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  1. My surprise was merely to engage an audience--we should be angry. Of course I have little faith in our government but I don't expect something like this to be swept under the rug as they're trying to do so now. This event NEEDS to leave a serious scar on our established government. As for the bill itself, I'm no expert. I don't know if it will help or not and I'm open to debate different points on that position. But when something like this is passed via the ballot and then striped away in only 2 months... The outrage alone should be enough to spark positive change. Sadly, they know this! This is why it's being pushing through without media attention.
  2. This is War - Berkeley Riot vs Free Speech

    Life is not a commodity to true Americans, freedom is. And if these fascists are going as far as starting a war with the bill of rights then they're going to lose. We'd gladly die in the name of freedom. This is a fight they can not win.
  3. Republican senators are working to over turn a state-wide bill in South Dakota that was voted in by the citizen's ballot to end corruption in politics. They bill was sworn in by the people on election day Nov. 9th, 2016... It's only been 2 months and these corrupt politicians are trying to destroy it... Worst of all, it's mostly fellow republicans! They are pushing through HOUSE BILL 1069 by using a state of emergency. They need to use a state of emergency in order to accomplish this task because if they repealed The Anti-Corrupt Act created by represent.us naturally then it would need to be repealed by ballet. This is the most sickening discovery I've made in a long time. More information can be found here: Information about the bill. http://sdlegislature.gov/docs/legsession/2017/Bills/HB1069P.pdf https://legiscan.com/SD/bill/HB1069/2017 What is The Anti-Corruption Act..? http://anticorruptionact.org/ -- CREATED BY: https://represent.us More can be found out about it from they're YouTube page.
  4. What is the root to all evil..?

    I agree. Collectivism I believe is centralization. Centralization harbors corruption. Corruption is possibly the biggest problem with our constitutional republic at the moment.
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments on my last topic, "What is the root to all evil..?" I really enjoyed reading everyone's point of view. This post will be a little bit of a different angle on the borders of true morality. Passive good -- I will define as avoiding all acts of sin, no matter the situation. This includes "justified sins." If you could save a bus full of children by sacrificing the life of the old lady next to you, you wouldn't. You are refraining from such an act, despite it being of the quote "greater good." Passive good often falls into the realm of the non-aggression principle. Are you evil in nature for NOT acting extremely in extreme situations? Are your principles of taking no action inherently evil..? Passive good -- Freedom Active good -- these people find justice in their sins. They feel that if you take no action then you are guilty. You are required to act and if you take pride in your ideals of balance and non-aggression and let others die and suffer around you then you are part of the "problem." These people seem to take on the world's problems and often make enemies with "passive good" people because they are committing sins. Active good -- Equality Finding balance between the two -- when is enough, enough? Is it ever okay to judge? Judging requires pride but is pride the brother of ego..? Is self-importance a sin? Should we abandon all ego and pass up our opportunity to judge the collective? Is there ever a such thing as true righteousness or do we all act out of self-righteousness..? Is our ego a liability or an asset? The idea of self-importance. We like to kid ourselves and say that we have no ego but many people without a sense of self-importance fall into depression do they not? Is not recognizing your values and strengths the equivalent to having no ego..? If you have no ego then how do you recognize and self-reflect..? Or is ego much more complicated than we give it credit for..? I'm of no religion but I'd like to ask this to our religious readers... Did Jesus have an ego..? Was Jesus active good or passive good..? He strive to make a difference, so wouldn't that make him active good..? Or was he the perfect balance that we all strive for..?
  6. Those whom can convince the public that your opponent is of the origin of pure evil, an evil who can be of no reason, and you've started a war. Nature with her brilliant wisdom knows of no human right. She does however find humor in our persistent attempt to blend the oils of equality with the fresh water of freedom. Freedom and equality can not blend but they can co-exist superficially when acceptance, wisdom, and knowledge are the court. The term co-exist is an interesting one--it means that I believe we can be of equals in terms of respect and liberty. It is here we as a people drop the ball as we fumble it with the idea that equality is of status and outcome and not of opportunity. There are now recent calls for violence. I urge not give in to these voices of violence. I happen to believe that the puppet masters are plotting a civil war in our country but that's up for debate. We must kneel to the virtues of natural inequality. It's easy to assume Good vs. Evil, it's natural--it's what we're exposed to throughout our entire lives... The turning point however is war. Unfortunately, war is rarely, if ever, about the struggle of Good vs. Evil as our favorite folk tales like to teach us. And here is where I suggest that it's the ideologues that are the root to all of the world's evils... And sometimes we are among the ideologues ourselves... Ideologues are those who can convince the masses that their opponent is of the origin of pure evil. They are the men and women who subvert reasoning and convince us to cut ties with the other side. It's simply perverted to assume that you are a shining golden star in our world of subjective morals. I would like to end with one of my favorite quotes... "A Time for Choosing" "You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down." -Ronald Reagan Thank you.

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