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  1. My girlfriend is a feminist

    I was laughing at the reality; that being, the difference between sexual harassment and not is liking it. So, basically, one is at the mercy of the cruel or not so cruel (pending on where you landed) genetic lottery. I definitely did not win that game nor did I lose it. I know a guy. He is 4'9 and is middle age. Has not got laid in over a decade. I knew of another guy, 5'2. He was bragging about fucking hookers. #weird Its so true. Like, women typically feminists and SJW will be up in arms over what you said but, what is the truth? I knew a feminist. She has an active tinder account is and is getting married. What a joke? Would rant about female consent and women needing more awareness on their rights. I called her out on being sexist. As if this is to say, women are not intelligent enough to decide whether or not she wants to have sex. Absolute nonsense but, she is a cheat, is in a LTR, and has a tinder account active but, MEN ARE EVIL, PATRIARCHY, VICTIMHOOD. Without victimhood, there would be no self concept for a feminist.
  2. Re: Don't go to college Solution

    This would be a new direction but, once you are enslaved to the hamster wheel of college debt, you are fucked. Pardon my French but, it enslaves a person and keeps them at financial gun point to keep working. In all likelihood, they are leveraged by the state; CANNOT FIND WORK, becomes Starbucks barista at minimum wage to pay off student loan that they cannot declare bankruptcy on. Entrepreneurship is the way to go. Even some of the more sharper minds are seeing this when they were originally indoctrinated by edu. Jordan Peterson is linking to a site he is founding to out Neo-Marxist-indoctrination. It will literally debunk whether a program has value and merit or if it is absolute fucking nonsense. I cannot wait.
  3. Singles Group or Board?

    Maybe that is why the forums are so empty these days. Not sure if that is the lack of rightist, high IQ, K selected individuals. I was being messaged by a single mom who was out getting drunk every weekend. Needless to say, I never went and suggested a smarter life choice would be to go home, close her legs, and take care of her daughter. She called me a "hater." #IDON'TWANTTOLIVEONTHISPLANETANYMORE
  4. Re: Don't go to college Solution

    I think business is one of the better routes to take then 99% of the programs government education offers. I think comp sci, health informatics, trade school, etc. are among the better routes to take. I have even contemplated swapping out to further diversify my skills or finishing with a double major. Still, there is a extreme lack of opportunity following the beaten path. A buddy went the business route and is acquiring monumental experience. Meanwhile, he has a consulting business. The agenda is to acquire a crazy amount of experience, knowledge, and wisdom before breaking free to his own venture. He has made contracts with companies before going from employee to consultant. He is pretty clever. See, I have lacked these sorts of experience the past few years. I have been consistent so, the interview process is always a bit intimidating. I am definitely thinking of acquiring more certificates, more training outside government education, networking, and even looking at what you suggested as well as Mastermind groups in my city. I think there are a lot of negative nancy(s) having 1) tried and failed or 2) Too chicken shit scared to pull the trigger. The end result is to project and shit on everyone else. I don't think it is easy as I am noticing but, pissing away another 30yrs getting other people rich and letting them soak up my blood/sweat/tears is not happening. When hind sight vision is 20/20, everyone would do things differently. The network I acquired from school was next to nothing. I also noticed a lot of people in the corporate and school side trying to shut me down. It was passive aggressive and made difficult but, a lot of flawed logic. It was very subtle and I couldn't comprehend what was going on. Unfortunately, if I had some guidance, someone would have told me to STFU, keep my mouth shut, and keep plugging away. Pick my battles where I must and change what I can. I pissed away these years chasing grades, busting my ass, and I feel like it was a waste. Still, I have it lingering in my mind to return back to school to create a better life for myself. I have watched others do it whereas, it did not go this way for me. It is beyond frustrating but, I am meditating on it, I am sitting in silence, I am working on presence, self knowledge, reason, and I am making moves. When I was in grade one, a female teacher made me feel stupid in math in front of the entire class. I never realized it then but, I would later shy away from math having been made to feel stupid and shamed. Someone like this should never teacher children EVER. As I got older, I learned to give zero FUCKS. I think you are correct man and I appreciate your time. Unfortunately, its not as simple as Tai Lopez, taking video of a lambo and mansion you rented E bragging about how you made it before reality sets in and the conspiracy is debunked. Dude is rich now but when he started spamming this shit, he was couch surfing, and charging 7k for his program. I wont knock it. I just know, there is a lot of people selling how to sell rather then actually having a viable business. Even here, he got pretty lucky but reward favors the bold.
  5. Re: Don't go to college Solution

