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  1. lorry

    Sentence Completion App

    Think about the previous post. user: lorry avatar: my avi msg: my msg in response, links to your msg. ..... that is the state. How it is aranged on the page? avartar top left with username about in X font of Y size, msg to the right etc.. etc.. etc.. That is the UI, the visuals.
  2. lorry

    Sentence Completion App

    No thought of progress until the 28th onwards. One way to think about it is like this... An app has state and an app has UI. State is the information. In an app like this, the sentence stems are state, and then someone enters in the completion of a stem, that then is saved to state. UI is the visual side, given some state, how does it look? How is the stem displayed to the user? etc. The state for an app like this is not complicated, it is just going to be the stems, the completion of the stems, and some derived properties (like how many stems are complete or how many weeks worth of stems are complete, etc). The visuals, how it is displayed, is (for me) complicated (because I'm not a visual designer). If it was a web app, I would just some visuals that someone else made, like bootstap or material-ui or something (google them). React native has said libaries, https://github.com/xotahal/react-native-material-ui, so I'll probably use them for version 2 (version 1 is not visuals). But if people actually use it, then I'd want nice visuals, which then introduces a design problem to solve, which, I don't realllly want to solve. So I'll look about for a nice looking app and steal their design (because coding the visuals is mechanistic, but deciding on the visuals is a profession in and of itself). tldr, I'm not a visual designer.
  3. JavaScript dude. You want JavaScript. (Java and JavaScript are very different). Here is an online JavaScript book, https://eloquentjavascript.net/index.html Here is the MIT Open Courseware Introduction to Computer Science, https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-00sc-introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-spring-2011/ And here are three free courses from Udacity that are pertinent, https://eu.udacity.com/course/intro-to-computer-science--cs101 https://eu.udacity.com/course/html-and-css-syntax--ud001 https://eu.udacity.com/course/intro-to-javascript--ud803 Stuck? Go to Stack Overflow, https://stackoverflow.com Good luck, dude.
  4. Yeah, no. The median wage of a React Native developer in the UK is ~ £65k. This is 30% more than the median wage of a software developer in the UK. In the US your looking at about $100k for a this skill set. There is a reason for this. The reason is this shit is complex. And I know this is a good idea, which is why when I didn't have the time and skills to do it I put it out there. Now I have the time and skills I will do it, but my needs come first.
  5. I've made a thread in user projects. If interested go there.
  6. Hey lads, The plan is to create a sentence completion app in the vein of N. Brandon. It is going to be built with React Native and Redux. It shouldn't be complex enough to warrant contributing to, but if you know your stuff and fancy throwing up a comment please do. I've scheduled myself to start working on this as at 28/5 and I'll update this thread as something of an accountability log. If you want app to exist and you can not program, please do ask how to process is progressing in this thread after the scheduled start date (see above). The repository: https://github.com/LorryProgramming/Sentence-Completion
  7. [In ones best Randian accent] Best? By what standard? Best for learning to program qua learning to program? C. Best for games? C++. Best for general employability? Java. Best for employability right now? Js. My favorite language? Python. Best for larping? Haskell. Best for working in finance? C#. Best for working in analytics? R. TBH any general programming book will do you right if it includes information about how to plan out a program, ie, how to make a programming flow chart and write psudocode. After that it is a question of what do you want to build? And the answer to that question is pretty easy to, you just ask.... what problem do I have that I want to solve? Then you plan out and solve the problem. Got any problems you want to solve?
  8. I agree with OP, not a good idea. The stack for the app is HTML + CSS + Js + React Native + Redux. It is no short order and tbh, if you can do all of that you're well beyond hobby projects. The app itself is really simple because the stack is complex. Because I have said stack (sans React Native, but I know React and have the resources to learn), it isn't really that hard (for me), just a question of finding time given... broke up with GF, working full time, studying part time, moving cities (most likely), finding a new home, job hunting (for a better role), and I still have something very import to write which I have been putting offer for so long but I finally figured out why I am putting it off. Best, G.
  9. lorry

    Has science become unscientific?

    Article on theory of life as function of energy dissipation. Paper linked in article. https://www.quantamagazine.org/a-new-thermodynamics-theory-of-the-origin-of-life-20140122/
  10. Just left my girlfriend, + 2 weeks to the schedule.
  11. So..... I have a project which will take me about a week to finish, then I have a bunch of code the I need to write tests for (oh gawd), should take a week, then I'm scheduled to learn React Native, again, should take about a week, then I'll build this (probably take about a week knock out an MVP). I'll post the repo here when I start, so if anyone reading this in the future wants to read my code and tell me I write code like a monkey on cocaine, I would appreciate it. p.s. If anyone knows of an app with good visuals from which I can plagiarise the design, that would also be appreciated.
  12. lorry

    Where should I live?

    Learn to cook, buy a car, and find a 3D waifu you damn Weeb.

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