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  1. So.... I'm slowly getting acquainted with MGTOW and their philosophies. In particular, I've been listening to . He's an amazing orator and excruciatingly clear in his delivery and presentation of the material. One of the things that struck me was how revealing it is of women's nature and modus operandi - and I got to wondering if it were perhaps 'too' revealing - by that I mean, if women who were previously acting from a subconscious level but fairly harmless could now, armed with all this MGTOW knowledge -- act in discrete, calculated and strategic ways. I generally a fan of raising awareness, having the discussions and getting them out in the open. The thing is that individual women can either use the information to target and take down certain unsuspecting men -or- women can attempt to use the knowledge to understand our own nature and tendencies and to better ourselves and improve (make more authentic and honest) your interactions with everyone: both men and women. So, my question to the community here is: Are there any useful strategies from MGTOW philosophy that women can use to improve their lives and interactions with people (i.e. to keep men engaged honorably before they MGTOW) and if so, what are they? (I know, I know.... how 'gynocentric' of me - spare me the accusation and just answer the question if you have it please, lol).
  2. San Francisco Bay Area Roll Call!

    I'll be relocating to this area come summer 2017 - let's meet up!
  3. Trigger warnings?

    The effect of avoiding the content is that it's (the fear and ignorance around the issues) allowed to be perpetuated and effectively gain control over people: both individuals and collectively who refuse to confront it head-on, consider all the angles, etc... It's therefore allowed to stay a sacred cow and be "bad, scary, unchallenged" and so protecting peoples feelings becomes more important than logic, truth, etc.. That statement alone that "there will be trigger warning" is in itself a suggestion that this could/should be triggering for some people - further compounding the problem!
  4. The truth about "post-modernism" and "post-structuralism" - from a process-oriented perspective to illustrate the corrosive chain of thinking, etc... that leads to the complete demoralization of men and multi-polarization of women in the West. Also, a discussion of possible strategies towards remoralizing men and depolarizing women.

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