    I some how missed this post. I am planning to look into some of this and just as well Mastermind Groups in my city. I've met some entrepreneurs but, I have come across a lot of Snake Oil Salesmen. The "Here in My garage" with rented Lambo and "Here in my mansion" when said mansion is really a rented condo. I would say, 99% of these characters I have mentioned are selling you on how to sell. Outside said piece, they have never sold a damn thing. Others have something going on but will say, they aren't in the how to sell business so, learning from them is nearly useless. One buddy is working for a company before heading off on his own venture having landed huge corporate deals that he can fallback upon as his own endeavors take center stage. I am not put off on education; as in self knowledge, in reading, and in learning. I am put off by the student bubble of government education, running up debt, Marxist indoctrination, and useless degrees/diplomas in fields where no jobs exist or are under paying professions. I see the value in philosophy but, I would never take it as a major outside lets say a general elective course. These course are very interesting and I found a lot of value in modern/classic philosophy. I am just not going to dress up like Buddha or Jesus, and preach. I would agree that there is more value in such a major then lets say liberal arts or an arts degree, social sciences, and women's studies. I see more value in health informatics, comp sci, business, engineering, law, etc. something professional. Sadly, some of my friends are business/accounting and its been a nightmare for them finding jobs let alone getting their designations. One is pursuing online edu through Harvard. Another is pursuing a MBA. I met a girl online who is pursuing a profession but, she has ran up crazy amounts of student loan/debt in pursuit of a "career." She cannot find a man and I have zero interest in footing that sort of bill. Met another girl who is on that same "career" pursuit chasing that gold star of edu while increasing her student loan debt. If a fraction of this sort of money was implemented in entrepreneurship, content creation, business, etc. even if it went south, the experience is monumental rather then, crazy student loan, woman pushing 30, and trying to find herself a man while she works Starbucks to make her minimum payments on her debt. Thanks for the message. Please share the video you were intending to make. I will tune in. If I cannot do this myself, I will look to seek out more edu as an alternative but, I am definitely seeking self knowledge and mentors as of now while I put together a business plan.
  6. Singles Group or Board?

