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  1. When will the welfare run out?

    I used to think that we would win the civil war when it all kicks off due to our military, but yesterday I found this article which says that my country the UK is now trying to force diversity on the military. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/british-armed-forces-must-recruit-more-people-from-ethnic-minorities-says-defence-secretary-10508450.html It's fucking suicidal. Are they trying to make sure we lose the future civil war? Because of this diversity bullshit, in 20, 30 years when muslims have sufficient numbers, and it all kicks off, the army won't be enough to give us the edge. Instead it'll come to the average man on the street. Looking at my generation, they're all pussies. They'll crumble. I mean this thing will come down to being fought with knives, baseball bats and buckets of acid. It'll be a cakewalk for the muslims, they'll destroy us. And all thanks to the fact that we so stupid to not just impose diversity on the population but the military as well. We deserve to lose. I can't wait to see the liberal progressive fucktards and the look on their faces when they realise that not only have the muslims rejected multiculturalism but that they're killing us all and that we right wing nationalists were right along when we said that Islam/muslims are dangerous and that they want to take us over and destroy our culture. Fucking incompetents. Good to hear the eastern europeans are dismantling the welfare state. Does that mean that they have less entitlements and benefits than there were 10 years ago? If so, what benefits welfare entitlements do they have left? As for why the guy in the video thinks Norway welfare state will fail, most of norway's oil fund is in trillions of stocks and bonds and real estate, which will be wiped out with hyperinflation that will happen soon. And judging by how much our governments are spending, it's not inconceivable that hyperinflation will happen eventually. In fact if you carry on printing more money it's inevitable that eventually you'll get inflation. However what should be asked is how come we haven't had a collapse of the welfare state yet in any of the european countries? For example in 2015 the UK's budget was 70 billion but we ended up spending 210 billion on welfare. That's 140 billion pounds worth of debt. It's a similar story every year. So why has there been no collapse yet? I know it just means the debt increases but at some point that money needs to be paid back...
  2. When will the welfare run out?

    And this guy disagrees with your proposition that the Norwegian welfare state will never fail.
  3. When will the welfare run out?

    Yes, but we all know the european governments will never stop with their open doors, diversity/multiculturalism policy, unless the right wing takes power, so as things stand now, and if trends continue it WILL collapse. The welfare state and system as we know it now is completely unsustainable. White fertility rates are 1 or 1.5 children per couple. the Muslims have about 3 or 4 per couple. This means that in the end they will outbreed us and constitute the majority of the population. Then if you look at the facts that 62% of muslims are on benefits you're going to have the majority of the biggest group in the population (muslims) being on welfare. Which will mean more government spending resulting in more debt resulting in more money having to be printed off to pay off the debt which will result in hyperinflation, you know where this leads...There's no way that a small minority of whites can support 30 or 40 million muslims on welfare. So that in itself means that it's inevitable that the welfare state will collapse eventually. I predict it'll be when muslims make between 15-20% of the population. There'll be just too many muslims consuming too many resources. You may say governments will be forced to cut spending. But cutting spending on welfare for muslims? That will never happen. They're too cowardly and worried about how hostile the muslims will get if they do that that they'll instead either cut welfare for whites or increase taxation on whites. Remember what Stefan said: If you have the choice to pay off the mafia or the non threatening people who will you choose? You appease the mafia of course simply because they're more threatening.
  4. When will the welfare run out?

