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  1. How to prove God does not exist.

    That's the scholastic definition, which cant be found in the Bible.
  2. He has the oil part pinned down, the Chinese part not so much.
  3. The Universe is the creator

    This is one explanation. The other one is that you are confused and that your method of delivering your message is poor.
  4. How to prove God does not exist.

    Indeed, I read the book too. But as far as I am aware doesn't claim that the higher meaning has to be supernatural.
  5. How to prove God does not exist.

    Let me take you to a trip to a children's cancer station.
  6. Is Feudalism a form of Anarchism?

    Historically, situations of anarchy lead to feudal systems. These may be permanent or be overthrown for other political systems.
  7. The Marshall Plan

    - The Korean War - The relocation of big industrisal companies from Eastern Germany / Prussia to Western Germany - Unions and big companies working together - The industrial capacity itself wasn't as effected as the residential destricts - The US industry had a major advantage when it came to productivity. The rapid growth is largely the catching up process to American standards.
  8. Reason.

    The same as for most other biological phenomena: passing your genes on to the next generation. The mental representation of the world and our understanding of it has to be good enough to achieve that. Anything more than that is an icing on the cake, to be frank.
  9. GOP Tax Bill Not so Great for Business Owners

    Only if the money created reaches consumers. If it doesn't, printing money can have deflationary effects, if it is used to support zombie banks that would implode if not for the additional money.
  10. Ask Midwestern people about that That'a big if. Furthermore, drug gangs don't care that much about employments or sponsorship.
  11. GOP Tax Bill Not so Great for Business Owners

    To put this in other words: why didnt't the massive 'money printing' in Japan during the lost decade lead to a hyperinflation? Why did it have deflationary aspects?
  12. How does that follow? The average IQ of Somalis is about 68, close to retardation. Why is it rational to check a group of 100 people, only to find out that 2 or 3 can function in a modern western society?
  13. How is that related to tresspassing?
  14. Money(Fundamentally)

    There are two kinds of investments you can make with money: a) in tangible products or b) in speculation. Every bubble that burst was because some bubble burst, be it in the stock market, housing, tulips or god knows what else. Speculation starts with hedge finance, becomes speculative and turns into a Ponzi. By then, the system has become so unstable that essentially any small negative change may let it implode.
  15. They tresspassed public land without the consent of the government.

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