    Assuming, all things being equal but, this is usually the leftist argument. Equality! Fair. I stop the second I hear these things because its not reality. I have met tons of women the past year or so but, as you said, it is a rarity to come across someone that can converse about something other then SJW, Donald Trump or misogyny. Like, actually has a brain that isn't socially engineered or thinking what they are told to think. Its mostly R selected that are procreating and more infuriating is that, our tax dollars are expected to foot the bill when the chips all fall down. I came here seeking a solution but, I have found nothing outside FDR. I simply don't date single moms or women beyond top form SMV. Not interested in playing white knight when the playboys stop calling. With that said, the hungry don't get fed or get fed enough. If you swipe right lets say on a dating app like tinder, its flooded full of leftist, "proud single mom," a lot of liberal arts and women's study majors, crazy amount of student loans in ridiculous majors. #Idon'tWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore! I am hoping Stefan will return back to Gene Warfare series or content in alignment there because if the stupid continue to procreate, the number of actually K selected intelligent conservative individuals will further be in decline. The future wont be bright. Waiting for the government to run out of money, for the welfare state; single mother victimhood to need men again IS NOT A SOLUTION. Its not. Footing the bills once playboy stops calling isn't the answer either. The only alternative I have found is dating younger, having a LTR with young, red pilling the shit out of her, and only marrying a woman who has dedicated her top form SMV to you. Otherwise, you are expected to raise her bastard children out of wedlock, to foot the bills, and carry her weight (playboys stop calling when her waist increases and the crows feet set in). I wont do it. My genes will be weeded out of existence before settling.
  7. You wut mate? I would wager, the stats in 2017 are far worse, and more not less destructive then it has been in the past. I would like you to provide links to these posts the way Stefan has for Truth on Sex, Truth on Single Moms, Gene Warfare series etc. among a variety of his podcasts/vids. Please provide stats, date, sources, etc. Are you familiar with Helen Smith? Checkout her book Men on Strike. She depicts the TRAIN WRECK following a divorce, why there are men not playing into this game of white picket fence for when SMV craters, and playboy stops calling. More men are waking up to the realities that, there are a ton of unstable women, that they are quick to be both perpetrator and victim; classic female chameleon. Here is another source: So, what this portrays is that, when on top form SMV, its skiing down cawk mountain, its running through the playboys, Eiffel Tower, gangbangs, ONS, FWBs, and when SMV craters, its time to play the good girl act, baby rabies, and white picket fence. I came here for a solution. I can approach an absurd amount of women, I can swipe right on a dating app, and I can go stake my claim in the free market. If I PICK the wrong woman, I AM FUCKED just like the rest of the men in western society so, the question is WHY? I am a huge Stefan fan. I love his podcasts, his philosophy, and his promo for self-knowledge. I agree with his point on promiscuity, on single moms, on gene warfare, the welfare state, and a variety of other vids/podcasts however, I disagree with his "wait for daddy government to fail; for women to need men again" and "creepy" declaration @ men dating younger women. I don't know if its because he has a daughter or what but, he would normally call someone before stating "not an argument." As a man gets older, he enters into SMV top form whereas, women begin to dip or SMV craters all together pending genetics, lifestyle, and a variety of things. I wont be the sort of man who pursues single moms or women past their SMV prime. I don't care to white knight or be captain save a hoe when her best days are over. IT IS NOT HAPPENING! I am pursuing a solution BUT, I am still working on it. The SOLUTION for me is to 1) DATE YOUNGER (IE TOP FORM SMV) 2) RED PILL HE SHIT OUT OF HER 3) Build a foundation while setting boundaries for the LTR whereby, ambiguity/deceit/lying/cheating are grounds for dismissal. I haven't figured it out yet but, I am pursuing an answer and a solution. Until I find this, marriage is not in the realm of possibility and even the "perfect" girl for me would let slip if she pushed it onto me.
  8. Why College Sucks - Start a Business or Get a Job

    I am glad to have seen this thread. I think it is what I needed and a lot of other young people. I feel for those coming up out of high school and having been indoctrinated into this web of student loan college push. As stated before, you cannot declare bankruptcy on a student loan the way you can on just about everything else. A buddy of mine is a business guy and has not had a day job in almost twenty years. He is someone I learn from and he has stated many times that the info is all out there. Unfortunately, many professions require a piece of paper and you are paying to go to work. They tax this and then you got to work where you are taxed again. I really liked the most recent youtube podcasts that Stefan put out about being shut out from the arts and business so, he went into the free market and created those opportunities. Its a great reminder for myself and others.
  9. Is there even a point in having a career?

    + 1 Excellent post. One of the best I have seen in a long time. Ideally, working towards a career that highlights one's talents and skills would be beneficial rather then self-sacrificing. Unfortunately, during a Jordan Peterson video I recently watched, he discussed the push to women for a "career," running up student loans, loans that you cannot declare bankruptcy when the reality sets in that, Liberal Arts or Women's studies and being a SJW wont pay off student loan. Nor will squandering SMV, letting it crater chasing a "career" that doesn't exist when in fact, at a woman's baseline, a significant amount of the female population would much prefer to be a stay at home mother. Said reality sets in once actually going to work and trying to pay off a crazy loan happens. Peterson is correct in saying that, most don't acquire a career but have a job that they wouldn't do if not for the pay. Staking one's claim in the free market sounds great in theory but, it is challenging as a fuck, long hours, and very cut throat. Many of the high paying corporate jobs or even middle class jobs are being outsourced. A buddy with a ton of education and skills got turned down for a job by idiots with not even the fraction of the education he has or the skill sets. I don't think pissing away your life chasing the top of the pyramid in the corporate or business world is ideal for one's happiness, health or personal life especially if you have a LTR or family. If you are going to get throttled for taxes, I fail to see the point of acquiring a crazy high paying job when in fact, you are going to be working 80hr weeks, having a long commute or paying for a over priced piece of property (if not renting). There is a dominance hierarchy. The chase for a career is to win that game coupled with whatever cards you were dealt in the genetic lottery. Its all a big game of monopoly only the stakes are much higher. To answer TS' Q: about career, I think it be more ideal to begin starting your own business venture then chasing a carrot on a string in the form of a better high paying long hour job.
  10. Desperate for any advice on what to do next...

