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  1. meetjoeblack

    re: is college worth it?

    I am agreewith you. I am hoping Peterson gets his site out and disrupts the edu system. Unfortunately, unless you have political contracts, a family fortune, the silver spoon or triple digit IQ, you have little options. At thirty, I would be working fast food or some dead end job without my edu. I disagree. I am no mgtow but, I operate with red pill awareness. Let's say, you approach hundred women. How many would you date? Have sex with? Be in a ltr with? Peterson targets men to take responsibility. His message resonates but, the dating market is fucking disgusting. You have the majority of women running through Chad's starting from teens all the way into late twenties. Some even thirty plus. We've seen the FDR podcasts truth on sex, single moms, gene warfare, hyoergamy etc. So, she gets Chad's, gets beta male cucks provider, and his resources in a divorce. If she doesn't divorce or cuck, she usually gets fat. A lot of married men are cut off by their wives. Only a moron and a fuck would make this sort of investment. **** outlier being, the man who married high school sweet heart, girl on late side of teens or early side of twenty when they met. No cucking or weird shit, no ambiguity etc. **** I heard Stefan tell a woman late twenties to hurry up. Another words, some beta will take responsibility for r selected behavior when smv was at her best. No thanks. Screaming misogyny is not an argument (thank you Stefan).
  2. meetjoeblack

    re: is college worth it?

    I watched this Ages ago. For whatever reason, this post never went. I am noticing similar things with messages. Not sure if support can look into this. Anyway, it was a great podcast. Its a nice change from politics,trump, and the left. I found it very insightful. I love the collaboration and I hope you bring back Jordan Peterson. Its highly beneficial given his background in the education system, reaching, and his agenda with education. I await that site he is making to cut out Marxist indoctrination. As for the podcast, I enjoyed how Stefan broke down the reasons not to go to school. I like how he shower the uselessness of it outside the STEM field. I found it informative with respect to the favoritism towards women and even the kangaroo courts held by false accusations. Its pretty scary. Most of all, I liked the breakdown of Stefan's success in technology, starting young,and building a business. This was fantastic. Now, I am going to play devils advocate. What if you aren't a entrepreneur? What to you don't have triple digit IQ like Stefan? With udemy and a variety of other resources, you can learn coding and programming. If you are below triple digit IQ, you are going to struggle. Furthermore, I believe it was Peterson who pointed to the scientific data that, there isn't a proven way to increase IQ nor mitigate say clinical mental retardation. The army won't take on someone with IQ of 83. I think it was said,at 85, they aren't issued a firearm due to their safe and others. Finally, I agree with Stefan, outside STEM, its beneficial to avoid college and the blood money that is student loans at all costs. You cannot declare bankruptcy on it. If there's a alternative to adding to the college loan epidemic, by all means take it. If college is unnecessary, if its not a requirement, if all the information is out there in a library, and for free,it is stupid to go to college. Its not smart to invest in the education system if its not entirely necessary. I concur with Stefan however, I would argue this philosophy would apply to other domains. If we argue that, it costs thousands of dollars for college which is mostly unnecessary (when looking at the data of what was learned in college), why would anybody get married? Its not necessary. Its not a requirement to survive. Its highly expensive. The divorce rate is disgusting and if we look at the stats based on gender, women initiate more then two thirds. There's the kangaroo court systems. There's custody battle. In getting married, a man swears away half his current and future earnings plus sexual access. I've seen the Peterson vids on enforced monogamy and on curbing male aggression. I am a product of the nuclear family. I know its the ideal path for children. Its not a great deal for men. I know a lot of men banisher to the he garage. Are utility for resources and are cut off from sex. Just to be consistent, if I can go without college, I likely can go without marriage. Neither guarantees success and if things go tits up, my resources, access,and children are taken from me. For the record, I see this value in marriage but,I sm not a fan of what its becoming. Happy wife happy life. Lol
  3. meetjoeblack

