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  1. Atheism was a major part of their homocidal insanity. The denouncement of God was too exposing to their psyche. Their acceptance of the unquestioned state authority and their permission to the state to operate without reservation was specifically due to their atheism. Both emotionally and rationally they argued for the autonomy of the state to operate without moral limits.
  2. Snake in the Garden of Eden

    No, our natures exist within us whether we acknowledge it like religious people do, or ignore it like most atheists, libertarians or all communists.
  3. The Inquisition was wrong. so what? so was the murder of hundreds of millions by the hand of atheistic communists.
  4. Discussing angels who if they exist, they live in a completely different universe than ours... also if you know your Bible, they descended into the preflood earth and failed miserably (the Noah movie exposed me to the opinion that many decided to join Noah and ended up back in heaven, an exercise of free will). As to Jesus, we don’t know what he was. I have my beliefs, you yours and everybody else a different set of views. But why distract from speaking about humans? Were my comments too simple and straightforward that you need to dissemble to gain ground? No? Then let’s talk about people. Killing people doesn’t make them better. That is true. But neither does leaving them alive make them better. You can’t make people be good. But if people are particularly bad, like murderers, killing them is not only not bad, it is good. I agree with you that babies aren’t evil. And that life is good, but only in its capacity to create goodness. Life dedicated to cable TV and child neglect* is not a valuable life in general, but it isn’t my job to calculate the value of individuals and mete out my own form of justice. Society only has to execute murderers. God takes care of the details. *Note, some societies were far worse than that. Molech, burned babies and children alive. Human sacrifice, pedophilia, slavery, rape, nonporportional justice systems, socially condoned abuse of women...
  5. The creation of the universe is God creating the opportunity to give to others. This is Goodness. Maximum goodness is achieved by humans who achieve their benefits. Eudaimonia and Free Will are completely intertwined concepts.
  6. Women in the Military

    You are welcome to start a new topic, but this thread seems to have room. I would think the highest possible standards which will attain the personnel needed. Standards do not exist in a vacuum, they exist in the real world.
  7. First false premise in the video. Double CO2, get huge increases in temperature. It isn’t true. Not I don’t like that theory. Not it contradicts my theory. We have had an impact on the global CO2 in many ways, but we haven’t seen the temperature increase promised over and over again. Second false premise: All the mistakes in modeling were due to slight mistakes and now we have it right. Reality, there were hundreds of things that they didn’t account for and now we know three of the things they ignored that have a huge impact on temperature according to our new best guesses, because no one is actually studying this with the intention of finding the truth, but to bolster their preconceived notions that they can now revert to that they have rationalized the errors they found in their old models. Third false premise: Many data sets Vs One data set Ground based thermometers which are incredibly inaccurate and located in or near cities, when divided into groups under different names and operated by Climate Alarmists (some of whom have tried to fake data) are “many data sets” but RSS, the most sophisticated temperature sensors on or near the planet which are actually designed to measure global temperatures are somehow inherently flawed. And when mentioning a paper on why the RSS might be wrong, he completely glosses over the details like how far off is the data, what causes the error, and does the RSS agree with or not the ground based readings after correction... Maybe 1: On Monktons errors, okay, somewhat cherry picked, I’ll admit some real mistakes probably exist. Conflating Monkton’s errors with him being wrong on the big picture... is a logical fallacy. Fourth and Fifth false premise: Slight warming will melt all ice. Water vapor creates runaway warming. No. It hasn’t. Let that sink in first. Now let me explain why it may not happen in the future either. Reality, it is currently too cold to snow at the poles. Slight warming will often increase snowing and thus create a negative feedback. As we increase the temperature slightly, more water is absorbed by the air, but some of it gets to the poles and we have been seeing an increase in ice at the poles. Some of the increases in moisture also end up in the higher atmosphere and these high level clouds block some light from reaching the planet. Cloud behavior is not well understood. Molyneax never claimed the temperature never got warmer, merely that the system adjusted over the long term, which it has. No one is claiming the planet can’t warm. The Alarmists have been claiming for the last 25 years that we are a few years away from runaway global warming that we will never recover from.
  8. Do you know what God values higher than life? Free Will. someone chooses to be evil, God doesn’t destroy his Free Will to make him a better person. Watch out Gnostic, you are beginning to sound very Utopian...
  9. Prepubescent pedophilia is evil. People who do it have never been rehabbed. postpubecent pedos are bad. People who did it can be socialized. Ninja, that sounds very Libertarian. I don’t like the use of force, but it is necessary to prevent pedophilia, incest and child abuse. Perhaps a minimum of intervention is possible, not arrest and prison everytime someone misbehaves... but ignoring the problem doesn’t make it better.
  10. Women in the Military

    Oh, then you didn’t know. Standards have been lowered in every public position where physical standards are required to allow women the opportunity to join. They still don’t meet those most of the time.
  11. Women in the Military

    Thank you for commenting. this seems one of those subjects that is so clear to most, there was less of a lively debate than I expected. It would seem that we can have voting with an all men military as women who cannot be drafted care for men in general. Today the feminist ideologues being the singular exception in human history, there is even an example of a mother hating her own sons!?
  12. You just described the opposite of reality. Nuclear facilities are originally placed far from cities. And people continue to fill in the space between the city and the nuclear facility because it is safe.
  13. S1988 some mothers lean on their sons emotionally when their boys are 5 yrs old. Many of those boys are gay. Your brother despite his willingness to engage in an unhealthy relationship, is an adult.
  14. The Query of Morality

    Killing murderers is a benefit? or would you rather reward them?
  15. Do they belong there? Are they as efficient as men at the work men do? Are they psychologically prepared to do that work? Is there a right of a citizen to fight for his country in the governmental army?

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