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  1. Career choices

    Barn, no I wouldn't stop doing it if I were given an offer to teach at a private school. If I were given an offer to teach at an established private school I'd be very willing to take up the opportunity to teach at the school, but in my free, spare time I'd put in the hours to make the online guitar course become a reality. So yes I'm also very interested in this teaching position. Whereabouts is this private school based?
  2. Career choices

    By the way, I've started on my mission to get my online guitar course started. Seeing how I need to learn how to code I've starting using codeacademy and codepen.io to learn and practice how to code. Problem i've now run into is trying to figure out how to set up multiple pages but I'm having big problems in trying to figure out how. Doesn't seem to be possible on codepen.io and the problem with codeacademy is that on the section on html they don't show you how either. What I'm now thinking is should I instead just abandon all this practicing and just go ahead and get my own hosting and domain and then start building my own website with something like wordpress? Or is wordpress even good enough or the right thing to use for starting an online course which people purchase? I would call Stefan for advice on this but it's a show on philosophy, not teaching people how to code so I know it would be the wrong place to go to for advice. It's getting very frustrating as I'm totally clueless on learning how to code, and the fact that I know what I want but I don't know how to get what I want because I don't know where to go to find it. Could really do with some advice.
  3. Career choices

    Haha I have no wife. I'm a single, 30 year old, childless bachelor!
  4. Career choices

    Yes I've definitely decided. However with the online teaching courses I'm wondering as to what is the best option? Would it be more marketable to sell my course as an ebook? Or just as a basic website (which you pay for membership to gain access to of course)? However I am thinking of tackling and going all out on all options. The last couple of days one thing I've been thinking is that one good way I could utilise all my skills to provide value to the world (and make more money) would be to not only go for the online guitar course, but to produce ebooks on how to play (to cater for the kindle users) and paperback books for those who don't have access to the internet or who are just more old school. One question I have to ask is would it be a good idea to present exactly the same product/course for multiple platforms eg ebooks, online website, paperback books, dvd's to appeal to as many users/platforms as possible? Or would it be wiser to have different products/courses for different platforms eg jazz guitar part 1 in ebook form, heavy metal guitar shred masterclass part 1 for DVD, Blues guitar in the style of the greats in paperback plus CD, The Ultimate guide to playing guitar complete beginner to advanced Pro in the form of an online membership course? Also I've got a bit of know how in how to use HTML and CSS but i'm completely clueless in how to operate JavaScript. And as I'm still a bit of a novice in how to code and build a website I have no idea how to construct multiple pages and get them all linked together. I assume JavaScript would take care of that but I'm not sure. My 3 questions would be 1)What part of computer programming takes care of creating and linking different pages? You know, when you go to the top of this forum page and click on the Videos bar and it takes you to the videos section for example. And 2)What are the best online courses that teach you how to do all this stuff? Also as I still need how to learn how to operate JavaScript what are the best courses I can sign up to on the internet which will teach me how to learn Java? I'm currently using codepen.io and codeacademy which are great for learning and practicing HTML and CSS but no sign I'll be able to learn and practice JavaScript so would be good to know where else I can go to learn how to use JavaScript. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, so as you may have seen from one of my earlier posts, I am concerned about the future eg a collapse of the world economy, the stock markets crashing, civilizational meltdown. As a result I've decided and am committed to buying up some gold and/or silver. However I am completely clueless in this matter and could do with some good advice. Question is should I invest in gold or silver? Or maybe both? And are there any types of gold or silver that I should prioritise in getting my hands on and others that should be avoided? And what are the most trustworthy sources to acquire gold or silver from? And should I store all my gold/silver at home or should it be stashed up somewhere else? Sorry for all the questions!
  6. Career choices

    Thanks for the advice everyone, much appreciated and it's a lot of help! I guess that yes I have so much knowledge and experience in music and teaching that giving it all up for a completely different career could be a very unwise move especially considering that I could use the free market and the internet to try and make a greater income just by thinking a little bit outside the box, instead of starting from scratch in a completely different direction. I guess that i'm already maybe a bit of an entrepreneur as i've been able to make some money out of teaching music as a self employed guy so going down the full on entrepreneur route and coming up with a plan for a business idea that would give value to society in the area of music would probably be the perfect decision especially as I already have much knowledge and expertise in music which gives me a natural head start. Also regarding doing what you love, Dan Pena's idea makes complete sense. If you do what you love for a living then I guess doing it for 14 hours a day would not be a drain on your brain as you love what you're doing so much. And if you do it for 14 hours a day, it wouldn't take you long to get really good at what it is you're doing and find a way to make a living out of it. Seeing how a lot of it would be trial and error, yes you'd fail many times but seeing how you'd be piling so many hours into what it is you're doing, the odds of you finally getting it right and making a breakthrough would be multiplied and success made more likely.
  7. Career choices

