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  1. down with bitcoin

    Sorry for the delay. Been MIA. I've read a series of finance books from Benjamin Graham to most recently, Dave Ramsey and Tony Robbins latest material. Everyone swears by DIVERSIFYING. I've been made aware of trading savings accounts whereby, you do not have to pay taxes/capital gains on said money which is pretty cool. I've played with several online. I wish I was a member back in 2014. I feel late to the party. With the most recent decline, it is allowing people to get into the BTC market. Cryptos as a whole. I am watching for this to hit rockbottom before jumping in. I am trying my best to understand the technology. I want to invest in the actual blockchain technology. Not just the coins. I am thinking Ripple will go up once it jumps onto a visa card or major bank in USA. Once its on CoinBase, I expect it to go up to $10/USD. I do not like it as I feel like its, centralized and more of the devil we already know. Still, I would like to get a piece of the action. Thoughts on Ethereum? I ask because I feel like its still a sleeper despite being #2 on the CoinMarket.com I feel like this is the one that has done well despite this down turn. Anymore resources or recommended material for Bitcoin Cash? I am currently rampaging through Andrea's books and vids online. I am 2/3 his books atm. If only I came across it all much sooner.
  2. This was a masterclass performance by JBP. Absolutely annihilated feminist and put her over his knee for a spanking.
  3. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    I commend you on your rational and well thought out response. Hypergamy is not evil in and of itself but, nor is male nature and the desire for younger/thinner/hotter women top form SMV. Turn on the tv and we will be bombarded by female victimhood paraded without recourse all the while demonizing masculinity. Meanwhile, we have fifty shades, diaries of a morbidly obese woman coming out later this week. Never are we to ever second guess or question female nature and or sexuality? I remember the Julien Blanc incident, man getting kicked off planet fucking earth. While I do not advocate his behavior. The real question shouldn't be why is said male acting like a savage and going full retard. The question should be, why are women reciprocating to caveman behavior? Why are women getting wet for savages? When I was a blue pill man, I couldn't imagine the reality of being not married, wife, children, and white picket fence. A dog lol I've unplugged and acknowledge that life is not so basic nor a linear process. Its double edge sword no doubt. I can see your perspective. The thing is, when in the west, women seek resources, and homemaker lifestyle, its usually at the tail end of SMV versus top form. With that, I continue to pursue youth which pisses women off esp those my age or much older. Hell, I even heard Stefan describe dating younger as "creepy," which isn't an argument anymore than a feminist screaming misogyny or racism. As time has gone on, I have evolved as my eyes have opened, and I've unplugged from the Matrix. Maybe one day, I settle down but, the oldest I would consider to date atm is 23/24 (tops). If a woman is not dedicated, no LTR ambiguity while in her youth, I am content with Netflix and chill. I've spent enough time in government education and in the workplace over the years to see female nature, hypergamy, and I've put my foot down. I've learned to set boundaries. For instance, I only date feminine women. I don't date low sex drive/not in the mood, doesn't give blow jobs. I don't date women with kids. I don't date feminists or SJWs.
  4. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    You are probably correct with respect to a NAWALT; the sort you give the ring to but, this is far from the mark if you were to quantify the data based upon successful outcomes dating as a man. Search any archived forum post for men treating women well and being moral only to get cucked, cheated, divorced, and ran through divorce/family courts.
  5. Are women capable of agency?

