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  1. The father/person who assaults the mother must be punished for the assault, but not for killing the baby if the mother can abort (kill) the baby and not be punished for it.
  2. Do you mean my position on this subject? I'm watching most of Stefan's videos, but I still feel like a noob :), so excuse any "NotAnArgument" I make or if I contradict myself. The reason I asked about this here is because I guess this forum is the best place to get good answers. There is no particular reason why I chose to start with this. I'm not a native English speaker, and I'm not versed in all the different legal definitions of ending a life. Do you mean if I distinguish between, say, homicide, manslaughter, first/second degree murder? I don't know the difference between them, so in this context (if possible) I'm talking about one human ending another human's life. I don't think that the legal definition of "ending a life" should apply at conception. I think it should vary depending on the situation. I don't know what the "default" position of a pro-lifer is on ending a baby's life to save the mother, but I believe the mother is worth more than the baby. I also believe that an unwanted child should not be born, so it shouldn't matter at which time the pregnancy is discovered; an abortion is a solution. My main concern is that no matter at which week any nation draws the line, there can't be a difference in the punishment for ending a life between "a kick in the stomach" and an abortion.
  3. What are your thoughts on the following: It is wrong to bring a child to this world if at least one of the parents don't want the child. A mother can choose to birth a child regardless of what the father thinks. A mother can choose to abort a child regardless of what the father thinks. A father is therefore incapacitated in this extremely important situation. If a mother removes a child, it's called an abortion. If a father "removes" a child, it's called a murder. No one has the right – except in self-defence – to attack another human being. A human being who uses violence which results in the death of an unborn child, should be punished for the violence inflicted upon the mother; not for "murder" of the unborn child, as long as the mother can abort the child which in practice is the same as murder in the father's situation. There is just one way of doing this: – Mother and father want to keep = the child is kept – Mother and father want to remove = the child is removed – Mother wants to keep, father wants to remove = the child is removed – Mother wants to remove, father wants to keep = the child is removed – Mother wants to remove, father is unknown/dead = mother decides, as long as the father's family can't be held economically, or in other ways, responsible for the child against their will.

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