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  1. Sam Harris Compromised

    No worries. In the OP you said... If Sam concedes that anti-social populations should be deported, then it follows that if Jews are an anti-social population, they should be deported.
  2. Mortgages are bullshit!

  3. Mortgages are bullshit!

    I didn't know this. 11/10! Just sent to my sister who bought her first house. Thank you so much! G x
  4. Bring the FDR app back to App Store

    Probably required significant updating and whoever made it couldn't support it. A stop gap could be to pop FDR onto Spotify. Guess this is another app project, eh? Hmm.......
  5. Sam Harris Compromised

    Sam Harris, is a Jew.
  6. Finding a Job (Engineer)

    No, bro. Ideas are not interesting. Who has the time or energy spend to figure out whether or not your (anyone's) idea is correct? Yet alone useful! Make something that solves a problem that people have, and then share it.
  7. 1. Therefore? 2. Therefore? 3. YouTube recommendation. As I watched 'very stable genius' by Stefan, JP with Cathy, N. was recommended and the thumbnail was in my top right . Serendipity, I think. 4. I sometimes wonder if people here think the way I think (I think not), and because I don't think that the information I identified is all the information to be identified (did I miss something? Again, I think not). I think "Physician heal thyself", coming from you, is quight impertinent.
  8. I understand why a clinical psychologist might think that most people need to talk to someone else to organise their thoughts, after all, that is literally his job. No? Most people are possessed of an arrested capacity to introspect and conceptualise. I understand this. But still, speech is not though.
  9. Finding a Job (Engineer)

    Make something interesting, and share it.
  10. Please consider a conversation / interview with Ann Heberlein. Why? Because Ann was crowdfunding a book (which would be her 8th) which is to be an investigation into the gangrapes that have occurred between 2012 and 2017. She was using kickstarter and quickly received ~ 40% of her target and the funding has been suspended, of course! I should be more specific. Ann raised ~ $20,000. which is 40% of the target in only 2 days! I would think this would be a popular video based on the relative popularity of previous interviews around the topic of the goings on in Sweeden. Sweeden, Yes! Patreon: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnnHHeberlein/media (some tweets are in English, so I believe Ann speaks English) Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Heberlein (book list at the bottom) Research Portal: http://portal.research.lu.se/portal/en/persons/ann-heberlein(876c0906-8467-4869-b953-d0f137178c92).html The research portal contain a phone number and University of Lund email address. Thx.
  11. Give him something he wants.
  12. Not sinning at all, brother! I did that because I though that if someone else picked up on what I though they picked up on that would trigger it. Does that make sense? I meant it sort of like "Hey guys, can anyone else smell that?". Communicating over the internet is really hard because we all lack so much context about each other to be able to communicate effectively, you know? I think that was a tangent, I'll explain what I mean about JP below. Hi, barn. Thank you for the reference. I did watch the interview and so I can refer to that. Pretty simple really. The position, so far as I can tell, is "we need free speech for true though" ~ 4:00+ I guess at ~ 2:50 Peterson asserts "... for most people, talking is how they think". So, speech == thought, which implies, free speech == free though. So the defense of free speech, as in the Cathy, N. interview goes straight into a defense of free thought. I disagree that speech == thought. I think that speech is the communication of the produce of thought, the flow of it if you will. Just as heat and work are flows of energy, but they are not energy as such.

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