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  1. Religious experience

    I’m not calling you a liar. Memory is very malleable. Even had your memory told you she would call at 10:45am on Monday, and she called exactly then, it would not indicate anything. If there is such a thing as telepathy or a prescient experience, this isn’t it. Sorry to hear of these troubles. Wish y’all the best. Think about your situation, chat about it with friends and here’s to hoping you find more peace.
  2. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    Right? You think a woman can’t cut a man with a look? Goodboy, beautiful words and I believe them. It is an absolute rule for relations, a heart reflects a heart like water reflects a face. Proverbs?
  3. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    The size of dinosaurs discussed above triggered me to think of how gravity could be the same yet acceleration due to gravity could be different. The square-cube law makes them fairly unbelievable. Barn, 1 my theory doesn’t contradict relativity light departing a moving vehicle moves at c and is blue or red shifted. Not plus V. 2 the expansion of the universe had inflation before there was matter, expansion was “faster” than light, but didn’t break relativity because nothing actually moved. There are galaxies that are moving away from us right now that are “moving” faster than light. 3 yes, that is a problem, which is why you would have to use a electric method of weight measurement and record that info for later. 4 The theory is that time speed changes everywhere in the universe at the same time, making it impossible to see changes without very dedicated longitudinal reasearch into the changes of weight on a planet, using non-mass based measure to record data. Universal expansion is universal, includes our moon orbit too, but on too small a scale to affect the trajectory of the planets before the heat death of the universe. Its really funny how we take so many things for granted with how we measure things. Simple metal springs for weight calibrated by other weights, but now new modern force transducers also calibrated by weights. Length, use something of known length. Force? Back to weights... Time? Use base 60 Babylonian numbers to divide the day. Temperature? We are cavemen with that...
  4. Religious experience

    I totally agree without prior evidence that two people having sex entangle their magnetic fields. But not two people standing two or three feet away? Let alone further? As to any sort of telepathy, large claims and all. Russians did huge studies hoping to find something, they came up with nothing. That isn’t proof. But it ain’t nothing.
  5. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    The curse isn’t that man will rule over women. The curse is said to a woman, essentially, if she doesn’t lift herself above her base nature, she will let a man rule her, she will allow a man who operates at a base human level to command her. Biker men and women always come to my mind when I am reminded of this line. #NotAllBikers When I think of healthy, intelligent, engaged communicating couples, this curse is the furthest description from reality.
  6. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    I don’t think so. My premise is that velocity of time changes very slowly while tied to the expansion of the universe, so 65 million yrs ago it was just different enough, but not vastly different. Also the velocity of time would have changed very rapidly in the first few seconds during inflation, then slower after first 100,000 “yrs”. Slower change yet after 1 billion... currently it would be negligible over long periods of time, either 1. as a ratio to the entire age of the universe, or 2. to the current size of the universe. If tied to the size, we don’t know if expansion is accelerating, slowing, or asymptotically approaching some non-“crunch” stable value. (There is no reason to believe the velocity of time isn’t tied to either of these 2 values, or perhaps a 3rd value or a combo.) Light shouldn’t be impacted by this at all, or if it is, no source of light is so constant that the changes we might seek would be visible above the noise for a very long time (perhaps many millennia). Perhaps a longitudinal study over 100,000 yrs we might notice a sample of mass like the roundest silicon sphere might be slightly heavier on some force transducer circuit, that isn’t calibrated with mass samples. Perhaps it can even be designed that the electrical circuit would amplify that change, eg the circuit would read a higher value because of the same change in the velocity of time. I would note that even if some Mammoths were bigger than African elephants, that wouldn’t have been due to differences in acceleration due to gravity (over the last 10,000 yrs) but far more likely due to temperature, our current theory why many large creatures went extinct recently or it could be over-hunting by humans who became more intelligent very recently. Other examples that might support this theory, may include whales. They might have been fairly big, walking on land was getting harder, they moved to shallows, then deeper water adapting, etc. This isn’t evidence of anything, merely a curious investigation point. Access their mitochondrial ancestral DNA, enter the data into a simulation program (which doesn’t exist today) and see what they looked like, body mass while they were walking [assumption] and what kind of stresses were their legs under...
  7. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    Hollow earth would still not change in mass.
  8. Expanding Earth and Gravity

    What if the mass of the planet hasn’t changed at all in 65 million yrs? What if the speed of time changes as the umiverse expands? Then if the value of time changed, the attractive force could be the same but the difference in the speed of time could alter the acceleration, less acceleration, less pressure on the bones, larger creatures would have been competitive.
  9. Advice For Hyper Intellectuals

    Indoctrination does not equal unintelligent. People are social and many believe what they perceive “everybody else” believes. Even Red pilling is only possible for many red pilled because they hear of others who are red pilled. It was quiet astonishing to watch Dave Rubin flustered by the realization of the destruction of Welfare on the Black community and struggle to rationalize continued support for Welfare (which I think he may have retreated somewhat from by now). Perhaps there is an evolutionary beneficial affect to denying what looks like reality and to bend your view to the popular opinion. Hunter gatherers may have benefited from greater peace, other humans died out. Or our minds could have been so bad at interpreting the world, we had to combine our input from all the hunter gatherers and accept the common perspective as most accurate (tho this makes little sense as anyone capable of communicating their perspective on reality should have had plenty of processing power to interpret reality, and the time lag to communicate should have been fatal).
  10. Religious experience

    Elzoog, first, let’s be candid, your daughter called five days after your feeling. Not 30 secs after. I mean no disrespect, but my mother is positive her dreams are true too. Especially that time she dreamed my aunt, who was 9 months pregnant at the time, had a baby. My mother probably dreamed that same dream every night for 11 days, but she only remembered the dream that preceded the phone call that her sister gave birth. I am sure I have experience similar synchronicity and attributed to intuition and intelligence, what is more similar to random firing of neurons and is atrociously unreliable statistically speaking. We don’t remember how often we forget our wrong intuitions :/
  11. The entire cost of the Canadian national healthcare system to get a few more entrepreneurs? In the US, we deploy freedom and you do what you want at your own cost.
  12. Religious experience

    It is obvious to me that your subconscious is telling you it thinks your daughter is important. FYI, I agree with your subconscious. unfortunately we aren’t prescient, despite how it may sometimes feel that these things are. The is a system in our mind which uses these stimuli when confirmed to remember and when disconfirmed to forget. But what does that mean for life? When something Big happens, pay attention to what message you are getting, speak it over with friends, try to figure out what is troubling you and try to resolve it. I think our brains tie up processing power when we don’t resolve issues as they come dampening our ability and energy.
  13. Getting twice as many entrepreneurs, by spending three times as much money isn’t a benefit. Government spending misallocates resources.
  14. I have been reading Genesis, the other one.
  15. Is God competent or incompetent?

    God didn’t start creation with the Psalmist King David. God started creation with Adam. Adam was born without sin. Once Adam chose sin, everyone born after was born with sin within us. We are all the children of Adam and Eve.

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