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  1. Glad you are still active and chasing new opportunities. Is there anything in your personal life to keep your energy up and rejuvenate you after long job hunting sessions? A hobby, passion, or partner? Or are you super into your current job?
  2. Hey folks! I recently started pursuing philosophy seriously, and ferrisphilosophy.com is the result so far. My mission is to simplify philosophy and help people apply it to their everyday lives and improve their circumstances. I'm still figuring out what the best focus for the site is, and it is evolving with each new piece of feedback. FDR is my foremost inspiration for this. I've had a love of philosophy all my life, but I wasn't able to cultivate it until I began to learn from FDR, and I think the inspiration shows in my writing. My most recent article is about an experience I had in NY for A Night for Freedom, and the lessons I derived from it. If yall are interested, I would love to hear feedback from fellow lovers of philosophy. I know I still have a lot to learn (that's why I'm here!) Thanks!
  3. Nice! What are you working on to keep your energy up? I totally get the 'rut'. In my experience, it usually means its time for a change. Are you still at the KFC? Able to leave soon? Remember that these stats are generalizations - they don't account for individual circumstances. Don't let something that isn't about you discourage you. Probability doesn't determine outcomes, it reports on outcomes. Be a part of changing the statistic!
  4. Ethan Ferris

    Bootstraps Bullshit

    I'm sorry to hear that. Glad to hear that you are still chasing opportunities though! If you're interested in talking about your situation specifically, I'd be happy to chat. To put a cap on my answer to your original question (after thinking about it more): It is tragic that so many people have been put in terrible positions - growing up in broken families, propagandized, and held down by an oppressive state. I have the utmost sympathy for them, in large part because I've experienced all of it. Unfortunately, all the sympathy in the world doesn't lift them out of jobless poverty. Actions do - specifically their actions. They may not bear responsibility for their starting point, but they are responsible for where they go from there. Either they can make it or they can't. If they can, I'm all for helping, and if they can't, my help, or any other help, won't do anything to change that. We may have built a civilized society, but we are still animals living in nature, and if you can't make it, you don't. Propping up those among us who can't sustain themselves will only drag everyone else down. When I realized this, it pissed me off. It still pisses me off. That's why I picked myself up by the bootstraps and made shit happen. I didn't want to be left behind - I don't want anyone to be left behind. That's why I spend time mentoring entrepreneurs in my community and doing everything I can to ensure the success of others (without hindering my own). But I will never help someone to my own detriment, and I don't think anyone should. Knowing that has also forced me to hedge my bets and live practically. When I realized that nobody is going to descend from the sky to save me, nor should they, I started taking things very seriously. Fortunately, its easier than ever to bootstrap. Resources are getting cheaper every day, and the most important resource, knowledge, is available in absurd abundance for free. I can't say this as a universal, but I can share my experience. I have never met someone with a genuine desire to succeed and improve that couldn't do it. Like with many things in life, the first thing you need to succeed is the genuine desire and the will to make it happen. Once you have that - deeply and honestly - it's just a matter of time. It isn't so much that how hard you work determines your success. It's more that if you work hard, you might get there. But if you don't, you definitely won't. When I advocate for harder work to those that I'm mentoring/advising, I explain that they have a simple choice: either try something new or keep failing. Working hard isn't just putting your nose to the grindstone, it's making the hard decisions like when to give up on an idea, or make serious changes to accommodate to the market. I'd say its more about never giving up instead of hard work, but the two go hand in hand.
  5. Ethan Ferris

    Bootstraps Bullshit

    You can get loans from friends or family, as well as other resources. Also, having a successful friend or family member advocating for you can go a long way. I completely agree. Education is a broken mess of propaganda bullshit, and its made worse by families insisting that their children take on huge debt to go. It's insane and I think almost nobody should go. Allow me to reframe what I meant by a shitty job. My shitty job was as a short-order cook at a local cafe - basically, I put lettuce on bread. It sucked. The shifts were long, I was working with terrible people, etc. But it also had benefits. Usually, when you are working a crappy job, the crappy people stuck in that job suck, which gives you more room to excel. I took every shift I could get and applied myself to get good and got two raises in 5 months. I also found joy in the menial, mindless nature of the tasks, because I could just stand there and think while making orders. It became almost meditative. And there was a certain gratification to coming home after a hard day's work and watching the number in my bank account rise. Yeah, it sucks that you can't just start at your dream job right away, but it sucking doesn't do anything to change reality. Bootstrapping isn't just a theory - it's the only way. You either do it or you don't. Are you encountering some of the same struggles the writer of that article was?
  6. Ethan Ferris

    Bootstraps Bullshit

    This is entirely anecdotal. One man's failure does not prove that success is impossible. For an anecdotal response, I could say the opposite about each of these topics from my own experience. I didn't grow up in the level of poverty that he describes, but I didn't start my career with much. I pretty much had a place to stay, and that's it. I didn't even have a degree, though I would say that's an advantage for me. I got a shitty job, saved up, bought a used car, got some decent clothes, leveraged my relationships to get some opportunities, and worked as many hours as I could take until I had a decent wage. It isn't just about working hard, it's about working smart too. As for this guys anecdotes, it doesn't seem like he's working very smart. He has other articles talking about playing the lottery. He lays out his monthly expenses in another, and some of them are wildly large. He admits that he has to pay a lot for car insurance because he has a bad record. He spends $1,000 a month on food and another $1,500 on 'shopping'. Either he ain't as poor as he says, or he's seriously overspending. Yeah, without a job you don't have much money, and without money, you can't do a lot. So get creative and figure something out. Be scrappy. Get a used car, or carpool, or ride a bike to work. Rent a suit for the day of the interview. Cut coupons. Build relationships and ask for help. Educate yourself with the infinite free information on the internet. Find a way. There isn't any other way.

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