    Free thinking goes a long way. I can say, there just is a lack in western women now a days. Men are on the blunt end of women and their poor decisions that lead to their own unhappiness. I've attempted to mitigate the chaos and decimation of the nuclear family having been the product of strong family values. At this point, I feely embrace what is to come but, I refuse to carry the weight or play white knight when shit goes tits up. The fallout is coming. When it does, a lot of men are going to be switched off outside their families, wife, friends, etc. Morality cannot apply to being coerced however, the abundance of social engineering, the promo for sloot gonna sloot, single mother victim, and the get out of jail free card for women is still no excuse. Women can be bought, are bought either in the form of playboy or by daddy government. We live in a matriarchy that pedals to women;s every whim, and women are still discontent. Tyler Durden : We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the answer we need. The question a lot of free thinking men need to ask themselves is, what to do with their life having not followed the beaten path?
  6. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    +1 Tons of betas, White knights, and cucks now a days. Spineless and cowardice. At this stage in my life, I couldn't give a damn what a woman wants in a man nor her self expectations. I don't care to meet standards, to play into hypergamy or the process of seeking one's approval and validation. I am switched off from this. I spam cold approach. A woman either bites or she does not but, no sleep is lost. I have my own values, beliefs, ambitions, desires, motivations, and its above playing homemaker with cratered SMV. If I ever were to marry, it will be someone on the early side of 20s when dating or not at all. The aim for responsibility, for pursuing the female biological imperative of dating, and following the beaten path in society is laughable at best. LOL @ Women turned on by men with morals! I am sure the single moms, the women with cratered SMV were chasing men of high values.
  7. What Is Moral?

    Friedrich Nietzsche depicts morality quite well with his book beyond good and evil. Its one thing to moralize, to virtue signal, and posture in cowardice fashion. Its another thing to have the capacity to commit evil and choose good thus, being moral.
  8. down with bitcoin

    Checkout Coin Base. The thing is, there was more money to be made obv if you were ahead of the curve or if you jump onto the next wave of cryptos. The turn over time for BTC is terrible which leaves room for other coins. LTC for instance among several others. BCC was recently introduced to Coin Base. In the new year, there will be several more, and the tech will continue to change. Once someone figures out how to foolproof it from gov manipulation, the value will skyrocket. If the conversion from BTC:USD, the pricess will blow up, and the same with once amazon, walmart, ebay, etc. begin accepting it as a currency.
  9. Marriage or MGTOW?

    It was more or less the MGTOW route. Its simply not for you. MGTOW are simply blue pill men that went red pill after getting destroyed in a system they were fodder too. Furthermore, much of the ideology is centered around Deida be it consciously or unconsciously. The points are pretty hard to deny; that a woman is not your purpose, not living at your edge has consequences, and excusing mediocrity for having a wife and kids is the mating call of the loser. Continie on your path. I don't necessarily agree with everything there but, there is a call out @ gender neutral nonsense. Nobody can give you the path to follow in life. I thought I would come across a solution here. This is far from the truth. Lots of know it alls and wordy commentary. Lots of chatter and little follow through. The connection between men and women is pretty damn severed. Unless a man has won the genetic lottery, has resources, looks or all of the above, maybe game, its slim pickings. With the #MeToo essentially blurring the lines of actual rape and pedaling more female victimhood, it is going to get worse before it gets better. If there was WWIII, there would be a lot less men thereafter, and it would change things (not necessarily for the better). If you are going to go out on your shield in this life, call into being that which would make this life worth living. I've found more answers in Jordan Peterson videos then just about anything now a days. I would love to hear his take on the severed relationship between men and women. I recently heard a woman at the gym bragging about cucking her husband. It is really savage these days. Continue on your path. Keep me posted on how it goes? Just don't drop your dreams and life path the sec a hot woman who puts out comes along.
  10. Why?

    You want your cake and you want to eat it too. You wont dispute it but, you want seek out the quote so, go watch some damn videos and post back when you learned a thing or two. Dude, you are an idiot. Not shocking you have not seen a vagina in over a decade. LOL I read over your "quality woman" posts for good measures. You sir are a modern day comedian. LOL QUALITY!
  11. How to Deal with Narcissists

    I came to the forum to seek a solution. Thus far, it has not been provided. A lot of know-it-all. One guy talking "quality woman" which of course turned out not to be the case lol You did not dispute nor disapprove my post. Again, I repeat. There is a lot of pretentious narcissism. One sec perpetrator. Next sec victimhood!
  12. Why?

