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  1. Marriage or MGTOW?

    Read David Deida, way of the superior man. He speaks about the climate of gender neutrality and the fallout thereafter. All great questions. I am trying to figure it out. In friends who have a ideal partner, they found the girl young, dated, no ambiguity or any sort of weirdness/cuckodry/infidelity etc. You must do as others suggested with respect to exploring your consciousness and self-knowledge. I found a ton of info from FDR which is why I am here. Like you, I was seeking a answer but, I have not yet found it seeking it myself. A great book to read is "Way of the Superior man" by david Deida. He depicts the problems coming from gender neutral. The cucking in society that is becoming commonplace is a result from a lack of masculinity IMHO. I have spent the past ten years weening out my beta male provider genes. If I married in my early 20s, I would have got cucked, cheated on, and destroyed in the court systems. Jordan Peterson speaks about the women who leave law firms, get married, and have children. They quit. Many women I work with would much prefer to be stay at home moms. Those who are not married feel they must follow the leader of feminism and have a career. In doing so, they are cratering their SMV chasing all the wrong things, and increasing the student debt bubble. Again, you cannot declare bankruptcy on a student loan. This is blood money. Once the eggs go bad, once fertility is done, and the wall has been hit, it is GAME OVER. Upon a message here from a buddy I was looking at joining the RooshV forum. I thought there would be more answers here. I have searched and not found them all the while I am doing mass approaching. The goal for a wife/children/white picket fence supersedes any amount of rejection, flaking, blow outs. When I look back on my life, I can say, I put it all on the line, did everything I can to find my queen, wife, and mother of my children. If I cannot despite all that, I will have no regret, and can rest assured. Its a zero sum game. Think monopoly only, someone is getting all the girls. The beta male cuck provider is expected to keep society orderly. Raise the alpha male's babies and allocate resources to a woman after SMV is cratered and she takes half your shit. This is a real thing and until the risk is mitigated, it is not a brilliant idea or business venture to undertake. Are you dating at the moment? My advice would be, what if you approached three strangers a day? 365 days in a year. Assume how many digits you get from here? How many more numbers? How many more lays? you come out of scarcity, you become numb to rejection, and to flakes. You run into women you would have dated, committed to, and married only to see, she is fat now, a single mom, and her life is garbage. I think youth is the key. From what I have seen, if not for cratered SMV and a biological clock, a lot of women would never change. If you look at the divorce stats, its over half are divorce, and the majority of those are by women. The man's resources are extracted and the woman jumps back on tinder to ski down cawk mountain. No fall out. Women are shameless in the west. Entitled to the max. No consequences for being a whore. Some cuck will still give her the ring. Find someone you can spend your life with but, it is no joke. Women are not waiting till marriage.
  2. Marriage or MGTOW?

    I am sorry. I do not recall. I have binge watched a bunch of his videos. I believe it was embedded somewhere in either the Maps of Meaning or Personality course youtube videos. If you watch his new channel, he has clips, and it really breaks down things with respect to gender. Despite the gender neutral push, women spread their legs for masculine > feminine males. Women rely heavily on the passive dating role, waiting for men to approach or swipe right, and the cyclical spikes of dopamine be had. Sure, there are sloots that will approach men but, despite the changes in the workplace and times, women are still waiting for men to make the move most times. Despite Stefan's hard work, I think he is missing the mark on calling dating younger as being "creepy." It is not an argument anymore then a feminist screaming white privilege or rape culture. Women crying about the wage myth gap. It is on this level of thinking. I suspect Stefan is biased having a young daughter. I do think there is a drop off point but, even backwards rationalizing this "creepy" declaration; at what point does it become creepy? 2yrs? 4yrs? 5? 10? What? At 19, TS has tons of opportunities to 1) make something of his potentiality 2) acquire a woman worthy of giving the ring to before starting a life together (although, it is mostly a formality, and not a necessity). IMHO, I always thought I would but, as I get older, I am growing more doubtful. I have experienced more and more flings and short term relationships. All of which have really made me grow weary of the ordeal between the sexes. I cannot articulate the subject as well as Peterson. I marvel at the man's "hyper verbal" abilities and genius. Basically, the drop off point he said in Personality 2017 #15; if a person has not developed "potential" by 40, its pretty much GAME OVER. Sadly, the school systems are breeding more of this uselessness, social justice warriors, liberal arts majors, and women studies. A man must sift through all this nonsense and "vet" a good woman. I've approached hundreds of women. In my life, I could count very few worthwhile in pursuing a LTR with let alone considering spending a life together. There is a lack of free thinking. Victimhood is the calling card for the culture. Do yourself a favor and explore. Just know, it is not the way society and the world portrays things. A classic example of the biggest of issues I see now among many is; Hollywood's push for cuckoldry. Tv shows like House of cards/Breaking Bad, Shameless, HIMYM, Stranger things etc. all promote female "protagonist" cucking men. It is just a common theme in the west. If this was the middle east, they would be stoned. While I am not advocating this, you clear don't give these women your sperm let alone access to your resources. A woman I hooked up with was being sly over social media. Her behavior is begging for single mother victimhood and cratered smv. A pic surfaces online of a man kissing her forehead. The same woman had my dick in her mouth and my proteins swimming in her stomach. It is dark but, continue your quest for self knowledge. Refrain from anything dogmatic be it feminism, mgtow or pickup especially as being gospel. Know your true north, your values, and beliefs.
  3. Marriage or MGTOW?

