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  1. he does a really good job explaining all of this stuff in detail
  2. This is pretty much an exact quote from Stefans recent public speech. I wanted to make sure I understand what this means. I think what he is saying is that because we can go into ridiculous debt we are able to consume more than we produce which allows an increase in births. To maintain the surplus births we have to maintain the surplus consumption. The debt has to fail eventually and when it does consumption will also drop radically and a lot of people will die. I think the amount that die will correlate roughly to (amount we consume) - (amount we produce) = amount of ppl who die off when debt creation ends. Am I making this more complicated than it is? Or maybe it is even more complicated or I am just completely off base? Would greatly appreciate some clarification
  3. What was your response to the ridicule? Its sad that a lot of white women seem to be such push overs, who need to be accepted, that that kind of negging and manipulation will actually work on a lot of them We wouldn't have to suffer at all if we just had the freedom to control our own destiny, the freedom to associate with who we wished, the freedom to form exclusive white communities.
  4. This is a hypothesis and a few assumptions are made along the way. In America there are a lot more blacks than asians. I assume whites are mixing with blacks more than asians. I assume the average white person who has interracial children with a black is not that smart although I wouldn't necessarily assume that about whites who mix with asians. The logic behind the assumption is mostly based on IQ. African IQ is around 70 but american black IQ is around 85. American blacks are about 20% white on average which seems to helped them in the IQ department. From there we can infer that on the other side of that coin white IQ is dropping when they mix with blacks. Also interracial couples tend to be poorer, and most black white interracial couples are black male white female which have the highest divorce rate. I'm bringing all that up because they are significant negative hurdles average interracial black white couples are facing. And the fact that significant negative hurdles exist (for whites) is why I assume the average IQ of a white person mixing with a black person is likely below average. The same argument could be made about European whites in proximity to the dense and growing low iq muslim population. When a white person mixes with another race they are basically forming a new racial category and thus removing themselves from the white genepool. If most of the whites who are removing themselves from the white gene pool thru race mixing are low IQ then it stands to reason white IQ will rise because of that although it may be decreasing simultaneously for a variety of other reasons.
  5. Ok, I'll try to help nail it down ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Starting point... Stefan Molyneux says IQ is more important than race in personal relationships and businesses. Question... Is IQ more important than race as a basis for a country? ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Things you've said that didn't make sense to me... What are the incentives behind your proposed observations? How's that true? Things I have no clue why you are asking... But ultimately, do you believe that the N.A.P. serves mankind and you live by it? ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Please try to keep everything as simple as possible or I might take your responses as an act of aggression.
  6. In the recent video "America's Cuban crisis" Stefan said recently, in regards to his own life, that IQ is more important than race. That's pretty reasonable and I would agree. But what about in regards to a society, is IQ still more important? If it is what about the bigger picture concepts talked about here like regression to the mean? And what about white cultures, do they even matter? I mean, would it be preferable to live in eastern asia rather than among whites because their IQ is slightly higher? Or by the same logic should immigrants we allow into our country be mostly asian because there are more of them with higher IQ?
  7. Ill let the time stamped video do the explaining. The point is only about a minute but the whole video is worth a watch. I assume this is old news to some of you but it was shocking for me just now realizing this. There have been guests on the show before who spoke about how governments in certain EU countries will prevent people from knowing race related crime statistics. Its a shame we prevent people from knowing the whole truth here in the US too.
  8. I think you are projecting on me. You said I'm deceitful but you just quoted part of what I said in another thread to confuse people. Literally anyone who reads what you just quoted will be confused. Maybe you are confused though idk I'll try to explain what I was saying to that guy who asked me how I determined Gabor Mate is smarter than Stefan. determine - ascertain or establish exactly, typically as a result of research or calculation. I asked people which guests they think are smarter. What I was trying to explain to him in the other part of the comment you quoted is that I'm not necessarily right. If you recall I actually gave some reasons which were things Jared Taylor and Gabor Mate did that I thought were very impressive. I can give reasons why I think something but I can't explain how I determined something if i never really determined it. People who want to clutch their pearls or be offended will always find a way to do so. That other thread wasn't a criticism of Stefan. Stefan is a genius, clearly, and a lot smarter than me for sure. Am I criticizing myself because I think one of the smartest people on the planet is smarter than me? Funny how no one on that thread seemed to have thought I was criticizing Stefan either.
  9. I didn't determine anything. Determine is a very exact word and this isn't hard science. If you disagree neither of us are necessarily wrong. I think we would all agree that the guests on the show aren't all equal. Some of them are Charles Murrays and some of them are Laura Loomers. The people I named are both excellent communicators though so thats something. Also I watched both of them speaking outside of FDR and they were both extremely impressive. Gabor Mate gave a talk to healthcare professions and somewhere in the middle of it he spoke to 5-6 audience members at the same time about problems they were facing. He would ask each of them a few questions then move on to the next and come back to them eventually. He ended up getting pretty emotional and talking childhoods with each one of them. I'm not doing a good job explaining that lol but it really seemed like it resonated well with them. He was basically providing therapy to the therapists. It was really one of the most godlike things I've ever seen. I watched a video of Jared Taylor from over 10 years ago (he speaks 5x faster a decade ago for some reason) on some talk show called the phil donahue show. The host and the black guests teamed up against him and tried to shame him, call him racist, and a bad person just for talking about racial differences and preferences. It was pretty crazy idk how I would react if I had an audience full of angry black people frowning at me while I'm trying to discuss racial matters lol.
  10. What are you talking about when you say Spencer's racism? Why are white biased laws bad? Israel gives incentives to keep Israel Israeli. Do you think those are also bad?
  11. There are a 2 talks I think just look up his name + Stefan Molyneux. Theres a handful of speeches hes given on youtube too. His own speeches are even better in my opinion. This is one of my favorites but all his speeches are top tier.
  12. Are there any people who've been on the show that you thought were smarter than Stefan? The only 2 I can think of are Jared Taylor and Gabor Mate. I'm curious who your favorite guests are. Maybe you will name someone I haven't watched yet.
  13. If someone makes a post asking what do you think of Pewdiepie its sort of implied that the people who should respond atleast be familiar with Pewdiepie. Are you asking me if Stefan is distancing himself from Spencer? Because thats what I was trying to investigate. The other people I listed (cernovich, loomer, pesobiec) are definitely consciously distancing themselves from Spencer. There was drama on youtube/twitter recently because they were all going to have a rally but those 3 pulled out and had a separate rally at the exact same time because Spencer was going to be speaking. I suppose thats what prompted me to wonder what Stefan thinks of Spencer. Idk about books but he does have a youtube channel its called altright.com. Theres also a handful of speeches hes given floating around on the internet. You know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words? I think something similar can be said of speeches to books. I've always thought one of the most powerful things Stefan has done was his Bitcoin vs Political Power speech.

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