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  1. jimofflorida

    Has science become unscientific?

    Well that is the entire point of the entangled particles; there is ZERO interaction in "our" space...no electromagnetic waves... hence the aspect of "spooky interaction at a distance". You do NOT have two particles that "send info back and forth", you have basically have two mirror representations of a single particle. So when you measure one, you have defined the other with 100% certainty! To help understand this, I hunted around for a simple video that explains this; try looking at this which may help as it ends with a simple validation of the "spooky" interaction, but, at this time we do not understand how to take advantage of this to send information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuvK-od647c I think this is an area of science that can fundamentally change what we know about the universe. Keep in mind, consensus is NOT science. That Einstein and others "agreed" that this quantum conundrum could not be true did not change the fact that it actually was true!! That somebody (or a group of folks) today thinks "well you cannot send information by entanglement because it violates <insert current understanding>" still needs to reconcile with this phenomenon in its entirety... this spooky entanglement does exist and scientists are still trying to figure out what that means. If it turns out to be an interaction that happens "outside" our space-time, well, guess what??? that means it is not violating any of "our" space-time rules, nice isn't it ;-) We are all just "waves" in space-time.(lets hope some scientist does not come up with a quantum wave nullifier "just to see what would happen"...)
  2. jimofflorida

    Has science become unscientific?

    quantum entanglement provides that which almost every (technology centric) government is deadly afraid of ... instant, secure, global communications at the personal level they would have zero control over, and it is getting closer and closer. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608252/first-object-teleported-from-earth-to-orbit/?set=608245
  3. jimofflorida

    Has science become unscientific?