    Begin actively seeking work. Beggars can't be choosers. Too much work is bad and too much introspection is even worse IMO. Meditate. If you took a vacation at some point in this 18month to clear your head, seen some of the world, and came back with insight on what to do (similar to the Howard Schultz story), this would be beneficial. This is not the case and with savings running out, you must acquire employment immediately. My father taught me that, if I am ever out of work, my new job was to seek out a job. Treat this task as such. Unmet/untapped potential is meaningless unless you pull the trigger. If you don't know where to begin, maybe knowing what you don't want is a great start. After several jobs, you will learn quickly, what you like, and what you don't like. More importantly, self knowledge goes a long way. Knowing what you are good at goes a long way. You can then put those talents to work for you. As for being 39 and single, approaching nonstop amount of women everywhere all the time is a great way to break this cycle. Tinder is very lefty and full of liberal women seeking a cash cow to raise bastard children. There are the odd gems and good stories but, it is a savage bender of women squandering their SMV. Again, beggars cannot be choosers lol Swipe right. Still, VET A GOOD WOMAN. I know a guy that met the mother of unborn child from there. They are married. It is a one off sort of story since it can be a nightmare. Like, if a woman off tinder told me she was pregnant, I would run for the hills, and request DNA PROOF if she said it was mine. I hate to be negative but, until you acquire employment, only low status women or none will be around at this point. Women love money and if they want children, lets say you bag someone in their late 20s or early 30s, being broke wont get that sexy times. Good luck.
  11. Nice points. I am plagued by this problem. I comprehend MGTOW. I understand it but, I do not resonate with taking my ball and going home. I think this would contradict approaching in the first place or maybe it is ambivalence. Contrary to Stefan's "creepy" definition of dating younger, top form SMV is the answer; date younger when she is young, thin, and attractive. When she has options and still chooses you. If she is not loyal at her best, #DO-NOT-WANT!
  12. Again, low testosterone strikes back. Hard to imagine given the lack of thereof. LOL
  13. I came here because I was seeking a solution to this issue and I crave self knowledge. I have found a ton of value from FDR. Now, I am working on this solution and I am struggling if I am honest. Stefan has declared dating much younger as "Creepy" and also suggested to wait for the government to fail. This is not a solution. I approach a lot. I date younger. Always younger. I don't listen to biological clock rubbish when SMV has cratered. I don't give a damn. It is not my problem. The last two girls I hooked up with age 22 and 23. If we take Stefan's piece as gospel, that is "creepy." I would like to find this in video so I can time stamp it for when I phone in because I would like to work with him to come up with a solution. Also, I know he gets condescending if you don't have that and bring up something he said. MGTOW is correct in so many ways but, taking your ball and going home is not a solution either. Then again, I would take this argument elsewhere and say, the vast majority of western women are not worthy of marriage. Its skiing down cawk mountain in top form SMV, its running through gang bangs, ONS, FWBs, crashing through playboys, and then, its victimhood when SMV craters. For give me TS if I am mistaken but, I believe we discussed this topic in forum and in message. I agree with a lot of what you are saying in 99% of your points. I disagree with you and side with Stefan with respect to female promiscuity, kill count, and sleeping around. It is self evident in the data provided by Stefan/FDR in the Truth about Sex, the Truth on Single moms, and the Gene Warfare podcasts. During a woman's top form of SMV, at a time when they should seek out a good male, most are swinging from Dongs like Tarzan on a vine. Its when the fallout happens, when the attention drops, when aesthetics, and looks are shot that its baby rabies plus white picket fence marriage time. I am not playing this game. Its just reckless and savage in the west. What I have taken away from FDR is to not date single moms. Promiscuity removes a woman from marriage PERIOD. Contrary to what Stefan declares creepy, I will continue to pursue and date younger. If a woman is not dedicated in her SMV prime when young, thin, and attractive, she is team 'Netflix and chill' material. Not lets play homemaker material.
  14. What do I do? Part 2: finding a niche

    I am probably reaching but, I will ask anyway. Have you ever had an original idea and or thought of your own?
  15. What do I do? Part 2: finding a niche

    Multiple podcasts several hour longs dictate otherwise but nice chatting. Also, plagiarizing his "not an argument" doesn't make you an intellectual. Thanks for coming.

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