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  1. I agree which is why, until the laws and parade of free resources exists, it is just not a intelligent investment for men to make. The argument for a NAWALT is not worthy of the fallout of a divorce. I find it funny that marriage tied a woman to being a man's property and yet, despite the third wave feminism, women continue to chase their ownership status. More common after hitting the wall. It wont be men that end free resources and these unjust laws. It will be women. Its not something any man with resources, intelligence, and free thinking will do.
  2. Saying, pick a woman who wont leave you is not reality unless you are going to chain her to you stove. In which case, you should get psychological help ASAP. Women leave and they take the children, your resources, and assets. Even then, they will bitch that it isn't enough. No. Until the laws mitigate this nightmare, it is not something I will participate in. I am not saying, I wont date, I am saying, I will but, this is not something I will participate in. If common law in my state panders the same way, I will find a different state or not live with a woman. Simple. Date younger I am. Age 22. Age 23. I will let you know how it goes lol I listened to the phone call. A really good looking woman slept with a loser who is crazy. This is the same old fucking story time and time again. Said woman sounds like she learned. most crater their SMV and they want to victimhood their story. Single mother victimhood is the welfare state. Your seemingly implying, you are above the process, and that you have a solution. That you have it figured out. Are you married? Do you have children? The relevance being, you would put yourself in the role of leading by example. There are tons of men trying to figure it out. With online dating, it reeks of leftist victimhood and single moms swinging fron dong to dong like Tarzan one a vine. #Gross I do. date such a woman. Even shared the story with JTO. The career oriented woman is typically a feminist, makes bank, "doesn't need a man" tangent, and is cratering her SMV. Ghosts. Suddenly, blows up the phone when playboy stops calling. Said female is the classic female chameleon. Without experience, without approaching lots, and seeing this patter of behavior in female nature, I know to run. There is no sexy time worth the risk of being cucked and raising bastard children of some other man. Yes, I am meeting some but, I've approached an abundance of women nonstop since the age of 16. If I had not found a few, I would have gone MGTOW already by now but, the reality is that, it is so few and far between in western society. Lets say you approach ten women. How many numbers will you acquire? Of those numbers, how many will you date? How many will flake? Take that into the depth of forever. There is no stop to it. The reality is that, most women are skiing down cawk mountain, are running through bad boys, are cratering SMV, and when hitting the wall, beta male cuck provider is expected to foot the bill. If I do not acquire genuine, my genes are weeded out of existence but, on my terms. I wont be a meal ticket nor will I allow my resources to be extracted by cratered SMV. Not happening. Two girls on deck this week. I will post back finding. Definitely not holding my breathe and I will be approaching some more. Again, I disagree with the passive approach to dating. One of the frustrating things with the topic of dating or fighting; every man thinks he knows how to date or pickup girls and he knows how to fight. Give him a pair of boxing gloves or get him to approach a girl. In both endeavors, he crashes and burns. Anomaly is the male who wont he genetic lottery.
  3. I recently listened/watched this video Absolutely fantastic. I tip my imaginary hat to Stefan, FDR, and everyone that was involved in the making of this video. College/Uni across western society are an abysmal. I think the word needs to be put out, the disillusionment with government education, the information on the fallout of picking a foolish major that is not professional (doctor/lawyer/accountant/tradesman etc), and the fact that, you cannot file for bankruptcy on a student loan. The key point that I really liked was Stefan bringing up the argument, would listeners pay closer attention had he gone to Harvard or Stanford for philosophy? Got a masters in Philosophy? What I really loved about this podcast/video was that, Stefan argued the point that, since he does not have the masters or the Harvard or Stanford Masters in philosophy, "I MUST WORK THAT MUCH HARDER!" POWERFUL STUFF! Yes, this is common sense but, it makes a very excellent argument and something that really needs to be publicized given the climate of the current joke of a education system. I am looking into further studies and I feel like this was something I needed to hear personally. I think Entrepreneur is the way to go for a lot of people and even if those who spent their money on a silly education with no application, having gone into the free market having started a business, even if it had failed would have been worthy of its weight in gold versus the useless piece of paper that is being handed out on the assembly belt of gov educ. Awesome stuff. I really hope more people watch and listen to this stuff. The youth need to hear it. MORE IMPORTANTLY, WOMEN NEEDED TO HEAR IT. I know many who are pissing away their 20s chasing a career, running up government student loans in silly majors like social science or women's studies. In reality, they prefer to be a stay at home mom but, society frowns upon this behavior now a days. I also believe this will set aside the free thinkers and those following the beaten path in life.
