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  1. darnash

    Indian Affairs

    Elaine Willman, President of Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, a Cherokee Indian and a person who has worked for decades with tribes on the reservations, says we are on the wrong track. The subject is the title of one of her books, "The Spreading Epidemic of Tribalism in America." Most all the legislation that has been written for Indian Affairs is nothing but wrong and devastating to both Indians (Native Americans) and Americans at large. The Tribal Governments allow no rights to their tribal members, they take children away from parents who have left the reservation for a better life, they cheat in voting with no oversight on state and federal elections, they can make deals with Middle Eastern countries for development and access to our uranium stockpiles, water, etc., (they do this because U.S. businesses are reticent to locate on reservations because tribes are shielded from lawsuits), they open casinos to the detriment of the cities within which they are located, (like Toppenish WA), the tribal leaders take most of the federal money and disperse very little to their tribal members. Tribal leaders live the high life while their tribal members live in squalor brought on by squandering of the federal money and the fact that these tribal members have little initiative living on federal government welfare. If they get indigenous rights in perpetuity, they could virtually control most of the country as they would have more authority than the federal government. Indian Affairs is not the only agency that must work with the tribal leaders of 567 tribes (some with only 3 members), but also 29 federal agencies. Besides that cost and the fact that the Indians pay virtually no taxes on the reservations, the tribal leaders receive 1/2 billion dollars per year. And there are only 1.5 million registered tribe members. This is robbery on a large scale of the American taxpayer! All that ever should have happened in our history is that Indians became full citizens of the United State with first rights to ownership of sections of land in the reservation areas. Other than that, they should be no different than the rest of us in our relationships to the governments. Most all the peoples of the world, over the ages, have either been overlords or the underlings of others as a result of invasions, takeovers and wars. That's the way it is. Elaine Willman needs to be on the Stefan Molyneux Show. This is as important a topic than any other regarding the takeover of the United States.

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