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  1. The 2/14/18 Florida HS Shooting

    What caused this issue? A fatherless mentally ill boy on psyche meds exposed to decades of violence in movies and video games. Where are the fathers? Hollywood and the government pushed many of them out of the home. And the answer the media (who helped promote these mass murders) is that we should all give up our guns because the FBI was too incompetent to locate this kid and investigate him even though they have had hundreds of agents too busy chasing after the Russian investigation.
  2. Let's look at this in three different categories... 1. Mechanical Engineer dedicates his entire career to creating new weapons for the military used to kill people. 2. A billionaire businessman civilian that has nothing to do with the military and is paying hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the government in the form of income tax, a large portion of which is used to buy weapons for war. 3. Psychologist this is going to get a 4 month internship conducting research, transcribing, conducting interviews and analysis for the military. My vote is that taking this internship is just fine. It's not like you are going to be enabling some sociopathic leader to kill more people by taking this job. Down the line, this job just might give you some valuable perspective on the military that is going to keep your children steering clear of ever joining the military.
  3. The Universe is the creator

    Can something create itself? If it did not exist, how can it create?
  4. I would like to hear Stefan talk about some techniques on how to self discover and self actualization. The problem is that we humans are born into this modern society with so much information flowing into our brains and with a plethora of different options available to us that human beings did not have not so long ago. Modern society can be confusing. How does one self discover and self actualize today if you are born into the mainstream society watching television and movies and going to public school where diversity is valued [when it really is not] and we are all inundated with the lie that we can be whatever we want to be? For example: A beagle loves tracking and chasing squirrels and rabbits. A rottweiler loves action and running around the backyard with a truck tire in his mouth. A maltese loves cuddling in an old lady's lap and maybe chasing some mice. The good thing for dogs is they are stupid so you cannot trick a maltese so easily into believing he should be tracking rabbits or dragging truck tires around. The problem is, society confuses people and we have a challenging time discovering who we are and how to self actualize. It would be very interesting to take a classroom full of students from varying different ethnic groups long assimilated generations ago into the American culture and have each student research his or her own culture and how people from their own culture used to self actualize from years ago... and... if it is still legally permissible to do those acts... to actually try doing these things themselves and seeing if that sparks something in them, you know, maybe flick on some light switches in their spirit. This strange topic is one of the most essential issues that many people often do not properly address or confront until it might be getting "too late" for them. It is so important though towards living a meaningful life.
  5. How to Deal with Narcissists

    "A narcissist is someone who fails to realize that I am the center of the universe."
  6. How to prove God does not exist.

    The existence of horrible and very painful seemingly unjust events in the world does not prove or disprove the existence of G-d. Let me try to explain what I am trying to say with more clarity... Is there a country called the United States of America? Is there a president of that country? What is his or her name? For sane people, the above three questions have clearly correct and incorrect answers. For those same sane people, there is currently no clear simple argument that renders the same level of clarity regarding the existence of G-d. If such an argument existed, all sane people would clearly agree. The existence of G-d is thus a mystery for mankind in our current state.
  7. How to prove God does not exist.

    Being a very religious person myself who strongly believes in G-d, I just want to say that in this world now, it is obviously not possible for sane people to put forth simple arguments that prove or disprove G-d's existence.
  8. Nesting Necessary?

    Having been brought up in an environment of control freaks and verbal abuse, I wish you success in enjoying the peace and quiet of living outside your home. Your negative experience growing up will probably make you a very flexible spouse and parent but I also caution you to realize that people in your position often have an unhealthy self esteem, even if you are confident. That means you might be more at risk of being willing to date people who are dysfunctional because you are so used to dealing with dysfunctional people. Someone who grew up in a functionally healthy home can immediately pick up on dysfunctional partners and will naturally want to flee the relationship. This is not the case with people who have been abused. I highly recommend making a list of the traits you are seeking in a mate and keep updating that list as you learn more about yourself and your needs. Realize that you deserve a functional spouse, especially after all the abuse you have been through and realize that you have to be able to know when to cut a potential relationship off rather than trying to make it work. You have spent your life living with dysfunctional people. Try to ensure that the remainder of your life is spent with functional ones. To this end, I highly encourage you to learn about what it means to be assertive so that you can handle co-dependent people. There are many great books written on assertiveness and people like yourself who have been through such abuse often lack assertiveness. I recommend reading the book, "Co-dependant No More" and the book "The Assertiveness Workbook". There are many great books written on these subjects but these two mentioned here are classics.
  9. These are just initial thoughts on this subject: If a man sets his goals in life so that he can self actualize according to his personal essence and he decides that getting married and having a wife and children is an important goal and he decides that staying happily married is also an important goal, avoiding pornography would be a good thing. Having positive, physical, and spiritually bonding relations with ones wife in marriage helps keep the marriage strong and healthy. Porn lowers a husband's desire for his wife and veers men away from having positive relations with his wife. Typically, a husband involved in watching porn will have relations with his wife less often and when he does have relations with her, she will be more like a public urinal or a "war captive for the taking" to him rather than his soul mate. A typical wife who is not having positive, bonding relations is often left feeling bad about herself even when she orgasms. Instead of feeling uplifted and spiritually joined with her husband, the wife of a porn addicted husband is often left feeling degraded. She may feel more like a war captive devoured by an enemy soldier rather than wife who is loved by her husband. Porn leads to less physical relations and less meaningful relations for a husband and wife. Porn = loss of opportunity to strengthen a marriage. And if you are not married yet but your goal is to get married eventually, porn is addictive and will setup a future husband for the above troubles. By nature, men are extremely sexual and porn to men is similar in some ways like crack to a crack addict. It is obvious that crack will totally destroy one's life but the dangers of porn are not so obvious but they can be just as destructive as crack. Spiritually speaking, for typical husbands and future husbands, watching porn causes husband and wife to swim in their own feces rather than have loving relations.
  10. Who here is devastated that there might have been something very sinister and outright evil going on behind the pure and innocent "Charles in Charge" show from years gone by? Hollywood took a society whose girls valued waiting for marriage and made a lot of money off of turning it into an altered society whose girls were brainmind programmed to value premarital sex as a form of women's empowerment and freedom. Both Scott and Nicole made lots of money promoting these kinds of values and this controversy is their just desserts. They and Hollywood as a whole have caused many women's marriages to suffer and fail and caused there to be many more lonely older women who never got married and never had a family. For the vast majority of women, getting married and having children is the best way to self actualize in life. It's like building a huge community pool with ping pong and high dives and deep ends and lovely manicured lawns and advertising for everyone in the whole world to come and swim but the problem is that they filled the pool with sewerage. They got lots of people to come and swim in the sewerage and they themselves swam in the sewerage. Now it is 28 years later and they are wallowing in their own feces and both are now crying to the world, "I'm a victim!"

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