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  1. You're IQ is much higher than your average dindu, for example (70 in Africa which is medically retarded). If you create half-dindus with them, the offspring will have higher IQs than the dindu average, and thus gives them a competitive advantage in making a living. In essence, you can use your seed to alleviate world poverty, raise world IQ, continue our bloodline, and hopefully as the world whitens they will be less hostile towards Europeans. You are by no means, useless my friend. You can do a lot of good in this world.
  2. No I'm not trolling at all. If you'd like me to elaborate on something, I'd be happy to.
  3. As I mentioned before, I clarified that I was not implying that behavior cannot be overridden. What I'm arguing is that - more often than not - ideology is either chosen to justify pre-existing behaviors or imposed by force. If you look at communism, for example, most leftists cannot even answer basic questions about what they claim to believe in. They were already sold at Muh-Gib-me-datz. Can't say for sure, as I don't know each individual history but I know that - in many of the cases you mentioned - Christianization did follow a Christian settlement and procreation, thus creating more Israelites. Germanics fell to Roman rule, many migrated to Britannia post-invasion, eventually mixed with Britons, who in turn mixed with various Celts. The Mongolians were already of Scythian descent, and have become mongolized by banging chinos. Polynesians and Subsaharans did have European settlers as well. At this point, I'm just speculating but I think Paganism fell as it has no bloodline implications, unlike Buddhism (Kechimyaku) and Hinduism (Vrishni). You can give up ideas at little to no cost, but to give up an entire heritage just like that? I don't think so. I'm afraid I completely lost you here. What civil war are you referring to? Since when haven't we been voting left? How has the left messed up?
  4. I don't actually think the trajectory is unchanged. I think that we may very well have some of our ethnicities mostly wiped out. I think the most likely scenario is that the first countries to go down, namely Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Sweden will have their survivors escape to what remains of white countries, and thus, increasing the white population in those countries. Also, it is very likely that they will be so furious and blood thirsty (having survived a genocide, and all) that they will vote for whichever party is the closest thing to a right-wing death squad. then how do you know you're overriding a genetic predisposition? Don't you think it is more likely that you're simply rationalizing your pre-existing behavior with ideology? It was actually a slow process, but in any case I think it was because of the Israelite migration to Sparta, and subsequently Rome. If you actually track the lineage of Abraham's children, you'll see that the blessing of God was never passed down to the descendants of Judah (Jews), but rather to the descendants of Israel (Israelites). As the prophecy goes, the blessed peoples will settle all over the world. If memory serves me right, Judah was actually cursed. There is a famous passage in the Bible where Jesus is waiting for the "gentiles" (aka Hellens), and when they finally arrive, he says "The time has come". Why was that so significant? Because they were the ones who continued Israel's bloodline, and so he may finally continue with his mission and return to God. Another thing that many people don't know is that there was a (Israelite) Spartan immigration to Rome prior to the empire (hence, Book of Romans). So is it that surprising that a group of people would embrace an ideology that claims they were the chosen people? Oh? When was the last time you searched for lesbian cuckery? Pretty sure never. Because unless you are given a reason to investigate something you don't, and reasonably so as you would otherwise be doing nothing but internet surfing. Combine that with the fact that libs live in a reality bubble. Of course, you end up with this predicament. I think you underestimate the opposition... I do agree that we are at the moment a net negative, but the trend is absolutely on our side if you look at the momentum of the Alt Right. Very true, Christianity is really the only ideology that crossed those lines. And you're right about the map, I should've been more thorough. Why is Hungarian descent relevant? As for the Jew debate, perhaps another time. I don't find it productive to engage in too many debates at a time.
  5. I was referring to topics that can get him in trouble for speaking it (i.e. too taboo). I don't mean anything unethical.
  6. Oh, I completely agree on this point, but I do believe that it has to be context-appropriate. As an anecdote, one user posted something so grammatically incorrect that it was pretty much gibberish. As a reply, another user accurately described that comment as retarded. And out of nowhere, some woman came in the middle of this and decided to give a lecture on respect blablablabla. Ostracism is one of many tools, imo. I think the other way to do it is simply to "legalize" and encourage shaming. Imo, if it's even possible for a man to be offended by words, I immediately place him in the woman category. Indeed, "no you're wrong" is neither an argument or useful, but that seems to have escaped some. May I suggest a recorded discord? This way, we can even put them up on youtube, and - as an added benefit - discuss the issues that Stefan dare not delve in.
  7. I think it is because there is too much estrogen running unrestricted. I see a lot of conversations devolve into either virtue signaling, concern-trolling, or being offended at facts. I don't know which of those 3 are more gay, but it's a pretty good sign that the user doesn't belong to a forum that deals with "sensitive" topics. If we can filter out excessively feminine users, we can seriously increase the ratio of arguments made relative to nagging. Not to mention, it would completely remove the need for the admin approval process.
  8. @mmillerj If you're white, I would recommend that you move to a low-IQ country and impregnate their women. In doing so, you will accomplish 3 things: 1. you get tons of sex, and protect your people from white genocide 2. You will have a competitive advantage in the kinds of work that the locals do, since your IQ is still higher than theirs. That's serious income potential right there. 3. you bless the low-IQ peoples with your higher IQ genes
  9. @Mishi2 Don't notice the pattern below.
