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  1. One main difference I see between conservatives and anarchists are their view of the military. All I see in terms of the military is a system of welfare where all of the participants are brainwashed order followers that will do whatever they are told. And while everyone laughs at me, or says i'm insane, I am extremely worried that they will be used against us. Most of them are uneducated and think they have to do what they are told, even if it is wrong. I am extremely scared that we are spending almost all of our money on this when we have no say in what the do. Please give your opinion on how you view the military and where you see it going.
  2. I think that it is really important to have an honest conversation about the US military and how people feel about it. From my view, the military is a cult because you are indoctrinated, taught to have no self worth, never question authority, and always follow orders. You are basically treated in a way that is worse than a prison. You constantly take abuse and are dehumanized because they prey on the most weak minded people who feel that they have no other option but to join. It is a form of welfare because it isn't like any other job where you may not get in, you will always get in and are bribed by them giving you things that are taken from others. It is slavery because you are there to follow orders and not question them. Because you are only doing what you are told, you can justify what you are doing because it wasn't your call.
  3. If I understand you correctly, I think you want me to identify patterns so I can change them. And what I recently did was identify the patterns of my mother and father. My mother grew up in an abusive household and had the instinct to protect her younger siblings. So the only relationship she really learned was unconditional love while taking abuse. When that ended, she seeked another similar relationship but got divorced twice, in my opinion, because she couldn't marry the abuser of her child (child=unconditional love, husband=abusive parents). She can only marry an abuser because she doesn't know how to be loved. Her solution was to get in a relationship with my father who was gay because the parallels are so clear. 11 year age difference so my father is the same age as her siblings. He keeps the secret that he is gay from his mother, so his mother fits the evil parent role. No love is expected back because he is gay, so the love is unconditional, and she can protect him. The only problem is that the evil mother is great and everyone loves her including my father. In order to follow the pattern, my mother created a bad relationship with her to try and distance her from my father, but it never worked. (I also want to note that this is probably the first time my mother ennacted some form of manipulation or abuse, in order to hold the narrative which would grow over time, especially with alcohol.) And then when I look at my father, I have note that his upbringing was almost impeccable accept for his father dying when he was 16. So he should understand all types of love, and he should be able to be responsible. The only real thing he had to deal with was that he was gay, which is something that is personal and selfish. So if he knew he was gay, the only reason he would really get involved with my mother is for a cover and his own benefit. And then he did stay with her for 8 or so years before she had me and my mom was 39. So I have to question if he really wanted me or not, assuming my mother wouldn't be able to have children at that age. And during the time I was almost born, my mother basically hit rock bottom when her older brother died who was basically the only one who cared for her. And according to my dad, when my mom became too impossible to deal with, that is when he played the gay card and opened up to his mother, found his partner, and went traveling for three years. But there is no way he didn't know who she was after 8 years, there is no way she just changed overnight. But I just can't get over the fact that he was so selfish that he was able to leave me behind with someone he thought was unstable. And when my father did eventually get me, I almost felt bought off. Like I would deal with abuse from my father's partner, but I knew I would have to stay with them because of the opportunities I would get from living with them, and the fact that my mother was unstable. So from that, I learned that I just needed to do what others want me to do to survive, and never have my own opinion because my step father knew best. And at the same time, I never really knew who to believe and I guess I was manipulated by my mother into hating them because she couldn't believe how ok I was living with my dad and his partner who basically took over her parenting role after abandoning me when I was a child. So according to my dad, my mother lies about everything, vice versa. Because of all this backstabbing and manipulation, all I really learned was that I never know who to trust, and I always assume that people are lying. And I always assume that I am at fault, or I can potentially do something, or get humiliated in front of others because of my abusive step parent. Because I was hit by him from time to time, so sometimes I still have a flinch reflex if someone just wanted to touch me on the shoulder. One pattern I see is that if I piss someone off, instead of just giving them space, I immediately try to apologize or get their approval even if they just need time to reflect or something like that and maybe I wasn't even wrong, which is something I have to change, or even try to ask them what I did that offended them. And