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  1. The cheap insulation made up the role of the jet fuel. Hey, but at least they saved 5000 pounds!
  2. I will leave that here https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-21/how-just-14-people-make-500-000-tons-of-steel-a-year-in-austria
  3. Promote White Sharia.
  4. The mirror test delineates conscious people from non conscious people.
  5. If we assume that IQ is to 80% heritable, then 80% of an unlikely event (very high IQ) is still much more unlikely than 20% of a likely event (above average IQ).
  6. >2017 >Paying attention to what women say and think. Women adapt their ideology to peer pressure. They learn via osmosis. Some are capable of independent rational thought though.
  7. To begin with, there is a wikipedia article on the subject. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biological_basis_of_love Yes. Hormones and other physiological signs, like increased heartbeat when presented with a photograph of a loved, changes in pupil size, the skin changes electric resistance... I can't see how this matters. But you can test Adam and Eve independently of each other to determine their true feelings for each other Or Adam and Steve.
  8. Strawman via equivocation. Saying that love is causal doesn't mean that you can make people love somebody.
  9. Ricardo himself wrote that the theory of comparative advantage only works within limits. Those are: - free movement of good - restriction of capital flow - restriction of immigration. Since the latter two have been nearly eliminated since the early 90s we are in a non Ricardian setting. Which means that the free exchange of goods can have a negative for one or both parties involved.
  10. Depends on how much you like chocolate. Where exactly is love non causal?
  11. Attraction and love are pretty well understood from a biochemical perspective.
  12. Can you give an example of a non causal event?
  13. The owners of the coal mines tried to keep wages down by preventing workers from forming unions. For that, they used state power and militias. That depends on your ideology and how you define exploitation. That depends on supply and demand. If there is an influx of cheap and unskilled labour, the demand for high wages remains stagnant. No. The Industrial Revolution occured in the UK because the wages were relatively high and the need to reduce marginal costs was there. Relatively high wages and increases in productivity are different sides of the same coin. Several societies got close to the Industrial Revolution, but it didn't happen because the initial investment in more productivity doesn't pay off when there is a pool of cheap labour to choose from.
  14. How valid is the test you have taken?
  15. *cough* Galt's Gulch in Chile *cough*