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  1. Mortgages are bullshit!

    Geesh, I though the USA was better for buying than AUS, but obviously not then. How long have house prices been that high for? In Sydney it's a more recent thing due to the influx of East Asians into the housing market, and I'm guessing it's the same for Seattle too, but tell me if I'm wrong. No worries, and thanks for the advice, I'm trying to make some YT vids myself so I need all the advice I can get
  2. Mortgages are bullshit!

    [from video]: "where I live real estate is going crazy, paying $500,00 for a house is normal" That's pretty good, compare that to Sydney and it's heavenly. The average house price in Sydney is about 1.2million dollars, and taxes are still the biggest expense... Also, I think you're well spoken in your videos, do you improv the video or do you write a script to follow?
  3. Education is under attack please HELP

    It's sad to see this happening, but indoctrination happens all the time. It isn't just from big government, but also from companies, organisations, parents, etc.. from basically anyone. It's good that this is being called out for what it really is, but this won't be the end of indoctrination. It's like trying to end bullying, it won't happen because it's part of human nature. The only way to prevent bad things from happening is by arming yourself with the ability to not get bullied/indoctrinated. If we can teach kids to stand-up/think for themselves, then they will find the way.
  4. The Universe is the creator

    I notice that you're new here, welcome Just FYI, the culture of this forum is a bit different to what you may have envisioned it to be. See, we're used to making arguments in these threads rather than expressing feelings which is why we're struggling to make sense of your statement as an argument. As Stefan Molyneux once said: "Not an Argument". However, that doesn't de-legitimize your feelings in any way, all it means is that there is no point in expressing them. How is anyone supposed to gain anything from that? My question for you is this: What do you want to get from expressing your feelings on this forum? What's the motive behind the action? Anyway, good luck on your quest for knowledge!
  5. The Universe is the creator

    What do you mean by "learn"? Even though it is off-topic, it would be nice to know.
  6. Short dream of my ex girlfriend

    Read the book "Attached" by Amir Levine. It will help greatly in your analysis of this dream. I have some theories... From what I've gathered, the wind may represent you wanting to let go but being unable to due to your romantic attachment style. The wind may represent her effect on you. The most important part of this, from what I've gathered, is that you saw your ex, you wanted to be with her but put effort into pretending you didn't. Then, she actually wanted to see you but something stopped that from going any further. Wind is not really going to do that to a relationship. Wind, in your sense, represents struggle. The struggle of pushing through loneliness, on two layers, but in the middle layer represents the effect her games have had on you. Layer 1: You are lonely without her. Layer 2: When you are with her, she toys with you psychologically. Layer 3: This toying disconnects you emotionally from the relationship thus making you lonely with her. This is just a theory anyway, I don't actually know how you were feeling about the dream. This dream may be a manifestation of your longing to be with someone, and inability to see why you can't. Can I ask you something? Do you feel as if you're struggling at all when it comes to loneliness? Do you feel like something is going on in the background but you are blind to it? Something everyone else can see but you, something nobody else struggles with except for you? Also, what was your emotional state after having this dream, and what about during the dream? Hope this helps, Cheers
  7. Looking for voluntaryist musicians across the world

    I play bass, I usually play prog-metal and neo-classical metal stuff like dream theater and Symphony X. Have you made any music before? If so, could I hear it? Also, do you mind elaborating on what it is we have to do exactly? Are you requesting that we travel with you or just send you material from where we live?
  8. Europe was the birthplace of mankind