that comes from me trying to please my step father, who is always right and never apologizes. Or if my mother was drunk on the phone and called me and said the most horrible things you can imagine about me for an hour, wake up the next day and lie, never admitting that she said anything. Of course I seeked a relationship, so it was nice to talk to her sober, but she would fall off every few months. And when it came to my father, he never really accepted his own faults or simply allowed me to be abused and not correct his partner. If i tried to ask my father how he can have a child with someone like my mother, all he would say is that if I didn't, I wouldn't have had you, the best thing that ever happened to me. And that is a load of crap for obvious reasons, right, if I was the best thing, why did he leave me for him, and then to get the acceptance and love from his mother (the void my mom filled), that was a double whammy, right? All of them can blame my mother for blowing up and kicking my father out. i gotta finish this later
  4. Stephan always relates the problems you have now to your past because you usually relive your past, and I do not know how to get passed that. All therapy has ever done is to break me down and the only way for me to survive is to close myself up again. so when it comes to my past, 1) My father is gay and decided to have me with my mother who was 12 years older than him. She's narcissistic, mentally ill, manipulative, and an alcoholic. She was also divorced twice before she met my father. 2) My father left after I was 10 months and focused on his own life, he met who I now consider my other parent and traveled around the world with him for 3 years. 3) During that time, I was mostly neglected and left alone while my mother was drinking, but I obviously don't remember much from those years. 4) What I do remember is when my father came back after a few years, he started to fight to try and gain custody of me and won after a few years, but it was a brutal battle. My mother would disconnect the phone lines so I couldn't call my dad, and she would tell me what to say in court. She would also continuously forget to pick me up from school. Sometimes my dad would come to pick me up at my moms house and I can see him from my bedroom window, but I wasn't allowed to go out with him. I would sit in my room by myself and play with blocks or something and be left completely alone. 4) When I moved in with my father and his partner (who I truly consider my parent) at 6 years old, things started to seem normal. He took on the mother role of filling up my lunch box, cooking dinner, taking me to school, playing games, and going on vacation all the time, etc. My father worked late hours, but he was there too of course. But there are just those few things that always pop up. (like step father equals abuse and psychotic mother equals manipulation. 5) I had no bartering skills, and there was no negotiation with my step father, and my father let it happen which is always the case in these types of relationships. Examples are always embarrassing me in front of other people or using brute force and fear to get his way, and even simply just using me as a way to take out his anger. He accidentally broke my finger once because I wouldn't eat a sandwich. Another example he always used was him freaking out and almost yelling and a nasty tone, but then say something like "you think I'm angry, you really have to calm down?" And he still does this now to this day, even when I am an adult. Like he was in a board meeting having a conversation with people who I barely know, I don't live in the building, so I walked by and decided not to interrupt, so he blurts out "you don't even say hello? Well he's a grown man, I can't tell him what to do anymore." 6) And then there is also the manipulative mother who tells me how bad my parents are especially him, and keeps saying that she will get me out of there and take me to Greece one day or something like that. She would always make up stories about what my dad did to her, but I didn't know it then or for a while. And my dad would tell me stories as well. So I never knew who to trust. And as I got older, my moms disease got worse to the point where she would tell me she wished I was dead and all of these other horrible things so I would stop talking to her or seeing her for years at a time. But for the short time that she was better, it was nice to have a mother to talk to until she let me down again. So that is a basic history, when it came to school and my other relationships, I remember at least from 2nd grade that I was always picked on and it was hard for me to make friends. Having gay parents made me an easy target, but almost everyone picked on me or put me down at some point, and a few of them made it a mission just to make my life miserable. At most throughout my life, I have 1 or 2 friends at a time. And this never really changed in middle school and high school. In middle school i joined the baseball team and was doing well, but one guy complained and said he would leave unless I was kicked off the team. After a while, I got used to being alone. I got used to accepting things without knowing why. So how can I trust anyone if I was always picked on or lied to, and by falling into that lie, I hurt myself? How can I have emotions or empathy if the only way I can get through life is to suppress it? How can I have compasion for other people if I can't have it for myself? And I know I come off as an asshole a lot because I don't have any emotion left, so everything sounds like a lie. All I really think when i meet someone is how long is it gonna take before I freak them out or do something wrong.
