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  1. Is it so hard to say that you can't point to a specific instance that verifies your claim?
  2. ofd


    As Jonathan Haidt put it, you are the rider on the elephant. Sometimes you can change the direction but when the elephant wants to go somewhere you can't do much to stop it. That depends on the type of alien If they are like us (eusocial apes) we can expect them to have a similar morality if the same evolutionary pressures applied to them. If they are like eusocial insects (ants) they will have a more collectivist morality. As for tribes, their basic morality (don't steal, don't kill within your in-group) is the same as ours.
  3. That's pretty easy. Humanities like say history don't have a method to test their hypotheses. Any interpretation interprets facts and basically any explanation of the same facts is good as another one. In science, you can repeat experiments over and over, change parameters and wha thot. That's not possible for humanities which is why they are a bunch of just so stories, even without ideology.
  4. ofd


    A large number of positive outcomes determines good behaviour, those get selected for and turn into morality. A group in which members don't steal from each other has more chances of survival than a group where stealing is not seen as morally bad. Over generations, this behaviour becomes engrained in our genetic memory and becomes morality. The groups that had dysfunctional behaviour and a dysfunctional morality were outcompeted by more moralistic groups.
  5. What you describe (minus the ideology part) is how science works. You make observations, develop theories, pick one that is parsimonious and falsifiable. If another theory can explain more observations, is more stringent / more parsimonious you pick it, instead of the old one. Simply applying logic to 'evidence' (I think you mean observations) doesn't work for a simple reason. There are multiple theories to pick from. Seeing the sun rise and then fall again may lead to two different theories: the sun wanders around the earth or the earth wanders around the sun. Applying logic to that doesn't help you, unless you have additional evidence (parallaxes of stars) than finally kill the other theory.
  6. ofd

    Trinary Logic

    I have no idea what this means. You have to elaborate to make yourself clear.
  7. I think the modern world in the West resembles more and more the Mouse experiments done by Calhoun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_B._Calhoun#Mouse_experiments
  8. Individualist rights we enjoy (private property, freedom of speech) have to be collectively enforced. If they are not, you can claim to have them, but in reality you don't. Evolution selected people with an individualist mindset in Western Europe because of marriage laws, the way manors worked and because of geographical / climatical conditions.
  9. ofd

    Why are intelligent people so stupid?

    What's your score?
  10. ofd

    The morality of luck

    Well, you can't quantify the role of luck in absolute terms but you can in relative. Texting and driving is more dangerous for pedestrians than concentrating on the road. You can behave in a reckless way if you can't quantify exactly how reckless it is in the individual. But given the law of large numbers, reckless behaviour will cause bad outcomes for some, while others may be spared. The bad outcome itself isn't determined by morality but by sheer luck.
  11. The Petrodollar is of importance, because it gives the US seniorage. Furthermore, they can print money a part of which is then re-invested in the US. In short, it's a form of Rehypothecation, that's beneficial for financial institutions but bad for the average shmuck, since inflation is increased while the interest level is artificially decreased. Without that artificial demand for Dollars, the US couldn't enjoy the living standard it has today while running enormous deficits at the same time.
  12. ofd

    The Marshall Plan

    In other words, you have no clue about concepts like betriebliche Mitbestimmung?
  13. Sure. But what was more likely: Dying from a disease or getting killed by some other dude Replace it with evolve genetically. Morality is a subset of biology. Those (human) groups who have developed morals when it comes to their internal behaviour have had a higher chance of surviving as a group that didn't have those. The same is true for all eusocial mammals which is why the basic moral system is more or less the same for all in groups.
  14. Rand took the basic concepts, changed a few words, glimpsed at a few books, started a cult and called that Objectivisim.

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