    So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm a private music teacher and although I enjoy my job I'm not sure I want to this for my entire life. The reason for this is money. Although financially i'm doing ok, in the future I'd like to be in the position where I'm able to support a wife and kids, earning enough money to have a comfortable lifestyle, being able to afford top medical care for myself and my family etc and I'm not sure that being a music teacher is going to cut it. Which brings me to my next question...If I'm unable to earn enough as a teacher do I change profession and choose a career solely for the pay check? People say if you just do it for the money it's a recipe for a disaster but then again people go into banking just for the money, and for a number of them things end up turning out ok. I'm in my early 30s, would be willing to go back to university so commitment, time and money wouldn't be an issue. I just want to make the right decision. The question I guess is is it ok to just do it for the money? I'm also considering going down the path of accounting but considering that many of those jobs will be automated during next 20-30 years i may need to consider other options. Also i've got an interest in computer programming/web development but would the salary be high enough? Or maybe I should just stick to what I'm doing and enjoy, and try and land a gig teaching at a prestigious college/school etc. Your feedback would be much appreciated, I could do with some guidance.
  8. So the first phase of the migrant crisis has ended, or is at least subsiding. A lot of people are now talking about the next wave, saying that the worst is yet to come. Does anyone know when that will be? Here's an article which states that 8-10 million are on the way though it doesn't state when exactly it will be. Anyone have any ideas? https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10307/europe-more-migrants
  9. Germany beginning to lose judicial system

    Great that Germans are arming themselves. The more muslims and refugees/migrants in Europe, the more problems we will see, the more red pilled Europeans will get and the more Europeans will seek to arm themselves. This is how Western Civilization will save itself, though it would have been preferable that things didn't deteriorate in the first place, so we wouldn't have to clean up the mess after the shit hits the fan. As for more refugees pouring into germany after march 2018, it's clear now. Either Merkel and her retarded government want to bring full blown civil war to Germany, or they hate their culture, country and people so much that they want the ethnic germans to disappear forever. Either way, the stupid woman is basically gifting the next German election to the AFD. They will win hands down.
  10. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    While I do believe that a nuclear world war 3 will never be thought due to the concept of M.A.D, I believe there is a very strong possibility that eventually nukes will be used as a result of more countries acquiring nuclear weapons over time which in the end will likely result in 2 countries that have nukes going to war with each other. For me, the Islamic countries are the ones most likely to use their nukes if they ever get them, which they will. The appeasing of Iran won't last for ever, and the Iranians are hell bent on getting nuclear weapons, so they'll find a way to get them. It also helps Iran massively that they're good friends with Russia. As a result any kind of military action against Iran by the US is a very risky business indeed as it could risk an all out war with Russia, which no one wants. So Iran gets nukes. And what happens as a result? Saudi Arabia will want them. The Saudis and the Iranians loathe each other and the last thing the Saudis want is the Iranians getting nukes as it would give the Iranians overwhelming superiority and power in the region. So the Saudis would make sure they obtain nukes. They're already on good terms with Pakistan and there have been rumours that they've already done deals with North Korea and Pakistan to ship over nuclear materials on the market. In fact they're already doing their best to get nukes right now, recruiting the scientists and other people with knowledge on how to build a nuclear arsenal. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/786768/Nuclear-war-fears-Saudi-Arabia-nuclear-deal http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/873394/Saudi-Arabia-Nuclear-Weapons-Mohammed-bin-Salman-Uranium-Iran-Hashim-bin-Abdullah-Yamani http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/saudiarabia/11658338/The-Saudis-are-ready-to-go-nuclear.html And once the Saudis and the Iranians have nukes it's quite likely that other countries in the region such as Qatar, U.A.E and Jordan will want them. And seeing how the middle east is the most volatile, unstable region on the planet, the chances of a nuclear conflict going off there are very high, considering their Islamic Jihadist ideology. Remember these are not the most responsible and rational of people. And seeing how every country in the region is out to destroy Israel, this makes nuclear weapons being used at one point very likely. Especially if half the region acquires them. Hell even just Iran and Saudi Arabia obtaining them would make it likely as they're both theocratic regimes driven by Islam. The best outcome would be for Israel to send missiles to take out the Iranian installations and do the same with Saudi Arabia. Because once those two countries obtain nukes it will just be a matter of "when", not "if" they use them. However nuclear weapons could be the things in the end that totally wipe Islam off the map. The way muslims are going, pissing off Europeans with their never ending terror attacks and rape gangs, things in Europe are moving further and further towards an inevitable civil war between white Europeans and muslims. In addition to that, when it heats up, if by that point the Saudis and Iran have got nukes and are prepared to use them against Europe to help the cause of Jihad, that could be the point where Europe decides "fuck it" and not only decides to clean out the Islamic problem with a brutal, savage genocide in Europe on a mass scale, but also decides to nuke the shit out of the middle east as part of a program to wipe out Islam once and for all for all times. The world has only seen the West angry enough to use nukes once (or twice) before but it could easily happen again. Remember the Japanese treatment of Allied P.O.W.'s really made the Allies angry, and it was partly for that reason that the US decided to use nukes. What the muslims are currently doing and will likely do in Europe within the next decade is just as bad, if not worse, 1400 girls raped in Rotherham, blowing up and running over Western children in non stop terror attacks. And you just wait once the real jihad starts, like 500 muslims going to the streets and going on a stabbing spree the likes of which we've never seen. That shit is coming. And when it happens it's going to piss a lot of people off. Remember what Stefan says, white people are really nice until they're not. And then they're really really not nice. The dam is going to burst eventually and when it does it's just going to be a frenzy. The West could easily use nukes again, it's used them before, it could use them again, it's just a matter of when they will piss the west off enough. And at that point you could easily see the west use them again, just out of pure anger and revenge. But a nuclear world war 3? No, it's too risky. US knows it, China knows it, Russia knows it.
  11. Germany beginning to lose judicial system