    I wish I could be 19 again. Life does not work that way. I have had a piss poor dating experience throughout my life. I dated a few times a year usually by some random case of serendipity as a teen. If and when girls liked me, I usually botched it or fucked it up by being beta. I finally got one gf in my teens who I met online and likely was getting cucked upon reflection. She no showed me on new years in my freshman year of college and I was done with it. The worst part too was that, a college girl tried to hookup with me after hours in the photography room. Again, I was a college freshman and I fucked it up. A shy friend of mine later would tell me about a book that helped him meet girls. It was the Game by Neil Strauss. Here, I read and learned about pickup. About cold approach, about self-help, hypergamy, the red pill, of hypergamy, and nature of females when young/thin/attractive. I learned about sexual market value. I saw social conditioning, my eyes opened as i saw the contradictions between how my K selected happily married parents raised me and my sister versus how women actually were. Like, a girl telling me she is not like that and then, getting gang banged at a high school party. About a girl putting on the good girl shtick and then, cheating on her boyfriend sucking some other guy's dick at a party despite going to church on Sundays. I watched as my high school and college one-ittus/crush ended up becoming single moms via one night stand. I was crushed but, I found myself resenting my old self. I remember buying girls flowers and then, a girl just being a real bitch to me or bringing out some shitty mood and toxic behavior. I did not get it. Once my eyes opened, there was no going back, and things began to change. I started to talk differently. I began to actively pursue, approach, and put myself out there. I experienced a ton of rejections, blow outs, and flaky girls. I also began to get more numbers, dates, hookups, and pulls. I stopped pedaling this beta male cuck provider vibe. If a girl did not want to spend time with me, I would just approach another girl, and I stopped taking things to heart. I stopped caring to live up to the standards society and social conditioning had for me. I turned 30 this year. The last girl that gave me head is 21 (legal in my state). I picked up two girls recently. One 26 and another early 20s. Both flaked. The other day, a girl invited herself over to my house. It literally equates to NOTHING. It has no meaning. While I always saw marriage as a way of 'being,' since my eyes opened to the realities, that being, most women are skiing down cawk mountain, are cratering their SMV running through bad boys/playboys/alphas/sociopaths/psychos only to seek marriage as plan B for when those said males stop calling; I cannot fathom this route especially in the west. TS, I don't think MGTOW is the solution either. I thought about signing up to RooshV forum but, a recent video called Black Pill offered ZERO. MGTOW advocates taking your ball and going home. I am a huge fan of FDR and Stefan Molyneux. I've watched every video on MGTOW/Masculinity/Gene War fare series/Single moms or truth on Sex among a ton of others. He offers ZERO solution. Suggesting not dating single moms is common sense. Waiting for the government and state to fail, for the welfare state to dry up and for women needing men again IS NOT AN ANSWER. Stefan has said that dating younger is "CREEPY" in one of his videos (i will try to find and time stamp it). Again, not an argument. If you are going to get married, you want TO FORM SMV and not cratered SMV, not the MILKS GONE BAD, and BABY RABIES AND BULKING SEASON have kicked off. You sir are 19. You have the world to explore along with your consciousness and self-knowledge. Continue to do so. Approach lots of women. Date man. HAVE OPTIONS. Choose from said options. Based upon my life experience, women have not ever shown stability, nurturing, wifely, motherly, caring, loving, and other positive traits to indulge in the idea of spending my life with such a person. I pray. I meditate. I am reading the Gita, the bible, listening to Jordan Peterson's biblical series, and exploring my consciousness as well as self-knowledge. I have met a lot of tyrannical women, crazy party girls, skanks, sluts, cratered SMV, single moms, etc. Pickup and being red pilled will do this. I've come across many girls who are single moms, women i once dated, lived trashed, many who are now fat, and life is bad. I could have been that guy. I was not sure how to articulate it; what "it" was exactly. I just knew, there is power in "youth," in a woman's fertility, in biology, and in top form SMV. Peterson in a youtube video spoke of you as "potentiality." <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< here in lies the SOLUTION IMHO! A woman can run around as a attention whore, crater SMV, be a single mom, and go on a BULK CYCLE as the MILKS GONE BAD. She is entitled to and like most women in the west, many will or she can choose a more conservative life. She can follow social conditioning and feminism, compete with the men for the corner office, and be cheered off the cliff once SMV craters. And she can choose a life of self-knowledge, exploring her consciousness, reading a book, being a Queen with the entitlement, attention whore or 'sloot gonna sloot' rubbish. ^^^^^ The latter gets the ring. Don't get it twisted. Don't be fooled by society but, my friend, it is a cold hard world. There is darkness. My beta genes want to be passed on. I want to get married despite knowing all this, seeing this cuck fest embedded into the fabric of society, made mainstream on tv shows like breaking bad/HIMYM/Shameless/Strangerthings among others. ITS NOT OKAY. The woman with the ass pics on IG gets pulled, Eiffel towered, and facials not the ring. Good luck to you man. Take more shots. Let it play. Give your gifts to the world. BE WARNED. Don't listen to society. Trust your intuition. You're better off marrying your high school sweet hear then playing the field and watching women get cheered off the cliff. One of my biggest afterthoughts the past decade. Please share your story going forward.
  4. Career choices

