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  1. I did research it before posting the question. And hearing Murphy describe the history definitely helps. No such regulation before 1968? Insiders lobbying the government to add the regulation... This helps tremendously. I’m almost all the way there. Just this one niggling concern. When a company is going to fail, the CEO can get his money out before the stock holder, worker.
  2. Jsbrads

    God is not Moral, The Devil is.

    The universe we experience was made by a first Cause. I believe in God. As to whether he is good (definition of Good means from God) is obvious. As to our experience of bad things, I believe there is an answer to all questions, but I don’t claim to have the answer to all questions.
  3. Jsbrads

    God is not Moral, The Devil is.

    Atheists love to complain about religion causing deaths. They never accept responsibility for the deaths of secular ideologies.
  4. Jsbrads

    How to Teach Your Children to Lie

    Why put a child in a school that they have to lie to get an A? At what point do they stop lying? What if your child realizes it might be beneficial to lie to you?
  5. Stock brokerages often sell to clients stocks that they believe will go down. Some pretty evil $#!+ my last paragraph is the question.
  6. Jsbrads

    Help Me Figure This Out

    Thank you for looking into yourself. We want people like you around.
  7. This government loves inside trading, imprisoning and fining businessmen and women. Try to help me understand why our government is wrong. Firstly, I should be free to say what I like to who I want. Secondly, the government has no right to tell me what I can and can’t buy or sell. Thirdly, I get that by buying or selling the CEO is actually delivering a price signal to the market. Additionally, it isn’t the government’s job to protect the investor. However, all that said, it seems incredibly in poor taste to me that the CEO can be (somewhat) insulated by his error (or not) at the expense of the investor. (Perhaps this is some sort of emotional little guy vs big guy thing and has no basis in reality, but I also can’t expect any shareholder (even the CEO) not to sell if they believe it is in their self interest.)
  8. Jsbrads

    Hello... I'm lost

    In particular the economy seems to be warming up right now. Try to find any job, because a new boss wants to know you can hold a job, then try to move to the field you want. You can also move to higher and higher paying jobs outside your field too. I got a job as a teacher before I got a job as an engineer. When I looked for an engineering job while Uber driving, they didn’t like it.
  9. Jsbrads

    Need an advice about therapy

    Because in any hierarchy men tend to float to the top. You might be better off with an older male PhD psychology therapist. Look into it. It will cost more, but I think it is worth it. but ultimately, speaking to someone will help, anyone can help some, people with more experience may be able to help more.
  10. Jsbrads

    Help Me Figure This Out

    New thought: I am a big fan of Alison Armstrong and she has a website understandmen.com maybe if you learn more about what good men are, you can encourage your boys to be good men and focus on the good. Also let them hear Alison explain why women need men to take out the trash (I never knew why my mother asked me to take out the trash). i know the fbomb above was unnecessary, but men communicate differently. We often toss words around casually, without using the care to see how others may take those words. But we also don’t use words with laser precision to cut people like women do. No insult intended to you.
  11. Jsbrads

    Why are intelligent people so stupid?

    So intelligent people aren’t dumb, but why might they appear so. Franklin Roosevelt would try and befriend titans of industry and he found them quiet dull. Not because they weren’t brilliant, they were, they were just monomanic, one would know everything about coal, where to buy it, when to buy it, when to transport and how to transport it, but he wouldn’t even read the front page of a newspaper. Another would know nothing about coal, but he knew everything about paper. If you wanted to talk with him about paper, it would be hard to shut him up, but he probably knew as much about Marx as a Socialist millennial of today (nothing). Being intelligent doesn’t make one interesting, I want to be monomanic too, just in aerospace engineering, I want to be great at that and to be great at that, my energy and time has to be consumed by AE so much that I am not as good at other things. My education included morality, history, now I’m learning economics, anthropology... i want to be passing social, but I don’t want to spend hours chatting about frivolous stuff. I waste some time on tv, but I can’t imagine watching a sport, even if I know I will gain friends by doing it. I am intelligent. I have preferences different than yours, so I am not what you want me to be. And I am okay with that.
  12. LoL, yes, we could put up solar shades tomorrow if we really needed to.
  13. OFD, at T=0, the universe was a singularity. Energy concentration prior to T=0 created the singularity, but not time prior because time didn’t exist, causality prior, the concentration of energy could have formed instantly. At this time, we have no reason to believe that a singularity would be heterogeneous in nature that seem to contradict the definition of a singularity. We also presume that expansion would have been uniform in all directions, and yet we observe uneven temperatures in the microwave background radiation...
  14. Jsbrads

    Meaning in Science

    Trying to cite Thomas Sowell here: It would not be similar environment which would have similar morals, but lifestyle; therefore roaming herders even in different environments would share morals, be it dry warm environment, wet cold, mountainous, hilly, plains, etc. But temporary valley herders, farmers and hunter/gatherers would all ascribe to differing moral systems. Human friction of this sort happened in the US West all the time (and probably everywhere else in time and space where there was human strife due to two different types of moral codes bumping).
  15. Government doesn’t create money. Government creates currency.

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