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  1. Kirt

    Question re "The War Against Men" video

    I doubt there are any research so specific and so specifically targeted against single moms. Neither media, nor academia support examining such views. There is a good video by Stephan on single moms, with researches and all, but not that specific. But, from my personal experience, I would definitely expect that stigma, and not only for a son, but also for a daughter "who abandoned their mother in the time of need." But usually only one poor child pulls all the burden, while others live freely and avoid this responsibility at all costs. And the caretaker is usually not the most able or resourceful, but the most "responsible".
  2. A response to the recent video Is Capitalism The Real Problem? - REBUTTED! "If we gonna say capitalism promotes inequality, then we must believe or accept that human beings are inherently equal to begin with." (that moment in video, if you want to check out the context). It's a false argument. Human beings might be unequal, and capitalism doesn't create, but aggravate the inequality. "There is this natural inequality in the species, and capitalism does not promote or enhance that, that is just a natural result of allowing private property and free trade, therefore allowing the resources to accumulate towards those who are either the hardest-working, or the most able." (link to that moment) This is also a false argument. If we take the ancient savage world, where the mightiest rule, and you can have only the property you can hold and protect from other brute's claims, we will see that natural inequality plays out into a very different society and different world. What capitalism does is that it strips those brutes of their physical power to abuse others, and instead gives power to the most talented and smartest ones (Stephan admits that IQ plays a huge part in success in a capitalistic society). Then, capitalism enhance this inequality, by giving money (aka "pure" resources), which smart people use like magicians use raw magic force to invoke and enforce their will onto the world and society. Basically, through money and free trade and contracts, smart people use not only their own abilities (which are unequal to others), but also use the abilities of other people. This is how capitalism enhances the inequality. But is that a bad thing? Well, Stephan insist, that those smart people are also hard-working, and through their talent multiplied by hard work they achieve their success. Here is where it looks a bit Utopian to me. Smart people are not perfect. Some of them are prone to exploitation, cheating whenever they can get away with it and so on. Others can be honest in their delusions, believing that they make a better world, and only after the disaster happened they realized what they have done. Power corrupts. Power upscale your mistakes into disasters. Does Capitalism offer any safety system from such things? For now I don't see that, and people turn to government for safety. Of course, government screws them even harder, but its promises are so sweet and, like an abusive boyfriend, it keeps promising that it won't hit them next time. I really appreciate what Stephan is doing, but in his videos he talks about Capitalism as a way to get more opportunities, while most of people (for now) are much more interested in reducing all the possible threats. I know, "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one", but let's face it, in a society where "freedom of speech" protesters are outnumbered by SJW 10 to 1 those arguments ain't gonna fly. "And of course people feel, that corporations are, basically, corrupt. Is that because they independently studied all of the stuff?" (link to that moment) Also, I admit, that now I am under the influence of The Dictator's Handbook (here is the short summary done by CGP Grey), an academic research that it proves, that big capitalistic companies are not protected from the very same corruption that erodes the governments of the world. It describes how smart people, through manipulation and persuasion and coercion (and not through talent and hard work) can and will cheat and ruthlessly exploit people to get private benefits for themselves and their cronies. So no, Capitalism won't save society from them. At least, I'm yet to find the proof it will.

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