    well, first is that the mere fact that critters on this planet all derived from a common ancestor is something that you can reliably speculate on by the provable fact that everything is described using the "same" building blocks. second, yes, we (humans) just like everything else ARE a collection of symbiotic organism..no mystery there at all. Even a few minutes with any basic biology text will show that. I think this is the greatest proof to date that we "Evolved" as symbiotic species in the past changed over time to have a stronger degree of symbiosis. I think the confusing point is that idea that the the length of genome somehow indicates "higher" advancement is not how you need to look at it. Think of the basic building blocks more like an alphabet...more "words" do not necessarily mean a great masterpiece or fundamental truth of science. While more complex behavior or capabilities take up more "words" in your blueprint, the ability that those words produce can be vastly different. Think of the blue print needed to describe the complex built-in behavior of some societal creatures (ants)..that is pretty complex from the start. Now, consider how higher level mammals are useless from the start; the "words in their book" do not capture a specific complex starting behavior but a "Future" ability. Rather than describe what you need to know now, they describe the ability to rapidly adapt and learn what happens in the future. They have traded all that built-in starting knowledge with the idea that another of your species will take care of that and allow that "programming space" to be used for something else...a more complex but not necessarily a vastly more space consuming program. Much like understanding any foreign language, once we have figured out all the semantics of the human genome (we have already gotten the syntax (structure) figured out) then we really will be answer many of these questions. The scary part will be, once we have truly decoded the genetic language, what will society do with that???? scary....very scary... Everyone with: eidetic memory, enhanced bone density (some people actually do have bones that are many times harder that most of us right from start), strength and fitness "built-in"(the biochemistry that occurs as a result of exercise, is still just chemistry, if you can program that behavior into your body you will always be "fit"), regeneration of lost limbs, disable the aging of internal cells (they seem to have a built-in "timer" now that counts down to death), disease resistance, etc. etc. This will fundamentally change human society in a single generation by creating a "super human" with all others falling off the evolutionary tree. The replacement of homosapien with homosuperior is a given, and from that point on evolution is no longer in play.
  4. I think this is a excellent example of the importance of journalism in a free society and that their really needs to be some mechanism where you either are a "journalist" with associated access and the "Privilege" to be called a journalist, OR, you are an activist and therefore you do NOT get the journalist job title. It is not much different than police=>represents the power of the state, doctor=>represents a healer, journalist=>should represent a TRUTHSAYER! You do not get to declare yourself a truthsayer because you have a voice on media, that is just freedom of speech. journalists would need to always document and SHOW how they reached their conclusions/story; references and evidence, not a circular collection of self serving rumors! For activities a rumor is all they need to spam the world, for journalist a rumor is the START of the investigation. This would also mean that a "bad" journalist could lose their license to be truthsayer. How much of our mainstream media turned in political activists pushing an agenda vs journalists that have a focus on truth and integrity in their stories evolved over the past 40 years is an interesting topic in itself. We have all these TV ratings (PG, MA, etc.)...perhaps we need one more and that is "NEWS" which means the stories are fact checked and you NEED to provide this information. Let CNN show rumors 23 out of 24hours a day, but if they label something as "NEWS" and it turns out they pushed an agenda, the FCC pulls their journalist license. Yes, that does mean that big brother is involved in the process and if you already have a highly politicized government out of control can you even fix the problem... This is not much different than what happens with judges that decide they get to push an agenda or "write" the law from the bench rather than strictly following the law as written. Society as a whole suffers. We NEED journalists as a group to swear to report the truth and not spam the world with click bait. Sadly, sensationalism pays and truth does not...sigh...
  5. so how did the laser reflectors get up there then? Or do you believe in flat earth and moon is fake.. While there are some people that mess with quite powerful lasers on youtube (scary stuff), I doubt that even now you could get close to the power output needed to actually get a few photons back hehe You may be able to go to your local observatory and see if any nearby are setup with the necessary detectors and lasers to give it a try, there are a couple around that can do it. Do not fear science, there are good scientists and they are actually friendly! (probably really lonely lately as real scientist do not chat with the "Faith based" crowd) as a ham radio operator I can tell you that EME is a real thing and you can do it yourself! hams regularly send out signals, bounce them off the moon, and exchange info; the "math" will tell you exactly how far away the moon is. If you do not believe in meteors you can also try meteor scatter comms, you need to be really lucky for that one and wait for meteor showers. ISS is really there and you can chat with it using equipment you hold in your hand!...get with you local ham club, they will show you how for less than $100 and some time; depending on who is up there.(actually, there was an ARRL announcement last month or so that the space station finally got a replacement handheld radio so they can chat VHF again. You can make your own circularly polarized hand-help yagi antenna, $10 and a trip to a local hardware store and you are good to go. (you can try those really cheap chinese handheld ham radios but their sensitivity is terrible. I am a kenwood fan but for $25 I had to get one of those boefeng radios...junk hehe...well thats rude, for the money you spend you are actually getting a lot I suppose; but compared so a nice icom/kenwood/etc. well, no comparison ;-) if you do the math on what it would take to "see" things on the moon I am sure the mirror size would be insane (ignoring all the issues of atmosphere, temperature, and how many pixels you would want across a bus size object ); however, it would be an interesting experiment to take a array of lower cost aligned telescopes and oversample over a long period of time to get a very nice increase in subpixel resolution. You could not pull it off decades ago but now, with all the computer horsepower available, high resolution sensors, good optics, precision tracking, well, it would be very interesting to see what you could pull off with $100k or so. have fun, and remember, everything around is all just one big math problem that is free for you to explore.
  6. actually it is not, YOU can prove it by investing some time in science <add impressive echo effect when saying science>... at first I thought this thread was a thread of everyone just posting silly things for fun, but, well, do some of you people actually believe that ISS does not exists (very easily observed by anybody), that moon landing did not happen (once again, you can do some fairly basic science and know it did). Same with flat-earthers, it takes only the most rudimentary understanding of math and a telescope near a lake and well, curvature proven... thorium (molten salt) reactors are still fission reactors (not fusion) but much safer and more costly to build..unless you consider the cleanup costs for a "fukushima" type mess! so, ahh... this was just a thread with everybody joking, right???? or did a lot of people graduate with Jethro Bodine and not learn past their "naughts and ones" ;-) Much of what is around us today can actually be personally "proven" without a great deal of effort... no billion dollar facility needed ;-) low cost precision time keeping that would stun a scientist from 50-60yrs ago..(no not a quartz watch!) High resolution telescopes, cameras, compute power and shareware software such as opencv that will let YOU personally prove things that would have taken entire government science teams to solve 60 years ago... or, I suppose, you could watch reality TV and wear a fitbit...I guess...
  7. jimofflorida

    Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert in England

    Hmmm...interesting..Soooo The history of america is that somehow those with the "predisposition" to be followers were filtered out for most of its history; we only had "strong" personalities enter the country for most of US history. With this boon of thinkers the US had a period of enlightenment. However, somehow, in the last 50 years we have had a huge influx of only followers and a rise in leaders without scruples. Which if true and If the majority really cannot be "deprogrammed" implies: 1) the followers will breed much faster than the strong personality types 2) in no way/fashion will the current narcissistic leaders allow beneficial leaders to take change the current course 2) "follower" votes carry the same weight as thinking voters so the downward spiral cannot be stopped by a rational discussion This means the USofA has crossed a genetically based tipping point that it cannot recover from????? Seems rather doom and gloomy...not necessarily wrong...but not rosy looking.
  8. jimofflorida

    Reading Mein Kampf for the first time.

