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  1. Hello everybody, It's been approximately 4 years now since I've begun to listen to FDR (and almost from the very beginning everyday). Now, I'm planning on creating a YouTube channel where I'd post videos of me basically translating in french Molyneux's videos. But it'd be me in front of the camera, saying what Molyneux says, but with my own way of telling it. I live in Paris right now and everybody is so socialist/pro-immigration out there. Things are turning so badly. I want to bring the good word in french, where libertarian ideas are so uncommon. I want to play my part in the battle for Western Civilization. And since Molyneux is the best at the moment in sharing the truth IMO, I think that translating his core videos are one of the best way to reach my goal. Naturrally, I'll put a link in each of my videos towards the translated video, and also a link to Molyneux's YouTube channel in each description of my videos. But, of course, before posting any video, I need Stefan Molyneux's own accord, or I guess at least a moderator's accord. And please tell me whatever your conditions are in order for me to have your authorization to create my YouTube channel. Thank you very much in advance, JS en Liberté

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