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  1. It is very hard to assess the situation from what you are writing. The two of you sound compatible and if you want to lock this gal down, say it. Tell her you are interested in this relationship. Communicate what you want and try to find out what she needs from you in the near term. Talk about your goals and dreams and try to remember that anything either of you say isn’t written in stone, if one of her goals still seems off after a few days, then maybe it may not work out. Ultimately, if you are both open minded, good people, jive well, willing to work on yourselves and the relationship, it can work out really well. I think you both can spend some time in personal counseling. I was able to find a place near my home that offered counseling at a very low cost. When closer to a serious relationship, I have heard of premarital counseling, it is a really good idea. Look into Gspot orgasm, clitoral orgasm, and squirting orgasm. Don’t leave stuff like that up to chance.
  2. Jsbrads

    (Lack of) Rites of Passage

    Chores, develope a responsible adult. They should start by helping you out even if it slows you down, and low pressure offer opportunities for them to do something on their own... Allowance, unrelated to chores, when they are old enough not to lose money, 1 week allowance equals enough for two small snacks/candies/etc., 2 weeks allowance is enough for a small toy (it is always their choice to save or spend, No pressure), 3 weeks allowance a book with change left over, etc. Jobs, you can hire your own child, but it can’t be an ordinary household chore, hard work taking a longer period, etc. They can take on a paper route, help in local library, etc. Allow them more latitude outside the home. Walk on their own to a near friend, stay out later, etc. (unfortunately I must warn you not to violate any stupid laws in your community here) Shooting, very big step up, Go karts, other more important activities which can be seen as manly. strict policy on dating before a certain age... Camping, fishing, building a fire, cooking, age appropriate...
  3. Jsbrads

    Culture and migration

    Your question reminded me of a rule in psychology. A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture from Wikipedia
  4. Jsbrads

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    In the sling is scientifically the best way to care for an infant. It is very daunting in the modern world of clocks and what nots.
  5. Jsbrads

    Working 12 hrs a day... need help

    Well Bushrat, you may not have intended to share important information with me by writing this post, but you gave me critical information I need on a separate project. You helped me, I put something for you in return. Get well soon.
  6. Jsbrads

    Depressed or just SCREWED

    You got me beat, except for family, there I got you beat (if it’s a competition) my family is a real piece of work. Other than family, my life was bad but no quite as bad as yours although once I would have been thankful for an rv. I thought it was all over years ago and I was just hoping for it to end. I was able to get cheap counseling thru one program. I found a job program for felons (even tho I’m not a felon) and they helped me with my resume and interview skills. They would have given me a job sweeping streets if I were a felon, but I didn’t qualify. They offered me a cash job once, but I was earning just a bit more money doing something else at the time. It probably was Peterson reading the story of Cain and Able when I decided I really didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole. Still stuck, but then I got a slightly better job and then another better yet. Life ain’t rosy. But it’s better. I have hope it won’t go back to the shitter, but I know I can lose everything in a moment. I can’t guarantee your life will get better. But I do know you can find a way to make it worse and if you don’t want that you gotta take it one day at a time. Mindful meditation helped me get myself 1% better. Heart, I’ll talk with you if you want. Email me jsbrads@gmail.com
  7. Jsbrads

    Questions about Sex

    I’m pretty sure Barn said everything I wanted to say and much more. Just wanted to reiterate, there is no hard number. 3 may be a good rule of thumb, but it won’t break someone. And even the best rule of thumb, isn’t a concrete rule that doesn’t have exceptions. It is hard to change if you ignored your human needs for real emotional intimacy and supplant it with sex. The longer a person ignores what they truly need, the harder it is to get back to where they need to be, but no one is so far gone that they have no chance for salvation.
  8. Jsbrads

    What am I failing to grasp?

    I have also availed myself to low cost counseling outside of uni, and recently began mindful meditation which I found very helpful to level out the bumps.
  9. Um are you still traumatized by the gate 1.5 yrs later?
  10. Jsbrads

    Visiting the Library of Babel...

    Shortly after Twitter started the US Library of Congress started recording all tweets by US citizens for posterity (they must have seen one of my tweets) but after a very short time they changed their minds. Not because of any shortage of disk space, but because of the drivel being written, they decided they didn’t want to save that for posterity at all.
  11. Jsbrads

    Binary is the new religion

    I am the one, who said that? Jesus? What if the Trinity?
  12. Jsbrads

    Blasphemous Ice Cream

    Adults who desire sex with a prepubescent child have been found to be unsocializable. No community or alternative lifestyle environment deter them from seeking sex with young children. Adults who desire postpubescent children, teens, have been often successfully socialized, and in a comfortable environment of their age peers, they tend to revert to sex with their age peers quite happily.
  13. Jsbrads

    Consigning God to the Dustbin

    From the top y’all: It isn’t God is chance, it is God or chance that created the universe. Entropy was never Zero. At 10^-32 secs, the universe was the size of a grain of sand and incredibly hot (lots of Entropy) and the energy was unevenly distributed within that grain of sand. Entropy is increasing, life inside the universe can’t reverse it so long as it is a closed system. If your God doesn’t exist, your moral system is flawed. I am not saying your moral system isn’t the best moral system, I’m just saying it can’t be perfect without a God. Were our planet created by incredibly intelligent aliens billions of years ago, and they made our DNA, and should they state what ethical system we should use, I can legitimately reply, “Well Yeah, that’s just your opinion man.” I enjoyed learning from you that faith can be in an ethical system, not in the God named for it. Two types of chaos (aka positive Entropy) do add together, but they are both positive values and they are additive, not multiplicative. True, our winding backwards of time is limited, the law of Entropy, doesn’t require our ability to wind back time, it supersedes it. Yes, God is outside our universe, within it, etc. Our universe may be inside the mind of God. Much like we can create AI and not know what it will do, God can create us, know what we will do and still allow us the free will to do it, even if it isn’t in the best interests of ourselves/the creatures he created. The universe isn’t infinite, it was created with a finite quantity of energy. The universe was created. It isn’t possible it was created by chance.
  14. Ayn Rand voiced the idea of Selfish Egoism. she said that today’s society values altruism and that this value system is horribly flawed and leads to systems like Communism. The idea is for each individual person to morally seek to better oneself, not at any other’s expense, but thru Capitalism and Free Trade. She loved Capitalism and championed it as the greatest system for society. She was born in collapsing Russia and watch her father harmed by Communism. She supports limited government, courts and police, paid by tax dollars. She supports the military and thinks the government should seek its own benefit and destroy anyone who challenges our country with violence. But trade freely in general and not seek to annex other land or resources.
  15. Jsbrads

    Two more questions

    The Wolf and the Sheepdog. 1 Read the stories, or hear them from a professional storyteller. What is the moral? Know what you are capable of before you go there. And... 2 Starve the wolf, feed the sheepdog. There are two spirits inside of you, one feeds on anger, doubt, exhaustion, depression... the other on calmness, surety, energy and joy. 2b I have found mindful meditation instrumental in helping me improve my mindset when depression would occasionally distract me.

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