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  1. AlonzoTG

    The counterparty problem

    There is one fundamental problem that individuals cannot solve for themselves, specifically the problem that requires a functioning society to meet the basic dependencies that people meet their needs and reach for their goals. That is, there must be a counterparty in any intended interaction. I'm 39.75/incel/unemployed 5 years... Accepting the work ethic, that I should seek to work for my living, I need either an employer who will provide me with work that matches my skills or the means and market to start my own business. Once again, being out of work for five years I am told that my skills are somehow "out of date" though nobody can specify precisely which or offer me training on skills which are not obsolete, or are guaranteed to provide me with an income should I do the work required by such a training program. Having been ripped off of many years and much money by my bachelor's degree, I will not be scammed again!! Similarly, I keep hearing Steve Moly (American name) talk to people in relationships, and having relationship problems. I have to turn those episodes off because they hurt. I've never been in one. It seems the women do not come out of their houses unless they're fat, old, married, or lesbian... Usually a combination of all of the above... It has been pointed out by a number of commentators that there really is no safe courtship strategy for a man these days. Given my financial situation (I've been running out of food money at the end of each month recently), getting into any kind of relationship seems rather hopeless. I don't even know where to start! =( Many dreams are inherently unobtainable. I acknowledge that is a basic fact, however everyone should have the possibility to work towards them. I have been stuck in my current situation for years now with no way to make any progress on anything. My health is starting to deteriorate, I'm not sure how much longer I can hang on here. =~( I mean what the fuck people... You create this society that only the "special people" can get their $80k/year salaries as programmers while others are left to freeze to death in a gutter. Then there is this fundamental schizophrenia where people are strongly discouraged from committing suicide but are, simultaneously not offered the emotional and material support (or the possibility of earning the same) they need to be happy. =| ... There's this guy IM'ing me, he wants me to spend more time with him playing Space Engineers when I already have 5,100 hours in that game. =|
  2. AlonzoTG

    Philosophically interesting games

    I played through Final Fantasy Tactics, I think I made the game much harder for myself because I neglected the thief class because it felt unclean. My main memory of it is characters returning from exciting-sounding side-adventures to the dull grind of the main quest and endless leveling at Sweggy Woods, always reporting on having a good feeling. =P
  3. Hey, I wanted to plug a few video games for either touching on philosophical concepts or being thought-provoking. Deus Ex: Human Revolutions, Focus on the side-quests, does a fairly good job of illustrating social issues raised by the rise of transhumanism. The more recent "Mankind Divided" falls a bit short in my opinion but I'd tend to say is worth it. In terms of gameplay, it is possible to complete Human Revolutions without killing anyone except a handful of boss characters. Mankind Divided can be completed without killing anyone at all. The Talos Principle, a puzzle game, lots of ponderables both on and off the main line of the game.
  4. AlonzoTG

    War with North Korea?

    Ideal solution: Cop goes in and arrests the N. Korean regime for human rights violations... Since they had a dictator, we replace them with listeners... We send a guy to each town and pay him to sit behind a desk and listen to the people all day. He will not have any task or authority other than to sit behind the desk and listen. Whenever he hears something that he can help with, he'll try to give good advice, making it clear it's only a suggestion, maybe it would be in the form of a business plan or maybe he would pass the requests on to outside relief agencies, or relaying messages to neighboring governments. However, I feel it is important that outside agendas are excluded from the process and that things are driven by the N.Korean people themselves as much as possible.
  5. AlonzoTG

    War with North Korea?

    I'm concerned that the apparent N.Korean provocations might be fabricated. I am concerned about the deep state in the USA and would like to hear what independent sources have to say about the subject. Are the alleged statements by N.Korea real? What hype adjustment should I apply when evaluating the state of affairs over there. I know that the N.Korean regime is inherently unstable and will collapse over the next few years, that can't not happen... The question being the appropriate policy response by the USA, and the problems within the US government, mainly the internal conflict between our elected leaders and the "deep state" that might hinder the administration's ability to implement those appropriate policy responses.
  6. AlonzoTG


    Yep, I thought I was being really smart getting a computer science degree... I was even foolish enough to think it would give me a solid career that I could flip over into money for hobbies and business ventures... I've been unemployed for five years and have no prospects because I've been unemployed for five years... I went kinda crazy and spent my life savings upgrading my computer, which still retains the same ISA (instruction set architecture) of the first AMD64 processors released back in 2003, which is based on processor fundamentals which can be found in Babbage's designs from the 1840s, based on binary math from the 1640's based on mathematical concepts dating back to the beginnings of western civilization... Yet, after only five years I'm somehow obsolete and should be melted down and re-minted as a fresh new person who had damn well better keep his job or else become unemployable after six months. Every word ever published about the need for STEM graduates is a lie told to establish the groundwork for bringing in foreign workers. I don't even think there is a logical reason for this. The same companies that lobby for more onerous employment laws for American workers are the ones lobbying for more H1B visas. They have no concept of consequences and their forward-looking time horizon is the end of the next fiscal quarter. Either that or they're operating based on a malice deeper than I can contemplate.
  7. AlonzoTG

    Hello from Virginia.

    Here's my hello post, 39, unemployed 5 years, told my baccelor's degree is worthless by people who've never written a line of code in their lives because I've been unemployed 5 years... Also virgin, never been on a date. The main focus on my being here will be on trying to promote a dialogue on how society can welcome people such as myself back into the human race. I know it is a difficult problem and I don't have any solutions, but it is important that people face this problem and recognize that it exists and that many many people are having a really tough time at this and that first and foremost we must stop this BS about there not being any talent in the USA and that we must have more H1B assholes from India when they already, to the best of my knowledge, occupy more than 1/3rd of all IT jobs in the USA and have basically anihilated any chance that someone such as myself could secure even an entry level position.

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