    Are you disputing him saying that? How about him calling it creepy to date younger? You will blatantly discredit yourself with the time stamps. Wear a helmet. So, you didn't see the video. What the fuck is your point? Go watch more videos. Do you dispute him calling dating younger "creepy?" Whats your point? I am chronic people watcher. It was really telling reading these posts on this page. One post went from "quality" woman. I then went onto say the realities for men in the west with women in the west 99% of the time when they attempt to encapsulate a woman in the "quality" box. It does not end well. Again, really telling. I don't know the laws in every state. I think 16 is consent in his state though, I am not advocating that given, its a pretty big dirty bag move in either event. The thing is, a man acquires girl say age 18. Top form SMV. Her weight is not going to decrease from 18 on. Its going upward and given the way women in the west bulk, its going up fast. If you look at pics of women on social media after age 23, its not pretty most times. Like, if you were to equate top form SMV, from my experience, its 18-23. This would fall under the category of "creepy" to Stefan among society. NOT AN ARGUMENT. I want to call in but, before I do, I want the time stamp. It is not so much to cram the point down one's throat boot first. its the fact, he gets condescending on disagreements and rages when people don't time stamp or paraphrase. Context is important. Another user here who is into casual dating caught that point. Neither of us have it time stamped. I've seen in the workplace time and time again. She is not like that but, runs through playboy. Crateres SMV and rages in a elevator in some building only all the more when 1) playboy stops calling 2) when meta male provider grows some balls and starts dating top form SMV 3) when reality sets in and SMV has cratered FOREVER as; her 20s do not grow back! I am a huge FDR/Stefan fan which is why I care and tune in. I am in search of a solution. I am in polar contrast to social conditioning, social engineering, and following the beaten path. Everyone including fam or friends could be furious with me but, my pursuit of top form SMV is on the horizon otherwise, I am disinterested altogether. Man, its not the 50% problem. Yes, 50% of marriages end in divorce but, 80% are initiated by women. How many of these women were cratered SMV? Were skiing down cawk mountain? How many of these men were cuck beta male providers? Turning a whore into a house wife? No offense man but, after your "quality woman" post, you have proven to show error in judgement. Generalizing or not, a significant amount of women are skiing down cawk mountain. Are running through dudes and cratering their SMV. I found most white women are like this. Asian women who are 1st gen are less likely but, after 2/3 gen, I found it no diff then white women. "White girl wasted" is a thing. Its normalized for 'sloot gonna sloot.' Single mother victimhood is normalized as is the cucking of men on mainstream television shows (house of cards, Stranger things, HIMYM, Family Guy, Breaking bad, etc). Now, you can argue generalizing or NAWALT (not all women are like that) the same way you can argue that woman is "quality" but, a lack of self ownership, personal responsibility, and accountability are absent. This doesn't line up. God forbid, you married this woman or had children with her. #WOULDNOTENDWELL! Its funny that, if you are a biologist providing stats, its perfectly fine but, otherwise, said stats while factual are deemed racist disputing with an anomaly. If women are going to sleep around via tinder or online, why in the fuck would a man risk his resources now or ever? Which is why, men need to raise the bar on their expectations in women. If she is a feminist/SJW/non-free-thinker, she should be left where she was found. Until the free money parade exists, marriage is a terrible idea and investment for men. A woman was raging about the liability of marriage. WHAT THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK MEN HAVE BEEN HANDLING THE PAST SIXTY YEARS? The time of women and children first are over. SMV = sexual market value. Virtue need not apply. I am not talking marriage or LTR. You can seek those encounters all you want. You vet for top form SMV and you red pill the qualities you seek. You have tons of fake trad thots like Lauren Southern and others who doll up, who push trad values but, its again hypergamy. The same with republican women vs democratic women. Attractive hypergamous women vs obese green haired women. Its not hard to imagine which wins. Then again, hypergamy is hardwired into female biology. This convo is going nowhere. Because everything and everyone is equal correct? High kill count in women is attractive? Cratered SMV is attractive? I return back to your "quality woman." Read The Rational Male. Learn of plate spinning. If you had options, if you had choice in multiple women, you would not be preaching about a "quality" women. You would just spin plates. Let plates drop and spin more plates. Some flake, ghost, re appear, and you keep spinning. Since you did not know, MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT! Anatomically, we diff as does our period of SMV top form. As does the period of fertility. Women with high kill count is GROSS AS FUCKKKkKK! Said woman could be pregnant from go. A man who has sex, who has choices, who plate spins, cold approaches, is attractive to women. They will never tell you but what the fuck do they respond to? You broke up what I said. Asks to workout then ghosts. Attention whore. Its women plate spinning IE skiing down cawk mountain. Becomes cratered SMV and a single mom. How don't you understand that as a red flag? A man she has had sexual relations with remaining friends? You need explaining on this? You don't cold approach. I've approached more women in one week then you have in your life. The vast majority of women are a mess. A married woman trying to get my buddy and I to Eiffel tower her. Its cyclical. The options are to wait for cratered SMV to pick you after her best days are over or to throw caution to the wind, to approach, and pursue what you want. On that note, I picked up again last night. You want catch me trying to encapsulate her under the banner as "quality." She is another girl. A western girl. Top form SMV. Maybe she is a gem. I am sure as hell not holding my breathe. #NEXTSET
  13. How to Deal with Narcissists

