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  1. Yeah I was approached by an arab looking guy on the street who was giving out leaflets to try and recruit people to christianity. Should have asked if he was a convert from Islam. As for ethnic cleansing in Europe, could that be a precursor to a partitioning of European countries into a muslim sector and non muslim sector eg muslim france and non muslim france, a muslim UK and a non muslim UK? The problem with an ethnic cleansing that doesn't wipe out the muslims completely is that the surviving muslims will feel massive resentment to the country that slaughtered them, resulting in an increase in tensions even more and another civil war in the future, unless we force them to give up islam completely. This European problem with Islam I feel is a thousands times worse than Bosnia in the 90s as Bosnia was attacked by Serbia. This time the enemy is within our countries, which means a future of endless civil strife, unless we totally wipe them out, Third Reich style. Or maybe even without wiping them all out completely, and leaving some survivors the muslims will feel they don't want to stay in Europe anymore and will end up just going back to the failed, worthless countries they came from. Been reading that book by Mark Steyn. 30% of children born in France today are muslim. That means that in 20 years according to https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/muslim-behavior-with-population-increase/ France will have Islamic Jihad militias and the muslims will be burning down all their churches. Not soon afterwards you'll then see massacres of non muslims and ethnic cleansing here and there. Welcome to Europe in 2045. And yeah we should be teaching Christianity and Islam in all our schools. That means studying all the texts from both religions. This could be what makes many muslims leave Islam as they'll see which one is the one with great morals, values and ethics, and which one is the toxic one. Remember Islam only exists and grows due to ignorance. Once people find out what a failed and evil system it is, a lot of people will leave. Or maybe i'm being too hopeful and the threat of violence and honor killings from their families and the threat of Allah sending them to eternal torture in the hellfire will always stop them from leaving. Quran Sura 22, Verses 19-22: "Garments of fire will be tailored for those who disbelieve; scalding water will be poured over their heads; melting their insides as well as their skins; there will be iron crooks to restrain them; whenever, in their anguish, they try to escape, they will be pushed back in and told, "Taste the suffering of the Fire"
  2. Mishi2, you say that Islam will be kicked back to the desert. What do you mean by that? Do you mean we will have a 2nd Holocaust where after winning the civil war we ship all of Europe's muslims off to the gas chambers and ovens in Poland and wipe them all out or do you think some will stay after Islam is driven out and those ones who stay will only be the ones that choose to subscribe to Western values? Just reading Mark Steyn's "After America - The End Of The World As We Know it." Great read, but really scary. Do you know by 2020, Russia's army will be majority Muslim? Doesn't that mean there's a good chance muslims could hijack Russia's nukes and empty them all out over the Western World? Personally I think we've got another 10 years to sort out this Islamic problem. Anytime after will be too late.
  3. Mishi2, you say that Islam will be kicked back to the desert. What do you mean by that? Do you mean we will have a 2nd Holocaust where after winning the civil war we ship all of Europe's muslims off to the gas chambers and ovens in Poland and wipe them all out or do you think some will stay after Islam is driven out and those ones who stay will be only the ones that choose to subscribe to the Western values? Just reading Mark Steyn's "After America - The End Of The World As We Know it." Good book, but really scary. Do you know by 2020, Russia's army will be majority Muslim? Doesn't that mean there's a good chance muslims could hijack Russia's nukes and empty them all out over the Western World? Personally I think we've got another 10 years to sort out this Islamic problem. Anytime after will be too late.
  4. I get what you're saying, but it does seem to me that if we were to deport every muslim back to the middle east tomorrow, things would improve literally overnight. As for root causes you could say the root cause of these problems could be a number of things. One being governments. We need smaller governments. That way there'd be no welfare state, women would rely on men again for support, which would see the rebirth of the family, an increase in our birth rates, the preservation of our culture and race, and we wouldn't need to import a ton of people from the third world. There'd also be no EU, which is a big problem. Maybe the decline of Christianity as well is the problem. Most people don't have a high enough IQ to be able to come up with a "purpose" of their own to guide their life. They're not smart enough to decide for themselves what they really want out of life and what purpose to dedicate their life to (eg you could aspire to be a musician, artist, entrepreneur, philosoper etc) as these all require a certain level of critical thinking so as a result they live their lives without purpose. Before atheism Christianity and worshipping God was what the vast majority of people gravitated to. Now that's gone, what do most people aspire to do with their lives? They're clueless hence why they rely on society to tell them what to do, and they get brainwashed that they must watch sports, reality tv, get the best grades at high school, go to college, graduate and do some soul crushing job that doesn't motivate them. As a result people go around purpose less. It further destroys men because feminism has taken away men's motivation to grab resources as women now have a husband known as the welfare state to take care of them. And it destroys women as they get brainwashed that they need to go to college until they're 28 and by the time they graduate they can't find a high value man because they're all screwing the young 23 year old models and don't want anything to do with them. So society is screwed without a purpose. Like I said if Christianity was still prominent it would solve a lot of our problems. Then there's socialism that has totally screwed up society. I'm starting to think it might be the biggest problem because it's down to the borderless, stateless, egalitarian marxist trash ideology of Socialism that Christianity can't coexist in our society because the marxists love to demonise it. As Karl Marx said, religion is "the opium of the masses". Socialism also loves feminism because it completely gets rid of gender roles to the point where we have gender neutrality. Remember the cultural marxists are obsessed with equality. Then you have mass immigration which socialism also loves because it's a way to create divisions in society so that we're all easy to control. Also it loves Islam as it's ruthless and brutal and makes a great friend, one they can use to bully and intimidate the lovers of freedom into silence and submission due to the threat of violence. So yeah socialism could be the main problem here...
