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  1. confident

    Book recommendation...

    That's awesome my friend. Thanks a lot, will have a look. . Yeah I agree. I only watch Stefan's videos were he talks about dating and this stuff. I kinda agree with going for younger women but at the same time it feels like a rigid way to go out with the mindset of dating younger women only. It's good to have that mindset but I will keep it just as a guide. Regarding the promiscuous women. I live in Europe and in my country this bullshit doesn't happen often. There may be some idiotic women who indulge in sex on first dates or going out with different men for sex. But we consider it as a taboo. It's looked down upon. Thanks again for the books!
  2. confident

    Book recommendation...

    Hello people, sometimes Stefan talks about the fertility window of men and women...but mostly women, and how it has an affect in the world of relationships, dating etc. For example he mentions that it is always advantageous if a man finds a younger woman instead of going for older women because fertility goes down quickly for females. Now I would like you guys to give me some books regarding this topic please. I am a total noob when it comes to philosophy or anything in relation to this stuff. Big thanks!

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