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  1. So how do you complain the rise in temperature in some parts of the graph?
  2. How is this connected to flux density? Also:
  3. There is also no reason to equate free will with the conscious mind. Neurons suddently don't change their nature and become active agents just because they are in the conscious part of our mind.
  4. And where is flux density on the graph?
  5. The green line that says pressure and the text that defines what pressure is.
  6. Follow the green line young Padawan.
  7. Can you pick a coherent position?
  8. There are a lot more. I am sure pressure is correlated with volume.
  9. My understanding is that the collapse of the wave function is due to the enviroment and that information gets transferred to a universal wavefunction. Indeed. Lately I learned about the Portia spiders. Those sneaky critters show intelligent behaviour that is quite astonishing while having very few neurons compared to mammals. You can have very intelligent behaviour in solving problems, so what is the plus that consciousness provides?
  10. I have no idea. You brought up the gas tank as a refutation to my argument. Not really. Read up the summaries or have a look at the graph I posted.
  11. Or because atmospheric physics is a lot more complicated than you think. There are feedback loops, clouds play an important and so on. Because of that, the temperature gradient doesn't simply change constantly the higher you go up. Depending on where you are, it may get hotter the higher you are. Say at a height of 50 km, the temperature may just be as high as 3 km above ground. The reason CO2 and other greenhouse gases are though responsible is because they re-emit infrared radiation coming from the earth's surface to all directions, including the earth.
  12. Sure, but the models are different. And models change, get more precise take different data into account. I propose that the temperatures rose prior to the industrial age to their 'normal' levels because they returned to the mean after having been down in the medieval little ice age. Which was most likely caused by a combination volcano eruptions and sun spots. After the effects of those went down, the temperature returned to the mean. The temperature increased compared to a little ice age and got back to 'normal'. Now it increases propably because of CO2.