  5. Yes I do think we should get rid of benefits. It would be better if we bannished the entire welfare state to the history books, that would be preferable. By the way, what makes you think i'm focused on the symptoms? The thing i'm worried about Islam and we have to find a way to banish it to the history books and trash can.
  6. One of the things I've heard talked about in conversations regarding fighting Islam in the UK is that when the British public get fed up with our leader's incompetence in fighting Islam, militias will be set up all over the country taking revenge on the muslim community. Tommy Robinson talked about it in a recent video. But I'm thinking how would that be possible? I thought the UK had strict gun laws and if so, how would people manage to set up militias, manage to get hold of weapons, bombs etc?
  7. Yeah that sounds pretty possible. I'm wondering though what is there the government could do once the doors are completely closed to immigration to stop the muslims from breeding? I'm thinking about limiting benefits to muslims to 2 children. That should stop their incentive to breed. I mean you look at france and though the situation is dire there, in 1991 the muslim population was 5 million and now it's 7 million, which is only an increase in 2 million in 20 years. That's not much considering if they had been breeding like the british muslims who double their population every decade, they would have doubled to 10 million in 2001 and then 20 million in 2011. Surely limiting benefits is the way to go? Also what are the rules in france regarding polygamy? Can muslims claim benefits for their multiple wives or are there rules banning it? Also i'm not aware on what kind of benefits muslims can claim overall in france so could anyone enlighten me on this subject?
  8. Yes I think Muslims will eventually be kicked out of Europe. The question is when? After tens of millions of ethnic Europeans have died and we decide to kick them out of Europe, Spanish Inquisition style? Or will we kick them out before it gets really bad, eg when we realise we can't stop the spiralling birth rates and we've tried everything eg stopped all muslim immigration, stopped all benefits, closed all the mosques, banned Islam from Europe.
  9. 1. By European I mean ethnic Europeans. I think "moderate" cultural muslims will side with the extremists and jihadists when it comes down to it. When I talk about Islam I don't just mean the ideology, I also mean Islam as a culture, so you can lump all the gay hating, jew hating, women beating, female genital mutilation, sharia law, anti free speech, anti music, anti art, anti alcohol and anti everything that's enjoyable into the same category as the religion as even the non devout muslims often bring all their anti gay and anti Jew views with them wherever they go, even if they aren't religious. 2. By struggle I mean the loss of peace we had in Europe in the 90s (minus Bosnia and Kosovo). I also mean struggle as the slow islamisation, creeping sharia that we find eating into our societies, and the slow loss of our freedoms. Although yes, most people are blind to what's going on, a lot of people I think are aware of the problems we're facing, hence why UK voted to leave the EU. Remember they did a poll earlier this year or late last year, after which the results showed that most people not only in the UK but also around Europe wanted no more muslim immigration. So yes, people are aware, somewhere between 50/50 and just over half of people. From what I can see it's mostly working class people who are awake, not the middle class, left wing university clowns and their stupid political leaders. Here's the poll, it should fill you with some hope. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/most-europeans-want-muslim-ban-immigration-control-middle-east-countries-syria-iran-iraq-poll-a7567301.html 3. Good question. Yes there is no black and white answer as civil wars aren't like other wars such as wars between superpowers with millions of infantry pouring into another country's territory armed with mass numbers of artillery and tanks. I dont think the civil war has started yet, it'll become clearer when it does. It'll be a tit for tat conflict with muslims going into the streets and killing non muslims and vice versa, for example a few hundred angry english football fans clashing with Pakistani gangs somewhere in the high streets of some Yorkshire city, with baseball bats and knives. 4. By politicians I mean European politicians. May, Macron, Merkel and all the other idiots we've had over the last 15 years. 5. I think we'll see the return of the nation states now that Nationalism is coming back. But not before the breakup of the EU which won't happen for a while.
