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  1. sounds like a good idea!
  2. Pure awesomeness! The problem with trigger warnings for the most part (the way I've seen them used at least) is that they are never meant to protect people that might actually need it. for example, a rape victim will not go to a lecture about rape if they will be triggered, no trigger warning needed. because of this they are more or less useless and you see the over used version of this when you have something targeted towards the "snowflakes"
  3. Joined the club! sounds fun
  4. if they want to be part of the STEM field then force the artist to take some math classes at least, it's needed for all the other fields why not arts as well. would be fun to see how many of them wants to be artists when it requires at least a semester of hard math classes!
  5. that is the risk you take. when you think of a swedish politician think of an ostrich, shoving it's head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away, fuck the guy who would actually talk about problems and not saying how nice everything is and how much more equal we could become
  6. From Southern Sweden here My thinking about Sweden is that it's getting closer and closer to the breaking point, when that happens shit will really hit the fan. These people that are starting to speak out could potentially stop the shit from hitting the fan that hard. I would also think it's the same story more or less in the rest of Europe. The question with this happening in Sweden would probably be either the election next year or the one after that (2022). The sooner it happens the fewer people are going to get hurt. Regarding the EU, Sweden desperatly needs it. Not because it's some sort of nice and friendly organization but because our politicians are such retards that the EU stops most of the really retarded shit they are trying to pull.
  7. one could argue that your ability to "see" the future does in fact change it (shrödingers cat) and then you go into an endless loop until the moment you move past the future you saw and turning into the past. How would this seeing the future changes it affect someone and thier ability to make decisions? I remember reading somewhere that if you know all the input variables then you should be able to perfectly predict the outcome. The discussion in this thread is the reason why most time travel movies are so wierd and contradictory. The more movies try and explain this part the stranger they become. The story writers try to come up with a very varied and interesting solution to the problem of time travel and try to make them seem plausable. As to the question on if you are responsible for your actions, the way I see it and as many have written in this thread, there are two parts to an action being wrong or evil. First the act itself, second the guilty mind. Doing wrong or evil things under coercion doesn't make you responsible.
  8. Modern healthcare took care of that as you say, what's the infant mortality rate down to these days? and also the likelyhood of a mother dying during birth? not very high. this is reflected in the low number of births needed per couple to insure that the population doesn't shrink. Regarding insuarance companies, they rely solely on statistics, have you tried getting a car insurance when you were under 25? crazy expensive, just being able to untick the box saying you have a driver under 25 driving your car will cut your insurance in half (at least in my experience). Giving the younger people a chance to try and fail to live on thier own before they are 25 shouldn't really be a problem. you will still be there but it could be an important part of thier development. I think that 18 years of development would be enough and give the kid a chance the last few years to live in their own. the point of raising them is to make the kids into something that is able to live in it's own.