    While I am certainly on board with the idea that "Hitler was wayyy past the deep end of the crazy pool"; by himself, he was "just one person"... Hitler did not kill 6 million people, shocking thing to say!! he, somehow, created a social engineering program that successfully convinced 80 million Germans to either actively, or passively, kill those people. Even scarier in at least around 500,000+ cases these were German citizens...their friends and neighbors. So when reading documents from a volatile period in history, the most difficult challenge is trying to understand all that was going on around the author at the time. Using a modern perspective just does not work to understand the power of "faith", whether it is in a religion, or a government leader. The closest modern day equivalent to "faith" based government to what Hitler started doing is, sadly, the democratic party. How they manipulated people over the decades to where they are now, well, that is some trick and most of America completely missed the sleight of hand.
  9. jimofflorida

    Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert in England

    The degree that this person has been programmed by the government/media is quite impressive. They are completely unable to accept "reality". Is this not the basis of radical faith based religions? Such a person so easily and completely manipulated is just the type of person that radical Islamist would probably want to recruit. FYI, I do not feel "sorry" for them as they are choosing to hide from themselves how much harm they are doing to society. what do you do if someone has accepted that it is "good" to allow the innocent to die to preserve an illusion that others want. I mean, if you are tossing in your entire thought processes behind something that actually benefits you (e.g., your local church will usually "help" you if something happens), well, at least you get something...in this case it is pure social engineering that provides the convert nothing more than a "more" dangerous society they must live in. It seems like its a "kind of" individual catharsis where they are willing to support a societal suicide so they can feel "better". I know this type of programming "does" happen, I just individually cannot understand "how" you fall in the trap. At some point as you leave the teen years behind you just have to look up and do the math.
  10. jimofflorida

    Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert in England

    I do not think Nations are mentally ill. All societies have people that exists in the outside fringes of the acceptable behavior distribution curve. With regard to these fringe people, You cannot stop them, you cannot control them, you cannot predict them; sadly all you can do is endure when they pop up and know that they are very very rare. With something like radical religious zealots, its not rare. It will happen again and again because based on the size of the population of the zealots, there are a LOT of them. I accept that you will always have that 1 out of a <million> that just goes off the edge; the comforting part of that is that you just got rid of that "one". When the societal norms of a religion approve of (or do not "discourage") such radical behavior (Islam) there are hundreds waiting to take the place of such individuals. So in this case it looks like it is a terrorist act, the media will downplay it, as the Muslim mayor of London will probably say "you just need to get used to it or we could enact Sharia Law which may help keep us all safe".
  11. jimofflorida

    Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert in England

    I am sure the news will make sure they cover this as a terrorist act by some crazy pacifist Buddhist monk or charitable christian group...as long as nobody says the Muslim word. No idea if it actually is the "usual" suspects yet; it is sad but I sometimes you just have to hope that maybe its just a sick crazy individual rather than another Islam related event.
  12. jimofflorida

    California SB-18 bill

    This is from California right?? Have you SEEN the mess California is in (well not all of it, just the cities with over 5,000 people for some reason), could it be any worse? I fully support California in their pursuit to become an independent country...PLEASE support them, it is the only thing that may save the rest of us.
  13. fear of waking up and realizing that you have worked your %^&^ off for decades and the "other" person gets half of all that even if, by their own admission, they did nothing to help you at all... yea...I am at the tail end of the divorce process even after waiting years (quite literally) as she tells me "give me another year, it will get better" (I swear men are programmed to just agree to stupid things women say). Advice to the young, if it is not a partnership that you both give and receive from, get out...fast... because the State says you are "lucky" if you walk away with half of the results of your life's work. yes, a bit bitter but mostly upset at myself; mentioned things were not right a decade ago and kept falling for the same line. Who falls for "it will be better" 10 years in a row...wait, whats that hat on my on my head say..."King of Blind Believers".
  14. jimofflorida

    Understanding Islam? Help

    I certainly agree with those that advise that the study of any religion needs to start with a study of history. Even reading the founding documents really does not help as you need to understand the context in which that document was created. So look for an unbiased "history" from around 500AD to 1200AD (that will be much harder than you think). This will cover the start where Muslims basically attacked and took over everything in the middle east, then the crusades kicked in after 500 years of that (they always seem to leave out in "modern" discussions of history that the crusades were a "response" to aggression not the start of it). Looking back you see that islam was spread by force and a purging of those that did not convert unlike other modern religions that did not have such a powerful "convert or die directive". Actually, now that I think about it, a detailed study of history from 600-700 may be quite enlightening, I may give that a whirl myself to see how the ball got rolling.
  15. well, scientists do seem to be finding hints that the multiverse may actually be "the answer" (within the limits of our current pathetic understanding of things)! We then get to haggle about how a "God" is connected to the multiverse; does each multiverse get a "God", is God over all the multiverses? Is God then omnipotent only when actually within the bubble a multiverse and "out of touch" when elsewhere??? So the failing of God is not a lack of omnipotence for our little bubbles perspective, but of multiverse locality. Maybe there really is a pantheon of Gods after all, just not at our universe zip code. multiverse science story (they probably fight with the "universe is a simulation" folks): https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/04/170425124822.htm

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