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  1. Hi everyone! I went to see Stefan and Lauren's talks in Melbourne and made a vlog about it, figured people here would enjoy it. Here:
  2. Matty Rose

    How to prove God does not exist.

    I get what you are trying to say with your argument, by proving the very nature of the universe we could/would prove that there is no God. I agree with this but also disagree because the opposite is also true, proving the very nature of the universe could/would also prove God exists. God can be real, a god, gods and not a god at the same time. God can be what created our universe, whatever that is (I have my own hypothesis), and also what exists everywhere and always forever. God could just be reality, all realities now and all realities that ever were, going back into infinity. It could be God, gods and not god(s) at the same time, it could be just what is. This is why religious discussions about the nature of the universe are a little pointless. Really fun, but pointless. Religion is about how you live your life, science tells you what is, sometimes they cross sometimes they don't and maybe they always cross all the time.
  3. Hi, I watched Stefan's video on the #MeToo movement today and thought I'd share this story. I made a video a few days ago regarding award winning Australian actor Craig McLachlan. A brief rundown, he's been accused of sexual assault by three women he worked with on the Rocky Horror Show in 2014, he denies the allegations and so does the production company he worked with. Yet the media seemed a little bit more focused on the accusations rather than the fact that they were denied, with no recorded evidence other than the recent accusations. The video I made gives a full rundown of the issue, I also offer my own thoughts. Would be cool to hear what freedomain think.
  4. Matty Rose

    A rational proof that taxation is theft.

    Theft: http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Theft "A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent." Did you consent to your money being forcefully taken from you by the government? Did you offer it up voluntarily with your full and express consent? If not, then it's theft. Rational proof provided.
  5. Matty Rose

    Milo - Book Cancelled - Resigns from Breitbart

    I don't have a link to the podcast, but I can link to a video that uses the clips in question and does a pretty good analysis of it. Watch it here.
  6. Been all over my feed the last few days. He just made this statement at a press conference he held: "I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim. Between the ages of 13 and 16, two men touched me in ways they should not have. One of those men was a priest. My relationship with my abusers is complicated by the fact that, at the time, I did not perceive what was happening to me as abusive. I can look back now and see that it was. I still don’t view myself as a victim. But I am one. Looking back, I can see the effects it had on me. In the years after what happened, I fell into alcohol and nihilistic partying that lasted well into my late 20s." Continue Reading here If you watch the full unedited video of what he's saying it's pretty clear that he doesn't support pedophilia in any way. Yeah, his views are out there, but not anywhere near worthy of the witch hunt that has followed. Especially given the evidence of actual child abuse from people like Podesta and Lena Dunham. I'm sure he will bounce back. Edit - detailed analysis of his comments here. Edit - His press conference here.
  7. Matty Rose

    Obama's birth certificate proved a fake

    I saw it mentioned in passing somewhere, but was hardly made anything of. Can anyone be in doubt that the media were completely in Obama's corner on this? Why was this not front page news across the world?
  8. Matty Rose

    Left + Islam = coincidence of opposites

    I would argue that Islam and the Left aren't actually "opposites" but are actually very similar in a lot of ways. Think about it for a moment. Both are political ideologies that demand complete obedience to the state, give complete control to the state, force dissenters to agree with them and are inherently violent. They are both Big Government ideologies, thus not so far apart from one another. It isn't a coincidence that they both want to bring down the West.
  9. Matty Rose


    As long as he keeps making good moves and positive policy why would he need to slow down? The only reason I can think of for him to slow down is that there isn't much that needs to be done.
  10. Hi guys! So I enrolled and was accepted to do a post-graduate diploma in journalism at a local university that has a decent reputation. Yes, I know what I'm getting into in terms of Left wing lecturers and the like, I can handle it. My plan is to just bite my tongue and ask good, well pointed, questions. I have already completed two degrees and know the "rules" so to speak. I've looked at the course and it looks solid. I really just want to learn how to be a good journalist, in terms of researching topics, making podcasts/video blogs and things like that. I have thought long and hard about this and it really is the career I want. I enjoy discussing and debating politics and current events and feel like I am a good enough communicator to build a name for myself (with a lot of work obviously). Plus I feel like there is a world of opportunity for journalists/commenters who are not "mainstream" Left wing types. I am also a sport nut, so that's always an option too. I have published a few articles (ten in one, two in another, with a few waiting to be published) in a couple of local magazines. Here are three of them: Hillary Clinton Takes a Stand against bullying. Clementine Ford Hates Words. (Clementine Ford, for those who don't know, is a hard core, over the top, feminist, arguably Australia's biggest. Google her, she's horrendous). Massive Drug Bust to Save us all from Ourselves. I have also started a Facebook page (I am learning how to make good meme's to go with current events), have a minds blog and started a twitter (although this will mainly be for trolling Leftists for now, hah): https://www.facebook.com/MattysModernLife/ https://www.minds.com/MattysModernLife https://twitter.com/MattysModernLyf I also have a YouTube account and will be making videos in the future but I need a lot of practice (lol) - It's here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSrSHgtPBYf4w5j5tXPL_yQ Anyway, I know how much work I'm going to need to do to make it, but figure I can only go one step at a time. Would be awesome to get some feedback and support along the way from like minded people as I know I am going to get plenty of hate.
  11. Matty Rose

