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  1. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    for a living actually, well, eventually. It's a serious endeavor. Did you know that many computer transistors already have ternary capability? This is because you can reverse their polarity. They have NpN or pNp type of transistors. That means the N sandwich has 2 outputs from the 2 Ns, in 2 different directions. Same for the pNp sandwich. They're called bipolar transistors. The problem is they are never used that way because of problems with fast polar switching and heat. So i'm working on trying to fix that problem. You can do it slowly and it won't hurt it for now.
  2. The Morality/Immorality of Seuxal Fantasy

    i don't mind animated stuff. To be honest animated stuff happens to be the best porn there is. Because you can draw it yourself lol. Women are generally clean and smooth and perfect looking. You can't get that with today's porn stars who are all on drugs and don't take showers for months, attempting to cover up the filth with makeup. Add to the fact that they have breakouts of herpes, and also acne from all the drug abuse and filthy lifestyles they lead lol. You'd think that sexual freedom would allow some kickass porn, but only in the cartoons. I think if most people didn't think so lowly of sex in general then we'd have high quality porn that's far from being a flophouse for drug addicts and the desperate unemployed.
  3. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    I'm working on a ternary computer right now. Non-binary. Here is some information on it's logic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_ternary Here is a soviet ternary computer that was built in 1958. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setun
  4. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    well most of my knowledge came from hands on experience, so no. You don't need to read books. But you need to try at least
  5. The Morality/Immorality of Seuxal Fantasy

    1)Is porn moral to consume? I don't think it's immoral. I do not like the porn industry because it is disadvantaged people doing desperate things for money. I would rather the industry be focused on relationships and true intimacy. The actors would need be clean of all stds, drugs and be hygenic. The sex scenes would be truly spectacular and emotional and spiritual and all that. But the industry doesn't do that. I can't blame anyone in particular, except for an elitist few who truly control the industry, but it needs to change. 2) should we treat pornography consumption as an addiction? No because sex is a natural desire that must be satisfied. Males cannot go very long without relieving themselves, etc. It's just a fact. We crave sex and need to be exposed to it whether it be physical, mental or just watching a movie or reading a magazine. That's the reason porn is the most searched for thing on the internet. It's the most consumed and porn itself takes up a majority of internet web site registries and domain names.
  6. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    well. I didn't know anything about programming or computers before I started reading and experimenting with it. Now I understand it pretty well.
  7. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    it's not having enough education. You overcome it by getting educated.
  8. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    it went up. Of course after realizing the bullshit that is the IQ test, as it is no longer used to help people overcome under-education, I stopped taking them. Most IQ test givers have a gigantic ego with something to prove to the world, at your expense anyways. Whether they're black or white, they're often racist as well.
  9. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    Horsepower? LOL. Do you realize that horsepower is about how much is needed to pull or lug something around? It has nothing to do with "intelligence". A horse attempting to pull a child on a plastic toy trike is overkill. In fact, my dog can do it better because his movements won't be so abrupt and potentially dangerous to the child. If you are going to tell me that the dog might attempt to rocket off down the road like a bat out of hell, what do you think will happen if the horse does that? Obviously, you'd make sure that neither would try to just go crazy and take off like a rocket, but it would better to use the dog Knowledge is something that can be outside of yourself. By saying "Knowledge is something that is already acquired", but acquired by who? Are you saying you know everything? Aha. So knowledge is something that can exist outside of the individual. Intelligence therefore, is what You have inside of YOURSELF. There is a reason intelligence and information have the same first 2 letters The difference is, what is it inisde of? Intelligence is inside of you. Information however, like knowledge, can exist outside of you but inside of someone or something else Nonetheless, you can still say "i have internal knowledge" and that will be the same thing as saying "I have intelligence". Yes, this is also called intelligence. I've explained that already. You can't be intelligent without learning. I'm sorry. You do not have an innate ability to walk, speak or even see properly when you are born. You are simply wrong. If youa re in a coma for 10 years, and you wake up. You're not automatically going to be able to talk, remember conversational skills as well, or even WALK properly. It will take you time to relearn those things. If you don't use it, you'll lose it. He is intelligent. If someone else doesn't know how to do plumbing, then he would need to learn how to in order to get certified. perhaps the plumber could teach him. Your problem is you've been far too brainwashed by the doctrine of public schooling for too long. You think if you get something done faster that somehow you're "better than" someone else. As if speed has anything to do with intelligence. You'd only be faster at something if you've already done something similar to it before. If you've never done it before, then you're going to be slow. Depending on what you have learned and WHETHER OR NOT THAT SKILL ALLOWS ITSELF TO BE APPLIED TO SPECIFIC OTHER NEW SKILLS, your speed can vary greatly. Let's try an example. If you know how to do something, do you know how to do that thing? Yes you say, ok so how does that make you less intelligent if you've learned it slower than someone else? Let's say the plumber took awhile to learn plumbing. Ok. Now this new guy that he tries to teach learns a little faster than he did. That's because he went into it with a greater learned skill set. The plumber came from a low income family and did not even finish high school. The new apprentice in fact was highly educated and went to college and had a degree in engineering. Certainly, because of the level of exposure the apprentice has already had in the fields of learning, he would more than likely have an advantage in being able to learn how to be a plumber, in that he can simply learn more quickly, whereas the lowly plumber expert had to learn all of those skills that the apprentice was taught in school, on the job as an apprentice. The only real difference between the plumber teacher and the apprentice, is that one learned many useful skills before plumbing and the other learned those AS he started plumbing. That is the only reason there is a speed difference. Now let me ask you this. If the plumber is the expert, wouldn't he be able to apply his specific knowledge of plumbing to other similar skill sets BETTER and FASTER than the apprentice who is new to the job? Of course. So by that logic, the plumber is in fact more intelligent than the apprentice. But intelligence is not "all encompassing". It's specific. You maybe intelligent at chemistry, I might be intelligent at computer programming. Intelligence is simply what YOU have learned. Knowledge by itself can be recognized as objectively existing outside of you, but knowledge you take in is called intelligence.
  10. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    wasn't mine it was yours! You assume god exists but you haven't provided any evidence. Of course you can't, but that's poking holes in your logic.
  11. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    actually i just built a makeshift flux capacitor and I traveled back to the beginning of the universe. Except I couldn't find it. Only 0000, I did see christ masturbate, but I didn't see time come into existence. Also traveled back 503 trillion years ago, universe still there. I also traveled back to 10 trillion to the 100000 power years ago. universe still there. Your flying spaghetti monster was nowhere to be found, btw.
  12. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    No you're confusing the two realms. You believe god has always existed. A human-shaped being with a white beard created the universe. When it's just so much easier to believe that the universe was just always there. Existence was just always there. If the "phenomenal universe" hasn't always existed, then obviously when I say "the universe has always existed" means that the "principled realm universe" has always existed. The universe, therefore, has always existed.
  13. Help with a debate - IQ and Race article