  10. In hindsight and following a private conversation with another member, I admittedly did not consider that it goes both ways. However, it seems to be more of an exception than the rule. Do you have more examples to disprove that? The very concept of "derogatory" is so gay to me that anyone who claims to be offended, I immediately consider that person to be a woman. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be the case with you. Ideology is all we have? What does that mean? Are you denying the existence of genetically predisposed behaviors? As for paganism, I never said that it was like Paganism, and I'll take responsibility for mis-phrasing that as another member misunderstood what I meant, as well. What I meant to say is that under Paganism, we also found excuses to avoid degenerate R-selected behaviors. As for inviting aliens, don't mistake my people for our ((( government ))). We did not consent to this madness, by the very definition of what a government is. But yes, those of us raised in our ((( education system ))) - mainly by women - have grown to be cucky Israel shills who support open borders only for whites. So we do have some whites to blame there, but to claim that whites woke up one morning and went self-genocidal is ludicrous, especially in the absence of evidence supporting that claim. Slavs are Aryans btw. In any case, what are we doing? Have you been off the grid for the past 2 years? Off the top of my head: street patrol, blocking the dindu ships, political parties, media war, education, founding sovereign territories, social ostracism, and economic / professional ostracism. As for Aryan involvement, I assure you that there will be grave punishment for these traitors. But don't forget that ((( he ))) who pays the bills, plays the tune. We won't forget that this time. Also, if the Just War Doctrine is what you operate by then I guess I misunderstood what you were saying. Gladly. Calling yourself a Christian doesn't make you Christian; you also have to act like one. In fact, I would say that acting like one is sufficient enough, but for our purposes let's go with acting Christian and self-denominating. By that standard, the higher the crime rate, the less Christian it is, by definition. If your theory is correct, South America who is more devoutly Christian should have a lower crime rate, but that is not at all the case. White countries, who are becoming increasingly secular, still have the lowest crime rates. This also goes against your claim. EDIT: As for being called a racist, wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
  11. So Jesus is better than pagan gods because he's more popular, but we shouldn't buck the tide because he's just as good... Your argument not only contradicts itself (is he just as good or better?) but you still haven't justified why he's better to begin with. That matters because if he is truly just as good then I would concede that it is pointless to buck the tide. However, it seems to me that Jesus and Odin / Zeus are complimentary archetypes. While Jesus brings virtue and is UPB-ish, Odin / Zeus give us the existence of our race via wisdom and strength of men. Not only are those 2 qualities necessary to build and protect women and children, they also keep the men masculine and attractive to women which encourages procreation. Christianity has utterly failed in this regard. I'm all for preaching Jesus, but there can be no virtue without existence. Dude. He was a magic Jew -_- Let's be honest, he is just as much a superhuman as Achilles. As for the rationality, yes I agree as I mentioned above. But I also see Christianity lacking in regards to not being dead. Rationality depends on our existence, especially considering that we were the ones to interpret the Bible in the way that it is interpreted today, and we were the ones to spread Christianity in this form. Do you really think a dindu would have rationalized away cutting off a woman's hands should she require to grab another man's genitalia in order to save his life? (Deuteronomy i think).
  12. @Donnadogsoth First of all, when there is a will there is a way. Thus, I don't see how lack of popularity is a good argument against the pagan gods. As for the virtues of Jesus, the pagan gods were full of virtue as well and also have similar prophecies. A + for Jesus does not necessarily imply a - for the pagan gods. So far, if you are to keep a "virtue score" based on what you have listed, it seems like a tie to me.
  13. To clarify, I'm not claiming its better. I'm claiming that I can't assume it was worse just because you said so, but I'm willing to hear your argument as to why Jesus is the better archetype.
  14. It's not a lie if you see it as an archetype, as opposed to a god.
  15. But you don't accept the existence of Pagan gods, so how can you have a standard for them? I agree, but you missed the point I was making. If warmongering makes society less of a civilization, then that standard should apply to both Nords and Romans. They are either both civilization or neither, by that standard. Your first point relates to what a God ought to be. How do you justify this? As for your second point, I still fail to see any hypocrisy. Your argument is like calling Kryptonite a hypocrite because it hurts aliens but not humans. 2 species, 2 standards. 0 hypocrisy. No, my point is that those values we now consider to be Christian are inherently genetic for us. Religion is how we rationalize our tendencies, not the other way around. An example of this I mentioned in a previous post, of how some people view the Bible as communist hippie gumbaya and some view it as guidelines for virtue. They interpret it the way they do as a result of their genetic predisposition (R-K in this case). A perfect example of this is the Bible quote "He who does not work, shall not eat". ((( Lenin ))) used it to justify communism, whereas the Almighty Grand Aryan /John Smith/ used it to abolish communism in Jamestown. Well, I agree with your point on honesty, but I'm not advocating lying. Odin as an archetype is perfectly honest, imo. We're calling it an archetype and not a god. As for your point on inspiration, I'm not so sure. Pagans believed that the gods were heavily involved in day to day life, and that it was very possible to be either blessed by a god and even to create demi-gods both capable of superhuman feats. I'm more familiar with Greeks and Romans as I am partly Greek / Italian, and off the top of my head I can think of Achilles, Herakles, Alexander, Odysseus, etc. I can definitely see how it would feel inspiring to achieve greatness if you were convinced that you were a demi-god.