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  1. Is there anyone from Westchester, NY? Let's start a group that an meet on occasion and discuss topics. Josh Klenoff, White Plains josh@helm.ceo
  2. I run a community called HELM (www.HELM.ceo) that brings CEOs together in highly curated groups to get guidance on getting to the next level (i.e., breaking through the series of ceilings we as entrepreneurs face). I'd be glad to convene and facilitate a group of entrepreneurs who care deeply about truth (the type of folks drawn to this forum). If you're potentially interested, here are some preliminary thoughts: 1. We can stoke a discussion, beyond just listening to the wisdom (and precious gift) Stefan brings us 2. We can brainstorm opportunities beyond building a business on how to advance the cause of liberty Below is the structure we typically run our 90-minute discussions with, but as this discussion group would be dramatically different (given our connection through Stefan's FDRadio) I also share my proposal for a separate structure for us below. TRADITIONAL STRUCTURE 5 minutes - quick catch up on good news 5 minutes - reporting: indicate whether our biggest quarterly goals are on track or off-track 5 minutes - accountability: indicate whether we took the action we pledged to take since our prior monthly meeting 60 minutes - issue solving: each of us shares a challenge, roadblock, barrier, opportunity or other issue and the group shares advice, brainstorming, introductions and where we don't know what we don't know... entirely new perspective for us 10 minutes - pair learning: we're given a topic, we break into paired breakout rooms (virtual breakout rooms), we discuss, and then we reconvene in the larger group to summarize our takeaways 5 minutes - conclude: how can we make the meeting better next time FOR STEFAN'S LISTENERS - We can perhaps find a way to discuss a topic of particular interest - We can explore how to promote the cause of freedom beyond just building our business - We'll incorporate others' great ideas on building more value into this forum - We'll build a circle of trusted confidantes If you're potentially interested, please email me... josh@helm.ceo
  3. spontaneously

    Conference To Revamp The Board

    May we speak? I run www.HELM.ceo which brings entrepreneurs together via videoconference. We have a platform that includes reminders, facilitation, etc. I'm passionate not just about disseminating these ideas to a broader audience, but also to deepening the discussion among curated groups. I'm at 917.566.0364 and josh@klenoff.com and would love to chat.
  4. spontaneously

    Art of the Argument

    Will an audiobook or podcast version be available?

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