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  1. When I was at school I learned that a gene has to be active to be counted as such, it has to be read out and actually serve as a blueprint for proteins and what not, this may have changed though or I may misremember. In any case, males have more (active) genes. I am not an expert when it comes to testing the heritability of IQ, but Alternative Hypothesis has some well documented videos about the topic.
  2. Doesn't work for a simple reason: during the fetal development in mammals one of the X-chromosomes is deactivated randomly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-inactivation
  3. Starbucks WTF?

    Get a Bialetti y'all and start making excellent coffee for yourself.
  4. Incompatibilism

    Indeed. According to general relativity, gravity isn't a force, but a flow from spacetime from one location to another one. Any object, that is free from all non-gravitational forces follows the path of maximum proper time, compared to other paths of spacetime that have the same paths that have the same endpoints, which is also the point of greatest aging. In other words, things fall in geodesic lines to the centre of gravity, because there times passes slower than where they started, absent non-gravitational forces.
  5. Both casinos and social media companies employ scientists who study how to keep you addicted and they are pretty good at it.
  6. The third generation of Cognitive Therapies are both rational and effective. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Coherence Therapy, ACT or Mindfulness based CBT are good examples for that approach.
  7. War In Syria: The Real Reason

    The OP is largely correct, however, strategic plans such as the war for dominance in the Middle East are multidimensional. There is never only one goal to be achieved. Destabilizing areas around Israel was a long term plan, to protect Israel and to make a coalition against it unlikely. Controlling the Suez canal enables you to control a big chunk of the global shipping routes. Control over the region also prevents Russia or Iran from building pipelines to Europe. In case anyone was wondering why Trump suddenly changed his policy and his rhetoric, here is an important detail: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trumps-allies-worry-that-federal-investigators-may-have-seized-recordings-made-by-his-attorney/2018/04/12/16d6345a-3e89-11e8-912d-16c9e9b37800_story.html In short, Trump's attorney Michael D. Cohen was known for taping conversations with his clients and acquaintances. Since the raid we can assume that those are possession of the deep state now. With that kind of kompromat, the deep state now controls Trump. It was nice while it lasted but now the MAGA party is over.
  8. In reality there are arbitrageurs who make a profit from price differences. If China were to dump T-bills and sell them at a price difference, it would take milliseconds until they were bought up and sold again.
  9. The morality of luck

    Sure, but that does the morality of an action depend on circumstances? Both John and Winston did the same with different outcomes, how is their moral culpability different?
  10. The morality of luck

    Suppose there are two drivers, John and Winston. John texts while driving and he hits a pedestrian, killing her. Winston also does that, but he has luck, nothing happens. Are both equally guilty? Is John more guilty because he had bad luck? Is Winston less guilty because he had good luck?
  11. What are some areas where you want to use it?
  12. There is an unofficial translation https://thechosenites.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/200-years-together.pdf
  13. Yes, I have. Have you Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - 200 Years Together? For some reason it's unpopular among lolbertians, though not because of the quality of the book itself.
  14. Binary is the new religion

  15. Can you give us an example where you used sophistry succesfully?

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