    Having issues with in-laws

    It sounds like you did it right. She followed a traditional approach but, with 'the bad boy.' a lot of women plummet their smv to pursue Chad's. It's not your battle to make nor fight. Step aside. Let them handle it. Iam the product of the nuclear family. I value family and marriage but, I have no use for what it has become to this point.
  4. meetjoeblack


    You either step up or step out of my way. I remember running into my high school cherish oneitus years later. She is a single mom. Typical girl following society and her outcome is piss poor. You either approach or your genes are weeded out of existence. Chad's will just pump and dump. You can suffice the courage to make your feelings known. Exchange your numbers. You can rest assured that you did that. It's the Gita, 'being unattached to the fruits of your labor.' You are free to approach. Freedom from outcome but the results are out of your hands. Take action. Step up. I llost count of cold approach. I am at the point, I am numb to rejection, flakes, ghosting. You can too. It's piss poor cesspool that is dating especially online/tinder /pof. It's 'proud single moms' bios, it's 'no fuck boys' write ups but, she's cratering her smv with Chad's. It's not until smv has plummeted or cratered that common sense kicks in, the party phase ends, and in comes baby rabies. Most change and evolve not because she's a good girl. she evolves because that dating market no longer provides the dopamine spikes she once had gotten from Chad's. It's dating Olympics as Stefan has said. I recommend that you approach and find out if you are interested and if you have any common interests. I messaged Elizabeth once about a hot young girl I met. She was really cute and after several encounters, I got her number, and we went out. I was ecstatic. Guess what? She was awful. She was a cultural Marxist, feminist, SJW, and clung to victimhood. She went on a rant about white privilege. This coming from a single white girl in a high end middle class background. I ended the date immediately. I made out with her and I never spoke to her again. It was shit but, I will never mental masturbate about what would happen? Funny I saw her recently. She death stared as I approached girls in front of her. Op, I either approach or my genes are weeded out of existence. The choice is yours. That or wait for her to hit the wall or be a single mom to pick you. I prefer her young not plummeted smv.
  5. meetjoeblack

    Jordan Petersons Debate

    Agreed. I don't see the value for her in a polygamy marriage any more than I do for men in the current situation of monogamous marriage esp in western society. The fact is pretty alarming. Seeking self knowledge has led me here. I am still very interested in the process but, none of my research, experience or knowledge suggests that it is the best route to take as a man. I agree with Peterson that it is ideal for the children. I've said many times, you're an amazing exception to the norm now a days. I just saw a YouTuber that depicted the joke that is the Royal Wedding. I saw another one about Colin Firths wife cucking him. Gives her a wedding, children, a luxurious lifestyle and BRB, cucking my hubby. I don't want to live to Iive on this planet anymore.
  6. Man, you dropped the ball. Don't ever make public displays of affection to women in your work. Its foolish. School boy error. If anything, be ambiguous, vague, indifferent, and let women initiate. The juice is never worth the squeeze IMHO and experience. Its a headache and it is never casual no matter how much they try to say it will be. Furthermore, you cannot bring out the violin and cry foul. She can always play that victim narrative and destroy your career. In the predicament I shared, I took her home, a male coworker caught her sexually harassing me (in the event it went to HR), and furthermore, I video tapped going 15 rds from 3am till 6am back at her place. The video tape on my phone was renamed "coffee." What she invited me in for after the pub. I wish things were different. Like, I wish this was not a scenario one would have to worry about but, I always archive text convos, screen shots, snapchats, nudes, emails etc. in the event things go tits up. If you play with fire, you will get burned. In all probability, if you have a video on your phone of clapping them cheeks, she is less likely to go to HR after though, she could call it blackmail even still. best left undone.
  7. I got a girl's number once from work (lies, several times but, I digress). This girl texts me all sexual, pics, nudes, etc and how she likes it rough. Then, ghosts me. Totally, no response or one word answers. She is not the only fish in the sea so, whateves. I go meet other girls. A month goes by and this girl comes out of the wood works texting. Due to life experience and a background in cold approach, I am well aware that when women ghost, its because playboy stopped calling or her ex dumped her. Never any exceptions. The entire time, I am indifferent and not much of a response if anything. She starts chasing. Of course I get the "I was busy" line that women give when they ghost. I ended up getting groped by her at work and even other coworkers that were male said it was indiscrete on her part and inappropriate. Fastforward a few weeks, I run into her at a pub, and this night, I was on fire. I was chatting up lots of girls and getting numbers. She so happens to be there, attraction switches are flipped, and my being indifferent only added fuel to the fire. The girl I was pursuing got a bit too drunk and so, that did happen. The girl that ghosted I leave with. Drive her home. Get this. She invites me in for "coffee" at 3am lolololol She changes out of her dress with the door open. I come in partially clothes. End up bull rushing one another till era part of the next day. Her guilt kicks into overdrive and "I was busy" turns into, I was fucking my ex, and he stopped calling. Shocker. She wanted me to sleep over the night. I still felt cucked partially given she ghosted and the predicament. No fucking way, I would sleep over. I left, said I would call. Of course, I never did. I just kept text messages of the entire convo in the event she ever went to HR. Pretty sure she bad mouthed me to other girls but I just used plausible deniability. Did no such thing. OP, its not worth it. Some guys get away with murder humping everything. I would get arrested or fired. Likely both attempting the following. If I were to have guessed, using my phone, and video taping the encounter for HR likely was the only reason she didn't go full retardo and report me for harassment even though she propositioned me. Technically, I got sexually harassed in the workplace lol
  8. meetjoeblack