  4. Very irritating that my message did not go through. I will give you the shorter version. I appreciate the spirited debate. I have learned a lot from Stefan/FRD. I do not agree with everything he says but I am appreciating the hard work put forth, the reason, and evidence is valuable. On that same token of value, reason, and evidence; divorce initiated by women cannot be mitigated nor can getting cucked. I disagree with Stefan about "creepy" in reference to dating younger; I will time stamp that when I see it again. I will steal his line and say, it is not an argument. Top form is what I want in respect to SMV. I am not even talking just looks and aesthetics. If she is not genuine in her best days, I don't care for her when she falls off, and lands on her head. The betas can take that route. I agree, a "virtuous woman" would not do that; be skiing down cawk mountain. But WAIT. A woman age 19, good looking rolled the dice fucking a loser with mental health, a liar, and had a near pregnancy situation if I am not mistaken. This is a recent call in/podcast/youtube vid. This shit is becoming more common. Not less common. This should be alarming. Quite frankly, this subject fascinates and interests me more then the Trump political cuck fest. I don't care for it. I am hoping Stefan returns back here to Gene Warfare, Genetic Ostracism, and something as a solution. Yes, VET A GOOD WOMAN. The question is HOW? Stefan has demonized Pickup. Again, what is the alternative. Saying to wait for the state to fall, for daddy government to topple is not an argument. To wait for WWIII (GOD FORBID) or for women to need men again is not an argument nor a solution. I don't believe in fake mustaches or magic tricks and deceit. Most men wait for a woman to pick him and they go with the flow. Many tied to the bumper of her car and dragged kicking and screaming figuratively. Not literally. More literal when she leaves and divorces taking his children assuming they are his biological children and not to mention absurd amounts of resources. Rape is a terrifying but WTF is child support and alimony? Monthly, a man is getting financially raped, and its on going, nonstop, and the psychological effects are not even being discussed. The courts pander and supplicate to women. One solution I am thinking as I said is YOUTH. Woman must have resources, good job, and the expectation for free dinners/drinks must be absent. In my life, I have only met very few who fit the bill. Quite frankly, I would rather be single, and my genes weeded out of existence having lived at my edge, done everything in my power to acquire a genuine good woman or failed in my feat to try. If she is not genuine, she wont be a good wife or mother.
  5. Again, IRRELEVANT since women leave 80% of the time and extract male resources. For once, it would be nice to hear; HE WAS A GOOD MAN. WE TRIED. IT DID NOT WORK. HE IS A GOOD FATHER> No its always, "that dead beat only gives me X amount of money. FUCK OFF! Again, top form SMV or GTFO! I agree with your second point and third point on laws. Until this changes, marriage has absolutely ZERO VALUE for men. Its for the children but, since, women will leave 80% of the time and jump back on the cock carousel, online bio reading, "PROUD SINGLE MOM," this is not something any man with any resources should sign up for. If you live in a state whereby common law equates to marriage, move out of state or no live in gf which is what I practice at the moment. I cannot find a solution but, approach a lot, funnel through women, and vet for a good one. If she is no good, next, and approach some more. Youth to me is key. If she can acquire the bigger better prize in SMV so be it. The sec SMV craters, I wont be there.
