my life would have been a much more enjoyable thing, so, Thanks, and its very hard for me to imagine but, if I can help you out in any way, yes, Thanks again bud, Have a fantastic day!, also I am sorry if some of the things I said offended you, Peace Always.
  8. Foolmetwice.


    God Bless you Stefan and the crew, you make so much that is hard to see clear and you have my greatest respect.
  9. Foolmetwice.


    Welcome to modernl philosophy David.
  10. Foolmetwice.

    Blackmail in a free society

    I think to compel a person who has done a thing that is of a evil nature cannot be achieved by blackmail, this is 2 wrongs and cannot make a right, only many more wrongs. I do think a path to the moral resolution of the alleged crime or the facet of the individual that has become corrupted as the only way to resolve that problem. A path is needed in the common law that can be relied upon to enable the problem to be resolved in a way that all can see works and has no favours or is not subject to any attempt to hide any motives others may seek to hide their own crimes or corruption or involvement. There is a massive pool of broken people in the world right now and they are seeing that bring to light a thing that is difficult to resolve quickly in that can subject them to instant justice and so they become silent forever, and the real crime or problem in the society is never seen and its actors are free to move on and the next victim can be looked for in the sea of those who have been slave to a society that has been happy to seek the easy way to solve a complex equation with some token sacrifice that will keep the real problem of just how smashed everything is just under the surface hidden. I believe society, civilisation in fact, cannot ignore this any longer, and it would not be pretty or easy to turn the course of the ship that sails towards the waterfall that will break it into pieces. The question is, what are we prepared to lose for the future to be possible?, the future as in the past those who smiled before us and loved and lived and enjoyed a day without the predator who is never without some hunger for another display of suffering?, some face contorted in agony and the world watches while they are reduced to some sideshow in which the viewer thinks they are safe from but simply by looking invite the fact that at some point they may be the star of this show. This opera is subject to that morbid curiosity a lot seek for some reason but would never admit to it. I think a confessional is a great thing, and those that have committed some awful crime be subject to that punishment that can be seen as not only a deterrent to anyone else thinking it a good idea to deal out their hatred in that way, but also be seen also by anyone who feels the same in their heart and they can see it wont be a great path to take, and then an option is available to seek a release from any pressures that they see, or maybe cannot see that they are trapped in a tide that is taking them to this place from which their is no easy way back, if at all. I would also remove political ideas from justice mechanisms, if a politically motivated person or group become in charge of any society or indeed a entire civilisation, justice is then used as a simple tool or weapon, to be used to punish anyone, guilty or innocent. By its very nature of left and right wing politics, seeks always a way to punish anyone who does not agree to submit to their personal corruption and blind hatred of anyone they dislike. Always ignoring the actual reason the law exists in the first place, anti law law.
  11. Foolmetwice.


  12. Foolmetwice.


    Well Siegfried, Thank you for that reply.
  13. Foolmetwice.


    Well that solved itself.
  14. Foolmetwice.

    Is God competent or incompetent?