    Stay in your lane. - Gary Vee! You could pay a solid programmer or student/new grad money to build your site and to code for you. Otherwise, you can half ass it and bump around aimlessly. I remember learning HTML and basic coding languages once upon a time. I was never strong in code. I could reset a password and do basic analyst stuff but, a lot of places wanted to under pay. I tried looking into start-ups and they paid even less so, I changed career paths. If I was a strong programmer, I would have went full throttle at it, accumulated as much exp as I could infield before changing gears with my own endeavors. Peter Drucker speaks of opportunities, ones presented having experience in a particular field say, healthcare, IT, marketing, education, etc. and therefore, one would know the gaps to be filled. Areas of opportunity and money to be had. Reddit linked 250 free udemy courses, many of which had basic programming, and coding courses. I repeat, free. Search. It might still be available. Again, I think outsourcing it would be better and you can spend more time running the show. Doing what you already do best. I could have tried to continue programming but, why turn amateur programmer into mediocrity? Ideally, its best to stay in my lane, be a star performer doing whatever it is I do best.
  5. Career choices

    Fantastic. It means you're available.
  6. Why Bad Boy?

    The post could not be more straight forward. Have you listened to the Gene Warfare podcast/youtube series? the dating pool is highly r selected. Even those from a K selected environment are bombarded by R selected culture. Teen pregnancy is common theme. I remember high school. Society promotes this as well as single mother victimhood and 'sloot gonna sloot.' Stefan recently did a vid on masculinity and the celebration of men day. Men are pissed. Despite all the nonsense about how men treat women (pedals more victimhood which women eat up), its women (not men) that are caught red handed, "rate 80% of men below average." Source - Pof link & Helen Smith author of Men on Strike. What women fail to grasp is that, when thin, young, and attractive, they have CHOICE. When the milk goes bad, when SMV craters, playboy stops calling. I've mentioned before, one of the best players I know who has stated, he never has had a dry spell in his life (he models). When asked if he ever wants to settle down, have children, get married, white picket fence? His response? "Mate, new girls are turning 18 everyday." I was floored. I was jaw dropped by this statement. He is fucking savage. Then again, what do women do with their golden vagina at top form SMV? I will never be like him nor do I try to but, I have learned a lot from his process which is mostly being enthusiastic and extremely comfortable in his own skin. He wont the genetic lottery. You cannot fabricate this. Its luck of the draw. Again, I've listened to countless podcasts from Stefan but, there is emphasis on a problem with no solution. Stefan would declare my friend's pursuit of youth as being "creepy" as he stated in on of his vids before (still seeking to find that time stamp). This is not an argument. Top form SMV is in fertility, in youth, and when she has options. Men grow into their SMV top form through accumulation of resources, lifestyle, game, etc. Its dating Olympics these days. Its like the game of Monopoly. A zero sum game. Winner takes all and the rest take zero or low hanging fruit. Solution? Mass approaching. Pursuit of top form SMV. Stake claim in free market. Live a good life. Marriage is only for top form SMV or not at all.
  7. If your point isn't worth time stamping Stefan would dismiss your nonsense as would Peterson. If it was not worthy of time stamping, your post is not worthy of listening to but, I digress. I saw a link saying that Peterson is making 60K a month off social media/youtube/biz ventures but, I am sure you are doing better. Wait wut?
  8. I just fired back at your nonsensical post. If you called into FDR/Stefan and accused him of saying something but, did not time stamp it, he would laugh in your face. Time stamp sources.
  9. Willpower comes from...

