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  1. Go Captain Obvious! I support you!
  2. We all deserve to have our voices heard...whether they are right or not. Let's have a rational discussion here...with respectful people, have your voices heard HERE...and let's find these answers together. This is just a welcoming message from Canada. I will open MANY topics, so keep an eye out, and join "THE CONVERSATION". For starters....this group will be marked as "Canada Ontario, Solutions Inc." If you are an ally of good virtuous men...this earth needs your participation. Just join, talk, and open your EYES/MIND. (No confrontation in online messaging, you will be more honest, therefore, do not attack others on their current world view...this is what we are solving.) Looking forward to seeing how many courageous souls will stand up for the right thing. See ya there! The Expendables.

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