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  1. I'd like to see a Truth about Nietschze and The Truth About A Christmas Story. The last one is because I watched it as an adult and the Inner Carl Jung sprung out of me. He tells the story as an adult. A disturbed one no doubt.
  2. robert1986


    I've done research o this and I did a test. I told my roommate that" once I go to bed if I'm asleep and you're awake, wake me up. Describe how I respond and how long I respond. But wait until I'm fully asleep. " He did this. He woke me up and immediatly I was awake. Now I think had I been dreaming there may be a longer delay. Not an immediate one.
  3. robert1986

    Challenging the IQ test

    I've never taken one. Is there a standard test or are they all different
  4. robert1986

    Is a degree worth it?

    Employers seem to not value life experience but a piece of paper. It seems my experience is useless to get a job. A simple test an employer could do to see if I'm fit. I'd even pay them to do that.
  5. robert1986

    When people are irrational does this drive you?

    When I say this helps my skills to communicate. This means I know how to respond to such insults , I know what to look for, I can judge if that person is honest or not and it provides feedback on tactics next time. The mechanism put against me was emotions. I can learn from that and use it in the future. That is what I mean by training. I learn from certain things and I change my model to deliver that message in the future.
  6. robert1986

    When people are irrational does this drive you?

    My goal wasn't to pursuade but to provide data that backed my observation I made. The push back was a response to people calling me names and these people did not even make a counter argument, question by observation or anything.They went straight to attacking me as a person. And this was on a page who considers themselves to be free thinkers and moral people. So of course I pushed back against emotional charged insults but that wasn't my purpose. My purpose was to state an observation, give a hypothesis on what may be causing it,how certain groups benefit from that and to apply biology to that. Nothing else. So I was attacked for doing that
  7. robert1986

    When people are irrational does this drive you?

    I think it's a drive to fix things that are broken. As a child I was not asked for opinions or what I thought. But I think it's because I want to correct these things because it's incorrect. The intent is good but because of how I present things it's looked at as being "smart" if I point these things out. If I give data put about the fertility window , biological drives of men and women it's looked down as being " a know it all" and arrogant by many. I think deep down I see people are broken so I'd like to "free" them in a way. Since I was denied such oppertunities why not try to help others. Also the more challenging a situation is the more I push back. This helps my skills to communicate with others. Why do the easy route at all when the harder route requires more work and skill?
  8. robert1986

    Robert from Montana

    Well, reading the classics and perspective of harsh condition. Marcus Aurelias Meditations is a great read. Watching documentary called Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire. Looking at history and how did those people cope and adapt. Read some Nietzsche. I had survived by adapting like a chameleon. I also volunteered animal shelters.
  9. robert1986

    Hugh Hefner

    Stefan Molyneux , can you do a video on Hugh Hefner. He died at 91 recently. You could explain his life, business model, motivations, charity work and how he was influential . Could be interesting
  10. robert1986

    Psychology of Clothing

    Is there any truth to that clothing influences psychology? Is the color Pink( a working class man's color originally) going to invoke Empathy? How does the way you dress effect how others see you? I was watching YT and a guy said " when a man in a suit jaywalks others may follow because the suit represents authority and stability" The same man found he was less likely to be hassled by police. Have you encountered Clothing Psychology? It seems that clothing, watches, Cologne all influence how other people see you. Why is this? Does the clothing signify stability and that means you are stable? I have found out that the message clothes send doesn't always match me. If I present a professional appearance it doesn't mean I'm more stable, but the clothes send that message. What do you think? Does clothing kind of manipulate others into thinking you may be something if you aren't? It seems to me you are using the vanity of other people to your advantage. What do you think when you see certain colors? If you saw red do you assume Ambition and Drive? Brown, for down to earth?
  11. robert1986

    Let's talk dating!

    I'm looking for peeple able to learn. They can be whoever they are bit can thry learn new things and change? I know I won't find a Mary Sue but if there is someone who has the capacity to be self critical, uses facts, negotiates. The capacity is what I want. And sure some may say " we all have the capacity to change". Example: I'd rather date a psychologist over a teacher. Why? Because she demonstrates the capacity to listen, help others, analytical , etc What jobs would she be in? I'd say psychology, nurse, emt some job they requires listening, empathy and logic. And that person doesn't have to meet my criteria exactly so long as they have the ability to learn
  12. robert1986

    Let's talk dating!

    It is rare. That's what I'm looking for. Now where do I go? Which direction? All I need is a direction and things to look for. I'm looking for women who actually are capable of changing based on facts. Capable. But I need to know where to start at.
  13. robert1986

    Most Evil TV series

    Has anyone seen this three season series? Dr Michael Stone, a forensic psychologist , interviews serial killers, rapists, crimes of passion, cannibals, cult leaders and everything considered evil. He has devised a standard called the Scale of Evil. It compares each criminal to one another based on what they did, how they did it, history, any illness and motive. Example: a serial killer that plans a murder, lies about it, hides evidence and manipulates others is considered more evil than someone who kills a person out of passion. Very interesting show.
  14. Lately I've been pushing back on irrational responses. Like on Cernovich page , the Free State Project page etc And whenever someone attacks me but not my argument, there is something inside me that says " this is a challenge. Do more. Push back ." When people call me names I intensify my response a little and I push back with data. It seems to me, that challenges increase my dopamine ( maybe) and irrational, emotional and non data backed responses attract me instead of repel me. Is there something wrong with me? Am I addicted to challenges in this way? What negatives are there for doing this besides not making friends with those people? Is what I'm doing uncommon? The more irrational the person the more I want to push back. Many would runaway or quit but not me. I'm drawn in more . What is this called when a person is drawn into challenging situations? Is it my desire to "fix" things? Note: I don't mean sexually turned on in any way. I did notice a few positives? Outspoken, not afraid of negative opinions, direct and honest, I'm using facts, observations, maybe a hypothesis or two. It seems I'm improving my skills. Almost like training in a way. What about the negatives? Many people think I'm crazy for pointing out irrationality. I don't sugar coat things and tell it directly how it is. Some think I'm arrogant, others think it's a Dunning Kruger Effect. All without me saying " I'm smarter than you". I would never say that but others say I do or imply it( which of course is irrational). What says the community? Am I crazy as some say?( I'm not, but that doesn't mean others don't say that)
  15. robert1986

    Is a degree worth it?

    The occupation I looked at does not require any training or licensing under law. Companies want degrees and expensive training . That's my problem. When training isn't required but a company requires it. They won't accept life experience either instead. Which I have 15 years of. Hell, I'd show them that experience in about one hour. I'd even pay them. Nope. Degree mandatory per company desires .

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