    Hey everyone. So we all know the welfare state is unsustainable. The question is can we predict when exactly the money will run out? I know it's impossible to say exactly when as in which day of which month but is there anyone who can pinpoint roughly when it'll happen? I know that this year the UK spent 25 billion pounds on housing benefit and 264 billion overall on welfare. This can't continue for ever. Does anyone know what's the maximum amount of money that can be spent on welfare before the whole thing comes crashing down? Like hard statistical data which proves beyond which point no one can overspend without everything burning? Or the maximum amount of debt a country can get into before hyperinflation kicks off? Also I went to the Royal Mint a few days ago which is the place in UK where they make all the coin currency. I saw all the coins being produced and they were literally just pouring out of the machines. Every week £90 million worth of coins are produced which adds up to 4.6 billion a year. And that's just the coins. They said they were mass producing these coins due to many "disappearing" all the time due to people collecting or money mysteriously disappearing. Bullshit. They're mass producing due to the country being bankrupt and they need to produce more currency to pay off the debt. And this will only result in inflation, maybe hyperinflation in the future. This is unsustainable. You should have seen all those coins pouring out of the machines. Those coins are totally worthless and people don't even realise that this whole thing is going to result in economic disaster.
  5. Gold or silver...which to invest it? And what kind?

    Yeah Mike Maloney is great! As for how prepared I am I have a good 2-3 weeks worth of food stashed up in the cupboard as well as 12 bottles of water. Not a great amount but it's a start. Did some research earlier and found some canned food that doesn't contain any BPA, which means eating from those cans doesn't carry the risk of getting cancer so within the next few days I'll be stocking up on another couple months of canned food. I'm almost decided in investing in some silver but not sure which suppliers/companies to buy from, does anyone here have any recommendations as to which companies would be good to buy silver from? Was watching one of Stefan's older videos with Woody Obrien and learned some real good stuff there. Go to eFoodsDirect, they've got some really useful products there. Also get in contact with your local farmers and food producers and ask them if they'd be willing to trade in another currency. Would put you at an advantage as it makes sense that they'd rather do business with you if they've met and got to know you before rather than some unknown entity who've they've never known before.
  6. Entrepreneur/business advice...

    That's brilliant advice, thanks guys. Regarding the prototype, sorry if it's just me being stupid but how do I design the specs for the product in the first place? Should I download an app/plugin to design the program? Would coding be the only way to design the product? Or should I just sketch/draw it out? Or maybe there's other ways of designing the product by myself?
  7. It's clear from this that the EU now wants to force Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria to take in the migrants, at any cost. This is clear. I can see those countries as a result choosing to jump ship and leave the EU. However seeing how corrupt and low the EU is, who is going to bet that the EU wouldn't resort to a military invasion of Eastern Europe in order to force them to take in the migrants? Call me crazy but I don't think it's that far off the mark. Nothing against Germans or the German nation but they have been responsible for the last 2 world wars. Who would bet against them starting the next one? They are a nation founded on militarism. And by the way, I won't just criticise Germany. UK, France and Sweden are almost if maybe just as bad with their desire for a multicultural, islamic hellhole of continent. Not surprised the woman pushing for this is a Swedish politician. The Swedes have literally gone insane and their leadership are the greatest traitors. What a disgrace.
  8. Entrepreneur/business advice...

  9. Entrepreneur/business advice...

    OK, so what do you recommend? Any books I should read? What should my next step be?
  10. Entrepreneur/business advice...

    Ok guys, so I have an idea for a product that might sell...Thing is I have no experience of creating/manufacturing a product and nor have I ever had any experience in finding the right companies or people to manufacture/produce anything. I'm also very wary of having other people steal my idea so I have quite a few questions and not sure where to go. For now I have a business idea. But I have a number of questions...One being what's the best way to go about creating a prototype for what I want to create? Another is who can I trust to ask about how to create my product without them steal my idea? Which manufacturing companies are recommended for building/producing my product? The thing is I know what I want to create but I'm pretty worried about people stealing my idea who should I ask for advice? Also I've heard people say that you should ask people if they would be willing to buy your product to see whether there's any demand for what you want to sell. Surely wouldn't that cause the chance that people might steal your idea? With regarding asking people if they'd be willing to buy it would it maybe be more wise to just go ahead with the idea and see if it sells? Luckily my product seems like it wouldn't be too expensive to mass produce so if it fails I wouldn't lose that much money, and if it succeeds, it would be a big success. So maybe I should go for it and see what happens?
  11. Panic In Oxford Circus