  5. Yea when you analyze everything, there are always contradictions and it is so obvious. Like we fought off the British to become free of one government so we can create another. The problem is government people. Like we can accept that people are greedy, and greed in the free market is best for the consumer. But greed in the government is corrosive. People need to find free market solutions and drop faith in the government and fiat currencies all together.
  6. Anyone else can't stand the inevitable defeat? I want Bo.
  7. Chris hart

    Why IQ?

    Look politics is almost irrelevant right? You have the US, Soviet Union, and many other countries with various ways of government that were all highly developed and advanced. And vice versa. That is because it is mainly iq that drives innovation and economic expansion. And high iq will always be in high demand, and used. So changes in government affect high iq and high earners the most, but it's also almost petty and irrelevant at the same time right? They will keep their jobs, but the lower end that gets jobs from them might take a hit. The take away is that the nation will still always benefit from high iq, but things will shift on the bottom. So there is a constant demand to get in to get that technological benefit, regardless of the welfare state. At the same time, high iq individuals need the necessary infrastructure and technology to be productive, so regardless of government, they will be attracted to high iq countries. In other words, high iq leads to more progress. So at the end, the most important thing for a nation is to market itself to high iq individuals. Which is basically what america did, right? It doesn't matter who your father was, etc. But now the insanely high iq have unlimited labor mobility, and they are most valuable to the low iq nations, cheap labor nations, or centrally planned nations. At the end of the day, this will jack up bad regimes with steroids. The entrepreneurs who escaped slavery to be successful are now capitalizing on slave nations. But even though these nations take away jobs, they only provide unskilled labor and feed the high productivity products to the high iq nations. And hence the high iq nations benefit and advance technologically. So politics aside, the majority of the surplus comes back to us, because we can escape our regulations, but not iq. So why doesn't the iq transfer elsewhere? Well, obviously, China, who has a billion people doesn't have facebook, but we know how much it makes off the US a population a third of its size. That is because china doesn't have someone with the iq to knock off facebook, or they cant deal with the free speech that would make their slave labor less profitable. Because they have to deny technological advancement to their people to keep control, they cannot provide the tools that their population needs for its high iq to progress, so they will not be able to catch up. So maybe politics plays a role i guess right, but the cheap labor nation didn't benefit, the welfare state did because it was smart, open, and free.
  8. The US government was designed to be the most inefficient and limited body possible and to always be at war with itself for control, because if it is not, it is at war with the people. Because the main goal is to protect the bill of rights, as nothing should need to be changed or improved unless absolutely necessary to the nations survival. The problem is, if you accept the premise, that there is no way to fix or undo bad legislation. Whenever one party takes control, they tarnish the bill of rights by passing more legislation, and there is always a constant need to fix it by swinging between parties, but at the end, each party will opt for more control and legislation when they take power. Because of the huge inefficiencies to protect itself, it is almost impossible to enact change if it were possible. For example, when trump is elected into office, he is a lone king on a chess board against congress. Congress gets to write and pass legislation before it hits his desk, so they can make a bill that people wont like, or design the bill to fail. For example, the former is the obama care repeal which was flawed, so even if it did pass, the majority of his base would not like it, but if he didn't pass it, then he is going against his word. In the end he passed an executive order and is named the evil tyrant who took away health care form sick people. The ladder is the tax bill which is designed to fail. If states with higher tax rates are penalized more and those states make up a large amount of the population, how can those congressman pass the bill, they can't. This is most unfortunate because our president is in a tough spot.

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