    Career choices

    there was a link to like 250+ free udacity courses on reddit FREE> Curious if its still up. Search TS! Many are super basic.
  9. meetjoeblack

    Stef the Hypocrite

    The only hypocritical comments I can recall one; calling dating younger "creepy." This is not an argument to steal his line.
  10. meetjoeblack

    Jordan Peterson's defense of free speech, what gives?

    Meanwhile, some SJW is wimpering online about their hurt feelers and being right while driving a taxi cab. Step your game up son!
  11. meetjoeblack

    Jordan Peterson's defense of free speech, what gives?

    You're mistaken. He is a clinical psychologist and prof with tenure at the university of Toronto. He was pushed to use compelled speech in gender pronouns by law. We then saw exactly what he was talking about later with Lindsay Shepard whereby, the university ambushed her for showing a Jordan Peterson video in a classroom, and accused of hurting the feelers of an imaginary student that did not even exist. Peterson is proven correct. He had the balls to step up against cultural Marxist and more stupidity. Saw a link that said he is making 60K USD/mon in youtube and a variety of other sources. Looks like he is doing it right.
  12. meetjoeblack

    Jordan Peterson's defense of free speech, what gives?

    Not sure if serious? He argued against laws enforcing gender pronouns.
  13. + 1 Great posts. Our government is changing laws which is putting entrepreneurs in a rape choke. fortunately, due to our healthcare system, there is a bit of breathing room in ways there are not any in other environments. Peterson is beginning to go outside his realm of expertise so, at some point, there will be a learning curve. You can be a jack of all trades AND a master of none. I've gained more from Peterson in the past couple of years then I ever did in a decade + of government education.
  14. meetjoeblack

    Dating today

    I post thst link before on this site. Women not men are the ones with the fucked up expectations but, as gatekeepers of sex esp when on top form have choice. It changes over time. If you read Dr. Helen Smith's book Men on Strike, it depicts the fucked up landscape. One way flow of education that caters to girl power despite male academics in decline for the past 50yrs, court system pedals victimhood, divorce laws play to women, and reproductive laws again all play for women. Mr 8, you got time on your side. A woman hits the wall, you date younger even if Stefano calls it "creepy," and you acquire top form SMV. A woman trades in her youth, or you next her.

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