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  1. I do not think Nations are mentally ill. All societies have people that exists in the outside fringes of the acceptable behavior distribution curve. With regard to these fringe people, You cannot stop them, you cannot control them, you cannot predict them; sadly all you can do is endure when they pop up and know that they are very very rare. With something like radical religious zealots, its not rare. It will happen again and again because based on the size of the population of the zealots, there are a LOT of them. I accept that you will always have that 1 out of a <million> that just goes off the edge; the comforting part of that is that you just got rid of that "one". When the societal norms of a religion approve of (or do not "discourage") such radical behavior (Islam) there are hundreds waiting to take the place of such individuals. So in this case it looks like it is a terrorist act, the media will downplay it, as the Muslim mayor of London will probably say "you just need to get used to it or we could enact Sharia Law which may help keep us all safe".
  2. I am sure the news will make sure they cover this as a terrorist act by some crazy pacifist Buddhist monk or charitable christian long as nobody says the Muslim word. No idea if it actually is the "usual" suspects yet; it is sad but I sometimes you just have to hope that maybe its just a sick crazy individual rather than another Islam related event.
  3. This is from California right?? Have you SEEN the mess California is in (well not all of it, just the cities with over 5,000 people for some reason), could it be any worse? I fully support California in their pursuit to become an independent country...PLEASE support them, it is the only thing that may save the rest of us.
  4. fear of waking up and realizing that you have worked your %^&^ off for decades and the "other" person gets half of all that even if, by their own admission, they did nothing to help you at all... yea...I am at the tail end of the divorce process even after waiting years (quite literally) as she tells me "give me another year, it will get better" (I swear men are programmed to just agree to stupid things women say). Advice to the young, if it is not a partnership that you both give and receive from, get because the State says you are "lucky" if you walk away with half of the results of your life's work. yes, a bit bitter but mostly upset at myself; mentioned things were not right a decade ago and kept falling for the same line. Who falls for "it will be better" 10 years in a row...wait, whats that hat on my on my head say..."King of Blind Believers".
  5. I certainly agree with those that advise that the study of any religion needs to start with a study of history. Even reading the founding documents really does not help as you need to understand the context in which that document was created. So look for an unbiased "history" from around 500AD to 1200AD (that will be much harder than you think). This will cover the start where Muslims basically attacked and took over everything in the middle east, then the crusades kicked in after 500 years of that (they always seem to leave out in "modern" discussions of history that the crusades were a "response" to aggression not the start of it). Looking back you see that islam was spread by force and a purging of those that did not convert unlike other modern religions that did not have such a powerful "convert or die directive". Actually, now that I think about it, a detailed study of history from 600-700 may be quite enlightening, I may give that a whirl myself to see how the ball got rolling.
  6. well, scientists do seem to be finding hints that the multiverse may actually be "the answer" (within the limits of our current pathetic understanding of things)! We then get to haggle about how a "God" is connected to the multiverse; does each multiverse get a "God", is God over all the multiverses? Is God then omnipotent only when actually within the bubble a multiverse and "out of touch" when elsewhere??? So the failing of God is not a lack of omnipotence for our little bubbles perspective, but of multiverse locality. Maybe there really is a pantheon of Gods after all, just not at our universe zip code. multiverse science story (they probably fight with the "universe is a simulation" folks):
  7. well, I guess my first sentence or two missed hitting the target, so let me try again to get past that and onto the rest of my previous post ;-) The transition from the original posters thesis statement that: (1)western civilization WILL fall and (2) it would be best if it collapsed quickly, is what the thread was about and somehow it veered into lots of talk of Germany and Nazis which is what the media seems to want every discussion to center on when trying to talk about US political dynamics. So I foolishly tried to point out that Germany had lots of issues, Hitler had lots of issues; and its all old news and not apropos to the thread. aviet has a good approach, lets look at GDP and dept as societal collapse indicators: So I will toss in current debt as a percent of GDP and I think this confirms part (1): so we sit at=> USA 106.4% and lets sample some others and see if that can provide some insight into how "hard" things will fail... japan 220% Greece 183% France 100% China 93% Great Britain 87% Germany 79% mexico 45% Brazil 30% Russia 16% South Africa 43% Now we have a problem, it seems some can "fail" with a much lower debt ratio. In addition, how do we account for the fact that due to strong interdependence in the "high dept ratio club" they will, in anyway possible, work to avoid a hard crash as the ripple effect will be quite nasty. So I would speculate that yes the US will "fail" and formally transition from a constitutional republic to an aristocracy quite soon (the trip will only require removing a few items from the bill of rights). That said, I think there will be a soft crash to minimize the services provided to the "royalty" class and a continual reduction in the typical items used to bribe the masses (food, health, entertainment)...until one day they get back to realizing they are unarmed peasants with no real say in how they will live.