  6. 1. SMV is sexual market for both looks/aesthetics/fertility. 2. Not following your point. Before 25 but don't pick wrong? Isn't this common sense? If a woman isn't dedicated to me during top form SMV (usually 23 or before) without any form of ambiguity or breakups, I won't marry this woman. 3. This is the one flaw with date younger and I think Stefan has sources about age gaps and divorce. Furthermore, he called it creepy in one podcast which is not an argument. When I come across it, I want to time stamp it for when I do call in.
  7. I know stats can be manipulated and skewed to portray a specific narrative but, are you here debating women don't initiate an absurd amount of marriage? The entire MGTOW movement is built off the nightmare that is marriage. I heard Jordan Peterson video where he tried to help mitigate the nightmare a man was going through not because of mental health but because of divorce. He tried to help the man but the court system is an abysmal of carnage. A complete nightmare and the fact that despite the realities of the court systems, alimony, child support, and female infidelity, cucks/betas/white knights continue to line up like lambs to the slaughter. The lengths of the divorce are IRRELEVANT. The fact remains that 80% or more is initiated by women. Again, cucks and betas continue to sign away their resources. Its pathetic. Even more pathetic, a significant portion of the women initiating the divorce were what; skiing down cawk mountain, running through the playboys, players, alphas during top form SMV. Once SMV has cratered, you got clown college betas swooping in like Captain Save a Hoe. Stefan made a "Truth on Sex" podcast/youtube video. It depicts the realities of female promiscuity. I was speaking to a gentleman here that agreed with me that YOUTH is key. Then, he dismissed this podcast and female kill count. Mentioned dating a girl 21 with 50 + kills. Deemed them all losers but dismissed it with having anything to do with her headspace and poor decision making. Outlook not so good but I wish him luck. Once I can better organize my thoughts, I definitely want to call into FDR, and discuss routes towards a solution. A buddy of mine is jacked, good looking, and has tons of options but, he wont get married. He just sees it as a possibility but very slim given the realities that I listed above. Men hold out to the hope of a NAWALT but, if not for a biological clock and for cratering SMV, most women would not change. The change is to rope in some schmuck. After children, the laws guarantee her his resources whether she stays or jumps back on different men. Online and tinder bios reek of single mother victimhood. Its a mess. I don't see things changing until a disaster happens. If you saw Jurassic World; you got a woman running around in heels, "dont' need a man" rubbish one sec. Dinosaurs go fucking nuts and suddenly, said woman is back in the kitchen making sandwiches and taking care of the children. MGTOW has the female chameleon pinned down accurately. I just disagree with the approach of taking your ball and going home. Then again, I am not about my resources being extracted by cratered SMV. Stefan deemed it "creepy" to be dating young but, what is the alternative? The promiscuous woman who cratered her SMV more my age or date younger? Clearly, I will date younger.
  8. While I agree with you, I think his point is that, for the women who have won the genetic lottery, they have orbiters, cucks, and betas as well as a harem of alphas sniffing about. Your not willing to marry means nothing when she has outrageous amounts of options of males at her beck and call. During top form SMV, men will just buy her whatever the F she desires, and once she is nearing that precipice of SMV cratering, she is looking for the marriage contract to parachute away on. It wont matter she has been running through alpha male proteins. Some cuck/beta/white knight will throw away all his resources to acquire access temporary. I've heard of pathetic stories of rich males who get cut off by their nagging wives from sex, their friends, hobbies, and the things they love.
  9. Low test. Wont compete. Classic lol
  10. I wish I time stamped it. Stefan called this "creepy." I hope to rewatch that video again because I do intend to call into FDR once I better organize my thoughts and work away my own contradictions. This isn't to call him out but, to reason and use evidence based upon my experience. If a woman is not dedicated to a man in her best days, I could give a fuck when she comes around. Too little too late. Good riddance.