    Greetings from Melbourne!

    Thanks for the greetings guys!
  12. This book is really truly fantastic and has helped me so much with my boy. Raising boys by Steve Biddulph http://www.booktopia.com.au/steve-biddulph-s-raising-boys-4th-edition-steve-biddulph/prod9781921462863.html?source=pla&gclid=CjwKEAiA9s_BBRCL3ZKWsfblgS8SJACbST7D8uA9tqtG2YYq0YrNCp3fNMt4R3lXWohoiPGwsAMAyxoCG8Lw_wcB
  13. Matty Rose

    Help with Toddler

    Respect for taking on the challenge. I too am basically a single dad, my son is now 5. His mother is still on the scene but has serious issues that I won't go into. I only recently took him back into my care (not from his mother, long story) full-time and there have been teething issues but we are working them out. My son likes to sit on his iPad a lot as well, but what I also do is take him to do different activities once or twice a week and to the park pretty much every day (thankfully it's across the road so this is really easy). We usually bring a ball (basketball, soccer ball or Australian rules football, sometimes a cricket set) and play a bit, then he runs around on the equipment. He's social and friendly and will often start playing with the other kids that are there if there are any. I also play team sport and will take him along to watch me play and I am right into the football and soccer so will take him to as many games as I can. He doesn't quite understand the games yet but he likes getting kitted out in our teams gear and eating while the grown ups cheer along. He also enjoys celebrating goals (and pointing out the brands in the ads for some reason). Seeing me play soccer seems to get him keen to play as well. I started by taking him to a kids clinic but it wasn't until he saw me play that he really got into it. Then there's science works, the museum and a whole bunch of other things we can do when sport isn't on. (Helps living in a great city but every town/city has something I'm sure). A lot of it comes down to personality but I have found that taking my son to events and to fun activities. It could honestly be that your son is just bored. I mean, you mentioned that you go on beech walks and rides? Think back to when you were a child, did you enjoy going on walks? I personally used to hate things like that as I'm sure most children would. Kids want to do things that are fun and engaging. You could either find out what he likes or do what I did, lead by example and tell him to like things. He's your son, odds are he will like what you like and if not, I'm sure you can find something. Finally, sometimes you just have to drag them kicking and screaming along because you know they are going to enjoy it. Rather than say "let's do this today, what do you think?" Just say, "we are going somewhere really fun" and leave it at that. If you then take him somewhere fun (that a kid would like), he will know that whenever you say "we are going somewhere fun" that he's going to have a good time and it won't matter what you do ultimately. He's your kid, you are the boss and the leader, never forget that. Edit: just read that he's 2. OK, so taking him to sport and whatnot might be a bit too old for him. You could still take him to other fun activities designed for very small children. Also, I wouldn't worry all that much at this age. My son did little more than that when he was two, but as he grew older got more interested in more things so it could just be natural.
  14. Matty Rose

    Greetings from Melbourne!

    Hey guys, Name is Matthew (shocking right), most people call me Matty. I'm born and bred in Melbourne, Australia but spent a long time in another city when I was a kid. Found Stefan Molyneux while cruising YouTube, he just came up and spoke the truth so kept watching. Enjoy his stuff it's really insightful and I love posting his "the truth about x" videos when I get into debates with people. Didn't know about this forum until I made a small donation and got an auto email thanking for it. Thought it couldn't hurt to sign up. I have a few videos in my own channel on YouTube with a whopping 10 subscribers! (Yes, I dominate!) Mattys Modern Life if you want to check it out. It's pretty rough but you might get a laugh out of it. I like politics and philosophy, but really enjoy learning in general to be honest. So long as the topic is interesting (history, economics, science, etc...) I also like a good debate. See you round!

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