    With tinder, bumble, IG, and social media, this is a growing problem but, I see more "pretentious" narcissism. By this, I mean to say, IG ass pics today or posturing/flexing online. Victimhood tomorrow! This is not actual narcissism but, delusion and more crazy SJWs. I mention before, girl says, "I am never getting married. Done with men. Just need a good looking guy for dick." Same girl posts IG ass pics then is a victim when every sociopath comes to smash. We got Tai Lopez, mr "Here in my garage" with lambos he rented and "here in my mansion" which is actually a airbnb rental. There is a lot of this sort of fuckery online and in general. Tons of time vampires. People need to sift through most of it. If it doesn't add value, it should be avoided at all costs.
  14. Are women capable of agency?

    I probably mentioned it before but, I will do so again. SOME PEOPLE ARE SAVAGE. A woman interrupted my workout with my buddy and I. Why? To brag about cucking her husband, the man that married her, gave her children (assuming, they are both his which may not be the case). She then went onto talk shit about another friend of mine. Of course, she says, "I would never date him." She wouldn't chase playboy yet, cucks her beta husband. #IDon'tWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore! Its seeing this shit time and time again be it IRL, online or cold approach. Another woman was going on about fear of divorce and losing her place. Of course, this shit has been going on for the past 60yrs for men but, its only a problem when it impacts women. Gentlemen, I came here to find a solution but, for the life of me, I don't know. I think MGTOW is right but, I prefer Deida's approach; purpose & living at one's edge. Currently, I am reading "The rational male." Despite the pedaling of "patriarchy," we live in a matriarchy society. Its placating to female biological imperatives. Its social conditioning. Its the allocation of male jobs, resources, and children to the women. Its SMV top form allocated towards sociopaths, psychos, alphas, playboys, bad boys. Fallback is cratered SMV aimed at beta male cuck provider. Its an outrageous stat for divorce and even worse 80% of which is initiated by women (shocker). Its a scary world gents. IMHO, I think youth is the key, top form SMV, and red pilling the shit out of the woman. If she is not a free thinker #NEXTSET!
  15. Mainstream feminism gone viral

    As a single male, all this #metoo feminism, female victimhood parade, and lack thereof self ownership. Western women and their entitlement, high kill count, predisposition to stds, abortions, divorce, and getting fat as fuck. I prefer David Deida's purpose and living at one's edge approach versus MGTOWs take your ball and go home. Its not an answer to the problem IMHO. Then again, what is? I think pursuing younger women, TOP FORM SMV, and red pilling the shit out of her SLOWLY. Its got to be a slow burn. You take up stock gradually until someone stops you. Then you hold go and then you begin again. Its problematic. Women and the government are problematic these days. All i can say is that, if a woman is not a free thinker unplugged from victimhood/feminism/sloot gonna sloot, you simply stay clear

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