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  1. BellaRagazzo

    Bristol! :D

    The vegan hippie central of the South West! To all of you who concern yourselves with topics more taxing on the brain than "ethical treatment of snails" or "how people just don't get alternative music" please feel more than welcome to get in touch with me and we'll see what time suits us. My working hours are very flexible, so I'll be free pretty much whenever with a week's advance, if that. See you soon.
  2. BellaRagazzo

    Peter in Bristol

    Alloha from what used to be England! From what I gather, thinking and good people are not the most common of breeds. My hope being I'll meet a few around these internet parts I'm 22 and only recently became financially independent and decided to move to Bristol almost a month ago for better work opportunities. Needless to say I'd appreciate some rational friends. Surely there are at least a few in the whole city. That's all for now, looking forward to hearing from you lot!

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