  11. I totally agree. I spent several years in school and it is a one way flow of SJWs, feminists, and stupidity. It took me a long time to realize that I do have a entrepreneurial mindset but, it was not encouraged. If anything, it was discouraged to do anything but follow the beaten path. I notice it in the workplace as well whereby, if you are not married, wife, and 2.2 children, you are not someone that can be controlled. Management does not approve. You can be seen as a maverick. I have a friend that is a entrepreneur. He was pointing out to me how ineffective it is to pay hourly. I have watched in several companies where workers literally wait out the clock and drive down efficiency because of their hourly wages. Instead, if you were paid for a specific task for a job, people would finish it as effectively and efficiently otherwise, they wouldn't get that work again. Education is drowning. I think there are more value in weekend workshops and alternative programs beyond government education. Unfortunately, the government regulates many professions so, if you want to be a accountant, lawyer, tradesman, doctor, surgeon, etc. you must practice under the beaten path. If there is any alternative ways outside education, I highly recommend it. What pisses me off in my mid 20s, I have met tons of women who are pissing away their lives chasing some career because other women will look down on them. Its similar with sexual conquests and poor decision making. I know a co worker who has her daughter going to a highly prestigious state university for music. She has been warned several times that there is little to no jobs in the field she is pursuing. The parents are spending 10k plus the cost of books and housing as well as food. Its unreal.
  12. There was a wall of text and your response portrayed your inability to compete both in the free market and dating market. I blame low testosterone.
  13. Many workplaces are headed this way. It is very chaotic. I am not sure what field you are in. Is it at all possible to consider alternative means to make money? I am looking into starting my own business. I read 10% entrepreneur among a variety of books. The process has begun. Similar to what you wrote, I have seen it time and time again in the school systems or workplace. It is very leftist. It is pro victimhood. I cringe at it. Surprisingly, guess how many are divorced? Single moms? Promote victimhood? Are anti Trump? Have absolutely zero level of consciousness, self knowledge, reason or evidence. Its just a series of bitching and nonsense. Shockingly, guess how productive this is? I wont complain about the school system. I just wont participate, fund or pay for this sorts of nonsense. I will look into something valuable like Self Authoring by Jordan Peterson. I will look at other programs or courses through alternative sources. Instead of bitching about this workplace scenario, I will create an optimum business venture for myself. I recommend you doing the same. I am not suggesting you quit now. I am suggesting you look at alternative ways to make money. Consider doing things you can if your current job was outsources, you were fired or the position you are in no longer exists.
  14. We've spoke in the past. Not sure what your experience if any with online dating is. Given what you said and your experiences with girls. Many of the bios are hideous. Just absolutely lunatics. Bios that read, "proud single mom." Many of the pics are basically, just ass hanging out of thong, and its hard to imagine how she could ever get the ring. Have you ever read, "The mating mind," by Geoffry Miller? In the studies, neither sex cares much for IQ with respect to a one night stand whereas, both males and females place significant value on IQ for long term mating strategies, children, marriage etc. Commitment is a much bigger deal so, values are important, looks, genetics, resources, life style and decision making skills (indication of intelligence). I cannot stress the last part enough; poor life style choices as in absurd kill count is a red flag as Molyneux pointed out in Truth about sex. If youth was dedicated to being a sperm receptacle, the risk for promiscuity, divorce, and poor decision making is amplified. Why not make it a death penalty if a woman leaves? They leave 80% of the time, take the children, and house while placing their hand out for more resources. This isn't the middle east. Neither should be tied to a marriage. More people need to really think about it. I agree with Stefan. It is a ideal solution to get married but, I can only see this option IF I find a woman young, thin, attractive during SMV not at the tail end or as SMV craters. When baby rabies kicks off. Women rarely think about this until the complexity of the dating pool changes, when their market value begins to dwindle, and options become scarce. We agree on the subject of youth as a key. If a woman is not dedicated during her best days, she is not the sort of woman you allocated, and swear away half your resources as well as incoming resources for the coming decades. This is a subject I would like to discuss with Stefan one day.
  15. You mad that point not me. Your comments were about sperm jacking and stds. You sound like chicken little; the sky is falling. You sound extremely adverse to competition.