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  1. I did similar things when I was younger. Never killed any animals (although I threw my dog's poop in a neighbor's yard and they might've found out it was me and poisoned my dog). I would torture bugs though. Just the other day, I terrorized a cockroach/waterbug I found outside by stomping right next to it so it would get scared and run. I think I do this because society doesn't give a shit about cockroaches so I can get away with bullying them. Maybe if we had a slave class, I'd bully them like I bullied that cockroach.
  2. What kind of animals did you kill and how? Why did your parents come to America?
  3. I blame the strict modding. It makes discussion slow and unnatural. It also limits what can and can't be discussed. I tried to post a thread regarding Stefan's (((ethnicity))), but it wasn't allowed to be created.
  4. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    Can you explain the spanking thing? Is it like spanking a woman during sex without her explicit consent?
  5. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    How'd you get all that negative rep? This post seems intelligent to me.
  6. Ronin_3000

    i've actually met God

    Yeah, I guess the rules you are knowingly breaking are the passive aggressive rule and possibly the rule right before that. Am I right?
  7. Ronin_3000

    i've actually met God

    You're claiming I am criticizing the OP for a flaw I also possess. That is false. I never referenced his rep. That was you who drew that connection.
  8. Ronin_3000

    i've actually met God

    I never referenced his rep. When registered for FDR I remember reading that you're supposed to have proper grammar on this site. The OP has shit grammar, and his posts don't even make sense.
  9. Ronin_3000

    Political Campaigning? - Help!

    Your request seems counterintuitive to me. You're asking an-caps who are disillusioned with politics for political advice. Shouldn't you seek the help of people who actually believe in the power of democracy to create long-lasting positive change? I got an idea. Maybe try getting a whole bunch of people with signs to stand outside Parliament, chanting for them to let you out of the EU. Another idea: stage a draw Muhammad day every day. Keep getting more and more provocative with your drawings until the Muslims can't help but lash out in violent protest. There are 3 possible outcomes: 1. If your fellow citizens blame the artists for the violence instead of the Muslims, you know you can give up politics because the British no longer value freedom over speech over diversity. 2. If your fellow citizens stand by your art, the violence enacted by the Muslims will create a unified hatred for Muslims. This will make it easier to kick the Muslims out. 3. If the Muslims never become violent, no matter how provocative your Muhammad art is, then it means Muslims have successfully integrated into British culture, and you are a bigot for wanting to kick them out. For stage 1 of the draw Muhammad activity, you and your UKIP buddies could print T-shirts with a human figure and text on it saying "the prophet Muhammad." The figure can be as un-detailed as a stick figure or it could be Disney's Alladin. Doesn't really matter. Just walk around London and see what happens. I'd say wear helmets and armor, but that might look cringy. A Kevlar vest under the T-shirts couldn't hurt though. Stage 2: If no attacks take place after a month of wearing Muhammad shirts, then you and your UKIP buddies cosplay as Muhammad for a month. Stage 3: If still no attacks take place, stage a Muhammad parade with giant Muhammad balloons and floats. That's bound to get attacked. If the police stop your activities, then you have no free speech. Is peaceful political activism against the status quo possible without free speech? I argue no. Therefore, if the police stop you, you can give up on politics while saying "At least I tried."
  10. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    I just got downboated 5 times. Hmm...wonder who it could be?
  11. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    You lost me. Maybe I'm the dummy here, but nothing of what you said made any sense to me. Were you smoking some green marijuana when you made that post?
  12. Ronin_3000

    i've actually met God

    What's the point of modding if you let posts of this quality through? I can't believe this guy actually gives money to Stef. Maybe that's why his shit posts don't get modded?
  13. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    I disagree with your premise. I don't want to frame blackmail as non-aggression. It's like asking me why I'm gay. I'm not gay, so I can't answer that question. If you're asking why I'm asking about blackmail in the first place, it's because blackmail is an issue that seems to be mitigated by law in a state, but I don't see how blackmail could be stopped in an an-cap society because it doesn't violate the NAP.
  14. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    I don't think blackmail is aggression because it's just talking and deal-making. Aggression is when you physically attack someone or violate someone's property rights. I think fraud is also a violation of property rights. Blackmail is basically an agreement to keep a secret in exchange for money. If the blackmailer accepts money and then reveals the secret, then he is committing fraud. Otherwise, I don't see how he is doing anything immoral.
  15. Ronin_3000

    Blackmail in a free society

    If you don't subscribe to the NAP then I don't think this question is for you. By "free society" I mean an an-cap society in which the NAP and property rights are the only rules.

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