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  1. tornstrom

    FDR guy in Bulgaria

    Welcome! Nice to have you here, bud. It's nice to see that others are squeezing in useful stuff in their spare time. I've been doing the same with video games and walks.
  2. tornstrom

    Bitching about immigration

    I understood the sarcasm coupled with the 'bitching', but yeah, I agree with you.
  3. tornstrom

    Bitching about immigration

    I didn't intend for my post to have an aggressive tone, apologies for that. I agree with you, the immigration is a grave problem on Sweden - and I've seen that first hand. I personally believe in the benefits of immigration, and I believe that if we're to have a state where immigration actually is sustainable and beneficial in the long run, we've got to get rid of the welfare state. I saw this news report from Denmark where the state had cut the support to newly immigrated migrants in half, thus resulting in droves of them going elsewhere. We've had successful immigration, but the people who immigrated were unskilled workers providing generous labour to Sweden. If we are to have a similar effect today, we need to cut off the life support for the welfare kings and queens from the east. Yet again, I am by no means an expert.
  4. tornstrom

    Bitching about immigration

    Immigration - since you seem to have a problem about that, apparently.
  5. tornstrom

    Bitching about immigration

    What do you want to do about it, then?
  6. tornstrom

    The Importance of Anger

    How does clouding occur when you try to control your anger? I myself have anger issues, and I've been under tons of anger. Not controlling my anger enough has led me to break things or even snap at others, but I've learnt how to control it to a degree. And no, I am not talking about people initiating physical, mental, emotional nor psychological abuse out of anger. I am talking about those letting it control them. The aforementioned results may occur, but those are not the only bad results of anger.
  7. tornstrom

    Sweden, Skåne

    Cool to see fellow Scanians listeners! I'm not that big on real life friendships and interactions in my free time - but if you'd like, I usually am in the aforementioned Discord "FDR Members", as well as on Discord generally, so if you'd like to talk to a local, then just add me at Toad#7780.
  8. tornstrom

    The Importance of Anger

    I am well aware that anger can be harnessed into determination to spur oneself into doing/becoming something great - but I have seen multiple accounts of anger just clouding one's perception of reality, which really stunts one's growth mentally. I myself would, instead of searching for ways to justify anger, actually attempt to control it.
  9. tornstrom

    Hello from Sweden!

    Hello, everyone! I'm a seventeen year old student living in the southernmost province of Sweden: Scania, currently in the middle of my upper secondary school (gymnasium) education, pursuing a degree in economics. I decided to make an account here to talk with fellow listeners to the Free Domain Radio podcast ( After having listened to Molyneux for about a month. ) due to mostly boredom as I'm halfway through my two and a half month summer break. While waiting for my account to be approved, I joined the unofficial Discord group to mingle with the listeners and it made me quite fond of this community even more! I was born in a city in the north-eastern part of Skåne, but moved to the countryside at the age of five with my family consisting then of my mother, father, brother and I, and grew accustomed to the surrounding acres and the quiescent serenity of it, and has loved it ever since. I had a stable upbringing with my mother working as a nurse and my father as a car mechanic, and would often spend my days either at kindergarten or at home playing outside with my friends or staying inside with my face plastered to the TV screen playing video games. Despite being bullied at first due to ethnic background (my mother's Somalian), the two bullies came to apologize to me at the first day of school and thus we became best friends during primary school. How did I come to listen to Free Domain Radio, then? Well, after grade 6, I and my other classmates moved schools since our primary school only reached up to grade 6, and at the first week of school, I came to met a guy that turned out to be my best friend ever since. We became the edgelords of the school, provoking teachers by being generally stupid and annoying. This same fellow later introduced me to anarcho-capitalism a year or two ago, and me being a classical liberal at that time, I didn't really find myself completely revolted to the ideology and read a bit about it, and that later resulted in me becoming an anarcho-capitalist. I just stumbled upon Stefan Molyneux's YouTube channel a month ago and listened to one of his videos and got hooked, noticing after watching a few videos that he shares many of my views. General hobbies - Listening to music, got a decently sized collection on Foobar ranging from operatic pop to new age instrumental and jazz. - Playing video games, preferably games that lets you sink tons of time into it while having beautiful scenery and a nice story. Tibia, Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft are pretty good examples of my favourite games. - Talking to others, either in real life or through the Internet. - Listening to podcasts. FDR is a perfect example to one of the newest podcasts I've started to listen to, but my favourite is definitively VORW - Voice of the Report of the Week. - Night walks, lets me think in a calm environment with little to no sound. Sometimes I listen to podcasts while doing them. - Roleplaying on a couple of 'private World of Warcraft servers', living out the story of the Warcraft universe through a character in it - whether it be a wizard, a knight or a commoner. Looking forward to partake in discussions and general banter with you guys! If anyone is wondering, I am Adam from the unofficial FDR listenership Discord named "FDR Members". Best regards, Tornstrom

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