    Fuuuuuuuuck, 1,600,000 more refugees, that's going to just totally destroy your country! In 2015 there were about 4.7 million muslims in germany. And that was before Germany opened its doors to a million low IQ muslim migrants. So that would mean there are 5.7 million muslims in germany right now. Add another 1.6 million and that means soon there could be 7.3 million muslims in germany. That's a fucking army. Jesus Christ that's more than twice the total amount of troops that poured into Soviet Russia during Operation Barbarossa in June 1941. And the strain on the welfare state will inevitably cause it to fall apart. It's clear by now that the German government wants the country to fall into civil war, they're doing everything they can to make it happen. I mean I knew Germans had some serious guilt as a result of 1939-45 but this is just a death wish for the Germanic race on the part of the government. The question is which country will fall into civil war the first, Germany or Sweden? Looks like Europe is soon about to fall off the edge of a cliff, this is going to be brutal. PS come to England, we could do with more skilled labour and also we're going to need the numbers to help us out in the upcoming civil war!
  12. Germany beginning to lose judicial system

    That's fucking insane. Only a matter of time before Germany falls into civil war or a right wing government comes to power which either deports all its muslims or resorts to its more traditional methods from the 1940s. Thing is however, if there have been over 900 terror related incidents, how come we haven't seen more successful terror attacks in the style of November 2015 Paris attacks, Nice, Manchester etc? Surely a good few of them would have happened by now based on raw statistical probabilities and the number of muslims in Germany.
  13. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    Seriously? So they've sacrificed equality of opportunity in favour of equality of outcome in order to get as many women in science as men? Or more women than men? This is pure communism. Wasn't the West supposed to be about excellence and rewarding the best rather than of equality for equality's sake and pandering to women? The West really is digging its own grave. Fuck this shit.
  14. What if I was to say in my facebook statuses that muslims are a problem, that we don't want anymore muslim immigration? Would that be seen as criminal and could I get prosecuted for it? I'm genuinely worried about this kind of stuff as I don't trust this increasingly totalitarian police state we're living in.
  15. Ok guys, so let's take a guess. How many terrorist attacks by Muslims will it take for the West to wake up and admit that Islam is at war with us? 100 more attacks? or 500 a year? Or maybe it's not the quantity of attacks that would make a difference but the severity of the attacks. Maybe we are so retarded that it would require a 1 megaton nuke to be smuggled into a Western city and detonated for people's alarm bells to go off and see we have a serious problem here?

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