    that's hilarious. But you do realize that just because an SJW says something doesn't make it automaticaly false, correct? Laci Green was an SJW on youtube for a long time, kinda changing into a center-left now. But she was a gigantic SJW feminist. Except I watched her channel and while it's true that politics isn't her thing, it's also truth that her understanding of right and wrong at the individual level shows understanding of empathy, emotions and human rights. I agree with her that there are too many constraints on what people can say or do, and I find laci green to be exceptionally knowledgeable about sexual rights. She has horrible ideas on how to deal with gun control but she does make good points about there not being enough sexual freedom in the world. Remember that not all SJW are violent anti-fa combatants. Some are just brainwashed and the ones that are only brainwashed can be helped. They generally speak enough truth, but are terrified of the idea of confronting our government and it's tyranny so they tow the line and bow down to it expecting it to understand. These particular people just need to be red pilled. However, any violent SJW is beyond help. They are evil and should be in jail. Again, on the subject of environment being the prime driver behind "IQ", why don't you read a quote from the INVENTOR of the IQ test himself? https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alfred_Binet#The_development_of_intelligence_in_children.2C_1916 Remember that "retarded" in binet's day meant "slow", not deformed/down syndrome etc. Like how you can buy fire retardant clothes? Yeah the word "retard" wasn't used in such a derogatory sense as it is today. He is saying that he believed the ENVIRONMENT to be the biggest factor, not geneology. Another Alfred Binet quote from the link above: What binet is saying here is that GOOD judgment makes someone smart, BAD judgment makes someone stupid. He is saying that judgment is the sole progenitor of ALL intelligence. He says that judgment can be altered. Once altered, the person with altered (good) judgment can never be stupid! Alfred Binet believed that environmental factors greatly affected an intelligence score. When the Nazis used the iq test to demonize jews and other minorities in germany during the 1930s, Alfred Binet objected to this. He only intended that his iq test be used to help children, not stigmatize them.
  14. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    I was only pointing out the fallacy in your logic. Of course, the universe has always existed. But once we discover the technology to destroy all evil, prevent all war and live forever, that would answer your question. And the answer is "because we wanted to live forever".
  15. Answering an Atheist Chestnut

    But if the universe being a finite is a constant, yet the universe constantly changes, then it can change into something timeless, according to your logic.

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