  10. So where's all this headed? What do you guys think is going to happen over the next few decades? Is there going to be civil war between the muslims and Europeans? Or will our politicians finally get it under control by exposing Islam for what it is by making every child at school study Islam, the Islamic Invasions of Europe in the Middle Ages and the life of the Prophet Mohammad, stop benefits for muslims thus stopping them from breeding, kick out the jihadis, close down the mosques, enforce our own laws, stop immigration and kick start the integration/assimilation process? Or maybe they don't want to sort it out and really want a cross culture clash between the two cultures. All these are possibilities but what do you guys think is around the corner? I personally think our leaders are weak and incompetent and will make sure that Civil War happens in the end but maybe there's another possibility that I haven't thought of. Let me know what you think.
  11. Great question. The left has allied itself for sure with Islam at the moment just like the Soviet Union allied itself with the Nazis before the Nazis ditched the alliance in 1941 and full on attacked the Soviet Union. In my opinion Islam is the Nazi Ideology of today (except Islam is far worse due to it being totally anti civillization, anti progress, anti technology) and it's only a matter of time before they attack the Socialist cowards and idiots that are the left, led by Jeremy Corbyn and his idiotic followers who have no concept of history or really anything at all. My bet is that it could easily go something like this: 2017-2019: Brexit fails and we are stuck in the EU. Jeremy Corbyn wins the next election and we see the UK's first ever Marxist government. He then decides to totally abandon security and the number of terror attacks goes up drastically. In addition to that the waves of mass immigration just keep on coming into the country. Censorship of the internet is increased and sites like Rebel Media, TNTV, Info Wars, Stefan Molyneux are banned from the UK. The pressure just keeps on building up and the economy gets bad very quickly with unemployment going through the roof. Nothing is done about stopping benefits for muslims, closing down mosques, jailing radical preachers. The British white working class just get more and more pissed off and see themselves becoming a minority in their own lands until suddenly we have one terrorist attack too much. This happens sometime between 2020 and 2035. Right wing militias are set up throughout the UK and as a result mosques and young muslim faith schools are bombed and it's the start of a civil war. It gets very bloody and escalates very quickly. We have a repeat of Bosnia but this time much worse. A civil war with butchers knives, baseball bats and crowbars. However seeing themselves with their backs against the wall, all the moderate muslims are radicalised by the radicals and become jihadis themselves. They also start attacking all the left wing liberals as well and anyone who's not a muslim. As a result every Brit and non muslim in the country sees themselves threatened and turns on the muslims. And the British Right Wing militias have machine guns and grenades and it becomes just one big slaughterhouse of muslims. We have a complete genocide of muslims as the muslims experience the full wrath of the British and Whites who have such a rich historical experience and track record of waging war and slaughter on other human beings that the muslims get a complete thrashing. The number of dead muslims is in the millions. If any survive the Civil War those remaining muslims are all either deported or sent to live in a ghetto in an isolated part of the UK, a bit like the Warsaw ghetto. This settlement is basically a prison with huge walls surrounding it and men guarding the walls with machine guns and snipers making sure that no one ever leaves... This could happen. I personally don't want it to but if politicians keep on burying their heads in the sand and doing nothing about the problem of Islam things could get very bad in the coming decades and we all know what happens when whites get really pissed off.
  12. Muslims will succeed in doing something truly horrific, like a chemical weapons attack on a city or festival, leading to a tipping point for white europeans and resulting in a huge backlash and genocide against muslims. Either that or slow escalation to civil war resulting in tens of thousands of dead muslims, maybe even reaching the 6 digit numbers. Either way the muslims have got a huge thrashing coming to them. It's only a matter of time. The longer the wait, the more unreleased pressure builds up, and the greater the explosion when it does happen. It's going to be ugly.
  13. Hey guys, I've got a problem. I've decided I want to take action in educating people on the truth about Islam. By doing this I mean posting articles and youtube videos by Stefan, David Wood, Tommy Robinson on facebook regularly a few times a week. I've decided to do this as I'm genuinely fed up with our useless politicians doing nothing about Islam and know that people really need to wake up, and fast. The thing though is that I'm petrified of the idea of being arrested one day and thrown into jail as the politicians are now cracking down on free speech and "Islamophobia" as they're too cowardly to tackle the real problem which is islam, and will stop at nothing now to stop anyone exposing Islam for what it is. They'll now be looking for any excuse now to arrest people in order to create an atmosphere of fear as I genuinely believe we're now living in a police state. I'm desperate to make a contribution but I'm scared to death of being thrown in jail with muslims who will throw boiling water in my face. So is it wise to do this? Part of me wants to do this but part of me is very worried about the outcome. What do i do?
  14. That's great, thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to make it one of my priorities now to look for a therapist and sort this out.