    In that case, I guess everyone belongs in Europe... Anyway, this is misleading. Gaecopithicus Fraebergi was a completely different genus to us. If this ape was in fact our direct ancestor, then we are still roughly 3 genus' away from them. Graecopythicus > Selanthropus > Ororin > Adrpithicus > Australopithicus > Homo. That would be our lineage from us to them, unless the Kenyanthropus and Paranthropus genus' are also part of our direct ancestory (which is still debatable). Point is, they were not human. The human genus is Homo. The human sub-family is Homininae and includes the human specie and species of chimpanzees. If this Graecopithicus is the birther of humanity, it would either have to be the ape which 'split' into humans and chimps, or the first homo. Neither of these options are true and no other reasoning has been put forward. "Retired anthropologist and author Dr Peter Andrews, formerly at the Natural History Museum in London, said: "It is possible that the human lineage originated in Europe, but very substantial fossil evidence places the origin in Africa, including several partial skeletons and skulls." (from the article). Also, the study does not claim that we come from Europe. If you read the actual study (hyperlinked below), it acknowledges that there are still other possible candidates for the position of 'birther of humanity'. There were many possible candidates from all across the middle east, the south east corners of Europe, and all throughout Africa. This Graecopithicus fossil was discoverd in 2 places (Greece and Bulgaria) and put together to make a single fossil. The danger of putting two very unsubstantial bits of fossil together is that they may not be from the same species, especially if they are separated by hundreds of kilometers rather than found at the same site. If it was at the same site then understandable, but still dangerous as animals (especially apes) can fight each other to the death and both be leave their fossil behind at the scene. "Graecopithecus is known from a single mandible from Pyrgos Vassilissis Amalia (Athens, Greece) [38] and possibly from an isolated upper fourth premolar (P4) from Azmaka in Bulgaria." (From Study: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0177127) Key-phrases: "single mandible" and "possibly from an isolated upper fourth molar". The specie is barely even classified, yet the article claims that "Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find" Moral of the story is: you can't trust the media to tell you the truth.
  9. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    Haha, cheers mate, I'm still contemplating the whole thing. But like I said, I may as well try
  10. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    But does that also rule out ever procreating and raising a family with one?
  11. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    I'm going to take the optimists approach and claim that it's worth the effort to have moral integrity in the case that you find a woman who also upholds moral integrity. Why? Because that scenario (both partners with moral integrity) is the most desirable outcome in terms of reproductive success. Such an outcome can't be achieved if it is never attempted. Does having moral integrity get a woman turned on? I don't know and it doesn't matter. If women have the free will to make their own decisions, then they should be able to use their brain and moral compass to find a man who is best suited for raising a family with. If these women exist, then they will choose the men with moral integrity over the sexy alpha males. If all fails and you are getting into your 60's and you have not yet raised a family, then there are always sperm banks and sluts
  12. Marriage or MGTOW?

    @meetjoeblack, I read 'Way of the Superior Man' by David Deida, and quite honestly I found the book to be terrible. Mostly unscientific, and heavily centered around sex. I talked to some family members about the book and they said that even though it doesn't really make sense to me now, it probably will later on, especially when I do get into a relationship. So even though I find it terrible now, I'm open to the possibility that it may help later on.
  13. Stop Being Reasonable - Training in Intellectual Self-Defense

    Brilliant video, lots of energy, great speaking voice and interesting content. I look forward to watching more of your content. Also, what mic is that? I'm thinking of doing videos myself but every mic I have is terrible.
  14. Greetings from Prison!

    Ah, I see, I should probably read more Socrates, haha. I got the impression that you were trying to bolster your self-image, my bad. Righto, again I had the wrong impression, my apologies. That sucks, but it's good to hear that you're taking a proactive approach to school rather than letting it get the better of you. You're at school for the best part of your waking hours so it's important to get the most out of it. Anyway, good luck and keep us updated on how lefties respond to your efforts at spreading non-PC ideas
  15. Greetings from Prison!

    Is school actually as bad as prison? Are you actually getting tortured? I'm not sure if you really do think this way or whether it is just figurative language as there is only text and no tone of voice. Have you thought about dropping out of school? I did that and am probably going to be graduating university at the same time as all my peers who stayed at school, but would be earlier if I didn't take the half gap year. I'm not sure how things go down in America in relation to education, but I know that in Australia we have alternatives to high-school which people can take once they are about 14/15 years old. I took one alternative and it was the best decision I ever made. 2 other people I used to know took the same path as me and wish they stayed at school. It really depends on who you are. If you're the sort of person who is individualistic and very self-disciplined then go your own way. If not, then stay at school. This might help you in your efforts: http://www.patrickbetdavid.com/stay-school-drop-college/ Really? Have you conducted tests to find that out? What constitutes as the wisest? How to you measure wisdom? Or are you just saying this to feel better about your situation? If yes, then this is important for you to know. It doesn't mean you're a bad person, it's probably just that your body is telling you something. You need to find out what this is and then solve it if you wish to move on from your suffering. Anyway, I look forward to reading your response, and good luck at school

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