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  1. Dear Stephan, Mike, and additional crew: I just listened to both "YouTube Almost Banned Me" (Episode 4168) and "I Beat Cancer" (Episode 4167) and am very moved (as usual) and inspired. Today, my birthday, my husband and I would have gone out to a very nice dinner, which we do only on special occasions. We would have spent, including tip, (in California) about $185. I cannot think of a more worthy way to spend this money than to send it instead to Freedomain to help out in some small way. Allow me to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation, Stephan, for your voice, your courage, your compassion on the call-in shows, and your ongoing inspiration to both my husband and I. We gladly donate monthly but it is a small amount compared to what we derive from your podcasts, videos, and the additional inspirational people that we become exposed to. If I missed my birthday "feast", it is very small indeed compared to the "feast" of words and truth you deliver each day. Sincerely, SW
  2. soozable

    Genetic health disparities between sexes

    He is an epidemiomologist and quite in-depth follower and supporter of Molyneux who is interested in making people more aware of the connection between race and IQ, for the purposes of de-fusing racism as causality. Sorry that I did not follow up initially.
  3. Thank you for providing the link to this TED talk. I have such an adverse -- actually, physical -- response as I watch this that I confess to switching it off after the first three minutes. May I ask if you have direct evidence that doctors are encouraged or influenced or trained in this regard? If so, this is certainly not good. Of course, if it is true (which I'm not doubting) it would be something "subtly encouraged" and if so, who are applying such pressure. I'm not questioning your statement; I'm interested in further understanding or exploration.
  4. soozable

    Genetic health disparities between sexes

    Thanks. This is it, isn't it.
  5. soozable

    Genetic health disparities between sexes

    "downvoted"? I guess I should look for some operating instructions.
  6. soozable

    Pareto versus Price's law

    dataguy, are you addressing this to Stefan Molyneux?
  7. soozable

    Genetic health disparities between sexes

    Did you mean to ask "who's" Dr. Weissberg?
  8. soozable

    Genetic health disparities between sexes

    I don't really know how it relates to philosophy, but I asked first in the General section, and received an answer that it should probably go in Philosophy. I should have not played secretary for Dr. Weissberg who wanted to post the article. We're going to get him set up to post personally and that should be more efficient.
  9. I really appreciated the conversation. I am so pleased to have opportunity to see women like Lauren be interviewed. She holds herself so professionally and speaks so clearly and forthrightly, on the spot. What a gift to us. Of course, always appreciate and admire Stefan. Thank you both for your excellent work; really.
  10. This is a medical journal article that addresses increased genetically-oriented health disparities between the sexes. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/apa.14390
  11. soozable

    Published Content about IQ

    Thank you.
  12. soozable

    Published Content about IQ

    We are in the business of reviewing all published medical literature on an ongoing basis and have access to published articles that include data of interest pertaining to aspects of IQ. Now and then, we come across articles that we would be pleased to share, if it would be appropriate. If so, what would be the best place to submit?
  13. I'm always amazed at how you (Stefan) respond to these calls. I commend you.

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