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  1. Time to watch Japanese, Korean or Russian movies. Most Hollywood movies nowadays have a shitty story and bad cinematography. Add to that ADHD cuts and you have the recipe for annoying movies.
  2. Eugenic

    Who's talking about a population?
  3. Eugenic

    Which principles were that? I can. It's making dumb people breed a lot by handing out welfare. Freedom without consequences for bad behaviour isn't really libertarian either. The best eugenics would be a free market without government interfence but that's not an option for the near future. Of course he is. That's his appeal to libertarians who are frustrated that the pendulum has swung away since Ron Paul first ran in the 2000s.
  4. Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    As if it needs to be created.
  5. Is Amazon problematic?

    Google makes most of the money selling ads. I don't see what subsidies they get. When they build a new data centre, different towns or regions compete for that, offering money to have it built there. Lets make the power of the state disappear. Poof, it's gone. How would that change the current situation with the government doing nothing with regards to youtube's policies when it comes to demonetizing videos and censoring content?
  6. I knew that. I wasn't aware that there are commercial endeavours to use them for computing data.
  7. Is Amazon problematic?

    The last paragraph mentions that other companies or vendors get the same preferential treatment. So what? That's a drop in the ocean. The platforms are not. In essence, when you use twitter, facebook and what not they can do what they want with your data and your account. Fighting back is costly. Because they want to censor information and have homegrown big companies which proved to be succesful. Alibaba is about as big as Amazon, Baidu is just as monstrous a company as google is.
  8. Is Amazon problematic?

    Which subsidies are that? There is already a free market online. Everybody can start a streaming platform. Youtube, facebook, google etc have to be treated as common carriers to prevent the oppression of dissenting voices.
  9. How to prove God does not exist.

    The current level of science is comfortable in saying that we don't know and that perhaps we'll never know how the universe came into being.
  10. Now it all makes sense

    Leftist propaganda was always identytarian and tribal, in most cases to further the agenda of a certain tribe and its well being. Now the chicken come home to roost and the results aren't pretty. Muslims, Blacks, Latinx aren't behaving the way they are supposed to be that is accepting an oligary of the Chosen ruling beningly over them.
  11. There would be no survivors to accuse the government. Also, which wars were fought because of honour?
  12. So anybody who reads a few books about programming can become a coder?
  13. Do you have an example where that happened on a large scale?

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