    I agree but, I would imagine a variety of elements are at work. Nature vs. nurture, environmental factors, genetics, etc. I think someone in an environment that is highly motivated can help boost one's motivation and willpower. I am not saying they become a workhorse but, definitely boost a deviation or so. Hard to quantify exactly but, it is a interesting feat. I read the book, "Talent is overrated" by Geoff Colvin. The book depicts world class while debunking the myth of people dismissing greatness as "talented" by pointing out the early beginnings. Starting at a young age, putting in countless hours builds up those neural pathways in the brain, and making that mind/body connection. The book does what all great books do in asking a question; what does world class talent require? It goes onto point out that a world class violinist has put in absurd amount of hours by the age of nine. Someone starting out much later in life would never be able to catch up. Someone like Sidney Crosby or Wayne Gretzky dismissed as world class talent but, it would then dismiss the time they spent playing pond ice hockey, stick handling, getting stronger, putting in the time, and becoming world class. I think someone else could be putting in the time and not getting the result these men did but, the book put out a premise that was similar to that 10,000 hour route to world class. There is no escaping hard work even if "talented" at one's baseline. i believe willpower and motivation coincides with that driving force that got these people at practice waking up at 5am, eating healthy, training their mind, and body to fire at such a high level. It is a incredible read I highly recommend for anybody interested.
  10. My impression of you is really low testosterone and soon to be cucked. Good luck with that.
  11. I would like a trio of Peterson, Roaming, and Stefan. I would love RSD Tyler to be on the podcast but, I cannot see it since, they provide polar opposite perspectives. Another Elliot Hulse video would be great. More Alex Jones, Trump, and Joe Rogan would be great.
  12. Why Bad Boy?

    Banished fathers + single mom household = Automated R Selection children. I think red pilling the shit out of someone can help change the culture but, there is definitely a deficit to be worked through from said starting point.
  13. Career choices

    I find myself in a similar position. Seeking more resources and a better lifestyle but, I realize I've spent a significant portion of my life chasing phantoms (career, women, status, etc). The times are changing. A lot of women are making money. When it comes to dating, LTRs, and marriage, this needs to be considered IMHO. I know a lot of men who had a wife or gf that was career oriented. The sec children come, its bulking season, and its homemaker time. She doesn't return back to work so, the man is then stuck swing for the fences to bring home the bacon. I think its ideal to have one income assuming you make high income. If she works a shitty job, it doesn't offset what is being lost from child care. I think entrepreneurial ventures are ideal. If you can find a way to take what you are intrinsically talented at, put to use your skills, and interests in such a way, you can turn a profity; this is the lane to get into. I know a man who left a corporate job to start a fitness club. He is doing well. By no means rich but, he is not in that rat race of corporate drone anymore. Gary V speaks about getting in whatever lane you are talented at. Peter Drucker always talked about turning your talents into star performorer rather than going from amateur to mediocre. Good luck man. I am sure you are talented enough to problem solve the direction you want your life to go with your family. How does your wife fit into all this?
  14. Let's talk dating!

    I am listening to the biblical series by Peterson and I am finding it enlightening. Its a limiting perspective to blanket statement a woman as being bad for clubbing. Infidelity? Single mom? Neglectful parenting? Abuse? initiating domestic violence before clinging to victimhood when put in place? Yeah. Sure. Its hard to fathom your having said you date or dated teen girls who are not attending these said places now or ever? Are you making said claims? If she is bad for clubbing and then, you date her, what does this say of self? I agree with you in that, finding a wife in a bar or club is as bad a idea as wifing up someone off tinder. Marrying cratered SMV. Giving the ring to single mother victimhood. This thread is basically dead. There is little with respect to actually dating or process orientation in here. I've found statements of intent work much better then flattery, white knightdom, and placating oneself to her every whim. There is this presumed sense of value without any reform not matter how shitty a person maybe. I've seen on several message boards about how if a woman is not interested, its probably his fault, and it says nothing of her entitlement. I watched a recent podcast with Joe Rogan where a woman was on her high horse and telling men to fuck off. The guy asked a group of women for a lighter. A significant amount are not wifey material let alone LTR status. This assumed sense of value is just present. I cannot remember the last time I met a woman who actually reads a book that is not fifty shades, twilight or some sort of fuckery social conditioning. Needless to say, it makes for more short term prospects and little to be salvaged.
  15. No. A clinical psychologist has no idea of info? The man had Timothy Leary's (Tibetan Book of the dead Manual) job at Harvard. I repeat, he is a psychologist. You offer nothing of insight, sources, content, and logical reasoning behind said stupidity. This is the equivalent of a screaming feminist "rape culture" or "misogyny." You've digressed into SJW level of stupidity. Congrats.

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