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  1. Do you have a statistic for that? Which products are predominantly soy based? I looked up major brands and the main ingredient is processed milk powder. Also, if you think about it for a few seconds, replacing cow milk with soy doesn't make sense. You would have to add lactose that doesn't exist in soy milk. If you have to add lactose you might as well use cow milk.
  2. Trump won Alabama by a wide margin. Moore's antics and his fundamentalist fire and brimstone rhetoric discouraged many white middle class voters.
  3. I have and I have seen the movie in question a long time ago, so I can't judge the validity of your reasoning when it comes to the Jedi-academy or possible implications of teaching UPB there Having read Haidt, I am wondering if ethical reasoning is applied after the fact of having come to a moral conclusion, as a sort of rationalisation. So my question is how much are people influenced by ethical theories in what they do and how strong the correlation is.
  4. How does that follow? It is one thing to have an ethical theory and to advocate it and another to actually follow it and apply it to your everyday life. It would be an interesting research to have a look at different ethical theories and to see to what extent their proponents follow through on them.
  5. During the fifth call, Austrian economics came up as an example for sound economic reasoning. In the context of empirical knowledge, what is the status of AE? Is it an example for a scientific theory that can be falsified?
  6. Should I get Vaccinated?

    There are no good reasons not to get vaccinated.
  7. Fair enough. He didn't say much. Perhaps if he had more time explaining his theory he'd make more sense.
  8. The problem isn't that he made some mistakes out of negligence or by mistake. Rather he misrepresents studies that prove his point. Worse, you can watch hours of Monkton videos without having the slightest idea how the atmosphere works let alone the physcial properties of greenhouse gases and why they contribute to a global warming. It's the same tactic used by creationists who don't bother explaining the whole picture but rather stick to their talking points that in their opinion make their point. Not only do you learn nothing, you become actually dumber listening to those people.
  9. Henry Gruver

    Happens to me all the time too. Good thing is, I don't have to pay to see movies in the cinema anymore.
  10. AIs create new language

    And so it begins http://www.sciencealert.com/google-s-ai-built-it-s-own-ai-that-outperforms-any-made-by-humans
  11. So what do you make of experiments that show that fermions too have wavelike properties?
  12. About 3% of the population in the United States supported the Revolution. However, they didn't start from 0, there were institutions and relations in place before the actual revolution started. Pretty much like today, they had social networks where they shared ideas and organized themselves. The least you can do is to get in contact with people in your region that have a similar view, make connections and build up an infrastructure.
  13. How do you know? What do you know about the mental processes of your hamster, if you haven't been a hamster at one time in your life? How do we know that you aren't a hamster, pretending to be a human on the internet?
  14. What is your interpretation of single photons showing interference?

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