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  1. There are a bunch of experiments where that phenomenon was studied. Milgram, Zimbardo and many more studied the actions as influenced by groups. This shows who processing of data can be influenced by peer pressure. Adapting to the group beliefs was beneficial for your and the group's survival and seems to be hard coded to the genome of social animals.
  2. Can you verify your summary with sources?
  3. That's essentially the Hilbert program which was put to an end by Gödel. Of course, using computers is very useful for proofs and what not, but it seems the human brain, so far, has abilities that exceeds those of Turing machines.
  4. Good catch. Thanks for the info.
  5. In theory, coming up with new theories is a trival task. In most cases, hypotheses about empirical phenomena are abductive reasoning. That can be well simulated with a Bayesian, self correcting approach. I listened to that podcast too. I remember that the argument was that AIs can theoretically process the information a human gathers in 80 years in one second. This is true to some extent for expert AI systems today, the Go Ai can study hundreds of games in a few seconds, while it takes humans days or months to do so. Here is a good article that gives you the specs of a human brain. In short, you have 100 billion neurons, running at a kilohertz, with about 2,5 petabytes of storage. Technology is still a far way away from that, when you compare that data with graphic cards that have a similar architecture (massive parallel computation).
  6. I wasn't aware of that. Been some time since I have visited the Great White North. Still make some Poutine though
  7. You forgot fast food, weaponized autism, and the smell of your own farts.
  8. At least the people in Quebec have some pride in their white heritage. Other areas, like the GTA or Vancouver are overrun by Non-Whites because money laundering doesn't matter when it comes to real estate. Oh yeah, and enjoy the popping of the housing bubble.
  9. Intelligence is the ability to process information, find patterns, and come up with theories based on data. The sheer speed of artificial expert AI makes it better suited at those tasks than humans. A general AI will have the same advantages.
  10. Yeah, I am German too. But how is that related to the topic at hand? It's not like the media is able to communicate information about any topic in a neutral way. I will look into those. Of course it doesn't. A rational expert has his or her work reviewed. It doesn't matter what I think about him. He has a bunch of two hour long lectures. I noticed that he failed the first task of critisizing a theory, namely summarizing the positions correctly. Furthermore, you learn next to nothing about meteorology or climate science when you follow it through. I am sure he is a good classical philologist though.
  11. Something like that?
  12. Moving the goalpost. Also, why shouldn't I? The ability to put together meaningful sentences that constitute a philosophical position doesn't depend on you having studies the subject at a university. The ability to put togehter meaningful formulas that constitute a hypothesis requires you having studied the subject at detail. Sokal has shown that editors of a philosophical magazine can be fooled easily by putting together more or less random words. Putting togehter random formulas doesn't fool a first year physics student. Can you elaborate on that? What do you mean by climate catastrophe? The standard model, so far, or the implications of AGW in media? I don't think that I read a journal where a theory was called evil. The dichotomy is likely / unlikely not good vs evil. Totally agree. The problem however is not the lack of energy, but the costs of storing energy and the centralized energy grid. Once the costs for batteries go down or new cheaper technologies for saving energy show up, the current system will be replaced.
  13. The Kalergi plan for Europe (see Practical Idealism for details) calls for a mongrelisation between Muslims, Europeans, Eurasians, and Africans. That new sort of people will then be ruled by the Jewish Elite. The problem with that idea is that it doesn't work. Muslims and Africans don't change their opinions and start chimping oiut against Jews and White People the same.
  14. My point is that you shouldn't. Check it out yourself. I welcome criticism. You can see for yourself if the claims these skeptics make are based on valid science or not. One of their easiest talking points to refute are the 70s ice age thing. The 3% human influence thesis is a bit harder to refute, but also doable if you know a bit about isotopes and basic physics.
  15. If you look at the history of Western civilisation you will see that there were two waves in history in which SJW and related phenomena became popular. One started a bit after Luther's reformation when Anabaptists and other sectarians believed that there be no auhority except their own, when it comes to biblical interpretation. In the aftermath you will find modern phenomena, like crossdressing, polyamory, hippie communes and what not. That uprising didn't last long because both Protestants and Catholics wiped out attempts of those groups to establish independent communes. The other wave started with the Enlightenment and hasn't ended yet. In short, it is characterized by the application of Nominalism to biology and social structures. Teleology makes no sense in physical sciences, like physics or biology. But it is essential for biology (what is the function of an organ? What is its purpose? When does it work properly) and sociology (What is the purpose of a family? What is the function of a school? What is the role of the state?). That enables SJWs to substract everything connected with teleology and to replace it with their own brainfarts. Humans turned into malleable beings with no history, no context and no connection to each other, except through a shared ideology.