  8. ahhhh... no, Hitler was bit of a nut job and his struggle was with, well, everybody, including himself; no point in even trying to go down any other path with that... While a lunatic, he was VERY effectively in mobilizing a people that at that time really needed "something" to pull them together, sadly it was a lunatic with a gift to lead. Oh what could have been if the focus had been in a different direction. Notice any similar trends with our leftist friends here in the US in just the past 8-10 years?? They are lost and looking to latch on to the most charismatic lair they can see that will fill their empty souls with the illusion of hope. As to the downfall of america in anything remotely related to its current form; yea, that train is coming into the train yard at full speed and nobody is in the engine. If we look at the big empires,say roman, they had a good 1000yr run (700bc-3/400 AD) and within a 100 years..poof, just remnants. so if you think in terms of percentages in less than 10% of the empires lifespan, they died. So for us that's (and we are at least 4 years into the spiral) about 25-30 yrs left?? Now this is where its get interesting, at no other point in history has a government been so able to literal control/influence across its empire down to the level of an individual in a moments notice! Entire cities can be tagged and bagged very easily (modern military ammo goes thru wood, concrete blocks, even mild steel without much effort at all); or better yet, by controlling the uneducated masses you can cause the "people" to actually demand that we go back to a more proletariat and aristocracy divided class structure where we all bow down to the elites. Lets face it, we are heading that way at high speed now and I am not sure it will take even 10 years to get there. We already have high level government elites completely immune to the laws of the land...and many people are happy about it **boggle**. People worship entertainers "opinions" on matters of society ignoring that the entertainers come from an extremely dysfunctional community and do not produce anything, it amazes me. We had the last 8 years of our leadership filling the layers of government (some of them with life time positions) with social activist. While it was entertaining to think that a single new president could fix 8+ years of corruption, I do not think they (they being the entrenched government) will allow anything useful to happen and, sadly, President Trump will be lucky to avoid getting "convicted" of something in the next four years. In a room of full of liars the honest man will always lose...
  9. global warming as it exists today has become a RELIGION, as such you cannot rationally discuss it and it requires no "proof"; nor can you disprove it with observations. starting in the 70's when some finance savvy scientists discovered that they can get a lot of funding by creating the perception of doom this has been moving nicely along gaining "converts". This is nothing new and is in fact right in-line with the great "doom prophesiers" that have exploited the masses (or the wealthy) throughout human history! sadly only logical thinking can stop it, and the government has pretty much trashed the education system. It would only take the mass media about 1 day to go visit ALL the environmental doom prophesies that said by now we would all be dead to see that such predictions are, well, useless...andddddd it will never happen.
  10. If you want some entertainment regarding climate change... Go and hunt up what the "scientists" declared in the 70's and 80's...was going to happen by now. Hint hint: new york, miami, etc. are suppose to be well underwater due to "warming" and most of the the US is suppose to be starving by the year 2000; science by political consensus, woohooo!!!
