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  1. I did address your comment. My "normie" statement was literally the last sentence, and was a valid question at that. Before that, I cited a source, made a couple arguments, etc. Anyways, no biggie. Is this an argument against the JQ? Cuz I don't disagree with it, and I think JQ and your argument can be true at the same time.
  2. Not trolling, but it's very tempting. When I spot someone as emotionally frail as you, I feel like a shark who smells blood.
  3. Just good 'ole riffing for added humour. Heck, I call myself an assh*le all the time lol
  4. "Normie" is neither shaming, nor argumentation.
  5. I'm not trying to change anything. I am what I am, and it works for me. Either you swallow your pride and do what works, or have fun with your dead forum. All I smell is a hero complex. And it's very useful here, as a demonstration of how this forum is dying.
  6. Oh, thank you for telling me why I do things. Very informative. Oh, stop it with the hero complex already. You want a medal for standing up to an "abusive bully"? I would very much prefer to isolate myself from weaklings, in favor of strong-minded people who will riff back. Sheeple upvote sheeple. In the end, the trend is that this forum is losing members, because of this feminine high brow attitude. High rep in a dead forum, is no rep at all. We keep this up, and we'll get the same results. If we want to buck this trend, we need to purge the estrogen from this forum. And we don't need the admins for this, all we need is 2 things: - purge estrogen from our own character - shame estrogenic users
  7. This womanly attitude is a prefect example of what makes women support goat-fkers coming into our countries, because at least rapists have a pair. I think riffing is funny at all times, and always a fantastic debating tool to either get to the crux of an issue and butt heads where it's needed, or to cut the debate short if the person is too gay to do so.
  8. "name-calling" is a word that liberals and women (but I repeat myself) use as a means to avoid being held to standards. Quite gay indeed. What we are doing is called "riffing" and a natural part of non-sperg male banter, and a quick way to weed out the women from the conversation. Epic strawman. ROFL. I never claimed that they are sinister conspirators, or that such a trait is genetic. I claimed that they are a problem. As for why, @Eudaimonic made a compelling case (I won't reiterate for brevity but read his posts above), but I would add this: sure, every group can have bad apples, but when a pattern exists in disproportionate amounts, I won't ignore it because some Jew calls me a Nazi or anti-semite. That's about as faggy as ignoring crime stats by race because a dindu might call you a racist. Ew.
  9. Actually, a recent study showed journalists have a lower IQ than average. And banking doesn't require genius verbal skills. So... that leaves us with their genetic predisposition of in-group preference and subversion (and boy, can I list obvious examples). Why are you normies so comfortable with noticing positive racial patterns, but very resistant towards anything negative?
  10. Nope. Any Alt Righters who like Stefan enough to be on this forum are the exceptions. The rest of us are "meh.... not bad". That might change if he addresses the Jewish problem.... but hey one can hope. I know. We're busy doing the street work that everyone else is too cucked to do. But we do have discussion on forums, though. Just not here. That's called shitposting. It's meant to trigger shitlibs and cuckservatives by dropping exaggerated truth bombs. I don't know where you got the idea that people are just dying to sperg with strangers. The Jews Shoah'd us off their platform, so we have independent platforms now.
  11. Great blog post. 50-75% is the average. It doesn't take into account variation of their racial groups. For example, the average IQ of all humans is 100, but when you break it down by race, quite a different story. So if you're targeting the actual Spaniards (Jorge Ramos?) in Latin America as a candidate for immigration then I'd agree with you.
  12. Question about ACE Score

    As for the price range of therapy, there are 2nd-best options out there, like group sessions. Since many attend, the therapist gets to lower the fee by a lot. You won't get a diagnosis from a therapist (they're not allowed to), but you'll still be able to work on whatever issue you're having. As for "fixing" you, that sounds like some kind of life coach thing. Nowadays, what therapists usually do is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and a big part of it is to not force solutions on you. Instead, the goal is to get you to determine if something is an issue and to help you come to your own solutions.
  13. Question about ACE Score

    Good to know about mental health issues, but I think the internet is a horrible way to know for sure if you have any issues. For a diagnosis, you need a doctoral level psychologist. Have you considered that?

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