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  1. os.motic

    What happened to the chatroom?!

    I assume mods didn't approve of the contents. What a poor choice on their part.
  2. Wow, it's almost like ice thicknesss has something to do with the snow deposit. "East - west winds" with thickest ice reported on western shelf. You can't just cherry pick statistics.
  3. os.motic

    Homeschooling with religion..

    You don't have to compromise your child's education at the expense of your geographical societals expectations.
  4. Why are you interjecting in somebody elses life choices? So what she wants to wait to have kids? Why is it imperative you tell her otherwise?
  5. os.motic

    Confronting Abusive Parents

    It is good to speak up in the presence of wrongdoing. Don't be a pussy.
  6. Back that up with anything.
  7. os.motic

    Tonights Law and Order SVU - Real Fake News

    What?! A TV show follows normative societal trends? Impossible! It's a show bro, it is going to conform to its base.
  8. os.motic

    Combatting Newspeak

    You don't. The process of re-definition allows for words to be more useful and new words to emerge to more accurately describe a thing. Words are just tools that evolve over time. There is no way to combat efficiency.
  9. Just Be. Stop worrying about what some guy says and just live. Don't worry, you will die time existing or not.
  10. Stefan should get back to his roots. He has moved from philosophy to rhetoric and his recent videos will not stand the test of time as his views are just that and limited to the era.
  11. os.motic


    I see it as the mental capacity to accurately distill sense data into a logical framework you build off of.
  12. os.motic

    The Good Life

    What do you mean by the good life? What in your opinion is a good life?
  13. os.motic

    Why am I me and not you?

    If you care to take the time, I would like to hear your argument for the existence of souls.
  14. os.motic

    Why am I me and not you?

    Possibly, but that does not answer why there must be a basal substrate that is essentially the barcode version of you.

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