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  1. Saying bye to Veganism

    JP does it again:
  2. Stefan on Climate Change

    The reality is that phytonplancton have many populations within the species, some are happier in higher ph, others in lower ph. Any change in the ocean environment like excess CO2 encourages a hungrier population to convert that excess CO2 into oxygen. We are also quiet lucky that solar output rose ending the little Ice Age. The extra energy can feed light to the phytoplankton and convert CO2 even faster. The refusal to allow people to use nuclear while at the same time complaining about CO2, gives the game away pretty quickly.
  3. Israel before the king Saul, they lived without their first king for hundred of years during the Prophets and the Judges. early US colonies, Pacific tribes...
  4. dreams?

    I don't know if we can know, but they say you dream and you just don't remember it. REM sleep is one type of dreaming. wakeful dreaming is when your mind has had plenty of REM sleep and you stay in bed and doze...
  5. Completely estranged from my family. heard from one of my dad's friends that my dad is sick again. I don't think he will be around long now. Don't know if anyone in my family will let me know when my dad dies. I have no intention of going to a funeral. But I should know that. any advice?
  6. Let's talk dating!

    Women do become less Leftist after they marry, but I am not willing to waste a couple years of my life to try it out with any random woman.
  7. Wait! If your payment of $5 puts you ahead of a poor farmer who got there first (and doesn't have an extra penny to spare) are you stealing the poor farmer's time?
  8. The Morality/Immorality of Seuxal Fantasy

    Harm to society: Japan is replacing at .8 Distorting human mind: it isn't sex. Harm the industry causes: addicting women on cocaine and then pressuring them into unending sex work is a common technique. it seems to me, role playing with a partner is healthy.
  9. Is Personal Happiness the Most Important Thing In Life?

    Some abstract third party may not care. it is we who care for ourselves who seek what is best for ourselves.
  10. Honor societies are a bit of a misnomer. because it is so hard to attain respect, requires lots of time and energy, and losing respect can be rapid and sudden, most honor societies have twisted motivations which aren't limited to cover ups, lies and murder. This of course ignores all the irrational actors, like Iran (who believe murdering others will grant themselves a great afterlife) NKorea (where lies are more common than truth and people believe falsehoods, propaganda and people in control are fairly insane) emotional actors like Pakistan, India, gamesmanship of Russia and China...
  11. As to Cain and Abel name origin, the Bible is in Hebrew... Hebrew is both sister language to both Arabic and Aramaic.
  12. Snake in the Garden of Eden

    Adam may have been Hermaphroditic, hence woman was not a separate creation, but the creation of woman was an act of separation of his two aspects, consistent with the description. not a bad link, tho rather silly over simplified and bad use of Hebrew language to call Adam a peoples. not sure if you had any other points other than these two.
  13. How to prove God does not exist.

    Good question. The current level on science is fairly comfortable with the universe being created. And religion made the exact same claim first. note: the above does not talk about how the universe was created.
  14. Snake in the Garden of Eden

    Point by point in reverse order: If you want to discuss a biblical story within the context of the story, then you have to accept the premise of the story if not the literality of every concept. I don't know how you are parsing the word Adam as Society or Tribe, Adam is also a congugation of two concepts A (Alpha) and Dam (blood), superego and id, spirituality and physicality (a mixture, a synthesis, and competition). I am not ignoring their eyes were opened, I am parsing that as their intellect has undergone a evolution. Prior that had one type of intelligence, and after they had acquired and additional type of intelligence. Is it possible for someone to have a purely intellectual understanding of correct and incorrect without emotionally comprehending the moral value of it? Imagine a sort of Autism, where a person can be rather intelligent in some ways but completely incapable understanding the impact they have on other's feelings, but they can calculate the exact monetary value of every action they engage in or choose not to engage in. Within the context of the Biblical story, Adam wasn't born, but carved from earth and breathed life, presumably created as an adult (in many respects Cain was the first human (born of a mother and father) I am not debating this detail with you, merely citing the story). Eve was also created, from man and presume created as an adult too. You are free to parse it as you wish, but they were in garden as adults, alone, without parents, without a prehistory. I am not against postpubescent teens marrying and making babies. Then they made atleast two babies in a relatively short time, and a third perhaps after a short pause.
  15. freedom as our highest ideal, we have often said we would die fighting for freedom, enslaving a woman to bear a child for a rapist is so far from okay as to permit even the death of the child from a legal perspective. should the woman chose to bear the child and raise it in loving home, that is the actions of a saintly person.

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