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  1. Does the existence of things like DNA and the ability for the body to repair itself and gravity point to the existence of a higher form of intelligence?
  2. GoodJBoy

    Let's talk dating!

    I was in the almost same situation as you. I made a list of what I was looking for in a woman and realized that kind of woman probably did not exist. Rather than simply giving up, I researched where such women with the qualities I was seeking existed and then I went there, found myself a wonderful wife and now have a wonderful nuclear family where I am the provider and my wonderful wife dedicates herself to raising our children. This happened over decades. What I realized was that in the secular world, what you are looking for is hard to find and if you do find, it might be unstable. In the religious worlds, women can be found like you described in abundance. Now you need to ask yourself, if religions can produce great quality women in abundance while the secular society produces messed up head cases in abundance, why would you not be interested in exploring religions?
  3. GoodJBoy

    Consigning God to the Dustbin

    By definition, G-d is the cause of existence of something. I believe there is One G-d that is the cause of existence of time, space, matter, energy, and everything. As such, He is not subject to this qualities but defines them. As such, He is not to be found in time or space or matter or energy but His Revelations of "His Character" are found there. If you shall ask me to proof it to you, I will ask you to proof me wrong. lol I believe and try to have faith in G-d. For those who believe in G-d, He is obviously and purposely keeping His existence a mystery that is currently impossible to proof.
  4. GoodJBoy

    Why are intelligent people so stupid?

    Life is like dungeons and dragons where Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma and Alignment (good, neutral, evil in character)are totally separate from one another. You can have a brilliant, unwise, evil, uncharismatic hermit in that game and you can also have that in real life.
  5. Here is a theory about the current liberal agenda: Goal: Isolate and pit people against one another in order to divide and conquer humanity. Ideology: Human groupings only have value when being labeled as villains and victims; otherwise, identifying as a member of a group is playing pretend and one can therefore identify as any member of any group, even as an animal. A "person" is just a meaningless, mortal, spiritual entity (nihilism). Conceptions of culture and nationalism (e.g. I am a father/mother/son/daugher or I am American/Mexican/Russian/Whatever or I am a Jew/Christian/Muslim/Whatever) have no meaning or purpose. There is just isolation and insecurity. Divide and conquer... The liberal agenda... Comments, questions, concerns? :-)
  6. I would love to hear Stefan make a video about "The Truth about Racism". As an employer who has performed many job interviews over the decades, I can tell you from my experience that black men in particular, often feel hopeless about getting an interview or getting hired because they think everyone is racist. What happens to black children's dreams and hopes when they are wrongly indoctrinated to believe that almost all people have it in for black people? It is so discouraging to these children and it further weakens the "power of the people" and further damages families.
  7. I saw a news article on Drudge about a 15 year old girl that just married her 18 year old boy friend. I would love for you guys to interview this couple and follow it up with an interview from a career woman who slept around, never got married and is now past her child bearing years. Have her critique the video with the 15 year old married girl. Just a concept... Seeing the show going in this kind of direction would be cool if done right and I know Stefan knows how to do this stuff right. Here is the article: http://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article204297954.html
  8. GoodJBoy

    Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    A woman is surely capable of cutting down her man with a look or with words but it is much more difficult for her to do to a normal guy (not an wussy guy though). Normal men do this kind of thing without even trying because women are much more sensitive to this. That's one big difference.
  9. GoodJBoy

    Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    From horrible relationships to wonderful relationships, from the most unintelligent to the most brilliant, from the greatest wall of silence to the greatest conversationalists, there is only one department that a husband rules over his wife in. The Bible was not saying that the husband is a general while the wife is a private and that he rules every department in her life. A husband rules over his wife's emotions. With one sentence or act, a man can easily raise up or cut down his wife. A women's level of happiness and fulfillment in life is largely a direct reflection of the energy her husband shines upon her. This is not the case for husbands. This is exactly what the Bible is talking about here. That's not my personal opinion but what my religion has taught me.
  10. Flirting with women in the workplace is flirting with big trouble. Make friends with the guys and keep it professional with the unprofessional gals. I remember seeing an attractive girl who would go and talk to this poor guy about Howard Stern and all kinds of sex jokes. One day, he comes up to her and brings up a Howard Stern subject and she decides that she was offended and went straight to HR. Next day he was escorted out although he was a great guy and a hard working productive employee. With that said, marriage is a good thing for a man. Working with women in the workplace is a bad thing for men.
  11. GoodJBoy

    Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    The deeper question is, what does Adam rule over in regards to Eve? In every family, what one universal thing does a man rule over his wife in a normal healthy relationship? To find the answer, finish this sentence husbands... I rule over my wife's...
  12. GoodJBoy

    Internet C E N S O R S H I P

    Thanks for sharing BITCHUTE.COM. This website looks like exactly what I am looking for.
  13. GoodJBoy

    Internet C E N S O R S H I P

    if you are wondering why I made the title "Internet C E N S O R S H I P", it would not let me do "Internet Censorship" because of the profanity filter... lol
  14. GoodJBoy

    Internet C E N S O R S H I P

    It appears that the major players in the internet are left wing extremists (Google, Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, etc.) and since they are corporate entities who are now openly censoring people, I do not wish to give them my internet attention nor my money. As such, I am looking to alternatives to these services and am planning on trying to not use their services anymore. One of my issues is that I enjoy listening to Stefan on YouTube. Because I feel my viewership of YouTube is fueling the left wing extremists, I do not want to view anything on it anymore. I want to boycott Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc... any company that pulls their big brother strings on conservatives. Should I do this even though I will not be listening to Stefan anymore? Should we all be doing this? What are you thoughts?
  15. GoodJBoy

    The 2/14/18 Florida HS Shooting

    What caused this issue? A fatherless mentally ill boy on psyche meds exposed to decades of violence in movies and video games. Where are the fathers? Hollywood and the government pushed many of them out of the home. And the answer the media (who helped promote these mass murders) is that we should all give up our guns because the FBI was too incompetent to locate this kid and investigate him even though they have had hundreds of agents too busy chasing after the Russian investigation.

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