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  1. AIs create new language

    I guess I don't understand the difference between creating and setting a result...
  2. Gold or silver...which to invest it? And what kind?

    My opinions: I'm a huge fan of Combibars. You can get them from Peter Schiff's brokerage. What's so neat about them, is they fit into your wallet like a credit card, and you can break off little pieces as needed (like a chocolate bar). I personally dislike silver's volatility, but hey, the bar comes in gold or silver (and platinum??). I've heard Peter Schiff advise people to keep some on person, but mostly stashed. As for gold funds, they defeat the purpose since the gold will be inaccessible when the collapse happens.
  3. @Gnostic Bishop I get that, but what I'm asking is which theistic laws of Christianity are you referring to? And which war are you referring to when you say Christianity was spread by the sword?
  4. what in god's name are you referring to?
  5. AIs create new language

    if you run the same deep neural network over a given dataset, you will get similar but different results. We can test this out by comparing the results' correlations to the data's labels, and what you find is for e.g. one time it will be .93, .94, .92, etc. There is a degree of randomness, so the programmer cannot possibly set up every result.
  6. Eugenic

    I think your statement would be more accurate in the context of K-selected peoples. Certain societies tend to be rather rapy...
  7. Why Bad Boy?

    By "is that a girl", I meant joe not you. Well, failed joke I guess
  8. arguments.com - Collaborators wanted

    oh wow, I see what you're getting at. That sounds like a very interesting concept. Have you considered that maybe you can create it as a plugin for the FDR forum? I believe they are using CKEditor as the word processor, so I'd say add a tab to the bar, and run your plugin when clicked. Cuz that would definitely be more efficient than investing a lot of money to gain the user base that you already have right here...
  9. Why Bad Boy?

    Speaking of PUA, agreeing and amplifying, I see.... is that a girl lol?
  10. Eugenic

    I would agree with your reasoning under normal circumstances. However, the democrats - and non-whites - have already waged gene war on right-wingers, but more importantly whites. People have been waking up to the genocide that is being done unto us by those filthy savages that roam our streets, and they have mostly used the government to do it. You don't get to decide whether there will be war. You only get a vote, and so does your opponent. It only takes one side to want a war for there to be war. With that in mind, how can it be a violation of the NAP to pursue Jared Taylor's policy proposals in response to our genocide? Is it not virtuous to cleanse society from initiators of aggression? The founding fathers were explicitly white nationalists and would be rolling in their graves if they knew what became of their country. Government violence is already being used unto us to remove us from the gene pool, partly by reducing the freedom of whites to procreate. You can choose to let your people die gracefully if you wish, or defend yourself and your people by any means necessary, including but not limited to the use of government force. Jared Taylor and I know where we stand. EDIT: here is a fantastic source regarding white genocide (aka the Kalergi Plan).
  11. AIs create new language

    I have, using Google's python library for it. I think what he's trying to say is that current neural networks do not yet have free will.
  12. Why Bad Boy?

    That's my point, for many women, the carrot is having kids from a good father. How can you dangle such a carrot without a marriage proposal? Cuz without one, you can talk all you want but all the woman is thinking is "yaya keep talking f**k boy..." Regarding ethnic tribes, I was referring to the "steinberg" tribe. Hungarian, eh? Like... the George Soros variety? I ask because looking at one's behavior from an ethnic pov adds historical, cultural, and evolutionary context. It can give you the "levers" (so to speak) to dial up or down maladaptive behaviors. It certainly helped me with my own flaws. In your case, it sounds like a non-predatory version of Harvey Weinstein. And yes, Mongolian genes too.
  13. arguments.com - Collaborators wanted

    What's the difference to fdr?
  14. Why Bad Boy?

    Post a link? I don't see anyone by that username in your activity I'm assuming you don't mean physical control. So, in what way do you control women? As in, using authority to offer some form of reward - or lack of punishment - in exchange for sex? You mentioned to @Siegfried von Walheim that you believe it is a genetic trait, as it runs in your family. Are you of a certain famous ethnic tribe that shall not be named, known to have a pattern for engaging in such pursuits?
  15. Why Bad Boy?

    @Mishi2 what is the goal of the "game" if not sex? It is a woman's nature to go where the wind blows. Whores are rather common these days. However, there is a growing community of women who see the winds blowing towards traditionalism, and have opted to preserve their purity in exchange for the opportunity to get with fit white men with fashy haircuts. Care to try your luck at www.wasp.love ?

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