    Sin is simply temptation that is fallen into and there are two variables that are very important in the nature of the sin and what effects should be considered in the correction of the Soul engaged in the sin, first, are the conditions of the sin a situation where the sin was easy to choose by the Soul or were the conditions a manufactured situation brought about to actually make it so easy with no alternative path,for example, with pornography, were there socially another route easily taken to avoid replacing the desirable outcome to life with the possibility to meet someone and they would of course be the best path, or were the desirable partners image in the general veiw of relationships hidden by some work of subterfuge?, I know when growing up, I was told that the female essence was not what I had thought seeing how well my Mother and Father enjoyed their lives and even though it was hard because we had very little, my Dad worked on the building of the home we lived in and they were very great houses for families, so a happy time under the right conditions were what I believed was correct, then at some point in the 70's, there began another way, everyone started to have been related to an idea of do what you want without any consequences, try this, pornography, try this, alcohol to forget that it was not as good as it had been, all the bad ideas that had taken so many good people down were presented as available to ease the pain of separation from that which was so much more desirable, a female became optional in the relations of sexual partnership , and an image replaced the true nature of the female essence, the place I lived worshipped an idol, a representation of a woman, this was not real and destabilised the Soul as it was the total corruption, to remove the female from the equation can only be considered the work of the devil or in other terms, a political structure that had been hijacked by people with a long term plan and had no thought about the destruction of that which is Divine, the union in happiness with love between a man and a woman, corruption of the most evil kind, to destroy that which the Creator had gifted us on the earth. The other choice, if wanted by the person, they think, yes, I prefer this image, I dont seek union, I seek only the image as that is what I know as what a woman is, this path can be considered in my opinion as the evil having found a willing partner, birds of a feather flock together if you like. So, sin, I do not believe a Soul can be born to the world attached to anything negative, no sin at birth, the planet that Soul enters has a duty to keep harm or any chances of the corruption of this Soul far away to allow the natural path into adulthood without any dangers that we all know exist. These dangers, greed, jealously, rage, to seek another to pay our bill, denial of our own feeling that only the world can repair but this false world demands we implode and suffer away from the knowledge and wisdom and compassion of those who have come before us and know these things and understand the hell inside they are, we are told to declare these to psychiatrists, what is a psychiatrist?, a Soul doctor?, a medic when our Souls are injured because of temptation?, well there are some like that, but many are of the political colours that collect things we scream while wounded in war , and later use our words of desperation against us, this is the ultimate corruption, that of a persons trust, to have the trust damaged or even destroyed by betrayal is maybe the easiest path to becoming so confused in a life that a person becomes all of the things that trust gives, suspicious, super sensitive, avoiding contact because of the wolf that appears as the sheep based on very bad experience. Trust, once removed is the path to sin, to trust in the beautiful world we have found ourselves in and all it promises, stolen right from us and in private without any protection is sometimes catastrophic in its results, and many have fallen because of this, some in spectacular ways, the worst part of this is when these angels falling take others with them, to corrupt another because of bitterness, to grab a bystander while they jump over the edge, to destroy another simply because they think its a good idea, now that is super corruption of the Soul, the ultimate sin, to deny another their right to the experience of life and take it from them , in relation to a religious idea, God says God will judge, and who can say that is a bad thing given the state of the law on earth?, but the corrupt and evil mind desires anothers demise to accompany their own, and then they think they become as God, and therefore judge a good Soul unconnected to their corruption in any way, and decide they must pay in part for their internal hell, they sacrifice someone, to a god, that god is themselves, therefore the biblical idea that satan or the devil was thrown out because they refused to bow to the most High and living God, that is the state of mind that becomes from a path of corruption allowed by a type of entrapment the Soul experience in life, bad places have bad things for free, and anything free has no value but costs so much later in terms of the price paid by the Soul of the corrupted and those they seek to punish for their own torment. The world need I think, a place, to tell the congregation of those also on the path, to declare without the fear of the hidden slander, the devil has a hold on me, please, I need help now, I have begun to become corrupted, and those who hear will take them away from the source of their inner turmoil, and if removed from the flames that burn into the place of where the flame warms us, is the way back to themselves.Terrible ideas have corrupted many naive and good people and they have gotten lost simply because for them, no matter how it is claimed, there was no place to go at the point they realised there was an influence on them that they could see was destroying them, and a cry for help ignored for a Soul in torment, is a terrible feeling, we may lose our trust in the entire world who claims it cares but right then?, as they scream out for a hand?, there is none. I believe only a strong adherence to the ideas that made great people of the past great, and people of today great, the path they took, and the framework they kept within, this must be restored or else the devil will always have empty pockets to dance in, have all the best music, have the ways to move someone to the front of a queue, to pay a little to a starving person in order to take it all later, when the trust is gone. So it may be easy to point to specific things, porn, greed, gambling, relationship trouble, anger, anything, but there is not a single problem that a good community cannot identify and resolve for the good of the sufferer and those who will avoid this by the strength and community , and the love involved by the use of real compassion, there is nothing evil can do to break any of these, the world was simply fragmented, by political tpes, they cannot do this unless they get you alone, at night and lonely and seeking that essence, in the day and lonely and without any love but much money, alone is not what God promised us, to be in contact is, to relate and enjoty all that is, and there is so much , sorry to say so much. but this is my opinion and I just saw this thread so forgive me if I didnt read all of the post I just commented on sin and I saw that was what was being discussed.
  15. Foolmetwice.



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