  11. for a bit of fun viewing an actual scientist talks about global warming..even tho mechanical engineer Bill Nye said he spoke for them all, hmmm; FYI I have not fact checked Dr. Moore beyond a few checks such as the green peace comments on him. Their attacks shows that green peace appears not to understand environmental sciences as the things they say are "crazy" are actually correct when you get rid of the "politics" of science... So I am giving him a weak thumbs up in that he actually does seem to know what he is talking about. ;-)
  12. actually compilers have a very difficult time with today's processors because of the complex HW architecture. I have written linkers, loaders, assemblers, and compilers and some of the most challenging aspects are trying to avoid producing code that runs, but due to poor L1/L2 cache coordination the performance is terrible. This gets combined with the fact that today we have fewer and fewer computer scientists and mostly "coders" that have completely lost any insight into the underlying architecture. Typically you can look at the code and see it will invalidate the entire CPU cache about every other loop and you just shake your head. Today it seems graduates are primarily "application integrators" and their teachers seem to preach the same ideology; all that matters is to focus on abstractions, modular re-use, makes those design patterns. Coders just keep grabbing entire packages for a simple function, Boost serializing objects to manage a bit status structure...sigh... oh well... In many cases there is nothing wrong with such things because, well, it is something that is getting your email. At the large scale application however such things can prove fatal to 1000+core/super computer systems and that is where much of the big science lives. Software is a good field to get into but make sure to decide what you are looking to do. If you want to do some coding, get a 2yr degree and you will make 50-100k salary without much trouble if you can interview and let people see that you really want to show what you can do for them (you just need to perpetually look for and ride the language peak, maybe Ruby now). If you want to get into computer science (you will be using that 2nd, third, and even forth year math classes hehe) keep going for your masters and decide what specific avenue you want to head down. It is a tougher road and you will find a lot of the post-undergrad spots are filled with "non-citizens" but if its what you want, go for it. Getting your first patent is always fun and feels like you have started to make your mark on moving humanity forward.
  13. when we quote somebody can it just quote the text and not any imagery/embedded link? Or is that here and the "new guy" has not seen it yet?
  14. of course the math is used to lie to you!!! that is the primary goal of statistics and the "slightly" more intelligent gain the ability to control the those that do not have a grasp on "the math". I think this is why there is big push for the arts rather than science, and you can toss out a statistic and nobody with ask "but coincidence does not imply causality" or "you have given me a percentage, but its a percentage based on what?" The important thing for you is to just make sure the glass is real and then you can use it for whatever you want!! A drink of bourbon, a house for a pet lizard or even a fish; its all up to you...
  15. 1. the ban that Trump pushed forward was NOT a Muslim ban, in fact, it did NOT include the countries that are MOSTLY muslin; go to wikipedia and lookout islam by county (; it targeted those countries the OBAMA administration identified as dangerous. So that takes care of your concerns regard blanket muslim ban... provably not true 2. Mexicans flood across our borders, they have NO "right" to invade another country; it is illegal which means "not according to or authorized by law". I do not get to ignore the laws of the US, why should the government of the US get to ignore the laws? The government has the highest obligation to follow the laws which means, keeping people who are NOT us citizens out of the country, REGARDLESS OF THEIR REASONS FOR WANTING IN!!! Their NEED in no way grants them the rights of US citizens. This is a simple matter of stopping those that violate the law which is being twisted by the democrats/mass media to flood the country with potential welfare recipients which almost always vote democratic...its a long term power move. 3.It is a non-issue now which is why nobody cares, but feel free to examine CLOSELY the birth certificates (youtube video here=> watch?v=jk3KRxTfkLM). I think its a non-issue now because the damage has been done. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it, that said, notice how you are still willing to play the race bait card. Did you watch the large pool of republican presidential nominees bicker on stage, did you see the racists trump attacking the "black" candidate the most.. oh wait, he hired that guy for secretary of housing! 4. abortion is a VERY difficult topic, you claim the absolute right to control what happens to your body, fair enough, who speaks for the child? At some point you must accept that within a very few months from conception that is a "person" for whom somebody needs speak because, no different than a 1day old baby, that is a human being that cannot speak for themselves. So the morning after pill, sure; the week after, ok; 6 weeks after..hmmm; 3months later, 6 months??? So it is not a simple question, TIME matters. I suspect if you asked the people opposed to a 2month window for abortion vs a 6month window the difference would be HUGE. 5. ...complete non-issue... adults get to control what they do, just like you said...