    Ok, some of you people may have heard of what happened today when apparently some gunshots went off in Oxford Circus but then the police confirmed there had been "no evidence of gunshots actually taking place." This seems very suspicious to me. Why on earth would people be panicking and running for their lives if nothing had actually happened? Of course someone might have done it as a prank but I don't think so and have yet to see any evidence. What I think probably happened was there was a terrorist attack by your usual muslim Jihadi loser, who ended killing a good few amount of people, but now the media is focused on not reporting these attacks because they're petrified of the backlash against mosques, muslims etc, and because it damages their whole bullshit fantasy of a perfect, multicultural paradise and their agenda of more open borders. Expect many more of similar situations in the future. What do you think?
  12. Career choices

    Barn, no I wouldn't stop doing it if I were given an offer to teach at a private school. If I were given an offer to teach at an established private school I'd be very willing to take up the opportunity to teach at the school, but in my free, spare time I'd put in the hours to make the online guitar course become a reality. So yes I'm also very interested in this teaching position. Whereabouts is this private school based?
  13. Career choices

    By the way, I've started on my mission to get my online guitar course started. Seeing how I need to learn how to code I've starting using codeacademy and codepen.io to learn and practice how to code. Problem i've now run into is trying to figure out how to set up multiple pages but I'm having big problems in trying to figure out how. Doesn't seem to be possible on codepen.io and the problem with codeacademy is that on the section on html they don't show you how either. What I'm now thinking is should I instead just abandon all this practicing and just go ahead and get my own hosting and domain and then start building my own website with something like wordpress? Or is wordpress even good enough or the right thing to use for starting an online course which people purchase? I would call Stefan for advice on this but it's a show on philosophy, not teaching people how to code so I know it would be the wrong place to go to for advice. It's getting very frustrating as I'm totally clueless on learning how to code, and the fact that I know what I want but I don't know how to get what I want because I don't know where to go to find it. Could really do with some advice.
  14. Career choices

    Haha I have no wife. I'm a single, 30 year old, childless bachelor!
  15. Career choices

    Yes I've definitely decided. However with the online teaching courses I'm wondering as to what is the best option? Would it be more marketable to sell my course as an ebook? Or just as a basic website (which you pay for membership to gain access to of course)? However I am thinking of tackling and going all out on all options. The last couple of days one thing I've been thinking is that one good way I could utilise all my skills to provide value to the world (and make more money) would be to not only go for the online guitar course, but to produce ebooks on how to play (to cater for the kindle users) and paperback books for those who don't have access to the internet or who are just more old school. One question I have to ask is would it be a good idea to present exactly the same product/course for multiple platforms eg ebooks, online website, paperback books, dvd's to appeal to as many users/platforms as possible? Or would it be wiser to have different products/courses for different platforms eg jazz guitar part 1 in ebook form, heavy metal guitar shred masterclass part 1 for DVD, Blues guitar in the style of the greats in paperback plus CD, The Ultimate guide to playing guitar complete beginner to advanced Pro in the form of an online membership course? Also I've got a bit of know how in how to use HTML and CSS but i'm completely clueless in how to operate JavaScript. And as I'm still a bit of a novice in how to code and build a website I have no idea how to construct multiple pages and get them all linked together. I assume JavaScript would take care of that but I'm not sure. My 3 questions would be 1)What part of computer programming takes care of creating and linking different pages? You know, when you go to the top of this forum page and click on the Videos bar and it takes you to the videos section for example. And 2)What are the best online courses that teach you how to do all this stuff? Also as I still need how to learn how to operate JavaScript what are the best courses I can sign up to on the internet which will teach me how to learn Java? I'm currently using codepen.io and codeacademy which are great for learning and practicing HTML and CSS but no sign I'll be able to learn and practice JavaScript so would be good to know where else I can go to learn how to use JavaScript. Thanks!

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