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  1. Spladam

    Mental illness

    How is it relevant?
  2. Stef talks a lot about being in the role of a business executive for a software company which he co-founded, but from what I've gathered, he's never discussed what it took him to do that role. He's never talked about how he built the business, how he performed, his contributions/achievements, work/life balance, routine, etc... that I'm aware of. If any of you know of a video where he has said these things, it would be fantastic if you post a link to it below. That being said, if nobody knows of such a video, is there some reason as to why he hasn't mentioned these things? I'm sure, as with most people, Stef likes to talk about himself and I think he wants westerners to do well at business, so then why would he with-hold such information? If anyone knows or has heard anything about this then please share below
  3. I agree. Take a look at history, after the fall of ancient Rome in particular. Europe spent the next 1300 years of their history in violence and poverty. The nation states of Europe (all owned and run by barbarians) were spending their efforts on trying to re-unify the old Roman Empire through violence and religion. If anyone wishes to survive the night, look into the history of post-Roman Europe. Learn about who survived, who died, and why.
  4. Spladam

    μ-Ziq for U

    288. Dream Theater: "Octavarium" 289. Dream theater: "Learning to live"
  5. Spladam

    Questions about Sex

    Let's say that this is in regard to someone else, should they be considered as a desirable partner if what you're looking for is a committed and loyal life partner?
  6. Spladam

    Questions about Sex

    Haha, what are the purpose of tags here anyway? Does anyone actually know? Also, it's good to chat to you again too Yeah, I think so So basically what you're saying is that it's of utmost importance to select based upon values & principle more so than past experience, but that being said, most of the time, past experience is a good indicator of future behavior. Actually, I'm glad you brought this up, because it reminded me of 2 statistics which are both the same percentage: The number of people who keep their weight off after 10 years of weight loss, and, The number of people who remain virgins until marriage. They're both 3%. I think there might be a correlation...
  7. Spladam

    Questions about Sex

    By comparing people's motivation before and after their first time and seeing what the results are. Not only that, but by also looking at other related factors, we can account for any more/less motivation caused by another factor and not the sex. Yeah, my questions were a bit muddled, I tried to ask a very personal question in such a way that it wasn't personal, and ended up sounding a bit strange, my bad.
  8. Spladam

    Questions about Sex

    Question #1: Does it matter when someone has sex for the first time? I'm really unsure about the answer for a few reasons: 1. Apparently after someone has had about 3 sexual partners, their chances of getting divorced and just being a bad parent in general begin to increase. (According to stef in a video which I can't find) 2. If this first point is true, then does it matter if you have random sex or sex with a friend? Shouldn't someone have sex with someone they love? If you reach the 3rd person and you're no longer together, then you're screwing yourself over (statistically speaking). 3. Are virgins generally more motivated in life than non-virgins? If so, then that energy could be used for making great(er) things happen in one's life. If this is the case, then shouldn't someone stay a virgin for a long time? 4. Is it true that everyone remembers their first time? If so, then how do would one know whether or not their partner will go back to that person for sex later? How can you be truly dedicated to someone if you enjoy remembering sex you had with other people? Question #2: Does it matter how many people someone has had sex with? This is in regard to finding a suitable woman to possibly pro-create with in the future. Can someone really change their ways and become loyal & committed to one person for the rest of their life if they've spent most of their adulthood pursuing lots of f***buddies? I'll add some more questions later on once these 2 fundamentals have been sorted.
  9. Spladam

    How to find a good therapist?

    Ask around, hear/read reviews people have given about their therapists. figure out what it is you want from a therapist and then look for which therapist delivers the best results based upon what you want. Hope this helps!
  10. Spladam

    Mortgages are bullshit!

    Geesh, I though the USA was better for buying than AUS, but obviously not then. How long have house prices been that high for? In Sydney it's a more recent thing due to the influx of East Asians into the housing market, and I'm guessing it's the same for Seattle too, but tell me if I'm wrong. No worries, and thanks for the advice, I'm trying to make some YT vids myself so I need all the advice I can get
  11. Spladam

    Mortgages are bullshit!

    [from video]: "where I live real estate is going crazy, paying $500,00 for a house is normal" That's pretty good, compare that to Sydney and it's heavenly. The average house price in Sydney is about 1.2million dollars, and taxes are still the biggest expense... Also, I think you're well spoken in your videos, do you improv the video or do you write a script to follow?
  12. Spladam

    Education is under attack please HELP

    It's sad to see this happening, but indoctrination happens all the time. It isn't just from big government, but also from companies, organisations, parents, etc.. from basically anyone. It's good that this is being called out for what it really is, but this won't be the end of indoctrination. It's like trying to end bullying, it won't happen because it's part of human nature. The only way to prevent bad things from happening is by arming yourself with the ability to not get bullied/indoctrinated. If we can teach kids to stand-up/think for themselves, then they will find the way.
  13. Spladam

    The Universe is the creator

    I notice that you're new here, welcome Just FYI, the culture of this forum is a bit different to what you may have envisioned it to be. See, we're used to making arguments in these threads rather than expressing feelings which is why we're struggling to make sense of your statement as an argument. As Stefan Molyneux once said: "Not an Argument". However, that doesn't de-legitimize your feelings in any way, all it means is that there is no point in expressing them. How is anyone supposed to gain anything from that? My question for you is this: What do you want to get from expressing your feelings on this forum? What's the motive behind the action? Anyway, good luck on your quest for knowledge!
  14. Spladam

    The Universe is the creator

    What do you mean by "learn"? Even though it is off-topic, it would be nice to know.
  15. Spladam

    Short dream of my ex girlfriend

    Read the book "Attached" by Amir Levine. It will help greatly in your analysis of this dream. I have some theories... From what I've gathered, the wind may represent you wanting to let go but being unable to due to your romantic attachment style. The wind may represent her effect on you. The most important part of this, from what I've gathered, is that you saw your ex, you wanted to be with her but put effort into pretending you didn't. Then, she actually wanted to see you but something stopped that from going any further. Wind is not really going to do that to a relationship. Wind, in your sense, represents struggle. The struggle of pushing through loneliness, on two layers, but in the middle layer represents the effect her games have had on you. Layer 1: You are lonely without her. Layer 2: When you are with her, she toys with you psychologically. Layer 3: This toying disconnects you emotionally from the relationship thus making you lonely with her. This is just a theory anyway, I don't actually know how you were feeling about the dream. This dream may be a manifestation of your longing to be with someone, and inability to see why you can't. Can I ask you something? Do you feel as if you're struggling at all when it comes to loneliness? Do you feel like something is going on in the background but you are blind to it? Something everyone else can see but you, something nobody else struggles with except for you? Also, what was your emotional state after having this dream, and what about during the dream? Hope this helps, Cheers

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